(please note that only equipment which substantially varies from that of the U.S. equivalent will be described here.)


personal means of Identification, these corporate dog tags are impact resistant, water and weatherproof. They contain a detachable storage device that has the employees complete medical history, basic identification, and other relevant information. The chip also acts as a cred stick, and can be read from nearly any computer on the planet.

FOOT LOCKER- your standard footlocker, used for storing the personal belongings and extra gear.

your standard military carry bag, these haven't changed much.

The standard battle dress uniform for Arasaka Combat Personel. The standard issue to most troopers is dark blue. The legs have a padded stripe added running down the outside and inside of each leg, this is not merely
cosmetic, it is functional, the pads actually contain a chemical compound that not only allows the soldier to adjust the uniforms temperature plus or minus 10 degrees, but also they disperse the soldiers heat signature somewhat, making them a bit less visible to IR and Thermographic detection. The basic armor vest and gauntlets also make use of this system, so it covers the entire body. While navy blue is the basic issue, and by far the most commonly seen, the jumpsuit (and its acessories) come is several different colors and camo patterns to suit any assignment. (The legs have 2 regular front pockets + the small change pocket, 2 large leg pockets, and 2 buttock pockets, the torso has 2 pockets on the front)

DRESS UNIFORM- Being corporate troops, Arasaka Combat Personnel have no Dress Uniform, should a formal occasion arise they will be issued clothing to match the situation, from basic black suits, to designer wear, usually slightly armored.

T-SHIRT- Simple t-shirt with the Arasaka corporate logo. Different branches will have their
division of service emblazoned underneath.

- as an alternative to the helmet, a cap may be worn, though this does not protect the anonymity of the troopers face.

SOCKS- 6 pair each of warm socks

COMBAT GLOVES- STRONG RUGGED GLOVES with plenty of protection for the knuckles and fingers for hand to hand combat and rough terrain, also equipped with sure grip coating, (give a plus +1 to climbing). Often soldiers, will cut the fingertips off these gloves for greater comfort, dexterity, and weapon control.

BOOTS + 2 PAIR SHOELACES- (SP:10) Strong steel toed boots, with separated metal plates in the soles, to provide protection while maintaining flexibility. These basic issue boots also come with attached kneepads for comfort and protection.
BACK PACK- The standard field backpack, for carrying the following equipment:
SMALL TENT- inflatable, stores in a space the size of a large book

SLEEPING BAG- Ultra-thin thermal weave

MESS KIT- includes knife, fork, spoon, sectioned plates and cup, made of metal for heating purposes

HEXAMITE STOVE- small folding stove, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, comes with 10 fuel cakes (smokeless, fireless)

SMALL TOOL KIT- wire strippers, a variety of screwdrivers, pliers,
2 WEEKS MRE'S- taste like shit, but its better than starving, and its a damn site better than kibble
IR/RAIN PONCHO- Fully protects against body heat emission, as well as adverse weather
CUTTING TORCH- a small hand held cutting torch, with enough fuel for 10 minutes constant use
SMALL MEDKIT + 2 CANS OF SPRAYSKIN, bandages, 2 hypo's each of morphine and atropine,- capable of handling most first aid situations.
40 ft ROPE- Just enough to let you realize you need more
ENTRENCHING TOOL- standard folding shovel/hatchet,

CAMMO NET - 5x5 provides personal or equipment concealment when in the bush.

COLLAPSING MINE DETECTOR- Collapses even smaller than the entrenching tool, and meant to be used while crawling on your belly

4 SMOKE GRENADES- 1 each of blue, red, white, green,

WARM SOCKS- 2 extra pair

HEAVY BELT- The standard military carry belt, used to carry the following equipment: (this belt is usually only worn for exteneded duty in the field)
CANTEENS- 1 liter canteens, made of plastic
POUCH 2- Smart goggles w/ thermograph, ir, anti-dazzle, low light, tele-optics, and smartgun link, this is very compact, making the most of miniature electronic technology, and attaches directly, and fastly to the helmet
POUCH 3- 3 semi-automatic handgun magazines (For special forces, the suppresser for the handgun will be stored here in place of 1 magazine)
POUCH 4- can be used for anything (for special forces this pouch is replaced with a pouch for holding 2 32 round magazines and the suppresser for the troopers submachine weapon)
POUCH 5- 6 glowsticks
POUCH 6- used for personal non-military items

LEG HOLSTER- for either the Arasaka Charon, or the GCP-H. (optional)

LEG WEB GEAR- stores 2 magazines for the soldiers sidearm, and a combat knife (optional)

MAGAZINE BANDOLIER- carries 10 magazines for the soldiers assault rifle, this is is an optional item.

EXTRA SHOTGUN SHELL/25MM GRENADE POUCH- carries an additional 20 12 guage shells or 25mm grenades, allowing the soldier to perfectly tailor specialty loads for any situation, or carry enough spare ammo to re-supply a whole team whole team. This pouch is optional. MAP POUCH- Stores maps, notepads, and other documents. Waterproof with easy access pouches for additional equipment such as writing utensils, spare notepads, photos, etc... This pouch is optional.

keeps 3 different times perfectly, is water proof to 2000 feet so that it may act perfectly as a diving watch, and also acts as a biomonitor and has a built in GPS and cellphone.


ARASAKA VIPERSKIN LIGHT ARMOR VEST- (SP: 15) provides full protection for the torso as well as shoulders, and the collar is armored to act as a gorget. This armor incorporates a unique strap design for attaching the should padding, the heat dispersal pads, and various other pouches and accessories, the standard configuration consists of 4 pouches plus 2 grenade loops, though other variations are common, and back straps are present and functional for even more specialization.. The 4 standard pouches are usually used for storing:

FLASHLIGHT- Comes with 3 extra sets of batteries and 2 extra bulbs, + 3 extra lenses (red, reflective, black)
UTILITY KNIFE- the classic Swiss army knife, with all available options
LEATHER TOOL- yet another device with too many purposes to list here
MAGAZINE POUCH- Holds 2 extra magazines for the soldiers assault rifle
GRENADES- 2 frag, 2 incendiary, 2 flashbang,


GAUNTLETS- (SP: 10) Protective gauntlets for the forearms, these protect from both bullet and knife, and are effective in riot situations as well as being covered in the same heat dispersal panels as the vest and pants.

HELMET- (SP: 20) full faceplate equipped with anti-dazzle, low light, thermoptics, Ultraviolet, Times Square, and targeting scope, the helmet also has a built in radio and lasercomm. Finally the helmet is self sealing and acts as a gasmask. The goggles are actually high tech binoculars (treat as teleoptics with x4 range). Like the uniform and armor, the color of both helmet and faceplate varies, from standard blue and silver, to high visibility gold and red, to helmets in more stealthy colors or camo with non reflective visors for covert or field operations.

ARASAKA MAMBA STEALTH SUIT- Used by Arasaka Special Forces when Stealth is of the utmost importance, this is Arasaka upgraded therm-optic camoflage. The therm-optic skin is woven into the same material Datafilm is made from, only 10 times thicker (provides an SP:12 rating). In addition the suit has built in pouches on each leg that can serve as a holster for a side-arm or storage for equipment, and a bandolier with a therm-optic camoflage coated knife and sheath or other gear. The finale to this suit is the helmet, which with the visor down features a full VRI interface tied in to the helmets internal radio, laser comm, low light, radar, targeting scope, thermograph, tele-optics, and image enhancement. In case the helmet electronics go down, or something obscures the sensors, the visor can be flipped up allowing the trooper normal vision. These suits are well guarded, and fetch obscene amounts on the black market.

ARASAKA ORC ARMOR - Not quite a hardsuit, A lighter, albeit bulkier version of metal gear, this slightly powered personal armor has a REF bonus of +1 and an SP of 25. Used for fast assaults into high risk situations by the Arasaka Special Forces, it is specifically made for maneuverability and stealth. It too utilizes the data film for transmitting the physical signals too the suit. Orc suits can monitor acoustic signatures, or A/S, giving them an awareness bonus of plus +2. The system is also designed to monitor their comrades for the sound of breaking armor, giving them a better teamwork ratio in stealth operations. The helmet is equipped with; auditory boost, low light enhancement, image enhancement, and tele-optics. The suit also boosts the BOD and MA of whoever is wearing it with a bonus of +4 each. 25,000eb (SEE MASAMUNE SHIROW CONVERSIONS for info)

FLIGHT SUIT- worn by most of the pilots in the Arasaka forces. It consists of a water/air tight g-suit, f and a state of the artflight helmet (SP: 20) equipped with the most state of the art technology available, including Low Light, thermograph, Image Enhancement, Anti-Dazzle, and tele-optics. The helmet also features a small hatch on the back that allows full cyber interface. For hands on action the helmet also comes with a flip down targeting scope and full visor.


The standard underwater breathing apparatus, lightly armored (sp: 10) with a 120 minute air supply. The helmet itself acts as the diving mask and is armored to SP:15. While the suit features an extraordinary insulation system, it remains thin enough for full dexterity and agility.

For use in cold weather situations, this suit provides maximum warmth while remaining lightweight and flexible. Worn over a troopers standard armor, extra insulation is provided by a fur lining (Arasaka grown animals only) and the suit comes with an extra insulated helmet and a facemask that actually warms the air through small heated coils without giving off any additional heat upon exhalation. It also features a hood and a white back pack cover to maximize stealth in the snow.

The latest full feature military mobile communications unit. 200 MILE RANGE, FULL SHIELDING, JAM AND SCRAMBLE CAPABILITIES, AND ANY OTHER FEATURE YOU COULD THINK OF ARE ALL INCORPORATED INTO THIS UNIT. All the controls and display are built into the Comm helmet, allowing instant communications in the field, the helmet also features a full military cybermodem, Sony 's equivalent of the Microtech CAD-4 Commando (see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info). The back-mounted com system has a detachable wireless handset for direct officer communication.

FULL FIELD MEDKIT- Everything you could possible need, for everything from simple first aid, to full blown combat surgery is included in this kit. It includes: First Aid Systems for eating/Preventing: CPR - with CPR Lifesaver Pack with CPR Microshield and smelling salts, Fractures/Dislocations/Sprains - with Sam Splint and Elastic Bandage, Hypoglycemia/Insulin Shock - with Glutose Paste Dehydration and Oral Rehydration Salts, Dental Problems - with Dentemp Temporary Filling Mixture, Snake Bites & Bee Stings - with Sawyer Extractor and assorted antivenins, Wounds - with Irrigation Syringe & Scrub Brush, Blisters - with Spenco 2nd Skin and Molefoam, Burns - with Aloe Vera Gel, Trauma - with Trauma Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, 4 cans spray skin, and Triangular Bandages, Allergic Symptoms - with Antihistamines, Virus Transmission - with Infectious Control Pack, a full assortment of trauma drugs and painkillers (10 doses speedheal, 10 doses morphine, 10 doses Trauma, 5 anesthetic slap patches, Eye Wash, 30 minute can of oxygen, and 6 vials of other assorted drugs), plus the following Medical Instruments: EMT Shears, Splinter Picker Forceps, Hypothermia Thermometer, Hyperthermia Thermometer, Scalpel, dermal stapler, 4 inflatable casts, medscanner, airhypo, auto-medic, Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, Mini Mag Head Light, 18-guage Plastic Catheter,


ARASAKA MORITA- the standard issue weapon for Arasaka troops, especially those opperating in areas with a United States or European military presence as it uses the same Arasaka developed 10mm rifle ammunition used by both militaries. Using this weapon in the field also serves as free advertising for Arasaka who is trying to win the Assault rifle contracts from both the EDF and United States Armed Forces. While the weapon only holds half as many rounds as the Militech M-52, it is more accurate owing to the bullpup design and longer barrel, and the shotgun/25mm grenade launcher holds 3 more rounds. Comes in 3 varieties, Standard (featuring the underbarrel shotgun), Officers (shortened weapon, no shotgun, also popular with commandoes), and Sniper version with x500 Low Light and Thermoptic scope. Due to its higher accuracy, many American Soldiers will keep and use any of these they manage to get ahold of. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

ARASAKA MMR-6 1275eb
Rif - +1/+2/+3 - N - C - 8D6 (8mm caseless) - 15/30/45 - 1/3/20 - ST
Arasaka's latest weapon, the Multi-Modular Rifle system, is the single most customizable weapon ever built. Straight out the box it will accept virtually any accessory, from sights and scopes to grenade launchers, shotguns, and bayonets.

But where the weapon really gets interesting is its dual magazine capability. A revolution in design, the barrel actually consists of 7 separate but interlocking pieces, 2 large pieces, and 4 small pieces. The small pieces allow the user, when
the weapon is in bullpup mode, to adjust the stock length to fit his or her needs. One of the larger pieces is simply removable, to allow the user to make use of the extended barrel shroud, but for weight conservation the barrel can be attached without the shroud. The final 2 barrel pieces are where the real innovation lies. The allow the weapon to be switched from standard to bullpup ammo feed with the simple pull of a lever. This allows the soldier to not only have a reserve of ammo if he needs it, but also to tailor his loads specifically, such as having the bullpup mag loaded with standard ammunition, while the forward magazine is loaded with armor piercing. Or, again to save on weight, a soldier can simply chose to load only one magazine, either standard or bullpup, and the magazine wells spring loaded flaps will prevent dirt from entering and fouling the weapon, the flaps can even be locked in place providing a watertight seal. (in short standard mode, the weapon gets a +1 to accuracy, in long mode it gets a +2, the bullpup configuration adds another +1 to either mode) The standard magazine well even accepts belt fed ammunition, allowing it to serve as squad or vehicle mounted weapon. So in all the weapon can serve as a standard assault rifle, a short commando operation rifle, a squad automatic, and in bullpup mode with the extra barrel attached it even makes a passable sniper weapon. A host of accessories specifically for the weapon have already been introduced, including a 3 and 5 shot pump or semi-auto action 25mm grenade launcher/shotgun (that can attach to the weapon in short or long barrel configuration), a single shot 40mm grenade launcher, suppressors, folding bipod, and more. Chambered in the Arasaka developed 10mm rifle round, this weapon is not yet available to the general public, there are rumors it will not be made available at all, which has driven professionals and collectors to offer as much as 10 times the listed price for the weapon. 3 magazine sizes available, 15, 30, and 45. The weapon has no trigger guard, instead featuring a grip safety that simply will not allow the trigger to be pulled unless the grip has appropriate pressure on it, this was to allow borgs and users wearing winter gloves easier firing abilities. On top of everything else, the weapon is remarkably simple, in fact Arasaka has begun using the old standard, "Even a child can operate it!" in their advertising. Military's and police departments around the world are taking notice.

P - +2 - J - R - 2D6+3 (10mm cased) - 16 - 1 - VR
Not yet available to the general public, this 10mm handgun is the standard issue sidearm to Arasaka Combat Personel at the moment. Extremely comfortable to fire, this weapon also features an integral laser sight built into the barrel shrouding and comes equipped with grip pressure safety and smartlinked as standard. Unavailable for private sale at the moment, this weapon will fetch x3 the cost.

P - 0 - J - R - 4D6+1 / 6D6+2 (12mm standard cased / ETE) - 12 - 1 - VR
A revolutionary design, the Charon is the first weapon to ever feature the ability to alternate between standard operation and elctrothermally enhanced at the flick of a switch. What this means is that the owner of this weapon can load and fire his electro-thermally enhanced ammunition, and when he runs out of ammo he can instantly switch to standard fire and use any normal 12mm cased ammo he can find. Since the EDF, the U.S. Armed Forces, and most American Police departments use 12mm ammunition, you can begin to see the implications. Only the most elite of Arasaka's personel have been issued this weapon, and Arasaka has anounced they have no intention of selling this weapon to the general public, or to police or militaries. Whether this is a clever ploy to drastically increase demand for the weapon, or merely their way of holding an edge over their competition is anyones guess, but demand for this weapon is so high it will fetch x10 the price among collectors and professionals. As an added bonus, the weapon comes with its own supressor.

SMG - 0 - L - P - 3D6 (11mm caseless) - 40 - 1/3/18 - ST
A very compact, but controllable submachine gun with a high ammo capacity and an above average rate of fire.

an SMG with a 12mm punch, common issue for assignment in high risk environments.

(see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

MEL - 0 - J - P - 2D6 - N/A - N/A - VR
An extremely well balanced full tang knife with a laser sharpened carbon steel blade. Throws with devastating effect and strong enough to pry open rocks.

ARASAKA M-429 2,245eb

HVY - -1 - N - P - 8D6 (10mm cased) - 50/100 - 20 - VR
Standard Squad Support Weapon from Arasaka designed around the Arasaka developed 10mm rifle round. Hard hitting and able to throw up a curtain of lead guaranteed to keep their heads down or make them wish they had. 25MM GRENADES- Arasaka Combat troops have access to a wide variety of 25mm grenades and shotgun specialty rounds for the Morita assault rifles under barrel shotgun. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

HAND GRENADES- as above, the Arasaka Combat troop has access to virtually every type of hand grenade available. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

multi purpose anti-air, anti tank, rocket launcher. (See
AUTUMN BLADE for more Info)

Heavy sniper rifle, often Snipers will take it upon themselves to electrothermally enhance this weapon. (See
AUTUMN BLADE for more Info)

8 shot magazine fed 40mm semi-automatic grenade launcher.
AUTUMN BLADE for more Info)

SHT - -1 - N - C - 5D6 (10 gauge) - 8/15/25 - 1/3 - VR
Arsaka's latest combat shotgun, chambered in 10 gauge, this semi-auto weapon is tube fed and also accepts a 15 or 25 round magazine (+20-40eb per magazine). Excellent for house to house combat.

ARASAKA MAD-8 6,235eb
P - +3 - N - R - 8d6/12d6 (10mm rifle cased/ETE) - 10 - 1 - R
Using the same technology as the Charon, this weapon too is an electrothermally enhanced weapon that disengage to fire normal ammunition at the flip of a switch. Highly accurized and built around the Arasaka developed 10mm rifle round, this weapon is not available for sale on any market, and like with the Charon Arasaka has anounced it has no intentions of making it available. This weapon will reach x10 price to collectors and professionals. Issued only to Elite Arasaka Marksmen,

Heavy sniper rifle, subcontracted from Seburo, this anti-armor sniper rifle is most often reseved for Elite Arasaka Marksmen in high risk environments. One of the few non Arasaka made weapons to be issued to Arasaka Combat Personel, often Snipers will take it upon themselves to electrothermally enhance this weapon. (See
AUTUMN BLADE for more Info)

Arasaka promotes cybernetics, and will equip a soldier with them at half price for voluntary procedures, and pay full price in the case of replacement of limb or organ due to on the job incident. Arasaka will almsot always use either their own technology, or that of an allied Japanese cybertech firm. Employment with Arasaka is one of the few places that will pay for top of the line cyber as replacement for damaged meat, and discounted prices deductable from a troopers salary for all other procedures and upgrades.When it comes to upgrading your cybernetics, the military will provide virtually every conceivable piece of cyber you can think of, at a reduced cost, and you will not be able to be discharged unless the cyber is removed, or you have finished paying it off.

Optionally you can choose to be a test subject for R&D. This means you get the latest cyber for free, however if it glitches, or there are other
problems that occur in the field you can find yourself in serious trouble real fast. And absolutely any case which results in Full conversion automatically results in the soldier becoming a "volunteer" for R&d. Of course Arasaka promotes full cybernetic conversion, so wounds which would not normally require full conversion would still make a trooper eligible. Undergoing cybernetic replacement or full conversion on Arasaka's dime will however necessitate a contract where the recipient agrees to a term of no less than a year for every 5 thousand dollars spent on him, early resignation results in him owing the full amount remaining, and dismissal leaves the tropper owing the full cost of the cybernetics, or the option of removal of non-life threatening cyber.



Weapons & Equipment of Counter-Terrorism
(Written by Deric "D" Bernier, special thanks to Scott Edwards for his invaluable expert military advice. Images from GI Joe, bLACK mAGIC m-66, Ghost In The Shell, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Southern Cross, Space: Above and Beyond, Nightmare Armors, Briars Armory, Star Wars Chick, Matsuo, Sgt. Burton, Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars, and Deric "D" Bernier.)