Or datasuit, as it is also called. This incredibly thin suit is meant to be worn under powered armor, and transmits the wearer's commands to the landmate. Datafilm has an SP of 6. It protects against acids, alkali's and other chemicals, lets sweat escape while repelling water and cushions shock. It is a fabulous invention (in the words of SHIROW himself). Apperantly if the wearer is knifed it would hurt a great deal but the blade would not penetrate the datasuit. It's made if the same materials used to coat cyborg and landmate musculature. Data suits come in a variety of colors and pattern and are made by several different companies. Due to the tight fit and variations in height, weight and structure I would imagine that each datasuit is custom made for the specific wearer. You must wear a datasuit to operate a landmate. Cost varies from 200eb to 2000 eb depending on manufacturer and design. The suit gives +3 to any ref action made while using a land mate. Available to public.
An armored body suit usually custom compartmentalized for the wearer's specific needs (sown in holsters for specific weapons and pockets etc...). The K-5 is made to be worn with a datasuit underneath. Despite its bulk this suit is incredibly light and has no encumbrance penalty. It offers an SP of 18 from head to toe and is covered with a special rubberized coating to prevent clash and clatter. The suit will be custom fitted and compartmentalized to whatever the wearer's demands may be. Cost ranges from 500eb to 1500eb. Only available to police departments and military.
As thin as a data suit but with a completely different purpose. This suit is very similar to the Militech M95 Ghost suit but is far superior, as the wearer becomes virtually invisible when the suit is activated. The suit is very hard to detect, but a slight blur can be seen when the wearer is in motion. As long as the wearer stays still they are virtually impossible to detect. While normally detectable by certain heat imaging optics some suits can be made which reduce IR signature. No EV penalties apply and this suit is usually worn under some type of armor, which must be taken off before use. This suit offers a -6 against visual awareness when standing still and -5 when moving. Cost is 6000eb standard and 8000 with IR baffling. Available only to military. (Ghost in the Shell)

A lighter, albeit bulkier version of metal gear, this slightly powered personal armor has a REF bonus of +1 and an SP of 25. Used for fast assaults into high risk situations by E-SWAT, it is specially made for maneuverability and stealth. It too utilizes the data film for transmitting the physical signals too the suit. Orc suits can monitor acoustic signatures, or A/S, giving them an awareness bonus of plus +2. The system is also designed to monitor their comrades for the sound of breaking armor, giving them a better teamwork ratio in stealth operations. The helmet is equipped with; auditory boost, low light enhancement, image enhancement, and tele-optics. The suit also boosts the BOD and MA of whoever is wearing it with a bonus of +4 each. 25,000eb these suits are available only to the police and military. (Appleseed)

This light armor, which resembles bandages, is designed to protect against both blades and projectiles. It is meant to be worn under clothes (not under a datasuit). It offers an SP 10. Cost is 200 eb.

Consisting of a tiny fiber optic camera and microphone, this devise is slid under doors and through cracks etc... to give the user a clear picture of the situation before he enters a room. This is a smaller, more high tech version of the surveillance camera's used in the movies "Executive Decision" and "Patriot Games". Cost is 680eb.


This small explosive device is used for opening doors and the like. Damage is 2D10 with a 1 meter radius. Cost is 50 eb.
It's a Swiss army knife. It has a variety of tools, including: cutting knife, sawblade, fingernail clippers, scissors, standard screwdriver, Phillip's head screwdriver, hook, leather punch, awl, can opener, bottle opener, spoon, fork, cork screw, magnifying glass, toothpick, tweezers and nail file. Cost depending on number of options, usually from 20 to 60 eb. 


A small cutting torch. It has enough fuel for about 1 minute of consecutive use. Will cut through up to SP 25. Cost is 35 eb.
Combat knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, everything from your basic survival knives to short swords. They have a variety of purposes. You can use them as a probe, an eating utensil, to pry objects open, to hold things open or closed, as a climbing piton, and of course as a weapon. In fact the uses for knives are infinite. The cost ranges from 40 to 200 eb. Damage ranges from 1D6 to 3D6.

A small mirror attached to an extendable stick used for safely looking around corners. Cost is 25eb.

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