ARASAKA  AR-629   520eb
RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  C  -  6d6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  25  -  1/3/20  -  VR
Lightweight, reliable and accurate, a commonly seen weapon worldwide from Arasaka.  


RIF  -  0  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/40mm grenade)  -  50-5  -  1/3/25-5  -  VR
The Seburo styling and magazine configuration and 5 round 40mm grenade launcher set this assault rifle a touch above the competition.   Hopefully this cooperation between Japans two best arms manufacturers is the start of something wonderful to come, it could just as easily turn sour.


MG  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  9D6+3 (7.62mm cased ETE)  -  30/100  -  1/15  -  ST
Now here is a scary concept, a fully automatic machine gun that comes electrothermally enhanced.  Yeah, we thought it was impossible too, but Arasaka is trying it out anyway.  It seems they have overcome the heat problem by utilizing a special refrigeration system on the barrel and action of the weapon.  The cooling system kicks in as soon as the weapon begins firing and is controlled by an electrical switch in the trigger mechanism.  Thinking ahead the cooling system was designed along with the ETE battery, so both power source and freon charge must be recharged after every 1000 shots.  


ARASAKA SA-460  1025eb
RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  40  -  1/3/20  -  ST
The big brother of the SA-456.  Chambered in 7.62mm.  A bit more accurate due to the longer barrel. 


RIF  -  +1/-1  -  P  -  6D6+2/5D6 (7.62mm cased/.10 gauge)  -  40/8  -  1/3/30 /1 -  VR
Similar to the LBR in appearance this weapon features a butt loading magazine for the 7.62 barrel and  regular clip feed for the shotgun.  It is part of Arasaka's new line of assault weapons and is highly recommended.  Also included is an integral laser sight.  Barrel selection is a switch at the butt of the weapon on the magazine shroud. 


RIF  -  -2  -  N  -  R  -  6d6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  20  -  1/3/15  -  ST
Exactly what the hell Armalite was think when they created this monster is anyone’s guess.  It seems possible this is their way of competing with Colt over the SMAR-15, and going overboard.  Firing 7.62 ammo and weighing in at 29 lbs. loaded, no one but full conversion cyborgs and extremely augmented persons can even fire this thing.  


RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  30  -  15  -  ST
An assault rifle with worldwide popularity due to its proven track record.    


BROWNING MG142 1150eb
MG  -  +1  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2  (7.62mm cased)  -  50/100  -  3/20  -  VR
The MG142 is the latest machinegun from Browning.  Chambered in 7.62 ammo this weapon is perfect for any support or suppresion needs.  


COLT AR-55 695eb
RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  E  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  30  -  1/3/20  -  ST
A standard assault rifle manufactured by Colt.    


CCMMC LBMG-84 1450eb
HVY - +1 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62MM caseless) - 100 - 20 - ST
A Chinese light machine gun, serving as standard issue to the Chinese military.  The helical magazine and adjustable stock are very nice features indeed, and have served to promote this weapon to a well respected status in it's field.  Commonly used as both a squad weapon, and mounted on vehicles.  The weapon accepts either the standard 100 round magazine, or can be belt fed, increasing the weapons capability.


CCMMC  TYPE MG14  725eb
MG  -  +1 -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  50/100  -  1/3/20  -  ST
This Chinese machine gun is the most prevalent support weapon found among chinese military units and accepts belt fed ammunition or 50 round magazines.  A very sturdy, albeit heavy weapon.  


RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  45  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Very heavy, very hard hitting, and very durable.  The Colt Mantora is an excellent example of Colt craftsmanship and high standards.  The weapon comes with a cleaning kit stored in the butt of the rifle.  


DAI-LUNG BLT-24  475eb
RIF  -  -2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/40mm grenade)  -  40-1  -  1-1  -  UR
Someone really needs to perform a less than surgical strike on Dai-Lung, their weapons are simply to dangerous to both user and target to ever  be justified.  A prime example is this assault rifle.  Presumably they neglected to add a stock to make the weapon more concealable, though with its size that isn't an issue anyway.  The grenade launcher only works about half the time, and the weapon jams like crazy.  Still among street gangs, who's philosophy seems to be "the bigger a gun the better" this weapon sells like hotcakes.  Rumor has it the weapon also has a large distribution to rebels in central Africa.


SMG  -  0  - N  -  E  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  30  -  1/30  -  UR
It had to happen sooner or later, a cheap knock-off company trying to cash in on Seburo’s popularity by poorly copying their design.  Since this weapon hit the market it has been almost impossible to keep in stock.  Street gangs and weekend warriors buy this weapon like crazy trying to look like professionals.  Word has it Dai-Lung has started receiving death threats and two of their factories have been destroyed since this weapon hit the street, rumors all point to Seburo, but no evidence has been found to support this.


GE HMG 9000    9,255eb
HVY  -  +1  -  N  -  R  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  100  -  1/50  -  VR
Do you really need to lay down a field of fire that will absolutely destroy anything in its path, then you need the HMG 9000.  This electrically fired heavy machine gun is man portable, and with the aid of a gyro stabilizer you can even fire it on the run.  For more acurate fire you can mount it on a vehicle or tripod.  It accepts belt fed ammunition only and for an extra 200eb you can get it smartchipped.  (-3 to acuracy if firing the weapon without gyro stabilizer or tripod.)


RIF  -  -1  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  30  -  1/3/20   -  ST
A decent assault rifle from Federated arms, although it falls short in the accuracy department.  A retracting stock is standard.    


RIF  -  -2  -  L  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  20  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Always trying out new ideas, this extremely short assault rifle probably won't be received well by any military.  A 7.62mm rifle with no barrel to speak of is simply to inacurate for military application.  Terrorist groups and criminals however love this weapon due to it's concealability.   


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HECKLER AND KOCH  HM-722     1200eb
HVY - +2 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62MM caseless) - 60/100 - 20 - VR
 The standard man portable machine gun used by EDF forces.  Chambered in 7.62 to best utilize the abundance of ammunition and featuring a high rate of fire this is one of the best squad support weapons available anywhere.   It features reinforced ceramisteel barrels with specially designed insulation which makes sustained fire possible without fear of overheating the barrel.  Accepts magazines and belt fed ammo, and has the added bonus of being able to switch between left and right hand firing modes (allowing the belted ammunition to be fed from either side of the weapon at the flick of a switch).  


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  32  -  1/3/A5  -  ST
An excellent assault weapon from H&K, able to accept a variety of options.   Extremely accurate for an assault rifle right out of the box.


H&K VGR-13 799eb
RIF - +1 - N - C - 6D6+2/special(7.62mm caseless/25mm gren) - 30/4 - 1/3/30-1 - VR
A superbly designed assault rifle from Heckler and Koch, chambered in 7.62 and featuring a built in 25mm grenade launcher.  Truly a premiere weapon able to make itself perfectly at home on any battlefield.


KALISHNIKOV AD-10 Assault Rifle 530eb
Rifle  -  +1  -  N  -  E  -  6d6+2 (7.62x54mm cased)  -  30  -  2/3/20 -  VR
A Neo-Soviet replacement for the old AK variants as it has a better operating range and better penetration. It can be equipped with a variety of attachments: the GP-43 Grenade launcher attachment (which fires standard 40mm grenades), a larger trigger guard can be equipped for use by full-borgs, ACPA, and troops wearing heavy gloves, a folding stock (giving it long coat concealment), and a bayonet. A shorter barrel model is used for close combat operations. The weapon system has become the weapon of choice for South American revolutionaries


RIF  -  0  -  N  -  E  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  30  -  1/3/20  -  ST
The last weapon in the Kalashnikov line, upholding tradition and reliability on the battlefield.


ROSTOVIC G701 875eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies  (7.62mm caseless / 12mm grenade)  30 / 5  -  1/3/20 / 1  -  ST
A reliable and effective weapon, this is the standard assault rifle used by Chilean troops


RIF  -  -1  -  N  -  R  -  6d6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  45  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Quite possibly the strangest assault weapon being issued to any military in this day and age.  The ripperlance is a standard assault rifle, but it features a built in diamond edged chainsaw (4d6 ap halved, damage full).  Issued almost exclusively to troopers wearing the Deep-Eyes armor, it is supposed to be for cutting through barbed wire, fencing, and other obstacles, of course if a human being happens to get in the way, well thats dogfood...


MALORIAN EAW-09  955eb
RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  40  -  1/3/20  -  VR
The best name in firearms brings us another fine example of their craftsmanship.  The EAW-09 assault rifle is constructed from the latest in composite polymers and ceramics, and is as accurate as a sniper rifle while maintaining the durability and rate of fire of a world class battle rifle.  Comes standard smartchipped.  


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  40  -  1/3/10 -  VR
Malorians first assault rifle.  Its comfort and reliability are without par, and its accuracy is fantastic.  While the weapon is a bit long for combat duty, it is a small price to pay.  Ideal as either an assault rifle, or as a sniper weapon.    


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RIF  -  0  -  N  -  E  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm caseless / 25mm gl)  -  35 / 5  -  1/3/30 / 1  -  VR
THE STANDARD ASSAULT RIFLE OF THE MEXICAN MILITARY.  The ACR-461  fires the 7.62mm round in caseless, and features a pump action underbarrel 25mm grenade launcher/.10 gauge shotgun.  A sturdy and reliable weapon, well respected and capable of holding its own against all threats. A more compact and streamlined "B" version is available.


HVY  -  -2  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  50/100  -  20  -  ST
The standard squad support weapon for the Mexican military.  Fires 7.62 ammunition, and can either be magazine (50) or belt(100) fed.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  30  -  1/3/30 -  ST
Militech's response to the Arasaka "Morita".  It has become the second most favored in the military trials to find a new assault weapon.  It loads from a left side mounted magazine, and features a built in arm brace on the stock for improved control and grasp on the weapon


MILITECH HIW-34 1185eb
MG  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2  (7.62mm cased)  -  50  -  1/3/15  -  ST
Militechs latest heavy machine gun is bullpup in design, and accepts a 50 round magazine.  For extended engagements, it will also accept belted ammo.


MILITECH M-56AR  1935eb
RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm caseless/25mm gl)  -  30-5  -  1/3/10-1  -  ST
This is actually a step down from the M-52AR,  whose ammunition is shorter but more powerful..  Still this weapon is more accurate, and the 7.62 ammunition is far more common.  It's also a bit cheaper, making this a far more suited to urban combat.  Like the M-52, the pump action 25mm grenade launcher also accepts 10ga. shells. 


MILITECH M-60MAR 5,635eb

RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  R  -  6d6+2/varies (7.62mm caseless)  -  100-1  -  20  -  ST
The latest update to the ever faithful M-60 weapon.


RIF -  -1  -  N  -  E  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  30  -  1/3/35  -  ST
A sturdy assault rifle built to withstand the harshest of environments, and the harshest of abuse.  You can use this weapon as a club against your enemy, then turn around and empty the clip into him.  In fact one memorable story comes out of Australia where a group of mercenaries had gotten lost in the outback, all but one survived, and without any other tools he was able to use his weapon as a shovel to bury his three companions and still use it to shoot his way to the nearest town during an aborigine uprising.  


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/40mm grenade launcher)  - 30/50-1  -  1/3/30-1 -  ST
An assault rifle for general infantry, sturdy, rugged and comes with 40mm Grenade launcher and starlight scope mounting, as well as the option for 30 round mags or 50 round drums.


MILITECH SMMN-40  1175eb
SMG  -  +2  - N  -  E  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm caseless/40mm grenade)  -  60-5 -  1/3/30-1  -  ST
Always trying to stay ahead of the competition, this new release from Militech is a powerhouse.  Chambered in the common 7.62mm and featuring a 5 shot magazine fed 40mm grenade launcher.  Actually this may be a case of too much gun, as it is rather an awkward weapon to hold based on its size.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  50  -  1/3/20  -  ST
A very rugged and reliable weapon, with a high ammo capacity and a telescoping stock.  This rifle packs more than enough punch to deal with whatever problem you come across.   Popular in military and professional circles.  


NOVA RMG-23  925eb
RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  40/50  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Just shy of being a full fledged support weapon, the RMG-23 is a rather large rifle built for sustained fire and supportive use.  The weapon is very versatile, and accepts a 40 round magazine or belt fed ammunition.  


ROSTOVIC Auto-Dragunov ADSW-10 Support Weapon
Hvy/Rifle  -  +3  -  N  -  C  -  6d6+2 (7.62x54mm cased)  -  100  -  3/20/40 -  VR
A machine gun variant of the AD-10 with a heavier barrel and bipod, it has served successfully in many countries as a support weapon. It has two levels of automatic fire ROF. The highest rate of fire often melts the barrel after a minute or more of consecutive fire. Spare barrels are often carried by machine gun crews for this reason.


ROSTOVIC  HUR-101/KAAR-60 965eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/ 40mm grenade)  -  40-3  -  1/3/30-1  -  ST
Rostovic putting a grenade launcher on everything, is getting old.  It's makes the weapons to big and unwieldy for most ops.  Still this is one of their better designs as of late. This is next in line to become the next Neo-Soviet standard issue rifle.   It accepts all the magazines and accessories of the HUR line of rifles, most with little more than a screwdriver.


ROSTOVIC  HUR-364 985eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/ 40mm grenade)  -  40-1  -  1/3/30-1  -  ST
A simple and reliable assault weapon, favored by Neo-Sov units operating in urban warzones.  The hand guard to protect against hot shells is a welcome innovation.


ROSTOVIC  HUR-400 1050eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/ 25mm grenade)  -  120-5  -  1/3/35-1  -  ST
Enormous ammo capacity makes this almost more a squad automatic than an assualt rifle.  Rostovic has implemented special heat shields to keep the barrel from overheating, and the 5 round grenade launcher doubles with the 100 round magazine means any soldier carrying this weapon is a one man army.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm cased/ 40mm grenade)  -  35-3  -  1/3/20-1  -  ST
A bit heavy for an assault rifle, it is actually accurate enough on single fire to double as a sniper rifle.  Overall however, the 3 shot integral grenade launcher is a bit too much, and hinders this weapon more than aids it.


ROYAL ENFIELD BAR-45    1,750eb
HVY  -  +1  -  N  -  R  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm)  -  30/100  -  1/20  -  ST
This bullpup battle rifle pack one hell of a wallop, and in addition to the 30 round magazines it also accepts belt fed ammunition for sustained fire.


SEBURO MN-29 875eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  25  -  1/3/20  -  VR
A larger caliber version of the MN-24, continuing the line of Seburo's most powerful line of assault weapons.    


SEBURO MN-31 735eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  30  -  1/3/15  -  VR
Yet another in the Seburo MN family, this works equally well as either an assault, or sniper weapon.  Although for sniping purposes, mounting a scope is recommended.  



(From Nomad Market)
RIF  -  -3  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 40 - 10 - UR
These nomad built support weapons are inaccurate, jam frequently, and ugly as sin… but they are cheap as hell, and everywhere.


RIF  -  -1 -  N  -  E  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  30  -  1  -  ST
This compact assault rifle from Sternmeyer is a popular choice among mercenaries and terrorists, as well as more legitimate consumers. 


RIF  -  -1  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  25  -  1/3/10   -  ST
A large caliber, but perhaps too short a weapon, as its barrel length detracts from its accuracy too heavily.  Comes with a folding stock.    


RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  25  -  1/3/25  -  ST
A dual purpose weapon from Stoner.  They assure us that it works equally well as either a sniper rifle, or as an assault weapon.    


STOVOLBOY M-714-38PK  650eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless)  -  30  -  1/3/20  -  ST
A case of too many gadgets, not enough thought.  This weapon features a display which acts as a range finder, ammo count, digital compass, temperature and humidity gauge, and even displays which select fire mode the weapon is in.  Unfortunately, while kinda neat, all that is useless, since lack of a proper stock rule out its any sniper capabilities the weapon might have, and the big glowing screen make it poorly suited for any type of stealth work.   Must be why they are selling them so cheap.  It does feature an integral smartlink, which is nice I suppose.


RIF  -  0  -  N  -  E  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  30  -  1  -  ST
An inexpensive powerful assault rifle.  A common sight among Russian troops.


STOBOLVOY PAC-431 1100eb
HVY  -  -1  -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  -  50/100  -  20  -  ST
The standard squad support weapon for the Neo-Soviet military.  Fires 7.62 ammunition, and can either be magazine (50) or belt(100) fed.


TOWA TYPE-121  890eb
RIF  -  -1  -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2/varies (7.62mm caseless/25mm grenade)  -  60-5  -  1/3/25-1  -  ST
This is basically the Chinese version of the H&K  M-52, and other than being chambered in the more common 7.62mm caseless and a few cosmetic changes, the weapons are virtually identical.  The high ammo count, just as in the M-52, is achieved by triple stacking the ammunition in the magazine.




P/RIF  -  -2/-1/0  -  J/N  -  P  -  8d6 (10mm caseless)  -  6/12/25  -  1/3  -  ST
Arasaka’s MMR-6 has proven so successful, that the company is trying new approaches.  The Advenced Recon is Arasaka’s latest response to the problem of Cyborg crime, and is every bit as modular as the MMR-6 but with a much base mechanism.  At it’s smallest, the Advanced Recon is an anti-cyborg handgun.  But when the retractable shoulder stock is attached, the weapon is capable of three round burst fire, turning it from handgun to assault rifle.  A number of barrel extensions are available as well, and numerous accessories.  (The shoulder stock and barrel extension each add +1 to the weapons accuracy.)


ARASAKA 10-TS 1550eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  P  -  8d6 (10mm caseless/25mm grenade)  -  35  -  1/3/10  -  ST
The 10-TS is the dedicated assault rifle version of the Advanced Recon.  It loses some of the modularity, but retains the short package and is capable of sustained auto-fire.


ARASAKA LBR-84  1259eb
RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  8d6/varies  (10mm caseless/25mm grenade)  -  50  -  1/3/20  -  VR
Made for the battlefield this assault rifle / grenade launcher combo is has become a staple in many militaries around the world.  It features a retracting stock, pump action grenade launcher, and an integral laser site.


ARASAKA  M-429 2,245eb
HVY  -  -1  -  N  -  P  - 8D6 (10mm cased) - 50/100 - 20 - VR
Standard Squad Support Weapon from Arasaka designed around the Arasaka developed 10mm rifle round.  Hard hitting and able to throw up a curtain of lead guaranteed to keep their heads down or make them wish they had.


RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  8d6 (10mm caseless)  -  30/40/100  -  1/3/20  -  VR
Arasaka has taken the 10mm Rifle round and run with it, this latest rifle I garnering attention from several military and police organizations, as well as professionals everywhere.


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ARASAKA MMR-6 1275eb
Rif  -  +1/+2/+3  -  N  -  C  -  8D6 (8mm caseless)  -  15/30/45  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Arasaka's latest weapon, the Multi-Modular Rifle system, is the single most customizable weapon ever built.  Straight out the box it will accept virtually any accessory, from sights and scopes to grenade launchers, shotguns, and bayonets.  But where the weapon really gets interesting is its dual magazine capability.  A revolution in design, the barrel actually consists of 7 separate but interlocking pieces, 2 large pieces, and 4 small pieces.  The small pieces allow the user, when the weapon is in bullpup mode, to adjust the stock length to fit his or her needs.  One of the larger pieces is simply removable, to allow the user to make use of the extended barrel shroud, but for weight conservation the barrel can be attached without the shroud.  The final 2 barrel pieces are where the real innovation lies.  This allows the weapon to be switched from standard to bullpup ammo feed with the simple pull of a lever.  This allows the soldier to not only have a reserve of ammo if he needs it, but also to tailor his loads specifically, such as having the bullpup mag loaded with standard ammunition, while the forward magazine is loaded with armor piercing.  Or, again to save on weight, a soldier can simply chose to load only one magazine, either standard or bullpup, and the magazine wells spring loaded flaps will prevent dirt from entering and fouling the weapon, the flaps can even be locked in place providing a watertight seal.  (in short standard mode, the weapon gets a +1 to accuracy, in long mode it gets a +2, the bullpup configuration adds another +1 to either mode)  The standard magazine well even accepts belt fed ammunition, allowing it to serve as squad or vehicle mounted weapon.  So in all the weapon can serve as a standard assault rifle, a short commando operation rifle, a squad automatic, and in bullpup mode with the extra barrel attached it even makes a passable sniper weapon.  A host of accessories specifically for the weapon have already been introduced, including a 3 and 5 shot pump or semi-auto action 25mm grenade launcher/shotgun (that can attach to the weapon in short or long barrel configuration), a single shot 40mm grenade launcher, suppressors, folding bipod, and more.  Chambered in the Arasaka developed 10mm rifle round, this weapon is not yet available to the general public, there are rumors it will not be made available at all, which has driven professionals and collectors to offer as much as 10 times the listed price for the weapon.  3 magazine sizes available, 15, 30, and 45.   The weapon has no trigger guard, instead featuring a grip safety that simply will not allow the trigger to be pulled unless the grip has appropriate pressure on it; this was to allow borgs and users wearing winter gloves easier firing abilities.  On top of everything else, the weapon is remarkably simple, in fact Arasaka has begun using the old standard, "Even a child can operate it!" in their advertising.  Militaries and police departments around the world are taking notice.


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RIF  -  +2/-1  -  N  -  C  -  8d6/4D6 (10mm caseless/12ga )  -  30/8  -  1/3/25-1  -  VR
Arasaka's premiere assault rifle, and favored entry for the next military standard issue battle rifle.  There are two versions, the Morita A, the standard unit, and the Morita B, full assault unit.  The only difference is that Morita B is equipped with an 8 round underbarrel shotgun and is a little longer.  This is a beautiful weapon, lightweight, sturdy, and extremely reliable, and its bullpup construction makes for a more accurate weapon.  Firing the caseless 10mm ammo it packs more than enough punch to do the job.


ARASAKA SWAM-101   2,450eb
HVY  -  +1  -  N  -  P  -  8d6 (10mm caseless)  -  50/100  -  15  -  ST
Primarily used as in MG mounts on vehicles or with Gryo Stabilization harnesses, the SWAM-101 is formidable battlefield weapon.


RIF  -  0/-1  -  N  -  P  -  8D6/varies (10mm cased/40mm gren)  -  40/1  -  1/3/30 /1 -  ST
A nice design from FA, but too way heavy for extended use in the field.     


HVY  -  0  -  N  -  P  -  8D6/varies  (10mm caseless/40mm grenade)   -  100/3  -  1/30-1  -  VR
A bit oversized, but extremely reliable, this heavy assault machinegun was designed specifically for EDF deployment.  It also features a 3 shot pump action 40mm grenade launcher.  The machinegun loads from either belt or from a 100 round box magazine.


RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  R  - 8d6 (10mm caseless)  -  50  -  15 -  VR
This squad support heavy machine gun comes in a variety of flavors.  The standard is MR-81 being the most common, and featuring a 4 shot pump action grenade launcher, the M-82 is a shortened version used by Full Conversion and ACPA, and the MR-83 is a short barrel version for use by special forces. 


MALORIAN LSR-12 2000eb
RIF  -  0 -  N  -  R  -  8D6 (10mm cased)  - 30 - 1 - ST
An overpriced (aren't all Malorian weapons overpriced?) assault weapon designed specifically for Malorian Security personel.  I think Eran is losing it, it's not a bad weapon, but the colors make it look like a toy.  Malorian claims this was to lessen anxiety around the weapon, so visitors wouldn't feel as apprehensive.  It is suposedly available in standard grey, but we have yet to see it




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MILITECH M-52AR  1150eb

RIF -  +2  -  N  -  P  -  8D6/varies (10mm cased/25mm grenade)  -  60/120-5 -  1/3/35-1 -  VR
An assault weapon built for the urban environment.  The grenade launcher is slide cocked and is able to alternate between grenades and 10 gauge shells with no modification or adjustment.  The rifle features digital ammo counter along with a retractable stock (now available with fixed stock for greater aesthetic and comfort) and the highest ammo capacity and caliber of an weapon in its class.  Also available is a 150 round magazine.  A shorter commando version is available, with a one shot grenade launcher and reduced barrel, and an officers model, with 3 shot grenade launcher.


MILITECH M-58BAR  1240eb
RIF  -  -1  -  N  -  C  -  8D6 (10mm cased)  -  150  -  1/3/30  -  ST
A squad support weapon built on the M-52AR system.  Militech owes it's subcontractor Matsucorp for this one, as this innovation came from their tinkering.


MILITECH NCAR-534  1320eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  R  -  8D6/8d10(10mm cased/20mm cased)  -  30-5  -  1/3/20-1  -  VR
Militech loves it's assault rifles, and this is no different.   Used exhaustively during the Natural City campaign in Hawai, it proved its battle effectiveness and durability.  The built in 5-shot 20mm allows infantry to take down enemies behind cover or even light armor.

ROSTOVIC MR-68 3250eb
RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  P  -8d6 (10mm caseless) - 100  -  20 -  ST
A standard machinegun, able to accept 100 round drums or belted ammo.  A high rate of fire and above average accuracy makes this one of Rostovic’s top military products.


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HVY * 0 * N * R * 8D6(10mm) * 300 * 60 * ST *

10mm gatling gun generally used against the more powerful cyborgs. Most opponents give up if it is pointed at them.


SEBURO DRX-23 2950eb

HVY  -  +2  -  N  -  P  - 8D6 (10mm caseless) - 50/100 – 1/20 - VR
One of the most accurate heavy machineguns ever created.  However, the weapon s very heavy and somewhat unwieldy for extended field work, and while it accepts belt fed ammunition, it requires a special “false magazine” through which the belt is fitted through, to do.  Fitting the belt through the false magazine takes twice as long, though you can always buy extra “false mags” and pre fit them for a very quick change out indeed.   The weapon features a standard pinpoint laser sight, but is also features a UV wide beam light, that putws a thick beam downfield, visible only with UV, this allows for a much easier to control target acquisition, as the thick beam doesn’t get lost in the recoil like the standard laser sight, making it an excellent choice for a vehicle mounting.


RIF  -  -1  -  N  -  P  -  8D6 (10mm caseless)  -  30/50  -  1/3/20  -  VR
This is the most compact fully automatic weapon chambered in the 10mm rifle round available.  And excellent weapon for close quarters work against full conversion targets.  The weapons barrel extension is removable, lowering the weapons accuracy (-1).


RIF -  -2  -  N  -  R  -  8D6 (10mm cased)  -  30  -  1/3  -  ST
The magazine shroud on this monster is purposely overbuilt, to add extra weight to act as a compensator against muzzle climb from recoil in 3 round burst mode.  It seems the research teams at Skoda wanted a weapon that even the best armor would have no defense against, and it seems the wanted the whole thing in a small enough package to conceal.  Originally this was supposed to be a handgun, but since no one could fire the prototype without injury, a stock was added.  Even still, this weapon is way too short to be firing the rounds it does at 3-round burst.  Which would explain why production for this weapon was incredibly limited.  Only 300 of them are known to exist, Autumn Blade has 20.  




RIF  -  -2  -  N  -  P  -  6D10 (.50bmg caseless)  -  25  -  1/3/10  -  ST
The Assault .50 is the joint venture product of Malorian and Arasaka.  It is basically a less expensive and more combat engineered version of the Malorian "Aspen".    It uses standard steel and ceramic construction and does not come smartchipped as standard.  




RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  R  -  7D10 (15mm cased)  -  25  -  1/3/15  -  VR
Everyone knows that when you want the best  you turn to Malorian.  Now the premiere arms company in the world has completely outdone themselves.  Introducing the Malorian Aspen, a 15mm assault rifle that is guaranteed to get the job done, and with all the style expected from a true professional.  Available chrome plated only, the weapon is constructed almost entirely from titanium.  Use of a shoulder strap, assisted harness, or some means of support suggested when firing full auto




ARASAKA X-61 (prototype) 144,375eb
RLG  -  +4  -  N  -  VR  -  4D10 (1.5cm projectile)  -  10  -  1  -  P
Arasaka finally did it, they have created a true man-portable railgun roughly the same size and weight as a large assault rifle.  This weapon is in its very earliest stages of testing and uses a 1.5cm nickel cadmium projectile.  A total of 100 were produced and sent to Arasaka's testing facility, somewhere along the way 20 got "lost" and somehow managed to fall into Autumn Blades lap.  18 are left so hurry and get yours.  A word of warning, Arasaka has installed fail-safe devices to ensure that no one can tamper with the guns.  Any attempt at disassembling the weapon will result in the gun exploding (as the loss of two Autumn Blade lab assistants will testify).  The weapon is smartchipped, and contains its own power supply which must be recharged for 2 hours after every 20 rounds fired.   From confidential sources inside Arasaka we have learned that the weapon is nowhere near perfected, and malfunctions are common.  This can be very dangerous, extreme caution is advised when using and handling this weapon.


HVY  -  0  -  N  -  R  -  6D10 (EAP)  -  5  -  1  -  ST
Now for something scary.  In a joint venture funded by the American Military, Malorian and Militech have taken Railgun conclusion another frightening step forward.   3 large electro-magnets power the weapon, and it is easily reloaded using easy to produce slugs made from ball bearings.  It's pump action, and only slightly larger and more cumbersome than a heavy assault rifle, though the recoil is much more severe (BOD minimum of 8).  So far only 20 have been produced, but we managed to get our hands on six of them.  How they managed to make a man portable railgun this small is anyone’s guess.







(Created and written by Deric Bernier, images from Deric Bernier, Appleseed, Cyberpunk 2077,  Macross, Masamune Shirow, Gundam, Dirty Pair, Dark Minds, Men In Black, American Flagg, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Deathwish, Deathstroke the Terminator, Starman, Kite, Space:Above and Beyond, Star Wars, Ice Pirates, Akira, Backlash, Babylon 5, Burn Up W, Dave Dorman, DS9, Dream Wave, Neon Cyber, Earth 2, Grendel: Devils Legacy, Hardboiled, Nausicaa, Secret Of  Blue Water, Negative One, Punisher: Big Nothing, Runaway, L-gaim, Layzner, Ghost In The Shell, Catwoman, Titan AE, Wildcats, Stark Future, Total Recall 2070, Windaria, Rifts, Gurps, Trigun, Alien series, No Escape, Akira, Killzone, Firefly, Doom, Bubblegum Crash, Humanoid, Punishers Armory, Halo, Alien Legacy, The 5th Element, Time Cop, Shadowrun, Tomb Raider, Equilibrium, Intron Depot, Final Fantasy, Hellsing, Parasite Dolls, Bubblegum Crisis, Kappowwe Toys, Gungrave, AD Police, Bubbleguim Crisis 2040, Grimjack, Project Snowblind, Bubblegum Crisis, S.I.N., Dirty Pair, Gundam, Doom, Gasaraki, Blue Gender, Hellboy, Blade series, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., Eatman, G.I.T.S.: Stand Alone Complex, Jon Sable: Freelance, I Robot, Nomad, Mystery Men, D20 Future, D20 Apocalypse, Deadlands: Hell On Earth, Car Wars, Demolition Man, Fortress, Iria Zieriam, Natural City, Space, Above and Beyond, Stealth, Unreal Tournament, Moonwalker, Gunm, Southern Cross, Grifter, Battle Lords, Lensman, SeaQuest, Robocop, Aspen, Homeboys, Judge Dredd, Terminator: Burning Earth, Edison Giacotolli, Vortex, Soldier, Back To The Future II, Echo, Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, The Saint, Robotech: Sentinels, Deathlock, Hunter, Black Ops, James Bond, Death's Head, X-Men, Firearm, Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield, Dirty Pair: Flash, Silent Mobius, Mafia Wars, Army Of Two, Capcom, Hitman, Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Deus Ex, Quake, Air Gear, Btoom, Tekken, Perfect Dark, Fallout, Bouncer, Frontlines, Crysis, District 9, Zatoichi, Bleach, Blame, The Rundown, Avengers, Green Arrow, GI-Joe, Call Of Duty, Brink, Doom, Eon Flux, Haze, Poseidon Arms, Nerf, Starhawk, Bayonetta, Bionic Six, Hudson Hawk, Avatar, Command And Conquer, Wastelands, Borderlands, and other various manga, Anime, Comic book, video game, film, and RPG sources, Raben-Aas, Sharp-n-pointy, Biometal79, Phatandy, Bordon, Shimmering Sword, Vulnepro, El Pinoy, Br0uHaHaasdsada , Larkabella, licataknives, meandmunch, Devilita Andree Wallin, Fuchsiart, imDRUNKonTEA,Guilty Spark, Refrigerador, Italiener, Pascal Eggert, Josh Nizzi, Bokuman, Machine56, Kunkka, Johan Bergstrom, Slipgate Central, Dominic Marko, Francis001, platypusgreen, jimmypham, Warrenlou, flipation, digimech, molybdenum, Spoonboy, Doll Fac3, Eikochan, bakanekonei, teh dave, SC4V3NG3R, solkee, molinaro, KaranaK, genekruger, theelphin, garanum, 2ngaw, shed2602, gorrem, moyachiche, inception08, vietnguyen, rgus, archie, David Nakey, Kuroitora, aerpenium, Dead Robot, teruchan, acidburn08, Markovah, Mort Janu, MishaMoStyle, Blitz Bot, k hos, James Lemay, Gun0runner, Gneocidal Penguin, Kalor, ionen, djake, jett0, cyzrauk8, windriderx23,  firestoned, anjinanhut, regis, libertyspikesv5, rimancreative, deutscherherbst, hexonal, Ryujin10, Raverunner, daisukekazama, dannortonart, bringmeasunkist, Merkaba998, tovenius, Message2god, peterku, nervousgryphon, knightwatch, Brian Rogers, tsukijin, talros, Michael Kingery, ygolochysp, Swatninja, Cyber999, marcwf, WarmGunMod, bcjfla76, bullseye breon, Carlo Arellano, Special thanks to Matsuo, Darth Brass, darcjedi, Tom_Braider, thedap, wuher_da_brewer, Capt_MarVel, Glim999, Pulseriflefan,  TK513,  gunnerk19, Tommin, BritNerfMogul, Tigadee, Johnson Arms, Wolverine_solo, and all the many fine prop replica builders of Mastucorp, the RPF, Nerfhaven, Nerfhq, and BBC).

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