RIF  -  0  -  N/L  -  C  -  1D6 (.22cal cased)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
This .22 caliber rifle breaks up into it’s component pieces, which all fit into the weapons stock, including ammunition.  Keep one in the trunk, or in your tackle box, take it with you camping…


RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  C  -  1D6 (.22cal cased)  -  5  -  1  -  ST
A small caliber varmint rifle.




WALTHER SPR-96 550eb
RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  R  -  2D6+1 (9mm caseless)  -  30  -  1  -  VR
Originally designed for decathlon shooters in the Olympics, this sport/target rifle has become world renowned for its performance and accuracy.  The weapon is also popular as a sniper rifle, though the ammo choice of 9mm is a bit underpowered for some work.  


 MILITECH SPW-32  125eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  P  -  2d6+1 (9mm caseless)  -  30  -  1  -  VR
Like all survival rifles, this weapon breaks down and is stored in a regular sized briefcase.  It was developed for pilots as survival/hunting weapon in case they were downed and on their own.   


.45 ACP


RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  E  -  2D6+2 (.45 cal cased)  - 10 - 1 - VR
A light hunting rifle, common around the world for hunting small game.  Accurate and reliable, tube fed and perfect for a beginner’s first weapon.


RIF  -  -1 -  N  -  E  -  2D6+2 (.45 cal cased)  - 8 - 1 - VR
This is a rifle, that folds up into a working am-fm radio.  Not much good in modern areas, but enough people in lower class areas, particularly in the combat zone, still listen to radio, that this won’t garner a second glance.





(From Nomad Market)
RIF  -  0  -  L   -  E  -  4D6/varies (.44magnum cased/40mm grenade)  -  8/1  -  1/1  -  ST 
Named after its maker, who can be found here in the Market, this is a lever action rifle chambered in .44 magnum with a single shot under-barrel 40mm grenade launcher.  Ideal for outriders and scouts, or anyone really.



RIF  -  +2  -  L   -  R - 4D6 (.44mag cased) - 8/1 -  1/1  -  VR 
An extremely well made revolver rifle combination from the finest name in firearms. 




CCMMC SRI-17 520eb
RIF  -  +4  -  N  -  P  -  4D6 (4.5mm cased)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
This bullpup sniper weapon from China is one of the most accurate rifles in the world, and that’s just straight out of the box.  Built in folding bipod, standard scope, and small but powerful ammunition makes this a true winner.  Many professional snipers purchase this weapon and then have it electro-thermally enhanced.  


FABRIQUE NATIONALE FN-R99 "Watchmaker"  910eb
RIF  -  +4  -  N  -  R  -  4D6 (4.5mm caseless)  -  80  -  1/3/20  -  VR
Built from the action of the old and much respected P90, the R99 is extremely accurate.  Some may consider the ammunition caliber a bit low for sniper work, but in reality it is ideal, especially when loaded with hypervelocity rounds or used against unarmored targets.  The smaller bullets make for excellent armor piercing capabilities, and the large magazine and full auto feature means you can be sure what you are aiming at goes down.


RIF  -  +2 -  N  -  C  -  4D6 (4.5mm caseless)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
This is a very  accurate sniper rifle from our Dutch friends.  Sleek, attractive, and guaranteed to drive nails. 


RIF  -  +5  -  N  -  R  - 6D6 (4.5mm ETE cased) - 20 – 1 - VR
The Seburo Longsword is an incredibly precise weapon, smartlinked and equipped to fire Electro-thermal ammunition as standard options, with laser rangefinder tied directly into the scope, that allows the rifle to make the necessary adjustments automatically.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  - 4D6 (4.5mm caseless) -  8  -  1  -  ST
Tsunami Arms gives us a very straightforward marksman’s weapon with the Quantis.


RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  - 4D6 (4.5mm caseless) -  20  -  1  -  VR
A  world class target rifle, the Toshoni also makes an excellent sniper weapon.  




WALTHER WA-2017  1020eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (3.5mm ff)  -  30  -  1  -  ST
Using the same controversial ammunition as Arasaka’s WSSA sniper system, (see Blackhands Streetweapons), the Walther WA-2017 was never widely received.  There are still a few floating around out there, although finding ammunition for it is almost as difficult as finding the weapon itself.




RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  C  -  5D6 (5.56mm cased)  - 6 - 1 - VR
A very reliable weapon from Ameritech, the New Frontier is a revolver rifle chambered in 5.56, and is ideal for hunters, and outdoorsmen.  This rifle is fast becoming a favorite I the nomad community due to its simplicity and durability.


ARASAKA CMR-2 1220eb
RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  P  -  5D6 (5.56mm caseless)  - 10 - 1 - VR
A very accurate, very quiet weapon, with custom venting and a redesigned suppressor to minimize noise without loss of range or accuracy.


BUDGET ARMS R-187 200eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  E  -  5D6 (5.56mm cased)  - 20 - 1 - UR
Budget Arms tries to break into the precision weapons game with laughable results.  The assault rifle styling and 20 round magazine appeal to Budget Arms customer base, who don’t care if the gun jams, or even blows up in their face, as long as its cheap and looks cool.


COLT M-1632 875eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  -  5D6 (5.56mm cased)  -  25  -  1  -  VR
A sniper rifle built around the AR-15 frame.  Comes standard with scope, bipod, and select fire switch.  The full auto setting has been removed to save wear and tear on the barrel and action.    


RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  P  -  5D6 (5.56mm cased)  - 20 - 1 - VR
A complete sniper system that fits in a large briefcase, complete with scope, suppressor, bipod, and 2 magazines.  The case it comes in is the same type of attaché used by diplomats, and as such is lead shielded against x-ray.  This weapon is the perfect choice for covert work


RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  P  -  5D6 (5.56mm cased)  - 15 - 1 - VR
The archer is a simple, but very accurate, bolt action rifle ideal for both hunting and sniper work.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  7D6+3 (5.56mm ETE cased)  -  15  -  1  -  ST
H&K  seems to be fully embracing electro-thermal enhancement, as this sniper rifle can attest.  Regardless this weapon is more than competent.



MILITECH SS-54  829eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  C  - 5D6 (6.5mm caseless) -  20  -  1  -  ST
This Militech sniper weapon is ideal due to the overall short length of the gun.   The suppressor actually aids in accuracy, and broken down, the whole weapon fits inside a large briefcase. 


MILITECH MRS-42  829eb
RIF  - +3 - N - C  - 5D6 (6.5mm caseless) -  20  -  1/3  -  VR
The MRS-42 is a very well respected combat sniper rifle, capable of pinpoint precision even under the most adverse conditions and circumstances.  It is very popular among Militech marksmen, as well as professionals around the world.



(From Nomad Market)

RIF  -  0  -  L   -  E  -  5d6 (5.56mm cased)  -  8  -  1  -  ST 

This sawn off magazine fed, lever action, rifle is almost short enough to be used as a handgun.


NORINCO SW-33 395eb
RIF  - +1 - N - C - 5D6 (5.56mm caseless) - 12  -  1  -  ST
For a company not exactly known for quality work, the SW-33 is actually a passable bolt action sniper rifle.  It’s not the best weapon for the job, but if budget is an issue, you could do worse.


RIF  - +2 - N - C - 5D6 (5.56mm caseless) - 4  -  1  -  ST
The Model-2022 is a popular rifle for hunters, marksmen, and outdoorsmen alike.  It got a modest price and it’s not over done or complicated… just a simple and accurate weapon.


RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  C  -  5D6 (5.56mm caseless)  -  5  -  1  -  VR
A very nice sniper rifle from Sternmeyer.  Kalishnikov origins are obvious when looking at this weapon and it shoots like a dream.  


RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  C  -  5D6 (5.56mm cased)  -  20  -  1  -  VR
Tsunami continues to garner attention for their precision weapons with the ISS-556.  This bullpup chambered in 5.56mm is one of the smoothest firing weapons in its class, and has a proven track record of accuracy and reliability.




RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (6mm cased)  -  20  -  1  -  ST
Highly accurate right out the box, and equipped with a 12x lowlight scope, this rifle is ideal for sportsmen and military/police sharpshooters alike.


CAVIL M-386 750eb
RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (6mm cased)  -  8  -  1  -  VR
Elegant, exquisite, unique…. Words do not do Cavil’s first long arm justice.


RIF  -  +5  -  N  -  R  - 7D6 (6mm ETE cased) -  10  -  1  -  VR
The latest Russian sniper weapon, a bullpup configured bolt action rifle with an extended barrel and built in flip down bipod.  The weapon also has built in smart link and comes electrothermally enhanced straight out of the box.  This is one of the most accurate rifles in the world, it's only real downfall is its rare ammunition.  6mm is hard enough to find, much less ETE, but at least you don't have to worry about your enemy picking up your spare ammo and using it against you.


RIF  -  +3  - N  -  C  - 5D6 (6mm caseless) - 40 - 1/3/10 - VR
A highly accurate sniper rifle utilizing the firing system of the M986.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  P  -  5D6 (6mm caseless)  -  15  -  1  -  VR
Unlike the SSR-32 which was capable of fully automatic fire, the 34 is a totally dedicated sniper weapon.  Streamlined for comfort


RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (6mm cased)  -  30  -  1  -  ST
This Russian sniper rifle is the replacement for the Dragunov in the Russian military.  Every bit as accurate, and manufactured to exacting standards.  




RIF  -  +2 -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (7mm caseless)  -  75  -  1/3/30  -  VR
A very odd, but finely tuned instrument from Kendachi.  At first glance one will notice the odd magazine placement and feed design of the weapon, but don't let it fool you.  Created primarily as a sniper weapon, a job at which it excels at, the weapon is also fully capable of acting as an assault rifle.  The barrel is shrouded and insulated, and acts as an effective suppressor.  


RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (7mm caseless)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
This sniper rifle utilizes state of the art materials in its construction and comes smartchipped as standard.  A bit heavy, but very accurate and reliable.  


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  P  -  5D6 (7mm caseless)  -  25  -  1  -  ST
This is a very accurate weapon, with a suppressed barrel and a second suppressor for extra quiet work.  


WALTHER WA-2022 935eb
RIF  -  +4  -  N  -  R  -  5D6 (7mm cased)  -  5  -  1  -  VR
One of the most accurate sniper rifles ever built.  Walther's rifle division continues to show us why they are so highly respected.   





RIF -+5 - N - C - 6D6 (30.06 cased) - 10 - 1 - VR
The standard sniper rifle of the Mexican Military and police, and an extremely well respected weapon for both snipers and hunters all over the world.


ARMALITE AF-47 935eb
RIF - +3 - N - P - 6D6 (30.06 cased) - 8 - 1 - VR
A bolt action marksman’s rifle, popular with police and professionals alike.


RIF - +5 - N - P - 6D6 (30.06 cased) - 1 - 1 - VR
One would think that asking 5 grand for a single shot rifle would be absurd… and in any other case you would be correct, but this is the flagship model of Luigi-Franchi’s catalogue.  Every rifle is hand made by Augustino Fachelli, then engraved to the buyers shims by Gaspari Petrino.  This is, simply put, one of the most elegant and exquisite firearms ever made, and no two are identical.


RIF - +3 - N - P - 6D6 (30.06 cased) - 6 - 1 - VR
The finest quality and style, Luigi-Franchi’s elegant revolver style hunting rifle chambered in 30-06 will make you the envy of your lodge.


Rifle - +2 - N - E - 6D6 (30.06 cased) - 5 - 1 - VR
One of many varieties of different hunting rifles which are commonly used by rebel forces.



RIF - +1 - N - C  - 6D6 (30.06 cased) - 10 - 1 - VR
A simple yet effective weapon, primarily designed for extended hunting trips.  It easily and quickly breaks down into five separate sections for convenient transportation.    


WINCHESTER M-222 365eb
RIF  -  +2 -  N  -  C  -  6D6 (30.06 cased)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
A wonderfully accurate hunting rifle from Winchester, the M-222 makes the perfect addition to any sportsman’s arsenal.  For professionals it also makes an excellent sniper rifle.  




ARASAKA   AXSR-7 1220eb
RIF - +1 - N - R - 6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless) – 30 - 1  -  ST
Now here is an original innovation.  Tracer rounds are expensive, and they are a pain to load.  This weapon solves that problem by coating every fifth shell with a harmless bio-luminescent, extremely adhesive liquid derived from Teflon and Cyalume called Teflume.  The Teflume cylinder is good for 200 rounds (needing to be replaced after firing 1000 rounds through the weapon) and  the injection mechanism can be switched off when not necessary.  The system for injecting Teflume is relatively simple, though it costs 200 eb, and another 300eb to have a gunsmith install it to any weapon.  Replacement cylinders of Teflume run for 50eb apiece.  This assault rifle was specifically built around the Teflume injection system to test its capabilities.  For field use, opaque non glowing Teflume cylinders are available.  The green light on the side of the weapon indicates the system is on.


Dragunov SVD-2 Sniper Rifle 1150eb
Rifle - +2 - N - C - 6d6+2 (7.62x54mm cased) - 20 - 1 - VR
An updated version of the Soviet Dragunov sniper rifle, it can be smartlinked and even equipped to a remote rig to provide a sniper remote operation of his/her weapon. Has an operating range of about 900 meters when scoped.


H&K S/SR-53 985eb
RIF - +3 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 5 - 1 - VR
Exquisite craftsmanship and fine hand tuning is just one of the things that set this weapon above the competition.  Unlike most sniper rifles this firearm was not developed from a hunting or assault rifle, it was built from scratch for the sole purpose of sniper warfare.  Oddly enough it has been converted into a hunting rifle.......ironic isn't it!    


RIF - +3 - N - C - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 20 - 1 - ST
A low maintenance sniper rifle from FN, used by many European police sharpshooters.


RIF - +2 - N - R - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 10 - 1 -  ST
A rugged sniper rifle for use in the most harsh of terrains.  Comes standard with a bipod.  


MILITECH ACS O610 1985eb
RIF - +3 - N - E - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 25 – 1/3 - VR
The Militech ACS is a hard hitting sniper rifle with a proven track record and it is sturdy enough to withstand the harshest abuse.   Capable of 3 round burst for long range suppressing fire, as well ridiculously precise single shots.


RUGER  CSP-76 775eb
RIF - +2 -N - E - 6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 12 - 1 - ST
A confidant and comfortable weapon from Ruger.  At such an affordable price, you get more than you pay for.


SKODA  SR-449  765eb
RIF - +2 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 10 - 1 - VR
No it's not much to look at, but this eastern European sniper rifle definitely gets the job done.  And it is almost impossible to hurt it, we dropped one off a 40 cliff onto rocks and it still fired perfectly.


RIF - +3 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 20 - 1 - VR
Pinpoint accuracy out to 1000 yards and an ammo capacity of 20 rounds make this sniper rifle the weapon of choice among many marksmen.  


RIF - +1 - N - C - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 10 - 1/10 - ST
Stermeyer brings us this well designed sniper rifle chambered in 7.62 ammunition.  Its bullpup design and use of state of the art polymer ceramics makes this a lethally accurate weapon.  


RIF - +1- N - C - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 10/25 - 1 - ST
A heavier version of the CR-21 chambered in 7.62mm.  They also fixed most of the flaws for this version.  A 25 round magazine is available. 


TOWA MS-70 640eb
RIF - +3 - N - E - 6D6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 8 - 1 - ST
Towa gives us a respectable marksman’s rifle chambered in 7.62.  A favorite among Asian shooters that won’t break your bank.


WALTHER WA-256X 1280eb
RIF  -  +4 -  N  -  P  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  - 15 - 1 - VR
While some may claim this weapon is overpriced, it's accuracy speaks for itself.  A bullpup with an extremely long barrel, this weapon is capable of driving nails from 800 meters.


RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  C  -  6D6+2 (7.62mm cased)  - 8 - 1 - VR
A popular weapon among hunters and snipers alike, accurate and able to withstand rough treatment.




RIF - +4 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 4 - 1 - VR
This complete and hard hitting sniping system is a benchmark of weapon technology.  Smart linked as standard, with a long range scope, computerized rangefinder and windage meter, starlight, and highly accurized.


RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  7D6+3/varies (.300 magnum cased/40mm micro-missile)  -  6-1  -  1-1  -  VR
Built using a reinforced and accurized Morita frame, this sniper version of the popular assault rifle has become a favorite of marksmen.  The 40mm micro missile launcher is a new addition to the Arasaka line of weapons as well, and options are the same as the standard 25mm versions, only with 40mm damage.


RIF - +5 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 5 - 1 -  VR
The built in computer of this magnificent rifle automatically measures range, wind speed, and even factors in target speed and adjusts the scope accordingly, so all you have to do is put the crosshairs on the target and you are guaranteed to hit.  This is quite possibly the most advanced sniper rifle in the world in terms of accuracy.


RIF - +4 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 6 - 1 - VR
Chambered in the same round that their Rev-6 made so famous, the S51utilizes a bullpup revolver configuration for maximum accuracy, and removable cylinders for faster reloading.  The cylinders on this weapon are longer than those of the Rev-6, allowing for specialized loads, and because it’s a revolver you can mix and match rounds for any situation that might arise.  Each re-usable cylinder can be programmed with the precise type of round loaded, which will display in the scope, or via smartlink, allowing you to select the round you need quickly.


RIF - +2 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 10 - 1 - ST
A very large rifle, with enormous stopping power and dead on accuracy.  Often used against light armor and full conversions, this weapon is a favorite among snipers.  


MAUSER SEK-41  1970eb
RIF - +2 -  N - P - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 5 - 1 - ST
A large caliber sniper/hunting rifle, originally intended to bring down big game, but often used by anti-cyborg police sharpshooters.





RIF - +3 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 5 - 1 - ST
Drop a full conversion without breaking a sweat.  With the Haley chambered in .300 magnum you can drop pretty much anything you have too, and with 25 shots you can keep it up all day long.  


RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  R  -  7D6+3 (.300 magnum cased)  -  1  -  1  -  ST
Single shot bolt action, this compact sniper rifle is ideal for making the statement "1 shot, 1 kill".  A longer barrel would increase accuracy, but MI-6 was adamant that it be kept to a minimum for ease of concealment.


SEBURO HSR-1 3210eb
RIF - +3 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 4 - 1 - VR
Seburos first sporting rifle, this bolt action weapon was originally conceived at the request of a prominent Japanese film icon who was planning a safari to Africa.  The requests from people who had seen it during photo ops and video journals poured in, and soon Seburo began to manufacture these weapons, selling them at a hefty price to anyone who could afford them.  The weapons stock and frame are made from real hardwood, and the action and accuracy must be experienced to be believed


RIF - +1 - N - P - 7D6+3 (.300mag caseless) - 4 - 1 - ST
Sometimes a sniper needs a compact weapon, something that hits hard, but can move without restriction.  The Quick-Mag fills that roll, fitting devastating power in a small package. 


RIF - +5 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 6 - 1 - ST
Tsunami took a look at the Constitutional Arms S52 and decided they could do it better.  The weapon features the same cylinder design though it lacks the onboard computer to display the ammo information on the scope, but it will still display that information to the integral smartlink.  With the removable barrel extension attached


TOWA MR-94 1090eb
RIF - +2 - N - R - 7D6+3 (.300mag cased) - 5 - 1 - ST
A four shot bolt action sniper rifle from Towa, often used by police in Asia against cyborgs and as a light anti-armor rifle. 




MILITECH BSW-10 1320eb
RIF  - +3  -  N  -  R  - 7D6API (18mm gyrojet)  -  5  -  1  -  ST
A very large, very ugly sniper system from Militech.  Still it's hard to beat the accuracy, and it comes smart chipped standard.  Made to compete with Remington’s system.




ARASAKA MAD-8 6,235eb
P  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  8d6/12d6 (10mm rifle cased/ETE)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
Using the same technology as the Charon, this weapon too is an electrothermally enhanced weapon that disengage to fire normal ammunition at the flip of a switch.  Highly accurate and built around the Arasaka developed 10mm rifle round, this weapon is not available for sale on any market, and like with the Charon,  Arasaka has announced it has no intentions of making it available.  This weapon will reach x10 price to collectors and professionals.  Issued only to Elite Arasaka Marksmen,


P  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  8d6 (10mm rifle cased)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
Continuing with their modular weapon systems, Arasaka has released the MMSR longstrike.  With a wide variety of stocks, barrel extensions, and other accessories, the Longstrike is the ideal sniper weapon capable of handling any situation.  The base component of the Longstrike system can be used by itself, as a ridiculously large and powerful anti-cyborg handgun, however it is not recommended that anyone without at least a cyberarm attempt such a thing, as the recoil will likely break their wrists.  (Without both barrel extension and stock attached, accuracy is reduced to -1)


P  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  8d6 (10mm rifle cased)  -  12  -  1  -  VR
Arasaka and Seburo once again teaming up to bring you a superb sniper weapon system, accurate and lethal. 


DRAGUNOV M-855 580eb
RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  8D6 (10mm caseless)  -  50  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Rostovics first weapon to use the 10mm rifle round developed by Arasaka.  This weapon is an early attempt to keep current with the modern military trend started by the Arasaka Morita and the Militech M-52AR.  While demand was initially high, the weapon was ultimately rejected by the Neo-Soviet military in favor of the KAAR system for its greater durability.  The weapon also makes use of the Chinese style drum magazines, another reason its popularity sank among Russian field testers, as the spare mags were heavy and cumbersome.  The ICMF however has shown great interest in the weapon, buying up as many as it can for its bigger punch equivalent to EDF and US arms.


MILITECH ER-12 2800eb
RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  C  -  8D6 (10mm caseless)  -  7  -  1   -  ST
Militech has released a weapon that is almost a carbon copy of the Arasaka Longstrike.  It lacks the modularity, but is a more accurate weapon.  Arasaka is already talking lawsuit over what they are claiming is a stolen early prototype design.




MILITECH M-55S  2175eb
SMG  -  +2  - N  -  E  -  8D6 (10mm cased)  -  60  -  1  -  ST
The sniper rifle variant of the M-52 system.  The ammo counter has been replaced with the display for the laser range finder built into the fore grip of the weapon. 





RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  4D10 (20mm light caseless)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
Malorian should stick to designing guns for corporate executives and rich socialites.  There I said it.  Yes this is a beautiful gun, yes it fires amazingly well.  But dammit, all that flies out the window when you realize that every weapon Eran Malour designs is only available with a chrome finish.  Especially when for half the price you can always find a weapon that is almost as reliable and accurate, and doesn't reflect Venus. 


CCMMC SPR-23   8800eb

RIF  -  +5  -  N  -  R  - 4d10 (20mm caseless) - 10  -  1  -  VR
China's premiere sniper rifle  is a heavily advanced precision weapon built on a HAR model rifle.  The 10 round helical clip sits far to the rear of this bullpup weapon for greater accuracy.  While not as powerful as its American and European cousins, it is every bit as accurate.



(From Nomad Market
RIF  -   0  -  N  -  P  -  4D10 ((20mm cased)  -  4  -  1  -  ST
Reach out and touch someone…


.50 BMG


AZTECH HSR-50A2 7585eb
RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  6d10 (.50cal cased)  -  8  -  1  -  VR
The Mexican militaries heavy sniper rifle, easily equivalent to the American Barret.


BARRETT P-50 & P-50B  4325eb
RIF - +2 - N - R - 6D10 (.50 BMG cased)- 5/10 - 1 - VR
Want to hit something from a mile away, don't want to carry a 5 foot long 40lb behemoth.  Try Barretts P-50.  At 4 feet 25 pounds, this monster feels just right.  The P-50B is the bullpup version, and it is even lighter at just under twenty pounds.  Both weapons accept the 5 and 10 round magazines.  A powerful scope is highly recommended as this gun has an effective range of 1.5 miles.    


DAI LUNG R-604  2520eb
RIF  -  0  -  N  -  C  -  6D10 (.50bmg caseless)  -  5  -  1  -  P
What if the Barrett "50" had been designed by a third world nation firm?  Introducing the Dai Lung R-604, the Malaysian manufactured knock off of the venerable Barrett.   This weapon is made from stamped sheet metal and recycled steel.  And while mishaps are not as common as you might expect, they are usually final.  What do you expect when a .50 caliber rifle blows up in your hand.  Still these weapons are extremely popular to third world militaries, terrorists, and street gangs all over the world.  Just the sort of cheap tool to take down that NCPD "Constable" that is coming your way.  

RIF  -   +4  -  N  -  P  -  6D10 (.50 cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  ST
A heavy European sniper weapon favored by the ICMF.




SEBURO MSR-50 9720eb.
RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  6D10 (.50 BMG cased)  -  12  -  1  -  VR
Seburo makes its move into the Heavy Sniper Weapon field in a big way with this magnificent weapon.  No expense was spared in creating this weapon and bestowing upon it maximum comfort, reliability, and accuracy.  The front grip is set in an adjustable slide allowing the user to adjust the weapon to his reach.    The only downside to this weapon is it's weight, though thanks to the state of the art poly ceramics used, it is only slightly heavier than the Barret M-80



RIF - +5 - N - R - 6d10 (.50 cal. cased) - 12 - 1 - vr
The European Heavy sniper rifle, chambered in .50 cal. this is one of the most acurate weapons in the world.  It comes with a 3 foot suppressor for situations when stealth is important.  This weapon outperforms the Barret M-90 in almost every way.  One of the few weapons the EDF uses that isn't made for caseless ammunition, mostly due to the immense surplus and availability of .50 caliber ammunition.  It also comes standard with a Lockson scope, one of the most powerful in the world.  In fact, looking at this finely engineered weapon, one would sooner believe it is made for competition shooting, not wading through the jungle in a war zone



(From Nomad Market)

RIF  0  N  P  6D10/4D10 (.50 BMG/20mm Light)  1  1  ST

These hand made single shot bolt action sniper rifles are chambered either in cased .50 BMG or light 20mm, and are used to stop vehicles by putting a round through their engine block.  For being hand made from scrap metal they are reasonably accurate.  They don’t come with a scope, and although one can be mounted it is a point of pride among nomads to shoot them using nothing but the iron sights.




RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  VR  -  7D10 (15mm BMG caseless)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
The impact of the 15mm round is unbelievable, and is usually enough to destroy whatever it hits.  With the bullpup DRS-4 sniper rifle you have all the cover your team needs.  The only drawback is the weapon could have bit a bit larger for stability sake, but it is still an excellent weapon.  Of course the ammo is a bit hard to find, but you are resourceful aren't you?  


RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  R  -  7D10 (15mm cased)  - 1 - 1 - ST
A single shot, bolt action, heavy sniper rifle from Poland.  Made from lightwieght materials and breaks down easily into a package small enough to fit into a suitcase.  You only get one shot, but its accurate enough that a competant sniper shouldn't need more anyway.


MILITECH ATR-97 11,590eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  4D10+3 (15mm caseless)  -  8  -  1  -  VR
While not really the anti-tank rifle it claims to be, it is an excellent choice for putting down the rampaging borg or the even the stray light ACPA you might come across.  Police agencies and military forces all over the globe have determined this weapon to be a valuable deterrent to the war on Cyborg crime.  


ROSTOVIC AVR-13 9580eb
RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  P  -  7D10 (15mm cased)  - 10 - 1 - ST
The Rostovic AVR-13 is a heavy anti-armor sniper rifle, they recently replaced this weapon as the Russian militaries standard heavy sniper rifle, but surplus has seen excellent foreign sales, particularly to Africa and South America.


STEIN & WASSERMAN  52-AMSR  13,515eb
RIF  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  7D10 (15mm cased)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
The simplicity of this weapon is what makes it so appealing, that and the fact that it fires full sized 15mm rounds with astonishing accuracy.




COLT HR-444 10,920eb
RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  - 8D10 (20mm)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
A standard 20mm anti-tank rifle, also extensively used as a borg suppression weapon by the military, C-SWAT, and corporations. 


RIF  -  +1 -  N  -  P  -  8D10 AP (20mm AP)  -  20  -  1  -  VR
An effective anti-armor rifle, common to european troops, especially mounted on vehicles.






TOWA  ATR-16 12,180eb
RIF  -  -1 -  N  -  C  -  5D10+10 AP (25mm)  -  15  -  1  -  ST
A very large, and effective anti-tank rifle.  




RIF  -  +3 -  N  -  VR  -  20D10API* (30mmETE titanium cased *SPECIAL*)  -  5  -  1  -  VR
This weapon is still in the experimental stages, but has been issued to the US Military for testing.  The barrel of the weapon is made from the same material used in creating the heat shield tiles for spacecraft re-entry.  It electrothermally fires titanium rounds with gold cores which are superheated to 2500 degrees fahrenheit by laser.   The superheated bullet will punch or burn through almost anything.  As a result this man portable rifle is capable of demolishing anything it sets its sights on.  The lasers power supply must be recharged after every 10 shots, and the titanium 30mm shells are 80eb apiece.  The bullets remain superheated for up to 30 seconds, and will ignite any flammable object the come across.  After 2 minutes they are room temperature again. 


ARASAKA "YARI" 23,775eb
RIF  -  +2  -  N  -  R  -  9D10 (30mm cased)  -  5  -  1  -  VR
The most powerful sniper rifle available.  Use of at least a bipod is strongly recommended, as is never attempting to fire the weapon from anything but a prone position.  The immense recoil of this weapon is easily capable of dislocating a shoulder, or worse.  Standard load for the weapon are teflon coated armor piercing shells, able to penetrate tank armor.  Using this on a human target is like shooting a bazooka at a spider, though the weapon is extremely effective against powered armor and full conversions, even military models.  


MILITECH ABR-78 20,000eb
EXP  -  +1  -  N  -  P  -  9D10 (30mm cased)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
Militechs formidable anti-tank rifle, comes standard with a bipod.  Non augmented persons need to brace this weapon to fire it, either with the bipod, or in some other way. (BOD min 14)


STOVOLBOY BRZ-76 26,520eb
RIF - +3 - N - R - 9D10(30mm cased) - 10 - 1 - ST
The premiere Russian anti-armor sniper weapon.  The top mounted helical magazine is a nice touch, and the Seburo style firing assembly and grip configuration insure ease and comfort when firing. 






(Created and written by Deric Bernier, images from Deric Bernier, Appleseed, Cyberpunk 2077,  Macross, Masamune Shirow, Gundam, Dirty Pair, Dark Minds, Men In Black, American Flagg, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Deathwish, Deathstroke the Terminator, Starman, Kite, Space:Above and Beyond, Star Wars, Ice Pirates, Akira, Backlash, Babylon 5, Burn Up W, Dave Dorman, DS9, Dream Wave, Neon Cyber, Earth 2, Grendel: Devils Legacy, Hardboiled, Nausicaa, Secret Of  Blue Water, Negative One, Punisher: Big Nothing, Runaway, L-gaim, Layzner, Ghost In The Shell, Catwoman, Titan AE, Wildcats, Stark Future, Total Recall 2070, Windaria, Rifts, Gurps, Trigun, Alien series, No Escape, Akira, Killzone, Firefly, Doom, Bubblegum Crash, Humanoid, Punishers Armory, Halo, Alien Legacy, The 5th Element, Time Cop, Shadowrun, Tomb Raider, Equilibrium, Intron Depot, Final Fantasy, Hellsing, Parasite Dolls, Bubblegum Crisis, Kappowwe Toys, Gungrave, AD Police, Bubbleguim Crisis 2040, Grimjack, Project Snowblind, Bubblegum Crisis, S.I.N., Dirty Pair, Gundam, Doom, Gasaraki, Blue Gender, Hellboy, Blade series, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., Eatman, G.I.T.S.: Stand Alone Complex, Jon Sable: Freelance, I Robot, Nomad, Mystery Men, D20 Future, D20 Apocalypse, Deadlands: Hell On Earth, Car Wars, Demolition Man, Fortress, Iria Zieriam, Natural City, Space, Above and Beyond, Stealth, Unreal Tournament, Moonwalker, Gunm, Southern Cross, Grifter, Battle Lords, Lensman, SeaQuest, Robocop, Aspen, Homeboys, Judge Dredd, Terminator: Burning Earth, Edison Giacotolli, Vortex, Soldier, Back To The Future II, Echo, Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, The Saint, Robotech: Sentinels, Deathlock, Hunter, Black Ops, James Bond, Death's Head, X-Men, Firearm, Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield, Dirty Pair: Flash, Silent Mobius, Mafia Wars, Army Of Two, Capcom, Hitman, Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Deus Ex, Quake, Air Gear, Btoom, Tekken, Perfect Dark, Fallout, Bouncer, Frontlines, Crysis, District 9, Zatoichi, Bleach, Blame, The Rundown, Avengers, Green Arrow, GI-Joe, Call Of Duty, Brink, Doom, Eon Flux, Haze, Poseidon Arms, Nerf, Starhawk, Bayonetta, Bionic Six, Hudson Hawk, Avatar, Command And Conquer, Wastelands, Borderlands, and other various manga, Anime, Comic book, video game, film, and RPG sources, Raben-Aas, Sharp-n-pointy, Biometal79, Phatandy, Bordon, Shimmering Sword, Vulnepro, El Pinoy, Br0uHaHaasdsada , Larkabella, licataknives, meandmunch, Devilita Andree Wallin, Fuchsiart, imDRUNKonTEA,Guilty Spark, Refrigerador, Italiener, Pascal Eggert, Josh Nizzi, Bokuman, Machine56, Kunkka, Johan Bergstrom, Slipgate Central, Dominic Marko, Francis001, platypusgreen, jimmypham, Warrenlou, flipation, digimech, molybdenum, Spoonboy, Doll Fac3, Eikochan, bakanekonei, teh dave, SC4V3NG3R, solkee, molinaro, KaranaK, genekruger, theelphin, garanum, 2ngaw, shed2602, gorrem, moyachiche, inception08, vietnguyen, rgus, archie, David Nakey, Kuroitora, aerpenium, Dead Robot, teruchan, acidburn08, Markovah, Mort Janu, MishaMoStyle, Blitz Bot, k hos, James Lemay, Gun0runner, Gneocidal Penguin, Kalor, ionen, djake, jett0, cyzrauk8, windriderx23,  firestoned, anjinanhut, regis, libertyspikesv5, rimancreative, deutscherherbst, hexonal, Ryujin10, Raverunner, daisukekazama, dannortonart, bringmeasunkist, Merkaba998, tovenius, Message2god, peterku, nervousgryphon, knightwatch, Brian Rogers, tsukijin, talros, Michael Kingery, ygolochysp, Swatninja, Cyber999, marcwf, WarmGunMod, bcjfla76, bullseye breon, Carlo Arellano, Special thanks to Matsuo, Darth Brass, darcjedi, Tom_Braider, thedap, wuher_da_brewer, Capt_MarVel, Glim999, Pulseriflefan,  TK513,  gunnerk19, Tommin, BritNerfMogul, Tigadee, Johnson Arms, Wolverine_solo, and all the many fine prop replica builders of Mastucorp, the RPF, Nerfhaven, Nerfhq, and BBC).

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