personal means of Identification, no longer metal, these are made of highly durable tranparent smart plastic which stores all the soldiers relevant medical data readable in any computer with a bar code reader. Also issued is a Military I.D. card, which in addition serves as a debit card.

FOOT LOCKER- your standard footlocker, used for storing the personal belongings and extra gear.

your standard military carry bag, these haven't changed much.

WINTER AND SUMMER WEAR BDU'S (2 EACH)- The standard battle dress uniform, available in a variety of cammo patterns, as well as olive drab, gray and black. This is the most commonly seen uniform in the military and serves both as combat clothing and general wear. Comes with a hat and belt. (The BDU pants have 2 regular front pockets + the small change pocket, 2 large leg pockets, and 2 buttock pockets + blousing straps, the jacket has 4 pockets on the front)

T-SHIRTS- 2 pair each of green, brown, white, black, (for female soldiers, sports bras are also available)

DRESS UNIFORM- includes shirt, jacket, pants, belt, shoes, hat, tie and gloves. This is for formal situations and officers in non-combatant roles. Varies for service branch.

SOCKS- 2 pair each of warm socks and dress socks


Strong steel toed boots, with separated metal plates in the soles, to provide protection while maintaining flexibility.



The standard field backpack, for carrying the following equipment:

SMALL TENT- just barely large enough for one

HAMMOCK/SLEEPING BAG- with removable liner

MESS KIT- includes knife, fork, spoon, sectioned plates and cup, made of metal for heating purposes

HEXAMITE STOVE- small folding stove, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, comes with 10 fuel cakes (smokeless, fireless)

SMALL TOOL KIT- wire strippers, a variety of screwdrivers, pliers, 

2 WEEKS MRE'S- taste like shit, but its better than starving, and its a damn site better than kibble

IR/RAIN PONCHO- Fully protects against body heat emission, as well as adverse weather

CUTTING TORCH- a small hand held cutting torch, with enough fuel for 10 minutes constant use

SMALL MEDKIT + 2 CANS OF SPRAYSKIN, bandages, 2 hypo's each of morphine and atropine,- capable of handling most first aid situations.

20 ft ROPE- Just enough to let you realize you need more

ENTRENCHING TOOL- standard folding shovel/hatchet,

CAMMO NET - provides personal or equipment concealment when in the bush.

COLLAPSING MINE DETECTOR- Collapses even smaller than the entrenching tool, and meant to be used while crawling on your belly

4 SMOKE GRENADES- 1 each of blue, red, white, green,

WARM SOCKS- 2 extra pair

LOAD BEARING EQUIPMENT- this is the military web gear, used for comfortably carrying the following equipment:

BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE- the uses a soldier finds for this tape are mind boggling.

FLASHLIGHT- Comes with 3 extra sets of batteries and 2 extra bulbs, + 3 extra lenses (red, reflective, black)

UTILITY KNIFE- the classic swiss army knife, with all available options

LEATHER TOOL- yet another device with too many purposes to list here

MAGAZINE POUCH- Holds 2 extra magazines for the soldiers assault rifle
Grenades- 2 frag, 2 incendiary, 2 flashbang,
SHOTGUN SHELLS- 6 standard 12ga. rounds (although many soldiers supplement them with various specialty rounds)

HEAVY BELT- The standard military carry belt, used to carry the following equipment:
CANTEENS- 2 1 liter canteens, made of plastic


POUCH 2- Smart goggles w/ thermograph, ir, anti-dazzle, low light, tele-optics, and smartgun link, this is very compact, making the most of miniature electronic technology, and attaches directly, and fastly to the helmet

POUCH 3- 3 semi-automatic handgun magazines (For special forces, the suppresser for the SO-COM will be stored here in place of 1 magazine)

POUCH 4- can be used for anything (for special forces this pouch is replaced with a pouch for holding 2 32 round magazines and the suppresser for the Uzi 2020 or MilitechViper)

POUCH 5- 6 glowsticks

POUCH 6- used for personal non-military items

- for either the Colt AMT, or the SOCOM 2020.

this is contained in its own pouch, with adjustable waist and leg strap

LEFT LEG WEB GEAR- stores 2 magazines for the soldiers sidearm, and a combat throwing knife (to be used as an alternative to the gas mask pouch)

MAGAZINE BANDOLIER- carries 10 magazines for the soldiers assault rifle, this is is an optional item.

- carries an additional 20 12 guage shells or 25mm grenades, allowing the soldier to perfectly tailor specialty loads for any situation, or carry enough spare ammo to re-supply a whole team whole team. This pouch is optional.

MAP POUCH- Stores maps, notepads, and other documents. Waterproof with easy access pouches for additional equipment such as writing utensils, spare notepads, photos, etc...
This pouch is optional.

keeps 3 different times perfectly, is water proof to 2000 feet so that it may act perfectly as a diving watch, and also acts as a biomonitor


STANDARD COMBAT ARMOR 800eb- This is the most commonly used armor in military service. Primarily it consists of hard armor plates with ballistic weave behind it to absorb and disperse shock as well as provide extra protection.

M-3 TORSO ARMOR- (SP: 18) provides full protection for the torso as well as shoulders. This armor incorporates buckles for attaching load bearing straps directly to the armor, the straps attach at the shoulders and hook to the heavy belt of the soldier.

+9*GROIN ARMOR- (SP: 10) protects the soldiers groin, while somewhat uncomfortable, this is perhaps the most popular piece of armor among the soldiers, after all it protects the soldiers favorite peace of equipment.

- (SP: 10) an armor plate gorget that protects the wearers throat, won't do much against most bullets, but will some protection is better than none, and will prevent garrote attacks effectively.

- (SP: 10) protects the wearers legs

HELMET- (SP: 20) features separated plates on the back to protect the neck, and features a video camera w/ 2 hours recording time and detachable short range radio and a built in fold down optic with Low light and Thermograph installed. The radio headset is often worn even if the helmet isn't, providing the necessary communications in any situation.

SUPERIOR ENVIRONMENTAL COMBAT HELMET (SP: 20) Featuring a full faceplate and visor equipped with Low Light, Thermograph, Image Enhancement, Time Square Marquee, UV, and Anti-dazzle, this system is state of the art. The helmet also features the same removable headset, and is equipped with Level Dampeners, video/audio recorder, and headlamp. An independent air supply, easily attachable to the standard torso mounting brackets completes the package. The helmet seals airtight around the wearers neck secure enough to dive 30 feet, a special collar allows greater depths to be reqached and makes the helmet safe to wear in a vacuum. With less than six months since its introduction, supplies are limited and it is most often issued in situations wear gas or biological attack is expected.

HEAVY GUNNERS ARMOR (SP: 20 )- this torso plate is actually built into the support for the gyro stabilization mount for the heavy machine gun. It doesn't cover as much area as the standard armor, and slightly more constraining, but it does offer a bit more protection for the areas it does cover with thicker, more rigid armor. The built in gyro-stabilization mount can accept virtually any heavy machine gun, but is most often used with the MILITECH M71B3HB or a Browning M2HB. Some soldiers have complained that in addition to carrying the big gun that makes them a target, the lesser protection is injury to insult.

GASIUM K-5 ARMOR- Used by special forces for situation where you need to carry more equipment than is allowed with therm-optic camouflage, yet need to present a smaller target and maintain more agility than you would with ORC armor. The suit features customizable pockets and compartments with rubberized sipperd for soundless access, and is available in a wide variety of colors and camo patterns. Unfortunately the Gasium K-5 Battlesuit gets a tad warm, and doesn't leave much room for ventilation, so while it is extremely agile and effective armor, it is best used in specific situations for short durations, and will not be replacing the standard issue armor anytime soon. Plus its somewhat of a pain to get in and out of. (See MASAMUNE SHIROW CONVERSIONS for info)

ARASAKA THERM-OPTIC CAMOUFLAGE- Used by Special Forces when Stealth is of the utmost importance, while wearing this armor a soldier is virtually invisible to visual detection. Unfortunately due to the nature of the suit, very little equipment may be carried while wearing it and still be able to effectively utilize its therm-optic capabilities. United States Military forces use customized and lightly armored (Torso SP: 10 rating, no encumberance penalty) versions of either the Militech Ghost suit (Chrome Book 2) or the Arasaka model (shown here). These suits are well guarded, and fetch obscene amounts ont he black market. (SEEMASAMUNE SHIROW CONVERSIONS for info)

FLIGHT SUIT- worn by most of the pilots in the United States Military. It consists of a water/air tight g-suit, flexible torso and shoulder plates (kevlar wrapped steel plates woven into a flexible harness SP: 15 torso / SP: 10 shoulder) and a state of the artflight helmet (SP: 20) equipped with the most state of the art technology available, including Low Light, thermograph, Image Enhancement, Anti-Dazzle, and tele-optics. The helmet also features a small hatch on the back that allows full cyber interface. For hands on action the helmet also comes with a flip down targeting scope and full visor.

MILITECH HAL-05 METAL GEAR PLUS- (SP: 25) (EV: 2) (STR: +5) Like most things in the U.S. military, the US standard issue Metal Gear is much more utilitarian and functional than it's european counterpart. The same suit is worn by all branches of the U.S. military, so any additional options are easy to install, such as thrust units for E.V. duty or swimmer options for underwater operations. As standard the suit is air tight, able to withstand depths of up to 500 feet, and is equipped with its own cooling/heating system with 4 hour battery. The helmet features full optics suite with (IR, Thermograph, Targeting Scope, Low Light, and Anti-Dazzle).


The standard underwater breathing apparatus, lightly armored (sp: 10) with a 120 minute air supply. While the suit features an extraordinary insulation system, it remains thin enough for full dexterity and agility.

USING THE SAME TECHNOLOGIES AS THE MILITECH M-73 MIRAGE GEAR (see Chrome Book 2), THE M402 provides the wearer with ultimate stealth capabilities both below and above the waves.

For use in cold weather situations, this suit provides maximum warmth while remaining lightweight and flexible. The ARCTIC SURVIVAL GEAR PROVIDES NO ARMOR, BUT IS BAGGY ENOUGH TO WEAR OVER THE STANDARD ARMOR, AND PROVIDES FLAPS FOR EASY ACCESS TO THE WEB GEAR WORN UNDERNEATH. It also features a hood and a white back pack cover to maximize stealth in the snow.

MILITECH "THOMPSON" LONG RANGE RADIO 27950eb- The latest full feature military mobile communications unit. 200 MILE RANGE, FULL SHIELDING, JAM AND SCRAMBLE CAPABILITIES, AND ANY OTHER FEATURE YOU COULD THINK OF ARE ALL INCORPORATED INTO THIS UNIT. It also features a detachable full military cybermodem, THE Microtech CAD-4 Commando (see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info) and a removable military version of Teletronics "Black Book" microcomp (see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info).

ANTI BIO-CHEM SUIT- folds up into a small puch, fully sealed, 5-7lbs, fit into a 3 cu-foot bag and are about 1" in thickness, made of layers of filter material and activated charcoal. Extremely tear resistant, meant to be worn over clothes. (Note this suit will not stand up to blister agent attack for more than a few minutes, most other hazards and the suit will work for days under constant attack.

PARACHUTE- Standard parachutes and the HALO variety. Both models are invisible to radar and feature the regular backup in case the primary fails.

FULL FIELD MEDKIT- Everything you could possible need, for everything from simple first aid, to full blown combat surgery is included in this kit. It includes: First Aid Systems for eating/Preventing: CPR - with CPR Lifesaver Pack with CPR Microshield and smelling salts, Fractures/Dislocations/Sprains - with Sam Splint and Elastic Bandage, Hypoglycemia/Insulin Shock - with Glutose Paste Dehydration and Oral Rehydration Salts, Dental Problems - with Dentemp Temporary Filling Mixture, Snake Bites & Bee Stings - with Sawyer Extractor and assorted antivenins, Wounds - with Irrigation Syringe & Scrub Brush, Blisters - with Spenco 2nd Skin and Molefoam, Burns - with Aloe Vera Gel, Trauma - with Trauma Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, 4 cans spray skin, and Triangular Bandages, Allergic Symptoms - with Antihistamines, Virus Transmission - with Infectious Control Pack, a full assortment of trauma drugs and painkillers (10 doses speedheal, 10 doses morphine, 10 doses Trauma, 5 anesthetic slap patches, Eye Wash, 30 minute can of oxygen, and 6 vials of other assorted drugs), plus the following Medical Instruments: EMT Shears, Splinter Picker Forceps, Hypothermia Thermometer, Hyperthermia Thermometer, Scalpel, dermal stapler, 4 inflatable casts, medscanner, airhypo, auto-medic, Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, Mini Mag Head Light, 18-guage Plastic Catheter,

RAPPELLING GEAR- (See Autumn Blade for Info)

WUTANI MOTION SENSOR- (See Chrome 4 for info)

DATATEL MAPMAKER- (See Chrome 1 for info)

The most powerful binoculars available, with built in range finder, Low Light, image enhancement, thermograph, and attachable laser target aquire system.

FULL DEMOLITIONS GEAR- Includes 4kg of C-6, various other explosives, and all the tools you could possible need for any demolitions work that might come up, including disarming enemy devices.



MILITECH M-52AR - THE STANDARD ASSAULT RIFLE OF THE US MILITARY. This rifle is a bit heavier than the Arasaka Morita, and twice the ammo for the rifle, its failings come from being slightly less accurate and holding less ammo for the underbarrel shotgun/grenade launcher. Since its inception it has quickly become the standard issue rifle for the United States Military, replacing the Militech Ronin. Highly regarded for its versatility, this weapon is rugged and reliable in any climate. a 120 round magazine is available. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

MILITECH RONIN- This weapon was, until recently, the standard issue weapon to all U.S. personell before it was replaced by the Militech M-52AR. As such it is stil widely distributed among U.S. personell, expecially in low risk areas. However the replacement program is creating a surplus of these weapons, and they are being sold in bulk to any ally who can afford them.  (see Blackhands Streetweapons for more info)

Standard military sidearm
(see Blackhands Streetweapons for more info)

COLT L-36- This sidearm is the number one contender to replace both the Colt AMT and the SOCOM 2020, with the Europeans supplying the EDF and the growing hostility between the two superpowers, the United states has decided to eliminate as many of its European manufacturers as they could. Even though the trials have not even been completed, the U.S. has already begun issuing the L-36 as replacements for lost or damaged sidearms to officers and special forces personnel, some of whom have been rumored to be purposely losing or damaging their weapon in order to get issued the L-36. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

- The sniper rifle version of the M-52 system.
(see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

MILITECH M-58BAR- The squad support weapon built on the M-52 system.

(see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

MEL - 0 - J - P - 2D6 - N/A - N/A - VR
The most advanced combat knife of all time, the blade itself is solid D-2 steel, affixed the edge of the weapon is a second mono-filament blade, this means that even if the mono-edge shatters the knife itself will still be completely combat effective. The handle is half hollow, and includes: compass, wire cutters, 12 matches, 2 band aids, snake bite kit, fishing line with 4 hooks and sinkers, wire saw w/ handle rings, can/bottle opener, sharpening stone, small animal snare, emergency flashlight,

MEL - 0 - J - P - 1D6 - N/A - N/A - VR
A standard boot knife, double edged and perfectly balanced.

MILITECH M71B3HB 12,675eb
HVY - -2 - N - P - 6D10 (12.7MM) - 50/100 - 15 -VR
Militechs premier man portable heavy machine gun, commonly used with either a gyro-stabilizer mount, or a tri-pod. Accepts either magazine or belt fed ammunition. This weapon is a true beast, and sets a new standard for the heavy gunner role in the modern combat unit. Smart linking is available, however for those not wishing to go cyber, the weapon features a poor mans smart system, consisting of an optical site worn as head gear, providing low light, target acquirement, and target lock. To make use of this system, one must have the weapon plugged in and some training with this system is required as the smart system only covers one eye. This non-cyber smartlink can be used with any smartlink capable firearm, and adds a +1 to its accuracy, however the system was created for us with support machine guns, and is a built bulky to use with anything smaller. The system costs 400 eb, and is somewhat uncomfortable.

IMI MICRO-UZI 2020- Standard submachine gun used by special forces, vehicle crews, and security. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

25MM GRENADES- American combat troops have access to a wide variety of 25mm grenades and shotgun specialty rounds for the Morita assault rifles under barrel shotgun. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

as above, the American combat soldier has access to virtually every type of hand grenade available. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

LAW- the disposable anti-tank rocket launcher. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

Heavy sniper rifle, often Snipers will take it upon themselves to electrothermally enhance this weapon. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

8 shot rotary drum fed 40mm grenade launcher. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

H&K SO-COM 2020-
The semi-automatic handgun specifically designed for special forces work. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

MILITECH M-701 235eb
P - +2 - P - C - 2d6+3 (10mm) - 18 - 1 - R
Standard sidearm for military pilots and USAF personel, featuring an integrated scope and laser sight. This is an extremely reliable handgun, it has to be, it is a pilots last desperate hope in the event of a crash. Militech mass produces this weapon solely for the United States Military. The weapon comes with detacheable scope and stock, and a 35 round magazine
is available.

- The current issue incarnation of the venerable Claymore type weapon. (See Blackhands Street Weapons for details)

FLM - +3 - N - R - SPECIAL (flame) - 1 1/2 min. - 1 1/2 min. - ST
The standard military flamethrower. Features a large armored fuel supply, self lighting pilot. Not popular with many soldiers, even the ones using it, because flame weapon damage is so horrifying.

MILITARY CYBERNETICS are for the most part implanted only in circumstances where there are no alternatives, and are usually the most basic model available, such as standard cyberlimbs and optics etc.....

The one exception that all military personnel receive are neuralware processors, Chipware Socket and the following chips:

WORLD EVENTS (3)- these chips are replaced and updated on a regular basis, and provide basic information on what's happening throughout the world, especially military movements and political situations.

LANGUAGE CHIPS (3)- for the country or region a soldier finds himself operating in.

LOCAL CULTURE AND HISTORY (3)- gives a basic knowledge on customs of the local peoples, and what is acceptable and non acceptable behavior. It also provides a basic history (detailed on last 6 months, basic for last 100 years. (+1 culture rolls)

LOCAL GEOGRAPHY (3)- Provides a soldier with the layout of the country he finds himself in as well as possibly the countries surrounding, or at least the border areas.

LOCAL HAZARDS (3)- PROVIDES INFORMATION ON ANIMAL, VEGETABLE AND GEOGRAPHIC AREAS IN THE COUNTRY A SOLDIER FINDS HIMSELF IN. For example, it will tell you if the snake that just bit you is poisonous, if the berries that look so good will kill you if you start snacking, if this stretch of land is known to be mined, filled with quicksand etc..., or if the town you are about to enter into has a history of hostility towards the USA.

PROPAGANDA (3)- This is a genius pr move, and the one chip that every soldier hates. It aids the soldier in knowing exactly what to say to civilians to make the USA appear to be just and fair, and out to help them. Of course this usually means lying through your teeth. Provides a +2 to persuasion rolls when trying to convince the local people that you are there for their own good, and that they should be grateful for your presence because everyone else is the enemy.

PRIMARY MISSION OBJECTIVES (5)- This provides detailed information on the mission a soldier finds himself on. Upon removal the chip self destructs and becomes unreadable, and after the information is implanted to memory the chips are removed.

SECONDARY MISSION OBJECTIVES (3)- Provides a list of secondary targets, otherwise it is the same as above.

When it comes to upgrading your cybernetics, the military will provide virtually every conceivable piece of cyber you can think of, at a reduced cost, and you will not be able to be discharged unless the cyber is removed, or you have finished paying it off.

Optionally you can choose to be a test subject for R&D. This means you get the latest cyber for free, however if it glitches, or there are other problems that occur in the field you can find yourself in serious trouble real fast. And absolutely any case which results in Full conversion automatically results in the soldier becoming a "volunteer" for R&d, of course the alternative is dying or living life as a pile of meat in a bed. Also, when any soldier undergoes full conversion, he is given the special designation of Limited Duty Officer (LDO), while he retains his full rank and pay, he is almost always stripped of all authority, specific situations may vary. They are usually placed back in their assigend squad to help alleviate the stress of their transformation, and while they are technically under the command of the team leader, they are also directly under the command of the Cybernetic Warfare Division (CYWARD).

Weapons & Equipment of Counter-Terrorism
(Written by Deric "D" Bernier, special thanks to Scott Edwards for his invaluable expert military advice. Images from Ghost In The Shell, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Southern Cross, Space: Above and Beyond, Nightmare Armors, Briars Armory, Star Wars Chick, Matsuo, Sgt. Burton, Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars, and Deric "D" Bernier.)