DOG TAGS- personal means of Identification, no longer metal, these are made of highly durable transparent smart plastic which stores all the soldiers relevant medical data readable in any computer with a bar code reader. Note that Russian dog-tags aren’t at all similar to US ones – they aren’t worn in pairs, just a single one. Only the surname and ID number of the wearer is engraved on that, pre-cut to allow breaking it into half (one half to be left with body, the other taken as a proof of soldier’s death). Also, Russian troops carry these on their necks by the means of soft plastic fibbon, instead of a chain. Also issued is a Military I.D. card, which in addition serves as a debit card

your standard footlocker, used for storing the personal belongings and extra gear.

LARGE DUFFEL (LAUNDRY) BAG- your standard military carry bag, these haven't changed much.

WINTER AND SUMMER WEAR BDU'S (2 EACH)- The standard battle dress uniform, Consisting of a jacket and pants, cammo patterns will vary depending on duty. Feature sown on kneepads and Elbow pads, and detachable shoulder pads (SP:8). The jacket has 4 pockets, the pants have 2 normal pockets, 2 thigh pockets, and 2 buttock pockets. The winter uniform includes matching camo parka.

MASKHALAT – loose coverall in a specific camo, meant to be worn over the BDU and webbing (there are openings to allow you reaching your gear). These do have limited durability, but Russian Army has immeasurable amounts of them and can usually deliver you new one every time you need it – either because the previous one has fallen apart, or because you’re going to fight in different terrain than before.

T-SHIRTS- the old favourite, telnyashka (2 pair of each long sleeve, t-shirt and narrow-arm, sleeveless, the shirts keep the traditional blue-and-white stripes of the original Navy one put into use over a century ago. Note that some types of unit may wear a different coloured telnyashkas) . For female soldiers, sports bras are also available.

DRESS UNIFORM- includes shirt, long coat, pants, belt, boots, hat, tie and gloves. This is for formal situations and officers in non-combatant roles.

SOCKS- 2 pair each of warm socks and dress socks


Strong steel toed boots, with separated metal plates in the soles, to provide protection while maintaining flexibility.

BACK PACK- The standard field backpack, for carrying the following equipment:
PALATKA (rain poncho / shelter half plus rigging) – the Russian palatka poncho protects against bad weather, and can be combined with a second one to make a cramped, two-man tent (rigging, like masts, is provided). The newest issue versions damper heat emissions, making them effective IR ponchos as well. Note that heat buildup inside can be a problem, unless it is actually quite cold in the outside.
HAMMOCK/SLEEPING BAG- with removable liner
MESS KIT- includes knife, fork, spoon, sectioned plates and cup, made of metal for heating purposes
HEXAMITE STOVE- small folding stove, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, comes with 10 fuel cakes (smokeless, fireless)
SMALL TOOL KIT- wire strippers, a variety of screwdrivers, pliers,
2 WEEKS MRE'S- taste like shit, but its better than starving, and its a damn site better than kibble
CUTTING TORCH- a small hand held cutting torch, with enough fuel for 10 minutes constant use
SMALL MEDKIT + 2 CANS OF SPRAYSKIN, bandages, 2 hypo's each of morphine and atropine,- capable of handling most first aid situations.
20 ft ROPE- Just enough to let you realize you need more
ENTRENCHING TOOL- folding shovel/hatchet, in Russian version only the blade does fold. Russian troops often practice using their shovels in fight. With at least one edge sharpened (or even without this), this tool becomes a deadly, tomahawk-like weapon that can be used in melee, or thrown for a few meters (2d6 blade-AP damage, even vs. hard armor).
CAMMO NET - provides personal or equipment concealment when in the bush.
COLLAPSING MINE DETECTOR- Collapses even smaller than the entrenching tool, and meant to be used while crawling on your belly
4 SMOKE GRENADES- 1 each of blue, red, white, green,
WARM SOCKS- 2 extra pair
LOAD BEARING EQUIPMENT- Highly customizable, this is the Russian military web gear, used for comfortably carrying equipment, a typical load-out is as follows:
BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE- the uses a soldier finds for this tape are mind boggling.
FLASHLIGHT- Comes with 3 extra sets of batteries and 2 extra bulbs, + 3 extra lenses (red, reflective, black)
UTILITY KNIFE- the classic swiss army knife, with all available options
LEATHER TOOL- yet another device with too many purposes to list here
MAGAZINE POUCH- Holds 2 extra magazines for the soldiers assault rifle. Duplicated as many times as needed.
Grenades- 2 frag, 2 incendiary, 2 flashbang,

HEAVY BELT- The standard military carry belt, used to carry the following equipment:
CANTEENS- 2 1 liter canteens, made of collapsable plastic
POUCH 2- Smart goggles w/ thermograph, ir, anti-dazzle, low light, tele-optics, and smartgun link, this is very compact, making the most of miniature electronic technology, and attaches directly, and fastly to the helmet
POUCH 3- 3 semi-automatic handgun magazines (For special forces, the suppresser for the handgunwill be stored here in place of 1 magazine)
POUCH 4- can be used for anything (for special forces this pouch is replaced with a pouch for holding 2 magazines and the suppresser for the submachinegun)
POUCH 5- 6 glowsticks
POUCH 6- used for personal non-military items

LEG HOLSTER- for either the handgun. Can be used as belt holster, up to user’s preference.

this is contained in its own pouch, with adjustable waist and leg strap
LEFT LEG WEB GEAR- stores 2 magazines for the soldiers sidearm, and a combat throwing knife (to be used as an alternative to the gas mask pouch)
MAGAZINE BANDOLIER- carries 10 magazines for the soldiers assault rifle, this is is an optional item.

EXTRA SHOTGUN SHELL/25MM GRENADE POUCH- carries an additional 20 12 guage shells or 25mm grenades, allowing the soldier to perfectly tailor specialty loads for any situation, or carry enough spare ammo to re-supply a whole team whole team. This pouch is optional.

MAP POUCH- Stores maps, notepads, and other documents. Waterproof with easy access pouches for additional equipment such as writing utensils, spare notepads, photos, etc... This pouch is optional.

keeps 3 different times perfectly, is water proof to 2000 feet so that it may act perfectly as a diving watch including its own depth guage, and also acts as a biomonitor and has a built in GPS.

BODY ARMOR VEST- (SP: 15) has straps for directly attaching web gear or additional armor. Additional armor includes Upper Torso Hard Set (SP:8), side attached thigh plates (SP:8) and zipper attached groin protection extension (SP:10)

- (SP: 8) protects the wearers legs, not very comfortable, but every bit of protection helps.

GAUNTLETS- (SP: 8) Protects the wearers forarms

HELMET- (SP: 20) Adjustable retracting monacle equipped with LL, Thermograph, and tele-optics and a built in short range radio. Similiar, though inferior, to Militechs latest infantry helmet. The advanced version is a little more sloped, and has a built in camera and flash/laser light.

Taking the best of both Arasaka and Militech innovations this latest generation of Russian Therm-Optic Camoflage is perhaps the best in the world. Offering full, but flexible protection (SP: 14), and designed to work even in harsh weather conditions (most therm-optic camo will glitch in water) and thermal dampening, this suit is nearly invisible, even in driving rain.

ULA- LIGHT FLIGHT SUIT- worn by most of the pilots in the Russian Armed Forces. It consists of a water/air tight g-suit, armored shoulder pads (SP:15) and a flight helmet (SP: 20) equipped Low Light, thermograph, Image Enhancement, Anti-Dazzle, and tele-optics.

DEEP-EYES ARMOR - (SP: 28) (EV: 2) (STR: +5) Russians utlize their advanced Metal Gear perhaps more than any other military on the planet. A battalion of Russian soldiers coming at you wearing this monstrous armor is enough to make most villagers wet themselves in fear. Comparable to the Arasaka ORC suits, or the Militech HAL-O5 armor, but offering even more protection this armor is heavy, cumbersome, but extremely effective. It also features a built in heater, to keep hypothermia from setting in during the cold Russian winters, and an AC unit (tech stolen from the EDF metal Gear) to keep their soldiers from killing themselves in the grueling heat of the deserts or jungles of the world. The helmet features Short Range Radio compelte with level dampener, and the optics include Smart Link, Times Square, Ultraviolet, Thermoptics, Anti-Dazzle, and Tele-optics. The standard infantry (shown left) and Special Forces(shown right) version vary slightly only in appearance. There is an advanced version just now going through final testing, that offers true interface (dropping the EV to 0), thermal dampening, and boosts the wearers running speed (MA+2).


SCUBA GEAR- The standard underwater breathing apparatus, lightly armored helmet/breathing mask (sp: 10) with a 120 minute air supply. While the suit features an extraordinary insulation system, it remains thin enough for full dexterity and agility.
RUSSIAN ARCTIC SURVIVAL GEAR 200eb- For use in cold weather situations, this suit provides maximum warmth while remaining lightweight and flexible. The ARCTIC SURVIVAL GEAR PROVIDES NO ARMOR, BUT IS BAGGY ENOUGH TO WEAR OVER THE STANDARD ARMOR, AND PROVIDES FLAPS FOR EASY ACCESS TO THE WEB GEAR WORN UNDERNEATH. It also features a hood and a white back pack cover to maximiZe stealth in the snow.

RUSSIAN LONG RANGE RADIO 27950eb- The latest full feature military mobile communications unit. 200 MILE RANGE, FULL SHIELDING, JAM AND SCRAMBLE CAPABILITIES, AND ANY OTHER FEATURE YOU COULD THINK OF ARE ALL INCORPORATED INTO THIS UNIT. It also features a detachable full military cybermodem, (Russian equivalent of the Microtech CAD-4 Commando,see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info) and a removable Russian military version of Teletronics "Black Book" microcomp (see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info).

ANTI BIO-CHEM SUIT- folds up into a small puch, fully sealed, 5-7lbs, fit into a 3 cu-foot bag and are about 1" in thickness, made of layers of filter material and activated charcoal. Extremely tear resistant, meant to be worn over clothes. (Note this suit will not stand up to blister agent attack for more than a few minutes, most other hazards and the suit will work for days under constant attack.

PARACHUTE- Standard parachutes and the HALO variety. Both models are invisible to radar and feature the regular backup in case the primary fails.

FULL FIELD MEDKIT- Everything you could possible need, for everything from simple first aid, to full blown combat surgery is included in this kit. It includes: First Aid Systems for eating/Preventing: CPR - with CPR Lifesaver Pack with CPR Microshield and smelling salts, Fractures/Dislocations/Sprains - with Sam Splint and Elastic Bandage, Hypoglycemia/Insulin Shock - with Glutose Paste Dehydration and Oral Rehydration Salts, Dental Problems - with Dentemp Temporary Filling Mixture, Snake Bites & Bee Stings - with Sawyer Extractor and assorted antivenins, Wounds - with Irrigation Syringe & Scrub Brush, Blisters - with Spenco 2nd Skin and Molefoam, Burns - with Aloe Vera Gel, Trauma - with Trauma Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, 4 cans spray skin, and Triangular Bandages, Allergic Symptoms - with Antihistamines, Virus Transmission - with Infectious Control Pack, a full assortment of trauma drugs and painkillers (10 doses speedheal, 10 doses morphine, 10 doses Trauma, 5 anesthetic slap patches, Eye Wash, 30 minute can of oxygen, and 6 vials of other assorted drugs), plus the following Medical Instruments: EMT Shears, Splinter Picker Forceps, Hypothermia Thermometer, Hyperthermia Thermometer, Scalpel, dermal stapler, 4 inflatable casts, medscanner, airhypo, auto-medic, Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, Mini Mag Head Light, 18-guage Plastic Catheter,

KURSKI MOTION SENSOR- (See Chrome 4 for infoSame as Wutani model only Russian tech)
KURSKI MAPMAKER- (See Chrome 1 for info)

RUSSIAN MILITARY BINOCULARS 640eb- Built in range finder, Low Light, image enhancement, thermograph, and attachable laser target aquire system.
FULL DEMOLITIONS GEAR- Includes 4kg of C-6, various other explosives, and all the tools you could possible need for any demolitions work that might come up, including disarming enemy devices.

ROSTOVIC M-802 - THE STANDARD ASSAULT RIFLE OF THE NEO-SOVIET MILITARY. Accepting of a wide variety of features and accessories, this weapon fires 5.56 mm ammunition and typically has a 40mm grenade launcher or 25mm grenade launcher/shotgun combo mounted to it. A very sturdy weapon, the Neo-Sov's are currently looking to upgrade to a larger caliber to compete with the American and EDF weapons chambered in 10mm rifle. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

ROSTOVIC HUR-101/KAAR-60- This weapon is currently being issued to Special Forces groups and combat personell in hostile territories, and is foremost candidate for the next Neo-Soviet standard issue assault rifle. It fires 7.62mm ammunition, much more in line that the 5.56 of the M-802. They also sell this extremely well to the Mexican Military, but few other countries are interested, or can afford, to buy them in such bulk.(see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

TOKAREV BCPP-2017 340eb
P - +1 - J - C - 3D6 (11mm caseless) - 16 - 1 - VR
Standard military sidearm Neo-Soviet army. A smartlinked version is available for an extra 50eb, and both versions come with integral laser sight / flashlight combo.

P - 0 - J - C - 4D6+1 (12mm cased) - 13 - 1 - VR
Sidearm preferred by Neo-Soviet Special forces team, made available thanks to good relations with EEC. Hard hitting and incredibly reliable. The scope costs an extra 25eb, and the weapon also has an available suppressor for 50eb.

RIF - +5 - N - R - 9D6-2 (6.5mm cased ETE) - 10 - 1 - VR
The latest Russian sniper weapon, a bullpup configured bolt action rifle with an extended barrel and built in flip down bipod. The weapon also has built in smart link and comes electrothermally enhanced straight out of the box. This is one of the most accurate rifles in the world, it's only real downfall is its rare ammunition. 6.5mm is hard enough to find, much less ETE, but at least you don't have to worry about your enemy picking up your spare ammo and using it against you.

STOBOLVOY PAC-431 1100eb
HVY - -1 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 50/100 - 20 - ST
The standard squad support weapon for the Neo-Soviet military. Fires 7.62 ammunition, and can either be magazine(50) or belt(100) fed.

MEL - 0 - J - P - 2D6 - N/A - N/A - VR
A simple, yet very sturdy combat knife. Well balanced for throwing and made from a special iron heavy allow that allows it to retain an edge even after serious abuse.

SHPAGIN SGZ-79 410eb
SMG - +1 - N - C - 3D6 (11mm cased) - 30 - 1/3/20 - VR
Popular with Russian special forces and vehicle crews alike, this submachine gun fires the powerful 11mm round and featured a single shot 25mm GL/ shotgun. It's rail system allows for a variety of scopes, laser sights, bayonets, or other attachments, and the weapons bullpup configuration make it ideal for close quarters.

25MM GRENADES- Russian combat troops have access to a wide variety of 25mm grenades and shotgun specialty rounds for the Morita assault rifles under barrel shotgun. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

HAND GRENADES- as above, the Russian combat soldier has access to virtually every type of hand grenade available. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

SKODA DAAG-3 - the Czech disposable anti-tank rocket launcher, built under license in Russia. It doesn't compress as much as the American Law, but it packs every bit as much of a punch, and unlike the LAW it can be re-used. (Equivalent to American LAW, see Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

- Heavy sniper rifle, often Snipers will take it upon themselves to electrothermally enhance this weapon. (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info))

- 20 shot magazine fed 40mm grenade launcher. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

SMG/P - -1 - L - R - 2D6+3 (10mm cased) - 20/30 - 1/3/10 - ST
Developed for Russian military vehicle crews and pilots, this offers a lot of bang in a compact package, as such it has replaced the sidearm for some Neo-Soviet Special Forces personell, and is a favorite among Neo-Sov intelligence operatives and military officers. An extended 30 round magazine is available.

RIF - -1 - N - R - 7d6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 45 - 1/3/20 - ST
Quite possibly the strangest assault weapon being issued to any military in this day and age. The ripperlance is a standard assault rifle, but it features a built in diamond edged chainsaw (4d6 ap halved, damage full). Issued almost exclusively to troopers wearing the Deep-Eyes armor, it is supposed to be for cutting through barbed wire, fencing, and other obstacles, of course if a human being happens to get in the way, well thats dogfood...

RUSSIAN ANTI-PERSONEL MINE - The Neo-Soviet equivalent of the venerable Claymore type weapon. (See Blackhands Street Weapons for details)

FLM - +1 - L - P - 5d6 (5.56mm cased) - 30 - 1/3/18 - VR
Compact enough to work as a submachinegun, this weapon is commonly issued to special forces, guards, tank crews, and anywhere else where inflicting maximum damage is as important as space preservation.


MILITARY CYBERNETICS are for the most part implanted only in circumstances where there are no alternatives, and are usually the most basic model available, such as standard cyberlimbs and optics etc.....


Weapons & Equipment of Counter-Terrorism

(Written by Deric "D" Bernier with additions by Mike Van Atta, special thanks to Scott Edwards for his invaluable expert military advice. Images from Ghost In The Shell, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Southern Cross, Space: Above and Beyond, Nightmare Armors, Briars Armory, Star Wars Chick, Matsuo, Sgt. Burton, Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars,
 and Deric "D" Bernier.)