Character Generation



Cyberpunk - "cyber" from the term cybernetic, or a fusion of flesh and machine technology. "punk" from an early 1980's rock music style that epitomized violence, rebellion and social action in a nihillistic way.

The world of Cyberpunk is a violent, dangerous place, filled with people who'd love to rip your arm off and eat it. The traditional concepts of good and evil are replaced by the values of expedience... you do what you have to do to survive. If you can do some good along the way, great... but don't count on it.

Cyberpunk characters are the heroes of a bad situation, working to make it better (or at least survivable) whenever they can. Whether it takes committing crimes, defying authority or even outright revolution, the quintessential Cyberpunk character is a rebel with a cause. As a Cyberpunk roleplayer, it's up to you to find that cause and go to the wall with it.

This is the essence of Cyberpunk... playing your character with the proper disaffected, cynical-yet-idealistic style. You're going to need a certain panache, a certain flair in portraying yourself. To achieve the essence of the 2000's, you need to master three concepts:

STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE - It doesn't matter how well you do something, as long as you look good doing it. If you're going to blow it, make sure you look like you planned it that way. Normally, clothes and looks don't matter in an adventure, in this world, having a leather armor jacket and mirrorshades is a serious consideration.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING - It's truth. Think dangerous; be dangerous. Remember, everyone in the 2000's is carrying lots of lethal hardware and high-tech enhancements. They won't be impressed by your new H&K smartgun unless you swagger into the club looking like you know how to use it, and are just itching for an excuse.

LIVE ON THE EDGE - The Edge is that nebulous zone where risk takers and highriders go. On the Edge, you'll risk your cash, your rep, even your life on something as vague as a principle or a big score. As a cyberpunk, you'll want to be the action, start the rebellion, light the fire, join great causes and fight for big issues. Never drive slow when you can drive fast. Throw yourself against danger and take it head on.


Each character in the Cyberpunk world is playing one of nine roles:

Rockerboys/girls - If you live to rock, this is where you belong. Rockerboys are the street poets, social conciences and rebels of the 2000's. Special Ability: Charismatic Leadership

Solos - You were re-born with a gun in your hand... the flesh and blood hand, not the metallic weapons factory that covers most of your other arm. You're one of the elite fighting machines of the Cyberpunk world. Special Ability: Combat Sense

Netrunners - With your direct mental link to the computer, you can plunge headfirst into the dizzying datawinds of the Net; the worldwide communications system that joins humanity together. As an electronic wraith, you are the ultimate "hacker". Special Ability: Interface

Techies - You can't leave anything alone, if it sits near you for more than five minutes, you've disassembled it and made it into something new. Your cousin down the street is just like you, but he's a Medtechie. In a world where half of medicine is related to mechanics, it makes sense. Techie Special Ability: Jury Rig, MedTechie Special Ability: Medical Tech

Medias - You've got a videocam and a press pass... and you're not afraid to use them. You're a national figure, seen nightly on a million TV sets worldwide. Special Ability: Credibility

Cops - In the old days, they only used to SHOOT at cops. Now you're lucky if you just take a slug. And there you are... a beat cop or detective in a armored squadcar, patrolling this jungle with the heavy predators. Special Ability: Authority

Corporates - In the old days they would have called you a yuppie... a hard driven, fast-track MBA on his way up the corporate ladder. Sure, it's selling your soul to the Company, but face it; the Corporations rule the Cyberpunk world. Special Ability: Resources

Fixers - You realized fast you weren't ever going to get into a Corporate job, and you didn't think you were tough enough or crazy enough to be a solo. But you knew you had a knack for figuring out what other people wanted and how to get it for them... for a price, of course. Special Ability: Streetdeal

Nomads - Crammed into a huge, ragtag fleet of cars, vans, buses and RV's, your Nomad pack roams the freeways. You look for supplies, odd jobs and spare parts in a world where society has fragmented. Special Ability: Family


In this campaign, players receive 90 points to create the various aspects of their character, good looks, a strong, hard body, unshakable cool and street smarts. Divide these points into the following nine statistics, with no value less than two or more than ten:

NOTE: Starting with 90 character points is part of a rules modification used by my local gaming group. We allow you to convert character points to skill points (1 cp = 1 sp) or euro (1 cp = 1000 euro). We have found that this allows us to begin with more moderately experienced characters and normally winds up resulting in a greater degree of variation and customization of each character.


There are two types of starting skills: Career Skill Packages and Pickup Skills.

The Career Skill Package is a group of skills that are known by your character as part of his or her career. They're basics... Rockers know how to play instruments, Solos know how to shoot guns, etc. A starting character receives 40 points to distribute among his 10 career skills. You do NOT have to point points into ALL of your career skills. You must, however, put points into your roles Special Ability. The higher your Special Ability, the better your position in your chosen field, and the more starting money you have. Find your chosen role below, and divide the 40 points into the skills listed there as you choose. No skill can initially be greater than 10.

SOLO                    CORPORATE               MEDIA
SA: Combat Sense        SA: Resources           SA: Credibility
Awareness/Notice        Awareness/Notice        Awareness/Notice
Handgun                 Human Perception        Composition
Brawling/Martial Arts   Education               Education
Melee                   Library Search          Persuasion
Weapons Tech            Social                  Human Perception
Rifle                   Persuasion              Social
Athletics               Stock Market            Streetwise
Submachinegun           Wardrobe/Style          Photo/Film
Stealth                 Personal Grooming       Interview

NOMAD                   TECHIE                  COP
SA: Family              SA: Jury Rig            SA: Authority
Awareness/Notice        Awareness/Notice        Awareness/Notice
Endurance               Basic Tech              Handgun
Melee                   Cyber Tech              Human Perception
Rifle                   Teaching                Athletics
Drive                   Education               Education
Basic Tech              Electronics             Brawling
Wilderness Survival     (Any 3 other tech       Melee
Brawling                skills: Gyro, Aero,     Interrogation
Athletics               Weapons, Security)      Streetwise

ROCKERBOY               MED TECH                FIXER
SA: Charismatic Leader. SA: Medical Tech        SA: Streetdeal
Awareness/Notice        Awareness/Notice        Awareness/Notice
Perform                 Basic Tech              Forgery
Wardrobe/Style          Diagnose                Handgun
Composition             Education               Brawling
Brawling                Cryotank Ops            Melee
Play Instrument         Library Search          Pick Lock
Streetwise              Pharmaceuticals         Pick Pocket
Persuasion              Zoology                 Intimidate
Seduction               Human Perception        Persuasion

SA: Interface
Basic Tech
System Knowledge
Cyber Tech
Cyberdeck Design
Pickup Skills are skills the character has learned in the course of knocking around, living his or her life. Characters determine their starting points for these skills by adding their REF and INT stats.

For example: Johnny's REF is 9 and his INT is 7. Johnny has 16 points to spend on pickup skills.

Pickup Skill points may NOT be used to increase your character's Career Skills!

Divide your Pickup Skills points into any of the following skills as you desire, with no skill initially being higher than 10.

Personal Grooming           Wardrobe/Style

Endurance                   Strength Feat           Swimming

Interrogation               Intimidate              Oratory
Resist Torture/Drugs        Streetwise

Human Perception            Interview               Leadership
Seduction                   Social                  Persuasion/Fast Talk

Accounting                  Anthropology            Awareness/Notice
Biology                     Botany                  Chemistry
Composition                 Diagnose Illness        Education/Gen. Knowledge
Expert                      Gamble                  Geology
Hide/Evade                  History                 Know Language
Library Search              Mathematics             Physics
Programming                 Shadow/Track            Stock Market
System Knowledge            Teaching                Wilderness Survival

Archery                     Athletics               Brawling
Dance                       Dodge/Escape            Driving
Fencing                     Handgun                 Heavy Weapons
Martial Art                 Melee                   Motorcycle
Operate Hvy Machinery       Pilot (Gyro)            Pilot (Fixed Wing)
Pilot (Dirigible)           Pilot (Vector Thrust)   Rifle
Stealth                     Submachinegun

Aero Tech                   AV Tech                 Basic Tech
Cryotank Ops                Cyberdeck Design        Cyber Tech
Demolitions                 Disguise                Electronics
Elect. Security             First Aid               Forgery
Gyro Tech                   Paint/Draw              Photo/Film
Pharmaceuticals             Pick Lock               Pick Pocket
Play Instrument             Weaponsmith


The amount of money available to equip your beginning character is based on the score of your character's special ability.

                          SPECIAL ABILITY SCORE
ROLE            1-5     6       7       8       9       10
Rocker          1000    1500    2000    5000    8000    12000
Solo            2000    3000    4500    7000    9000    12000
Cop             1000    1200    3000    5000    7000    9000
Corporate       1500    3000    5000    7000    9000    12000
Media           1000    1200    3000    5000    7000    10000
Fixer           1500    3000    5000    7000    8000    10000
Techie          1000    2000    3000    4000    5000    8000
Netrunner       1000    2000    3000    5000    7000    10000
Medtechie       1600    3000    5000    7000    10000   15000
Nomad           1000    1500    2000    3000    4000    5000
Numbers on the table are monthly salaries.

To determine starting money, roll 1D6/3 and multiply by monthly salary.


FASHION                             TOOLS
   *Pants               20.00           Techscanner         600.00
   *Top                 15.00           Cutting Torch        40.00
   *Jacket              35.00           Tech Toolkit        100.00
   *Footwear            25.00           B&E Tools           120.00
   *Jewelry         10-100.00           Electronics Toolkit 100.00
   *Mirrorshades      5-50.00           Protective Goggles   20.00
   *Contact Lenses     100.00           Flashtube             2.00
   *Glasses             50.00           Glowstik              1.00
                                        Flash Paint          10.00/pt
     *Multiply base by style:           Flash Tape           10.00/ft
      Generic           x1              Rope                  2.00/ft
      Leisurewear       x2              Breathing Mask       30.00
      Businesswear      x3
      High Fasion       x4
      Urban Flash       x2

    Holo Generator     500.00           Laptop Computer     900.00
    Video Board        100.00/sqft      Pocket Computer     100.00
    Data Chip           10.00           Cybermodem          Varies
    Logcompass          50.00           Cellular Cybermodem Varies
    Digital Recorder   300.00           Interface Cables  20-30.00
    Digital Camera     150.00           Low Imp. Cables      60.00
    VideoCam           800.00           'Trode Set           20.00
    Video/Audio Player  40.00           Keyboard            100.00
    VideoTape            4.00           Terminal            400.00
    Pocket TV           80.00
    Digital Chip Plyr. 150.00       COMMUNICATIONS
    Digital Music Chip  20.00           Mastoid Commo       100.00
    Elect. Guitar  100-500.00           Pocket Commo         50.00
    Elect. Keybd.  200-900.00           Cellular Phone      400.00
    Drum Synth.    200-800.00           Mini Cell Phone     800.00
    Amplifier     500-1000.00

    Binoglasses        200.00           Movie                10.00
    Binoculars          20.00           VCR/Chip Rental       4.00
    Light Boosters     200.00           Braindance           20.00
    IR Goggles         250.00           Live Concert/Event   50.00
    IR Flash            50.00           Fast Food Meal        5.00
                                       *Well Drink            3.00
SECURITY                               *Resturant Meal       20.00
    Keylock             20.00/lvl         *Note: Multiply by level
    Cardlock           100.00/lvl          of resturant or bar:
    Vocolock           200.00/lvl          Fair         x1
    Line Tap           200.00              Good         x2
    CodeDecryptor      500.00              Excellent    x3
    VocDecryptor      1000.00
    Security Scanner  1500.00       MEDICAL
    Poison Sniffer    1500.00           Dermal Stapler     1000.00
    Jamming Xmtr       500.00           Spray Skin           50.00
    Scanner Plate      500.00           Slap Patch     Varies by Drug
    Movement Sensor     40.00           Cryotank         100000.00
    Passcard            10.00           Medkit               50.00
    Tracking Device   1000.00           Surgical Kit        400.00
    Tracer Button       50.00           First Aid Kit        10.00
    Remote Sensors     700.00           Medscanner          300.00
    PlasKuffs          100.00           Drug Analyzer        75.00
    Stripwire Binders    5.00           Airhypo             100.00
                                        Clinic Visit        200.00
FURNISHINGS                             Day in Hospital     300.00
    Nylon Carrybag       5.00           Day in Int. Care   1000.00
    Sleeping Bag        25.00           Clone Limb Rep.    1500.00
    Inflatable Bed      25.00
    Futon               90.00       VEHICLES
    Real Wood Furn.    200.00/ea        Scooter             500.00
    Synth. Furniture   100.00/ea        Motorcycle         1500.00
    Apartment Cube    5000.00           Citycar            2000.00
    Lamp                20.00           Small Subcomp.     6000.00
    Cleaning 'Bot     1000.00           Medium Sedan      10000.00
    Vocal Switch. Sys. 100.00           Sportscar         20000.00
                                        Luxury Sedan      40000.00
                                     Note: x2 for Cybercontrols

LIFESTYLE                           GROCERIES
    Cell Phone Service 100.00/mt        Kibble               50.00/wk
    Std Phone Service   30.00/mt        Generic PrePack     150.00/wk
    Pay Phone Call        .50/min       Good Prepack        200.00/wk
    Data Term Use        1.00/min       Fresh Food          300.00/wk
    CredChip Account    20.00/mt
    Health Plan       1000.00/mt    HOUSING
    Trauma Team Acct.  500.00/mt       *Coffin               20.00/night
    Air                  5.00/mt       *Hotel Room          100.00/night
    Mag Lev Chit          .25/station  *Apt/Condo     200.00/room per mt
    Taxi                 3.00/mile     *House         150.00/room per mt
    AV-Taxi             10.00/mile     *NOTE: Multiply base by location:
    Cable TV            40.00/mt                Combat Zone     x1
    Satellite Dish    1500.00                   Moderate Zone   x2
                                                Corporate Zone  x4
                                                Executive Zone  x6
                                        Utilities           100.00/mt


    BudgetArms C-13             1D6     8   2   50m     75.00
    Dia Lung Cybermag 15        1D6+1   10  2   50m     50.00
    Federated Arms X-22         1D6+1   10  2   50m    150.00

    Militech Arms Avenger       2D6+1   10  2   50m    250.00
    Dai Lung Streetmaster       2D6+3   12  2   50m    250.00
    Federated Arms X-9          2D6+1   12  2   50m    300.00

    BudgetArms Auto 3           3D6     8   2   50m    350.00
    Sternmeyer Type 35          3D6     8   2   50m    400.00

    Armalite 44                 4D6+1   8   1   50m    450.00
    Colt AMT Model 2000         4D6+1   8   1   50m    500.00

    Uzi Miniauto 9              2D6+1   30  35 150m    475.00
    H&K MP-2013                 2D6+3   35  32 150m    450.00
    Fed. Arms Tech Assult II    1D6+1   50  25 150m    400.00

    Arasaka Minami 10           2D6+3   40  20 200m    500.00
    H&K MPK-9                   2D6+1   35  25 200m    520.00

    Sternmeyer SMG 21           3D6     30  15 200m    500.00
    H&K MPK-11                  4D6+1   30  20 200m    700.00
    Ingram MAC 14               4D6+1   20  10 200m    650.00

    Militech Ronin Light Assult 5D6     35  30 400m    450.00
    AKR-20 Medium Assult        5D6     30  30 400m    500.00
    FN-RAL Heavy Assult Rifle   6D6+2   30  30 400m    600.00
    Kalishnikov A-80 Hvy Rifle  6D6+2   35  25 400m    550.00

    Arasaka Rapid Assault 12    4D6     20  10  50m    900.00
    Sternmeyer Stakeout 10      4D6     10  2   50m    450.00

    Barret-Arasaka Light 20mm   4D10    10  1  450m   2000.00
    Scorpion 16 Msl. Launcher   7D10    1   1    1km  3000.00
    Militech Arms RPG-A         6D10    1   1 1000m   1500.00
    Grenade                     Varies  1   1  Throw    30.00
    C-6 Plastic Explosive       8D10/kg 1   1    NA    100.00/kg
    Mine (all types)            4D10    1   1    NA    350.00
    KA F-253 Flamethrower       2D10    10  1   50m   1500.00

    Techtronica 15 Microwaver   1D6     10  2   20m    400.00
    Militech Elect. LaserCannon 15D6    10  2  200m   8000.00
    Avante P-1135 Needlegun     Drugs   15  2   40m    200.00
    Enertex AKM Power Squirt    Drugs   50  1   10m     15.00
    Nelspot "Wombat"            Drugs   20  2   40m    200.00
    Miltech Electronics Taser   Stun    10  1   10m     60.00
    EagleTech "Tomcat" C-Bow    4D6     12  1  150m    150.00
    EagleTech "Stryker" X-Bow   3D6+3   12  1   50m    220.00

    Kendachi Monoknife          2D6                    200.00
    Kendachi MonoKatana         4D6                    600.00
    SPM-1 Battleglove           3D6/2D6                900.00
    Club                        1D6                      Free
    Knife                       1D6                   1-20.00
    Sword                       2D6+2               20-200.00
    Axe                         2D6+3                   20.00
    Nunchaku/Tonfa              3D6                     15.00
    Naginata                    3D6                    100.00
    Shiriken                    1D6/3                   20.00
    Switchblade                 1D6/2                   15.00
    Brass Knuckles              1D6+2                   10.00
    Sledgehammer                4D6                     20.00
    Chainsaw                    4D6                     80.00


BODY ARMOR              COVERS                          COST
    Cloth/Leather       Arms, Torso, Possibly Legs      Varies
    Heavy Leather       Arms, Torso, Possibly Legs      50.00
    Kevlar T-Shirt/Vest Torso                           90.00
    Steel Helmet        Head                            20.00
    Lt. Armor Jacket    Torso, Arms                    150.00
    Md. Armor Jacket    Torso, Arms                    200.00
    Flack Vest          Torso                          200.00
    Flack Pants         Legs                           200.00
    Nylon Helmet        Head                           100.00
    Hvy Armor Jacket    Torso, Arms                    250.00
    Door Gunner's Vest  Torso                          250.00
    MetalGear           Whole Body                     600.00

    Battlegloves                                       900.00
    Smartgoggles                                       200.00
    Linear Frame (Exoskeleton)  Sigma                 5000.00
                                Beta                  7000.00
                                Omega                 9000.00


Something happens when you start adding metal and plastic to people. They start to change... and it isn't pretty.

In the 2000's, we call this CYBERPSYCHOSIS... a mental disease in which the addition of cybernetics causes an already unstable personality to fragment. At first, the victim begins to relate more to machines than to humans. Soon, he starts to ignore people... parents, friends, lovers. Eating, sleeping all become less important. Finally, human interactions begin to irritate, culminating in a terrifying rage that consumes the victim entirely.

Every character in Cyberpunk has an Empathy stat (EMP). This stat is a measure of how well the character relates to other people, and is the basis of such skills as leadership, lying, convincing and romantic relationship.

Likewise, every major cybernetic enhancement has a corresponding Humanity Cost, which is added together to get an overall Humanity Cost of all enhancements. Humanity Costs are rated from Very Low to Very High, and correspond to the general effect this enhancement will have on the human psyche. In addition, each option added to an enhancement has an additional point value as well.

For every ten points of Humanity Cost, the character LOSES one point of Empathy (unequal values are rounded down). For example, say I add four new cybernetic devices for a total Humanity Cost of 36. I will lose 3 points of Empathy.

This can start to cost you. With an Empathy of 3 the character is something of a "cold fish", emotionless and cold. With an Empathy of 2, the character is chilly, forbidding and distinctly unpleasant to others. With an empathy of 1, the character is usually violent, sociopathic and vicious. He must constantly fight to keep from going over the edge and committing irrational, violent acts of murder and mayhem.

At an Empathy rating of 0 or less, the character is fully in the grip of cyberpsychosis. He is driven by a maddening hatred of other humans or living things. At this point, there is no turning back... the character is taken over by the Referee who plays it as a NPC with all the worst attributes of a murderous, mechanized psychopath, called a cyberpsycho.

Each time you add a cybernetic enhancement, there is a corresponding loss of humanity. But it's not simply, linear or nice. Different people react diffently to the cyborging process. Therefore, your Humanity Cost is based on the throw of a random dice value for each enhancement. This is important because it means that shear bad luck could put you over the edge before you know it!

You must track the CUMULATIVE number of points lost. Those little .5's and 1's are going to starting adding up fast!

FASHIONWARE              $   HC     NEURALWARE                $   HC
    Biomonitor          100  1          Processor (Req)     1000 1D6
    Skinwatch            50  1          Boosterware          500 1D6/2D6
    Light Tattoo       1-20 .5          Speedware           1600 1D6/2
    Shift-tacts       1-200 .5          Tactile Boost        100  2
    Chemskins           200 1D6/2       Olfactory Boost      100  2
    Synthskins          400 1D6         Pain Editor          200 2D6
    Techhair          1-200  2          Cybermodem Link      100  1
                                        Vehicle Link         100  3
IMPLANTS                                Smartgun Link        100  2
    Nasal Filters        60  2          Machine/Tech Link    100  2
    Gills               400 3D6         DataTerm Link        100  2
    Air Supply          300 2D6         Interface Plugs      200 1D6/pr
    Sexual Implant      300 2D6         Reflex Chips      Varies  0
    Contraceptive Imp.  100 .5          Memory Chips      Varies  0
    SubDermal Pocket    200 2D6         Chipware Socket      200 1D6/2
    Motion Detector     200 2D6
    Digital Recorder    200  2      BIOWARE
    A/V Tape Recorder   300  2          Grafted Muscle      1000 2D6
    Radar Sensor        200  2          Muscle/Bone Lace    1500 1D6/2
    Sonar Implant       300  2          Skin Weave          2000 2D6
    Radiation Detector  200  2          Enhanced Antibodies 3000 1D6/2
    Chemical Analyzer   200  2          Toxin Binders       3000 1D6/2
    Voice Synth.        600 1D6         Nanosurgeons        6000 1D6/2
    AudioVox            700 2D6

CYBERWEAPONS                        CYBEROPTICS
    Scratchers          100 2D6         Basic Eye Module  500/ea 2D6/ea
    Implanted Fangs     200 3D6             (4 options each)
    Rippers             400 3D6         Color Shift          300 .5
    Wolvers             600 3D6+1       Image Enhancement    300  1
    Big Knucks          500 3D6         Targeting Scope      400  2
    Slice N' Dice       700 3D6         Marquee              300  1
    Cybersnake         1200 4D6         Teleoptics           150 .5
                                        Micro-optics         150 .5
CYBERAUDIO                              Anti Dazzle          200 .5
    Basic Hearing Mod.  500 2D6         Low Lite             200 .5
    Amplified Hearing   200  1          Thermograph Sensor   200  1
    Radio Link          100  1          Infrared             200  1
    Phone Splice        150  1          Ultraviolet          200  1
    Scrambler           100 .5          MicroVideo Optic     300 .5
    Bug Detector        200 .5            (takes 2 options)
    Voice Stress Anlz.  200  1          DigitalCamera        300 .5
    Sound Editing       150 .5            (takes 2 options)
    Enhanced Range      150  2          Dartgun              200  2
    Wearman             100 .5            (takes 3 options)
    Radar Detector      150 .5
    Homing Tracer       200 .5      CYBERARM/CYBERLEG
    Tight Beam Radio    200  1          Arm Replacement     3000 2D6
    Radio Scanner       100  2             (4 options each)
    MicroRecorder Link  100 .5          Leg Replacement     2000 2D6
    Digital Rec. Link   100 .5              (3 options each)
    Level Damper        300 .5          Quick Change Mount   200  2
                                        Hydraulic Rams       200  3
HANDS/FEET (Attach to CyberLimb)        Thickened Byomar     250  2
    Standard Hand       150  0          Reinforced Joints    200  1
    Ripper Hand         600 2D6         Art. Shoulder Mount 1500 2D6
    Hammer Hand         600 2D6         EMP Shielding        300  1
    Buzz Hand           600 2D6         Plastic Covering   1-200  1
    Tool Hand           200  2          RealSkinn            200  0
    Grapple Hand        350  3          Superchrome          200  3
    Extension Hand      350  2          Armor                200  0
    Spike Hand          500 2D6
    Modular Hand        600  2      BUILT-INs (Install in CyberLimb)
    Standard Foot       200  0          Cybermodem          3000  1
    Talon Foot          600 2D6         Digital Recorder     300  1
    Tool Foot           300  2          Storage Space         50 .5
    Web Foot            500  2          MiniCam              200  2
    Grip Foot           500  2          MiniVid              400  2
    Spike Heel Foot     500 2D6         Hidden Holster       100  1
                                        LCD Readout          200  1
CYBERWEAPONS (Built into CyberLimb)
    Grenade Launcher    500 2D6     LINEAR FRAMES
    Micro-Missile Lnchr 900 2D6         Sigma Frame         6000 2D6
    Popup Gun         2-800 2D6         Beta Frame          8000 2D6
    Flame Thrower       600 2D6         Omega Frame        10000 3D6
    Weapon Mount/Link   100  3
    2-Shot Laser        800 2D6

    Cowl                200 1D6
    Faceplate           400 4D6
    Torso Plate        2000 3D6
    Front Optic Mount  1000 4D6
    (5 Optic Options)
    Sensor Extensors 500/ea 3D6


Early interfaces were an art form, millions of programming hours were devoted each year in constructing accurate and interesting realities for netrunning, using sophisticated artificial intelligence programs and random story generators. These interface programs functioned on a low end, narrow focus bandwith, which could not carry much more information than an old fashioned computer modem of the 1990's. Besides the limited scope, early interface programs were unable to give the Netrunner a sense of his position in the real world beyond the computer screen.

Then, in 2014, the wizards of the Net achieved a major breakthrough... the Ihara-Grubb Transformation Algorithms. The I-G Transformations allowed a cyberdeck to extrapolate the pathways of the Net in relation to their "realspace" coordinates, then generate a graphic model that could be perceived by an interface program. The results could be used as a navigational aid through the Net, as well as providing a sense of space and time not possible with earlier designs.

Other of the other benefits of the I-G Transformations are that they allow you to translate the signal of your cyberdeck into a visible representation in the net. This representation of yourself is known as your ICON. Most things in the Net have some kind of ICON, even if one isn't specified, the I-G formulas will create a polygonal form to represent them. Your ICON is your personal symbol, it's what other Netrunners will talk to and relate with when they encounter you in Netspace. You ICON can take on any appearance you choose, so make sure it's got your personal style written all over it.

So what do you need to run the Net besides a cool brain and a hot interface? Plugging into the vast metaverse of the Net requires two additional and important pieces of hardware. The first is a set of neural or interface plugs. Interface plugs are basically that... plastic plugs built into the Netrunner's wrists, temples or back of neck to be connected to a cybermodem by cables (see text file on Cybernetics for associated costs).

The other thing you'll need is a cyberdeck. The standard cyberdeck is about the size of a paperback book, constructed of plastic and weighs about a half-kilogram. It has six plug-in ports for adding extra options, as well as six output ports for jacking in other people.

Other types of decks are available as follows:

PORTABLE DECKS: These decks have internal, rechargeable power packs good for up to 4 hours (recharge is 1 hour for every hour of batter power). All combat, cyberlimb and cellular decks are of this type. A portable deck costs 2000 euro.

CYBERLIMB DECKS: These are portable decks about the size of a pack of cigaretts. They can be installed in a cyberlimb (phone connection cables are jacked between the limb and the phone lines). The deck itself is hardware right into the body along with the controlling links for the cyberlimb. See text on Cybernetics for prices.

COMBAT ASSAULT DECKS: These decks are constructed of rugged ceramics and steel, capable of taking bullet hits and crash impacts. Most combat decks are designed to be portable, and have adapter cables which allow them to be plugged into any type of phone line. About 3000 euro when available.

CELLULAR DECKS: These are portable decks designed to link up with a cellular phone net. They are very effective anywhere within a city, but are useless in rural areas (most have jacks for manual phone patches). A cellular deck has a 25% chance of losing a connection when used in a moving vehicle; a failed roll with automatically drop the Netrunner out of the Net. A cellular deck costs 4000 euro.

IMPROVING YOUR DECK: A standard deck has only one memory (holds 10 Memory Units (MU), or about 10 programs), has a Speed of 0, and a data wall Strength of 2. Most Netrunners will want to boost their deck as far as it can go.

MEMORY: For an additional 5000 euro, you can purchase an additional memory for your deck. This improves your program power to 20 MU, double it's stock size.

SPEED: For an additional 2000 euro, you can incrase your deck's speed by one level, up to a ceiling of five. This can be a livesaver as deck speed determines who moves first in a Netrunner combat.

DATA WALLS: For an additional 1000 euro, you can increase your deck's data wall protection by one level, up to a ceiling of ten. Data walls are important, they are the "armor" of the deck, resisting attacks from anti-system programs.

DECK OPTIONS: In addition to your basic models, any type of deck can be enhanced by adding a few options:

'TRODE SETS: Self-sticking electrodes that allow you to run the Net without plugs. They're slower than plugs but have no humanity loss. 10 euro.

KEYBOARDS: Allows a Netrunner to control a deck indirectly. Abysmally slow but immume to most anti-personnel attacks. 100 euro.

VIDEOBOARDS: Flat screen, high definition TV monitor to show a Net's eye view to outsiders. 100 euro per sq foot.

PRINTERS: Allow you to make hardcopy images and records from your deck. 300 euro.

CHIPREADER/RECORDER: Use standard data chips (10 euro each) to store programs, images and other useful things. Reader - 100 euro. NOTE: One data chip can hold one MU of storage, but the Backup utility can split larger programs onto multiple chips.

VOXBOXES: Small speaker units that can synthesize sound from a deck. They can also be used by the Netrunner to talk to outsiders while he's in the Net. 300 euro.

SCANNER: Flat plastic plates with optical character reading and image recording capability. 100-300 euro based on size.

Programs are the work horses of Netrunning, they do the fighting, protecting, decrypting and sneaking for the Netrunner. Programs are rated by Strength, Class, Memory Units, Cost and ICON.

INTRUSION - Designed to penetrate security
    NAME             $     STR     MU       ICON
    Hammer          400     4       1       Glowing Red Hammer
    Jackhammer      360     2       2       Glowing Red Jackhammer
    Worm            660     2       5       Metallic Gold Robotic Worm

DECRYPTION - Designed to crack encryption schemes
    Codecracker     380     3       2       Thin Beam of White Light
    Wizard's Book   400     4       2       Stream of Blazing White Symbols
    Raffles         560     5       3       Dapper Young Man Dressed
                                            in the Style of the early 1900's

DETECTION/ALARM - Designed to detect/track the Netrunner
    Watchdog        610     4       5       Black Metal Dog
    Bloodhound      700     3       5       Gun Metal Grey Robotic Dog
    Pit Bull        780     2       6       Heavily Built Steel Dog
    SeeYa           280     3       1       Shimmering Silver Screen
    Hidden Virtue   280     3       1       Glowing Green Ring
    Speedtrap       600     4       4       Flat, Glowing Plate of Glass

ANTI-SYSTEM - System Intrustion Countermeasures (IC)
    Flatline        570     3       2       Beam of Yellow Neon
    Poison Flatline 540     2       2       Beam of Green Neon
    Krash           570     3       2       Cartoon Anarchist Bomb
    DecKRASH        600     4       2       Cartoon Stick of Dynamite
    Murphy          600     3       2       You Never Know...
    Virizz          600     4       2       Glittering DNA Shape
    Viral15         590     4       2       Swirling Metallic Blue Fog
                                            with White Neon DNA Helix

EVASION/STEALTH - Designed to conceal the Netrunner
    Invisibility    300     3       1       Flickering, Iridescent Sheet
    Stealth         480     4       3       Sheet of Black Energy
    Replicator      320     3/4     2       Chrome Sphere Creating Millions of
                                            Holographic Images of the Netrunner
                                            (STR 4 vs Pitbulls, Bloodhounds &

PROTECTION - Defends Netrunner from attack
    Shield          150     3       1       Circular Energy Field
    Force Shield    160     4       2       Silver Energy Barrier
    Reflector       160     5       2       Flare of Blue Green Light
                                            Coalescing into a Mirrored Bowl
    Armor           170     4       2       Glowing Golden Armor
    Flak            180     4/2     2       Cloud of Blinding, Glowing, Multi-
                                            Colored Lights (STR 2 vs Pitbulls,
                                            Bloodhounds & Hellhounds)

ANTI-IC - Designed to attack system Intrusion Countermeasures
    Killer II      1320     2       5       Large Metallic Samurai
    Killer IV      1400     4       5          "            "
    Killer VI      1480     6       5          "            "
    Manticore       880     2       3       Red Neon Lionlike Shape
    Hydra           920     3       3       Glittering Blue Fog
    Dragon          960     4       3       Golden Scaled Robotic Dragon
    Aardvark       1000     4/0     3       Matrix of Thin Yellow Lines
                                            (Only effective vs Worms)

ANTI-PERSONNEL - Designed to attack other netrunners
    Stun           6000     3       3       Bolt of Blue Flame
    Hellbolt       6250     4       4       Bolt of Crimson Flame
    Sword          6750     3       4       Glowing, Energy Katana
    Brainwipe      6500     3       4       Acid-Green Electric Arc
    Zombie         7500     5       4       Shrouded Skeletal Form
    Liche          7250     4       4       Metallic Skeleton in Black
                                            Robes wiht a Blackened Crown
    Firestarter    6250     4       4       Blazing Pillar of Fire
    Hellhound     10000     6       6       Black Metal Wolf
    Spazz          6250     4       3       Nimbus of Electrical Energy
    Glue           6500     5       4       Shifting Pattern of Red Shapes
    Knockout       6250     4       3       Yellow Neon Boxer
    Jack Attack    6000     3       3       Glowing Handcuffs

    Viddy Master    140     4       1       Controls Videoboards
    Soundmachine    140     4       1       Controls Microphones, Loudspeakers,
                                            Vox Boxes
    Open Sesame     130     3       1       Controls Doors, Elevators, Etc
    Genie           150     5       1         "                  "
    Hotwire         130     3       1       Controls Robotic Vehicles
    Dee-2           130     3       1       Controls Robotic Devices
    Crystal Ball    140     4       1       Controls Video Cameras, Remote
                                            Sensors, Etc.
    News at 8       140     4       1       Accesses Data Terms/Screamsheets
    Phone Home      150     5       1       Place or Receive Calls via Net

    Databaser       180     8       2       Creates Storage Files
    Alias           160     6       2       Changes File Names
    Re-Rezz         130     3       1       Restores Damaged Files
    Instant Replay  180     8       2       Logs a Trip Through the Net
    GateMaster      150     5       1       Kills Virizz/Viral15
    Padlock         160     4       2       Secures Cyberdeck
    Electrolock     170     7       2       Locks a Data File
    Filelocker      140     4       1       Locks a Data File
    NetMap          150     4       1       Provides a Locator Map
    File Packer     140     4       1       Compresses Data
    Backup          140     4       1       Copies Programs (Except Anti-IC and
                                            Anti-Personnel) onto Data Chips

DEMON SERIES PROGRAMS - Incorporates multiple functions
    Imp            1000     3       3       (2 Progs) Small Sphere of Light with
                                            Red Eyes
    Afreet         1160     4       3       (3 Progs) Powerfully Build Black Man
    Succubus       1200     4       4       (4 Progs) Nude Female
    Balron         1240     5       5       (4 Progs) Male in Black Armor

Cyberpunk is R. Talsorian's Trademark name for it's Adventure game of the dark future.