This uniform consists of a  jumpsuit, sturdy black boots,  Arasaka armored vest (SP 20), and a helmet (SP 25).

This armor is designed by Arasaka to be all purpose, and so Uniformed officers, Swat, and C-SWAT are all issued the same vests and helmets with minor variations in color to differentiate them.  Normal uniformed duty officers wear Blue Jumpsuits with white vests and helmets.  SWAT officer uniforms vary in that they wear Black jumpsuits with gray vests and helmets, and C-SWAT personell wear gray jumpsuits and blue armored vests and helmets. 

In addition, there are armored coverings for the forearms, shoulders, thigh's, knee's and boots (SP 10).  As well as hard inserts for the vest (SP 5 and gives the vest an EV 1).  These addition amor plates and inserts will have the same coloration as the officers issued uniform colors depending on duty.  Most officers not serving with SWAT or C-SWAT opt not to wear the additional armor, or only wear parts of it, due to weight and discomfort issues.  though officers in high crime areas often opt for as much protection as possible. 
Due to the increased level of  violent crime and aggressive behavior towards police, it is now mandatory that every uniformed officer in night city wear at least the basic uniform, including vest and helmet.

For ceremonial purposes, each police officer is also issued a dress uniform.  The dress uniforms are just about the same
as they always have been,  A black jacket, hat and slacks, with a skirt for women, and white gloves, Along with whatever additional decorations an officer might have earned.

Additionally there are duties which necessitate that a different uniform be used.


This heavy armor consists of a heavy flack vest (SP 30, EV 2), reinforced arm gauntlets (SP 15), woven kevlar pants (SP 18, EV 1), armored boots (SP 12), a more streamlined helmet (so bottles and the like bounce off instead of smashing full force) (SP 25), and a better gas mask/filter.  This armor is very heavy, and while it offers excellent protection, it severely limits mobility.  Useful only for Riots, although the bomb squad seems to have taken a shine to them too.  These suits also feature a glowing blue bar with extends from the shoulder, this make the officers wearing the suit easier to spot in a crowd.  The standard black jumpsuit is worn underneath.

This uniform is worn by the pilots of the majority of AV's and helicopters used by the Night City Police Department.
It consists of a dark blue flight suit and a flight helmet (SP 20) with a built in radio (which connects to the aircraft's radio for stronger reception)  and a visor that offers Heads-up display, Anti-dazzle, and Low Light.

There is another pilots uniform, and it is worn by the pilots of AV-Cycles and Mini-copters.  The uniform is similar to the basic uniform, underneath the officer wears the same blue jumpsuit, and the same white vest, but this uniform uses different slightly magnetically charged boots to offer stability and sure footing on the cycles, and a sophisticated helmet with a full police radio, Low Light, Tele-optics Anti-dazzle, Heads-up display, and motion direct link to the various weapon systems of the craft (the link means that the gun tracks according to movement of the eye).

This uniform begins with the black jumpsuit, then instead of the relatively soft vest it applies a hard shell armored torso covering.  It is a bit lighter, but offers slightly less protection (SP 18) as it is more designed to protect from crashes than bullets.  Still it is effective armor, and many of the C-SWAT officers prefer it.  The helmet (SP 20) is also different and offers Low Light, Anti-Dazzle and a radio connected to their bike.  The visor retracts into the helmet and the mask does not connect to an air supply, acting merely as a filter and facial armor.  The uniform is completed with a pair of sturdy motorcycle boots.

Since the police use the landmate styled Enforcer ACPA a datasuit must be worn underneath.  This uniform is skin tight, and nothing can be worn above or beneath it (except underwear) to operate properly.  The police version, its marking not withstanding is functionally exactly the same as its civilian and military versions.  (Author's note: For more information on Datafilm please see my SHIROW Conversion Sourcebook)

For cold weather and other inclement conditions, the NCPD are issued a rain pancho, usually kept in the trunk of their vehicle.  The panchos protect against both rain, and cold.

Plain clothes detectives, make most use of this armor, though undercover and even informants may on occasion make use of it as well.  It is a light and extremely flexible ballistic vest providing protection to the vital organs.  It is rated at SP:12, though it has pockets for a hard armor inserts that boost the armor rating up toSP:18.  While the plates restrict movement somewhat (EV-1) with or without them the vest is virtually invisible to the untrained eye (diff: 22 to spot) and is available in both male and female versions in either white or black.


An armored body suit usually custom compartmentalized for the wearer's specific needs (sown in holsters for specific weapons and pockets etc...). The K-5 is made to be worn with a datasuit underneath. Despite its bulk this suit is incredibly light and has no encumbrance penalty. It offers an SP of 18 from head to toe and is covered with a special rubberized coating to prevent clash and clatter. The suit will be custom fitted and compartmentalized to whatever the wearer's demands may be. NCPD C-SWAT has been issued a limited number of these for testing. 
(Author's note: For more information on Datafilm please see my SHIROW Conversion Sourcebook)

A lighter, albeit bulkier version of metal gear, this slightly powered personal armor has a REF bonus of +1 and an SP of 25. Used for fast assaults into high risk situations by E-SWAT, it is specially made for maneuverability and stealth. It too utilizes the data film for transmitting the physical signals too the suit. Orc suits can monitor acoustic signatures, or A/S, giving them an awareness
bonus of plus +2. The system is also designed to monitor their comrades for the sound of breaking armor, giving them a better teamwork ratio in stealth operations. The helmet is equipped with; auditory boost, low light enhancement, image enhancement, and tele-optics. The suit also boosts the BOD and MA of whoever is wearing it with a bonus of +4 each.  NCPD C-SWAT has been issued a limited number of these for testing.  (Author's note: For more information on Datafilm please see my SHIROW Conversion Sourcebook)

This armor is used only for extremely hazardous situations.  With C-SWAT getting the most out of it.
It is standard metal gear (SP 25 EV 2) and makes for an intimidating sight.  The jumpsuit is worm underneath, but absolutely no addition armor can be worn under the metal gear.  The helmet features the basic visual package (LL, AD,), and the basic helmet radio. Please note that metal gear is to be used only in emergency situations, as its appearance has been known to cause public relations nightmares.  The public doesn't like seeing its officers in metal gear, as it implies something nasty is happening, which can lead to public mistrust and or apprehension of the police.

(Written by Deric Bernier, art from Bubblegum Crisis, ADPOLICE, Gundam 0800 War In The Pocket, Hellhounds, and Deric Bernier.)