Simple metal tags, very similar to the old American style, with the soldiers name, identification number, and blood type printed on them.

The Mexican battle dress uniform is a simple, light, and rugged set of black or camo coveralls, it has two breast pockets, standard hip pockets, and two large thigh pockets.

T-SHIRTS- 2 pair of each . For female soldiers, sports bras are also available.

DRESS UNIFORM- includes shirt, coat, pants, belt, boots, hat, tie and gloves. This is for formal situations and officers in non-combatant roles.

SOCKS- 2 pair each of warm socks and dress socks.

Mexico issues the same gloves as the Neo-Soviet Military.

BOOTS + 2 PAIR SHOELACES- Strong steel toed boots, with separated metal plates in the soles, to provide protection while maintaining flexibility. Mexico issues the same boots as the Neo-Soviet Military.

BACK PACK- The standard field backpack, for carrying the following equipment:
HAMMOCK/SLEEPING BAG- with removable liner
MESS KIT- includes knife, fork, spoon, sectioned plates and cup, made of metal for heating purposes
HEXAMITE STOVE- small folding stove, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, comes with 10 fuel cakes (smokeless, fireless)
SMALL TOOL KIT- wire strippers, a variety of screwdrivers, pliers,
2 WEEKS MRE'S- taste like shit, but its better than starving, and its a damn site better than kibble
SMALL MEDKIT + 2 CANS OF SPRAYSKIN, bandages, 2 hypo's each of morphine and atropine,- capable of handling most first aid situations.
CUTTING TORCH- a small hand held cutting torch, with enough fuel for 10 minutes constant use
20 ft ROPE- Just enough to let you realize you need more

ENTRENCHING TOOL- folding shovel/hatchet, in this Mexican produced copy of the Russian version only the blade does fold. Russian troops often practice using their shovels in fight. With at least one edge sharpened (or even without this), this tool becomes a deadly, tomahawk-like weapon that can be used in melee, or thrown for a few meters (2d6 blade-AP damage, even vs. hard armor).

CAMMO NET - provides personal or equipment concealment when in the bush.

COLLAPSING MINE DETECTOR- Collapses even smaller than the entrenching tool, and meant to be used while crawling on your belly

4 SMOKE GRENADES- 1 each of blue, red, white, green,

WARM SOCKS- 2 extra pair

LEG HOLSTER- for the handgun. Can be used as belt holster, up to userís preference.

this is contained in its own pouch, with adjustable waist and leg strap,
Mexico issues the same Gas Mask as the Neo-Soviet Military.MAGAZINE BANDOLIER- carries 10 magazines for the soldiers assault rifle, this is is an optional item.

EXTRA SHOTGUN SHELL/25MM GRENADE POUCH- carries an additional 20 12 gauge shells or 25mm grenades, allowing the soldier to perfectly tailor specialty loads for any situation, or carry enough spare ammo to re-supply a whole team whole team. This pouch is optional.

WATCH- keeps 3 different times perfectly, is water proof to 2000 feet so that it may act perfectly as a diving watch including its own depth gauge, and also acts as a biomonitor and has a built in GPS.


ARASAKA LBAV-8 BODY ARMOR VEST- (SP: 18) Instead of straps, this armored vest has customizable pocket arrangements to more securely store your gear, or if one is inclined, one can simply use the pockets for thick kevlar pad inserts (SP:20 10% chance bullets misses inserts, additional ten percent chance for every pocket used to store gear instead of armor.) The pockets vary in size, allowing a perfectly tailored custom load out every time.

KNEE AND ELBOW PADS- (SP: 8) A bit of added protection.

HELMET- (SP: 20) Adjustable retracting monocle equipped with LL, Thermograph, and tele-optics and a built in short range radio. Similar, though inferior, to Militechs latest infantry helmet. Mexico issues the same helmets as the Neo-Soviet Military.

POLICE UNIFORM- The Police in Mexico are actually another branch of the military, however they are issued separate uniforms to help ease public relations and confusion stemming from duty jurisdiction. The Mexican police uniform consists of a thickened Armourweave (same material datafilm is made from, without the interface capabilities SP:8) t-shirt with optional shoulder pads (SP: 12), and a pair of black or olive BDU style pants. For more hazardous areas or assignments, an armored vest is worn as well (SP:14) in either olive or black for SWAT duties. A pair of combat boots, a gunbelt (thigh holster, pouch for sidearm ammo, pouch for handcuffs, pouch for stripwire binders, pouch for mace, pouch for taser, loop for baton), kneepads (SP:10), Fingerless padded gloves (protect knuckles and back of hand) and a beret complete the uniform, though a helmet (the same as issued to soldiers) may be worn instead of the beret.

AZTECH THERM-OPTIC CAMOUFLAGE - The Mexican equivalent of Ghost Suit, a little bulkier (EV-2), but with a more streamlined helmet (SP: 18 torso, SP: 15 boots and gauntlets, SP: 10 thigh, shoulder, knee, and elbow pads, SP:15 helmet and facemask,) Mexican metals actually introduced some accessories as well, including gas filtering armored facemask, a gps enabled gauntlet mounted micro-computer, and a shoulder mounted A/V recorder. The Therm-Optic system is equivalent to Chinas, just a step behind the US, EDF, and Russian suits.

FLIGHT SUIT- worn by most of the pilots in the Mexican Armed Forces. It consists of a water/air tight g-suit and a flight helmet (SP: 20) equipped Low Light, thermograph, Image Enhancement, Anti-Dazzle, and tele-optics.

12,350- (SP: 30) (EV: 3) (STR: +4) This suit of metal gear plus is the heaviest in standard use of any military in the world. It is not as agile as or as strong as some it's counterparts in the EEC, Russian, or American militaries, but its protection is incomparable. The suit provides the wearer with a strength boost which helps alleviate the stress of the weight of the suit itself, though its size still adds greatly to the encumbrance of the armor. The cloth portions of the armor are actually thick Armorweave (SP: 8) draped over strength boosting frame. Just shy of hardsuit classification, this suit features a 30 minute independent air-supply, a cooling.ventilation system made necessary by Mexican climate, and the helmet is equipped with IR, Anti Dazzle, Low-Light, adio dampers, and a military radio/laser communicator. Additional accessories include a gyro-stabilization harness and back mounted ammo hopper (200 rounds) for heavy gunner duty, and disposable self inflating flotation units for naval duty. Mexican Metals is hard at work on an advanced model that reduces the encumbrance by over half while still retaining full protection and strength boost.


The standard underwater breathing apparatus, lightly armored helmet/breathing mask (sp: 10) with a 120 minute air supply. While the suit features an extraordinary insulation system, it remains thin enough for full dexterity and agility.
Mexico issues the same scuba equipment as the Neo-Soviet Military.

The latest full feature military mobile communications unit. 160 MILE RANGE, FULL S
HIELDING, JAM AND SCRAMBLE CAPABILITIES, AND ANY OTHER FEATURE YOU COULD THINK OF ARE ALL INCORPORATED INTO THIS UNIT. It also features a detachable full military cybermodem, and a removable Mexican military microcomp.

ANTI BIO-CHEM SUIT- folds up into a small pouch, fully sealed, 5-7lbs, fit into a 3 cu-foot bag and are about 1" in thickness, made of layers of filter material and activated charcoal. Extremely tear resistant, meant to be worn over clothes. (Note this suit will not stand up to blister agent attack for more than a few minutes, most other hazards and the suit will work for days under constant attack.

PARACHUTE- Standard parachutes and the HALO variety. Both models are invisible to radar and feature the regular backup in case the primary fails.

FULL FIELD MEDKIT- Everything you could possible need, for everything from simple first aid, to full blown combat surgery is included in this kit. It includes: First Aid Systems for eating/Preventing: CPR - with CPR Lifesaver Pack with CPR Microshield and smelling salts, Fractures/Dislocations/Sprains - with Sam Splint and Elastic Bandage, Hypoglycemia/Insulin Shock - with Glutose Paste Dehydration and Oral Rehydration Salts, Dental Problems - with Dentemp Temporary Filling Mixture, Snake Bites & Bee Stings - with Sawyer Extractor and assorted antivenins, Wounds - with Irrigation Syringe & Scrub Brush, Blisters - with Spenco 2nd Skin and Molefoam, Burns - with Aloe Vera Gel, Trauma - with Trauma Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, 4 cans spray skin, and Triangular Bandages, Allergic Symptoms - with Antihistamines, Virus Transmission - with Infectious Control Pack, a full assortment of trauma drugs and painkillers (10 doses speedheal, 10 doses morphine, 10 doses Trauma, 5 anesthetic slap patches, Eye Wash, 30 minute can of oxygen, and 6 vials of other assorted drugs), plus the following Medical Instruments: EMT Shears, Splinter Picker Forceps, Hypothermia Thermometer, Hyperthermia Thermometer, Scalpel, dermal stapler, 4 inflatable casts, medscanner, airhypo, auto-medic, Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, Mini Mag Head Light, 18-guage Plastic Catheter, Mexico issues the same Medkits as the Neo-Soviet Military.

AZTECH MOTION SENSOR- (See Chrome 4 for infoSame as Wutani model only Russian tech)

AZTECH MAPMAKER- (See Chrome 1 for info)

RUSSIAN MILITARY BINOCULARS 510eb- Built in range finder, Low Light, image enhancement, thermograph, and attachable laser target aquire system.

FULL DEMOLITIONS GEAR- Includes 4kg of C-6, various other explosives, and all the tools you could possible need for any demolitions work that might come up, including disarming enemy devices.


RIF - 0 - N - E - 6D6+2/varies (7.62mm caseless / 25mm gl) - 35 / 5 - 1/3/30 / 1 - VR
THE STANDARD ASSAULT RIFLE OF THE MEXICAN MILITARY. The ACR-461 fires the 7.62mm round in caseless, and features a pump action underbarrel 25mm grenade launcher/.12 gauge shotgun. A sturdy and reliable weapon, well respected and capable of holding its own against all threats. A more compact and streamlined bullpup version is available (+1 accuracy), and often issued to special forces.

MEXICAN METALS - ROSTOVIC HUR-101/KAAR-60- The Mexican military is quite fond of Russia's latest assault weapon and have begun manufacturing themselves. Originally the Neo-Soviets had contracted Mexico simply to boost the weapons production, but Mexico took such a shine to them they began full scale production. While technically a "knock-off" the Mexican version of this weapon is every bit as reliable and accurate as the original Russian version.(see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

BUDGET ARMS P-1145 140eb
P - 0 - J - C - 2D6+2 (9mm cased) - 18 - 1 - VR
A Mexican knockoff of a Russian Makarov design. While Budget Arms is by far the largest handgun manufacturer in Mexico, this is the only weapon issued by the government to any of its forces, in this case the weapon is issued to police and military officers. However most choose to replace it as it doesn't have the stopping power, or the ability to penetrate any type of armor at all. Not to mention no one really wants to carry a weapon from a company known worldwide for producing the worst of the Polymer One-Shot weapons. The weapon is equipped with a built in laser sight.

P - +1 - L - C - 9D6+3 (7.62mm cased ETE) - 6 - 1 - ST
The only anti-cyborg handgun issued to Mexican C-SWAT, this weapon from Aztech is reinforced to fire 7.62 mm eletro-theremally enhanced ammunition. Mexico doesn't play around when it comes to Full Conversions or cyberpsychos.

AZTECH HSR-50A2 3585eb
RIF - +3 - N - R - 6d10 (.50cal cased) - 8 - 1 - VR
The Mexican militaries heavy sniper rifle, easily equivalent to the American Barret.

HVY - -2 - N - P - 6D6+2 (7.62mm cased) - 50/100 - 20 - ST
The standard squad support weapon for the Mexican military. Fires 7.62 ammunition, and can either be magazine(50) or belt(100) fed.

MEL - 0 - J - P - 2D6 - N/A - N/A - VR
A simple, yet very sturdy combat knife. Well balanced for throwing and made from a special iron heavy allow that allows it to retain an edge even after serious abuse.

SMG - +1 - N - C - 3D6 (11mm cased) - 20/35 - 1/3/20 - ST
Standard issue SMG to Mexican military and police forces. available with either a 20 round magazine that fits flush with the foregrip, or a 35 round mag. Also features a folding stock.

25MM GRENADES- Mexican combat troops have access to a wide variety of 25mm grenades and shotgun specialty rounds for the Morita assault rifles under barrel shotgun. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

HAND GRENADES- as above, the Mexican combat soldier has access to virtually every type of hand grenade available. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

MEXICAN METALS ATOR-3 - the Mexican equivalent to the American LAW, (see Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

- a single shot 40mm grenade launcher, equivalent to the american M-204. (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

Mexican Metals PGL-49- Mexican copy of Chinas 6 round rotary drum grenade launcher. (See Chinese Military weapons and equipment for more details)

AZTECH SASG-15 860eb
RIF - 0 - L - R - 5D6 (5.56mm caseless) - 32 - 1/3/12 - VR
Arguably the finest weapon ever made in Mexico, and one of the finest weapons of its kind in the world. It is in fact this weapon, and its manufacturer Aztech, that has reversed the shoddy stigma that Mexican weapons and equipment used to leave. One of the most modular weapon in the world, the basic system is no larger than a submachine gun without suffering serious loss to accuracy. However the weapon comes with a host of accessories which allow complete and total customization. 2 different length barrel extensions, the 6 inch commando extension, and the 12 inch Rifle extension add accuracy (+1 and +2 respectively), 2 varieties of stock attachments (folding and solid), and a wide variety of scopes, sights, foregrips, barrel shrouds, suppressors, and other options make this one of the most sought after weapons in the world. Mexican Special Forces use this weapon as their SMG, and it is available equipped with an integral smartlink for only and additional 100eb. In addition to the standard magazine, 10 and 20 round magazines are available as well.

RIF - +5 - N - C - 6d6+2 (7.62mm caseless) - 10 - 1 - VR
The standard sniper rifle of the Mexican Military and police, and an extremely well respected weapon for both snipers and hunters all over the world.

RUSSIAN ANTI-PERSONEL MINE - The Neo-Soviet equivalent of the venerable Claymore type weapon. (See Blackhands Street Weapons for details)

MILITARY CYBERNETICS are for the most part implanted only in circumstances where there are no alternatives, and are usually the most basic model available, such as standard cyberlimbs and optics etc..... Optionally you can choose to be a test subject for R&D. This means you get the latest cyber for free, however if it glitches, or there are other problems that occur in the field you can find yourself in serious trouble real fast. And absolutely any case which results in Full conversion automatically results in the soldier becoming a "volunteer" for R&d, of course the alternative is dying or living life as a pile of meat in a bed.

Weapons & Equipment of Counter-Terrorism

(Written by Deric "D" Bernier with additions by Mike Van Atta, special thanks to Scott Edwards for his invaluable expert military advice. Images from Ghost In The Shell, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Southern Cross, Space: Above and Beyond, Nightmare Armors, Briars Armory, Star Wars Chick, Matsuo, Sgt. Burton, Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars,
and Deric "D" Bernier.)