DOG TAGS- these classic American style dogtags not only serve as identification, but also as a symbol of America's abandonment of its soldiers during the Long Walk.  They contain the soldiers name, rank, serial number and blood type on simple stamped metal tabs with a rubber ring.

BDU'S- The colors, pattern, and even manufacturer of the ICMF Fatigues varies a great deal due to their wide variety of arms and equipment suppliers.  Typically when a new set of BDU's come in they will be assigned immediately to as many platoons as they have supply for, with extras being kept in the "General Store" open to all ICMF troops.  The only thing all the BDU's have in common is that they are all summer weight.  The most common suppliers are Russia, the EDF, and Metakey.  However before their recent closure of the Canal to U.S. traffic, Militech's was their biggest supplier, and the Militech supplied Second South American War style BDU's and armor are still the most prevalent.  The Militech Style BDU's have duel pocket (side zippered) on each arm, normal pockets on the pants, a large pocket on each thigh, a large pocket on each calf, and buttock pockets.  The ring around the neck is actually an extending filter/seal, that draws up like a turtleneck, which also works as a seal against rain and cold, it is lightly armored to protect against garrote attacks (SP:8).

DRESS UNIFORM- The ICMF does not have, or allow, a dress uniform.  This comes from hostility over being abandoned by the U.S. government, but also hostility towards the officers who carried out their orders to leave them behind.

BOOTS + 2 PAIR SHOELACES- Second South American War era American style combat boots.


Because ICMF soldiers rarely leave the Canal perimeter, there is little need for them to be issued field equipment.

LOAD BEARING EQUIPMENT- This "h" cross harness is highly customizable and allows a myriad of possibilities for customized equipment loadouts.  It has straps to attach it directly to the armored vest, and the heavy belt.



MILITECH M-1 ARMORED VEST- (SP:15) First issued to American troops during the Second South American War, this is still the most commonly used and widely distributed personal armor among the ICMF soldiers.  In addition to the the straps to affix the load bearing equipment, this armor also has numerous small straps and loops for storing individual rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition (40 rounds) or other equipment.  It also features removable flexible armored shoulder pads (SP:8)

MILITECH M-2 TORSO ARMOR- (SP: 20) (EV-1) Primarily used in conjunction with the 2nd South Am War U.S. style BDU's supplied by Militech, this plated body armor is very close in design and function to the M-3 armor currently used by United States forces.  It was introduced late in the 2nd South Am conflict and is a common sight with ICMF forces.  Unfortunately the armor can get a bit hot and uncomfortable, and most soldiers prefer the softer M-1 armor vests


KNEE PADS- (SP: 8) protects the wearers knees

MILITECH HELMET- (SP: 18) Again, like the M-1 armor, this helmet was issued to U.S. forces during the Second South American War, and is still the most common headgear in use among ICMF personnel.  It features attachment points for any standard (1995-2015) era night vision goggles, built in radio, and flip down visor with anti-dazzle coating and an inner flip down monocle with times square marquee.

ROYAL ARMS ADVANCED COMBAT UNIFORM 18750eb- Rumored to have been supplied by the EDF, this British made combat armor features the latest mix of high technology and maximum protection on the battlefield.  The second most common set of armor among ICMF forces it consists of a heavier, hardshell body armor (SP:22), semi rigid leggings (SP:18), elbow pads (SP:8) and a high tech helmet (SP:25).  The helmet features built in radio, laser communicator, flashlight with standard and UV settings, and an A/V recorder and transmitter (8 hours of record time).  The visual suite of the helmet includes UV, Thermograph, Low-Light, Anti-Dazzle, Times Square, and Smartlink, and the helmet is fully enclosed with an armored faceplate and visor (SP:10) with filter, can be seals around the wearers head and used as a gas mask.  Finally the suit comes with an armored small backpack with a 20 minute independent air supply, in addition to standard storage space.  The entire suit, which includes its own combat gloves, is thermal dampening, and acts like an IR poncho.  One would think this armor would far exceed the price limitations for standard issue, but the ICMF got their hands on a large amount of them.

ARMATECH HV-7B1 ARMOR- For heavy weapons specialists, the ICMF makes use of the second South American War U.S. issued flack armor.  It consists of  heavy plate body armor (SP:25 EV-3) with shoulder pads, and a built in gyro-stabilization mount.  Heavy Kevlar skirting completes the armor, to protect the upper portion of the wearers legs and groin.

MILITECH METAL GEAR MRK-I- (SP:25) (EV-3)  The very first suit of metal gear ever produced, and issued in large numbers to United States Troops during the Second South American War.  Large, bulky, and hot, it nevertheless afforded excellent protection.  It was particularly effective in the Andes Mountains and in Operation: Blind Faith.  This armor is still widely in use by the ICMF as the surplus for the suit is immense, plus it is just one more symbol of the abandonment.  The helmet is equipped with a radio and a flip down visor with Ultra-Violet, and anti-dazzle.

ARMATECH BATTLESUIT AAW-5- (SP:20 torso and helmet) (SP:15 limbs)  This suit, issued to U.S. special forces during the Second South American War was the precursor to modern metal gear.  Unlike the metal gear of today, which most often consists of layered crabshell hard armor plates, the AAW-5 was made up of form fitting semi-rigid plates and softer Kevlar pieces all woven into a flexible bodysuit.  The suit has built in adjustable holsters and gear attachment points, ad the helmet features a radio and built in anti-dazzle.  ICMF forces still have plenty of these suits, which were left behind when the US pulled out of South America.

MILITECH GHOST SUIT- Used by Special Forces when Stealth is of the utmost importance.  Unlike their modern military counterparts, this suit of therm-optic camouflage is unarmored, and is simply a body suit with the therm-optic stealth capabilities, it does not even come with a helmet, instead a simple hood is worn. (See Chrome Book 2for info)

MARS MERCENARY AHA-3- (SP: 25) (EV: 1) (STR: +3) An early and slightly inferior equivalent of HAL-05 metal gear plus from Militech, this armor is very rugged, and stands up well to rough wear and abuse.  It gives the wearer a slight boost to strength, and allows him to stand up to even the most brutal opposition.  Made by an Australian company and rumored to have been supplied by the EDF, these are most often used by ICMF special forces type groups, or in cases of heavy defense positions.  The helmet features built in radio, Thermograph, Low-Light, Anti-Dazzle, Smart link, and Level Dampener.  The suit also features several attachment points for a large variety of equipment pouches, ammunition storage, and weapon holsters.


SCUBA GEAR- The standard underwater breathing apparatus with a 120 minute air supply.

MISTUBISHI COMMUNICATIONS ARRAY 24250eb- 100 mile range, full shielding, jam and scramble capabilities this set also features a helmet style(SP:15) (SDP:5) full military cybermodem, (equivalent of the Microtech CAD-4 Commando,see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info) and a removable version of Teletronics "Black Book" microcomp (see Rache Bartmoss's Brainware Blowout for more info)

ANTI BIO-CHEM SUIT- folds up into a small pouch, fully sealed, 5-7lbs, fit into a 3 cu-foot bag and are about 1" in thickness, made of layers of filter material and activated charcoal. Extremely tear resistant, meant to be worn over clothes.  (Note this suit will not stand up to blister agent attack for more than a few minutes, most other hazards and the suit will work for days under constant attack.

FULL FIELD MEDKIT- Everything you could possible need, for everything from simple first aid, to full blown combat surgery is included in this kit.  It includes: First Aid Systems for eating/Preventing: CPR - with CPR Lifesaver Pack with CPR Microshield and smelling salts, Fractures/Dislocations/Sprains - with Sam Splint and Elastic Bandage,  Hypoglycemia/Insulin Shock - with Glutose Paste Dehydration and Oral Rehydration Salts, Dental Problems - with Dentemp Temporary Filling Mixture, Snake Bites & Bee Stings - with Sawyer Extractor and assorted antivenins, Wounds - with Irrigation Syringe & Scrub Brush, Blisters - with Spenco 2nd Skin and Molefoam, Burns - with Aloe Vera Gel, Trauma - with Trauma Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, 4 cans spray skin, and Triangular Bandages, Allergic Symptoms - with Antihistamines, Virus Transmission - with Infectious Control Pack, a full assortment of trauma drugs and painkillers (10 doses speedheal, 10 doses morphine, 10 doses Trauma, 5 anesthetic slap patches, Eye Wash, 30 minute can of oxygen, and 6 vials of other assorted drugs), plus the following Medical Instruments: EMT Shears,  Splinter Picker Forceps, Hypothermia Thermometer, Hyperthermia Thermometer, Scalpel, dermal stapler, 4 inflatable casts, medscanner, airhypo, auto-medic, Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, Mini Mag Head Light, 18-guage Plastic Catheter,

RAPPELLING GEAR- (See Autumn Blade for Info)

WUTANI MOTION SENSOR- (See Chrome 4 for info)

DATATEL MAPMAKER- (See Chrome 1 for info)

MILITECH MILITARY BINOCULARS 870eb-  The most powerful binoculars available, with built in range finder, Low Light, image enhancement, thermograph, and attachable laser target aquire system.

FULL DEMOLITIONS GEAR- Includes 4kg of C-6, various other explosives, and all the tools you could possible need for any demolitions work that might come up, including disarming enemy devices.



ROSTOVIC M-802 - The ICMF buys these weapons in bulk due to their low cost, high reliability, and overall sturdiness.  Accepting of a wide variety of features and accessories, this weapon fires 5.56 mm ammunition and typically has a 40mm grenade launcher or 25mm grenade launcher/shotgun combo mounted to it.  A very sturdy weapon, the Neo-Sov's are currently looking to upgrade to a larger caliber to compete with the American and EDF weapons chambered in 10mm rifle.   (see AUTUMN BLADE for more info)

MILITECH RONIN- This weapon was, until recently, the standard issue weapon to all U.S. personnel before it was replaced by the Militech M-52AR.   However the replacement program is creating a surplus of these weapons, and they are being sold in bulk to any ally who can afford them.  A surplus ICMF was more than willing to take advantage of until their recent actions shut them down to trade with the U.S. 
(see Blackhands Streetweapons for more info)

DRAGUNOV M-855 580eb
RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  8D6 (10mm caseless)  -  50  -  1/3/20  -  ST
Rostovics first weapon to use the 10mm rifle round developed by Arasaka.  This weapon is an early attempt to keep current with the modern military trend started by the Arasaka Morita and the Militech M-52AR.  While demand was initially high, the weapon was ultimately rejected by the Neo-Soviet military in favor of the KAAR system for its greater durability.  The weapon also makes use of the Chinese style drum magazines, another reason it's popularity sank among Russian field testers, as the spare mags were heavy and cumbersome.  The ICMF however has shown great interest in the weapon, buying up as many as it can for its bigger punch equivalent to EDF and US arms.

P  -  +2  -  J  -  P  -  4D6 (12mm caseless)  -  14  -  1  -  VR
An excellent weapon for the price, available with or without the integral laser sight/flashlight and a suppressor is available for 30eb extra.

RIF  -   +4  -  N  -  P  -  6D10 (.50 cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  ST
A heavy European sniper weapon favored by the ICMF.

CCMMC TI LUNG XHMG-47- The heavy machine gun used by ICMF forces, a monster 20mm cannon made man portable by use of a gyro stabilization mount.  Made in china.
(see CHINESE STANDARD ISSUE for more info)

SMG  -   - 0  -  N  -  P  -  2D6+1/varies (9mm / 40mm gl) - 16/30 - 1/3/15 / 1  -  ST
A cheap reliable submachine with a built in 40 mm grenade launcher.  The beauty of this weapon is that it accepts any 9mm UZI magazine.   The weapon shown has the 16 round magazine loaded, which sits flush with the grip, and shows how concealable the weapon can be.  The weapon also features a folding stock for greater concealability and accuracy.

RIF  -  +1  -  N  -  C  -  5D6/varies  (6mm caseless / 40mm grenade)  40 / 1  -  1/3/20 / 1  -  VR
A very reliable assault weapon from H&K.  Its bullpup configuration makes for a more accurate weapon in a smaller package and its high ammo capacity is an added bonus to an already fine weapon.  The 40mm built in grenade launcher ensures a trooper carrying this weapon will be prepared for any contingency.  The only drawback to this weapon is its ammunition.  6mm is fine for most situations, but it is under powered in comparison to EDF and U.S. assault weapons, and has trouble penetrating armored targets.  The newer M986B version features an 8 shot magazine fed shotgun/25mm gl and is chambered in more conventional 5.56mm.

25MM GRENADES- American combat troops have access to a wide variety of 25mm grenades and shotgun specialty rounds for the Morita assault rifles under barrel shotgun.  (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info) 

HAND GRENADES- as above, the American combat soldier has access to virtually every type of hand grenade available.  (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

LAW- the disposable anti-tank rocket launcher.  (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

MILITECH M-212 GRENADE LAUNCHER- 8 shot rotary drum fed 40mm grenade launcher.  (See Blackhands Streetweapons for more Info)

ARASAKA  PDW-77 935eb
P  -  +2/-1  -  J/L  -  C  -  2d6+3 (10mm)  -  18/36  -  1/3/25  -  ST
A fully automatic pistol that accepts a variety of options, including detachable stock, scope, foregrip, flashlight/laser sight combo, and suppressor.  A standard 18 round mag and 36 round extended magazine is available.  Popular with ICMF officers.

CLAYMORE ANTI-PERSONNEL MINE -  (See Blackhands Street Weapons for details)

FLM  -  +3  -  N  -  R  -  SPECIAL (flame)  -  1 1/2 min.  -  1 1/2 min.  -  ST
The standard military flamethrower.  Features a large armored fuel supply, self lighting pilot.  Not popular with many soldiers, even the ones using it, because flame weapon damage is so horrifying.


The ICMF does not have the resources to have a cybernetics policy in place.  While they will often pay for their best men to have replacement cybernetics installed, most soldiers in the ICMF who are wounded must pay for any replacement out of their own pocket.  However, cybered soldiers often get paid higher wages, and Full Conversion cyborgs automatically recieve twice their pay grade.










Weapons & Equipment of Counter-Terrorism


(Written by Deric "D" Bernier, special thanks to Scott Edwards for his invaluable expert military advice.  Images from Ghost In The Shell, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Southern Cross, Space: Above and Beyond, Nightmare Armors, Briars Armory, Star Wars Chick,  Matsuo, Sgt. Burton, Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars, and Deric "D" Bernier.)