Written by: Paul Minor


What follows is a sampling of some of the latest weapons and equipment in use by CT teams, SWAT teams and other specwar organizations in 2020. This article is meant as a companion to Techno Jihad. So, if any of the groups, terms or tactics mentioned in this work seem confusing, reference Techno Jihad first. As implied by the title, this work looks at weapons and equipment used primarily in the field of counter-terrorism. However, much of this equipment is useful outside of that field, and can easily be integrated into any campaign. Just as a side note: SCUBA equipment for use with SEAL teams will not be covered here, since Morninman has already written an excellent article called Oceanpunk, which covers SCUBA equipment thoroughly. Enjoy!

Heckler & Koch MP-2013SD: 600eb 
SMG +1 L P 2D6+3 (10mm) 35 32 ST 150m

The MP-5 series of sub-machineguns has seen more counter-terrorist action the world over than any other weapon. It is only natural that it's direct descendent, the MP-2013, carry on the tradition. The MP-2013 differs little from the original MP-5 in design, except that it has been chambered for 10mm rather than 9mm. Some of the MP-2013's improvements are it's compound plastic body and integral silencing. The most common model used in counter-terrorist forces is the MP-2013SD. The SD's main difference is that it includes a flash suppressor and an improved silencer (cannot be heard without cyberaudio). This makes the weapon slightly longer than normal, and also decreases the weapon's range by about 50m. The flash suppressor is a great asset to special ops units raiding buildings where any spark might send the structure sky high (drug labs, chemical storage dumps, bomb making facilities, etc). The MP-2013SD can be seen in service with the SAS, SBS and GSG9 as well as with the DEA, and SWAT teams around the world.
Heckler & Koch OHWS Mk 30: 600eb
P +2 J R 3D6 (.45 ACP) 12 2 VR 50m

 In August 2020, Heckler & Koch, Inc. was awarded its third consecutive contract with the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for the development of the Offensive Handgun Weapon System (OHWS).USSOCOM directs the activities of some of America's most elite military units, including the Navy SEALs, Air Force Special Operations Wing, and the Army Green Berets, Rangers, and Special Operations Aviation. The "OHWS" consists of three components: a .45 caliber pistol, a laser aiming module (LAM), and a sound and flash suppressor. The laser-aiming module can be switched to infrared mode at the touch of a button. The pistol also includes a separate safety and decocker lever that allows silent decocking.

Colt AR-23 Multi-Envirnoment Assault Weapon: 1300eb
RIF +2 L R 4D6+1 (12mm) 30 3/30 VR 250m

Manufactured by Colt exclusively for Navy SEAL team 6, the AR-23 is designed to function perfectly and accurately even under extreme conditions such as prolonged immersion in water, mud, sand, and other substances (even corrosive ones). The design of this assault carbine is somewhere between an assault rifle and a SMG, resembling a short, bullpup configured M-16. The AR-23 features Colt's new Advanced Loading System (ALS) which uses a special "self-sealing" magazine that can be loaded in various conditions, even while still underwater. Other features of the AR-23 include: A full-spectrum electronic sight, an integral silencer / flash suppressor, a collapsing stock, and even ergonomic rubber grips for extra control.
FN P-96S: 600eb
RIF/SMG +2 L P 4D6+1 (12mm) 50 3/30 VR 200m

The FN P-96S is the direct descendent of the P-90 "personal weapon." The original P-90 was actually designed for vehicle crews and other personnel who did not have a use for a full size assault rifle. As it turns out the P-90 became an excellent choice for security forces, who could pack a lot of punch with a relatively compact weapon. The updated version of this weapon, the P-96S, has become the weapon of choice for GIGN agents because of its compact size and versatility. The "S" designation indicates the Special Forces version, which includes an integral silencer and a laser aiming system.

Flash-Bang / CS Gas Grenade: 25eb
HVY 0 P P Special 1 1 ST Throw

This grenade, which has been used widely by the SAS for years, combines the effects of a flash-bang grenade and a tear gas canister. The grenade goes off with a bright flash and a deafening bang (stun save at -3 to avoid being blinded and deafened for 40 seconds) while simultaneously releasing CS tear gas into the area. This grenade is often used in hostage situations, allowing the counter-terrorists to stun their target for a split second, so that the threat can be eliminated before causing any harm to the hostages (Unfortunately the hostages usually have to suffer the effects of the grenade too, but hey, nobody is perfect.). This combination of the flash-bang effect and tear gas can effectively create chaos among its targets, allowing a well organized team to easily eliminate the threat.


IEC Advanced Air Filtration Unit: 500eb

This gas mask integrates the best in toxin removal technology with high end SmartGoggles resulting in the best mask on the market today. The mask's design incorporates streamlined, nanoid saturated filters, for unrivaled effectiveness (over 95%) against breathable toxins. This design also allows the elimination of bulky canisters from the front of the mask, maximizing comfort and mobility. The mask also evaluates the air being breathed by the wearer, analyzing its chemical makeup, toxicity, etc. This information is displayed, along with relevant warnings, to the wearer via a Times Square system in the SmartGoggles. The goggles also feature full-spectrum viewing, a smartgun link and a targeting scope.

Waterproof Digital Infrared Camera: 1100eb

Designed for the Navy SEALs, this digital camera can be used underwater down to 166 feet. The camera can be set to either IR or normal spectrum, and can be switched between single frame or video mode. The user connects the camera to a specially modified diving mask (100eb for the modification), allowing HUD style viewing. The camera also has a standard 10x telephoto option, a wide-angle option and fiber optic flexi-lens attachments. It can store up to 30 min of video, or 500 still images.


Navy Mark-XII Advanced Swimmer Delivery Vehicle:

The Mark-XII ASDV is a submersible that carries combat swimmers and their cargo inside a fully flooded compartment. The vehicles launch and return to dry-deck shelters installed on host submarines. Inside the submersible, the pilot can jack in to the standard cyber-linkage system and can take advantage of a variety of sensors, including sonar, IR, UV and thermal imaging. Navigation is provided by the MUGR, a Miniature Underwater GPS Receiver. The Mark-XII is used by all Navy SEAL teams as well as by the British SBS, the French GIGN and covert teams around the world. 

Top Speed: 20 mph  Acc/Dcc 5/15 
Crew: 1 Range:  300mi
Passengers: 4 Cargo:  5 spaces
Maneuver: -4 SDP: 50
SP: 15 Type: Sub
Mass: 3 Tons  Cost: 1.2 million 

Daimler Benz GS-182 Snowmobile

The GS-128 has become the industry standard for European Special Forces units operating in arctic climates. This high-speed military snowmobile can blaze over the roughest terrain at over 60 mph with one passenger. The GS-182 uses a CHOO2 burning system, but can be switched to a high output electric motor for quiet running. This snowmobile comes with a standard radio and ECM system. It is common practice to mount two people per snowmobile: one man driving and one man with his SMG ready. 

Top Speed: 65 mph  Acc/Dcc 18/30 
Crew: 1 Range:  400mi
Passengers: 1 Cargo:  45 kg
Maneuver: +1 SDP: 30
SP: 5 Type: Cycle
Mass: 140 kg  Cost: 12,000 eb