Resting on the south bank of 

the Thames, directly across 

from the South Dock, The 

South Bank is a seedy 

industrial district 

characterized by its low rent

warehouses, backroom vice 

dens and frequent gang 

fights. Don’t forget to pack 

your 9mm.



See: London's Docklands: An Overview

#1 North Atlantic Import Co.

The North Atlantic Import Co. is a front for a black market smuggling operation dealing in weapons and illegal cyberware. The large warehouse runs onto a finger pier which can accommodate various ships for unloading.

#2 Offices of North Atlantic Import

This building was converted from an old industrial diving school. This building contains offices of various people including, its proprietor, Reagan F.E. Jackson, who runs a successful black market operation and is currently embroiled in a small war with the Firm. This building also houses Jackson’s dockworkers in dorm style rooms. The complex also includes a helipad for a V-22B Osprey.

#3 UK Export Co.

A small shipping firm that specializes in shipping cargo, that is considered unsafe to be shipped by land, to the larger ports where it is loaded onto modular cargo vessels.

#4 South Pacific Imports

This company imports many things from the pacific rim but mostly deals in entertainment such as: videos, music chips, braindance an sometimes even opium.

#5 Kao Trucking Enterprises

KTE is a trucking firm that bases its operation out of this building. The building includes the office, the dispatch system and garages for the trucks. It is a well known fact that Mr. Kao doesn’t mind making a little money on the side by shipping questionable items for questionable people.

#6 Wharf Rat Inn

The Wharf rat is a common working class pub. Although it is not known for its cleanliness, it is a popular place for the local dockworkers and toughs. They have a staggering selection of beers, and also serve basket meals.

#7 Osgood Electronics

Osgood Electronics is a small company in the business of buying and selling large quantities of electronic parts. As a wholesaler Osgood mostly supplies smaller retailers. You can find any sort of electronic part you need here, if you are willing to buy it in bulk.

#8 S&M of London

Although you wouldn’t know it by its outside appearance, this warehouse houses one of London’s largest and most exotic strip clubs. The interior is illuminated by a blinding array of lasers and neon bounced off the chromed surfaces in the room. The dancers here perform bizarre S&M dances that include healthy doses of leather. This cesspool of vice is a favorite hangout for many of the gangs.

#9 Ace Distribution

Ace does allot of legitimate distribution, but there allot of things like "medical supplies" that come in through the back door.

#10 Thames Courier Service

This is the homebase for TCS, a courier service that uses its small fleet of GEB Dusters to transport small packages throughout the city via the river. There is always a multitude of used Dusters for sale through this company.

#11 Docklands Real Estate

A specialty Realtor dealing only in factory and warehouse space in the Docklands area. Their main office is in the Canary Wharf tower.

#12 United Petrol

Your average gas station with CHOOH2 and electric charges. Local gangs have been known to give victims the "Full Service" , which entails placing the nozzle in the victims mouth and pumping them full off CHOOH2.

#13 The Clinic

This warehouse is home to a black market doctor who fits illegal cyberware and "weapon trauma surgery." Needles to say he gets allot of business from the local gang element.

#14 Class War

The home and presses of England’s foremost anarchist publication. Its readership has increased drastically with the growing realization that the new monarchy has no intent of giving the power back to the people. A hub of anarchist activity in London.

#15 Rotherhithe Storage

a conglomeration of storage space for many small businesses.

by Paul Minor (pminor@pacificnet.net)