Lisa Smedman is a novelist perhaps best known for her Forgotten Realms and Shadowrun novels, and known to most of you for writing the Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook: Live And Direct.  Way back in 1995, Lisa wrote for an unfortunately shortlived and underrated RPG magazine called Adventures Unlimited, it was for this magazine that she penned 3 Cyberpunk 2020 adventures. 
Unfortunately, the rarity of that magazine, and its short life, meant that those adventures went largely unseen and were all but forgotten to the annals of time, when I happenned to run across them. 

With great nervousness I contacted Mrs. Smedman, and begged her to let me host these adventures here at Datafortress 2020.  She agreed, saying quote "Cyberpunk was one of the best RPGs ever!".  And now, after almost 15 years , you can see these long lost adventures here in glorious PDF format.




If you like these adventures, please check out some of Lisa's novels, while I haven't read all of them I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I have had the honor of reading:

    * Forgotten Realms
          o Heirs of Prophecy 2002
          o Venom's Taste (House of Serpents, book one) 2004
          o Viper's Kiss (House of Serpents, book two) 2005
          o Vanity's Brood (House of Serpents, book three) March 2006
          o Extinction (War of the Spider Queen, book four) January 2004
          o Sacrifice of the Widow (Lady Penitent, book one) March 2007
          o Storm of the Dead (Lady Penitent, book two) out August 2007
          o Ascendency of the Last (Lady Penitent, book three) June 2008

    * Shadowrun
          o The Lucifer Deck
          o Blood Sport
          o Psychotrope
          o The Forever Drug
          o Tails You Lose

    * VOR: The Maelstrom
          o The Playback War

    * Other Books
          o The Apparation Trail 2004
          o Creature Catchers March 2007
          o From Boneshakers to Choppers: The Rip-Roaring History of the Motorcycle

You can visit Lisa Smedman at her website here: