This one of a kind crossbow was developed by the international arms dealer Char Yojihiromata (head of the AUTUMN BLADE organization) and his chief technician Ran Tojima for the notorious French thief, known only as Arrow. The ultimate hand crossbow, it uses state of the art technology. Self-loading, it uses high-tension memory metal springs to make it self cocking also. After the bow is fired the spring is activated cocking the weapon. When not in use push the top lever forward and the arms of the bow fold down to the sides, making the weapon conceilable underneath a trench coat. It comes with a special harness which doubles as either a shoulder holster or belt rig. Extremely silent, this weapon cannot be heard from more than ten feet away without audio enhancement. The new technology doesn't end there either. It also makes use of specially designed explosive bolts for when stealth is no longer an option. Instead of using explosive heads instead the bolts themselves are filled with C-6, the metal in the bolts is very light to compensate for the extra weight. A small switch on the shaft allows you to choose between detonation on impact or 1 second after, depending on what the situation calls for. It can also use any standard hand crossbow bolt.

Raven crossbow / H-bow / N/L / ER / 2D6+2 / 6 / 1 / VR / 25m / 5000 eb

(explosive bolts do 2D10 and cost 100eb apiece)

Special note: While there is currently only one in existence, more can be built by special request and a large fee. (Arrow got his as compensation for a favor.)