Seiko - Zetatech "E-Watch" -- 200eb

Finally, The style of a Seiko and the functionality of a an E-Book! Your Seiko E-Watch contains an electronic rolodex which can store up to 2000 entries! But it doesn't end there. It can dial your cellular, receive pages, check stock quotes, give you the latest headlines, it even has 2MU of storage space. The E-watch is tuned to the national atomic clock, automatically adjusts between time zones and has 10 other exciting features. Get one today!
Vid-Tie® from Giovanni Coccotti -- 100eb

Tired of that static pattern on your tie? Try the Vid-Tie from Italian designer Giovanni Coccotti! The Vid-Tie uses a special fiber optic weave so that you can wear the newest designs from the hottest video artists. Use Vid-Tie's patented "Flexi Slot" to insert chips of your favorite films, fractal patterns or the hottest new works by video artists like Ulf Sührer! 

"MediaWear" Photojournalist's jacket -- 300eb

It isn't an easy (or safe) job being a journalist in 2020, That's why you need "MediaWare"! This specialy designed jacket incorporates style, protection and utility all into one chill garment. The jacket includes spooled fiber-optic cable in the sleeves and 4 other convenient locations, for a quick, tangle free interface from your camera equipment to your power packs and to your E-Book. Specially designed pockets are included for all your batteries, power packs and blank chips. The jacket even comes with 12 removable harnesses and mounting straps so you can carry you E-Book and an array of camera equipment. And when you get into a tough situation, you can be sure that this SP 14 jacket will get you out of it!

Uniware™ "Holopin" -- 75eb

Want to impress your boss and stand out from your co-workers? Then throw away that old corporate logo pin and get a new Holopin! This mini-hologenerator can be clipped on to your lapel or tie, and is capable of displaying a full color, three dimensional animated logo. Have it customized at any of our worldwide retailers.

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