MEL/EX   0   N   U   3D6/ stun -3  5/5   1   VR

The grips of these nunchaku are covered in a high conductivity coating, and each “stick” contains it’s own high power battery/taser capable of delivering a massive shock (stun -3) in addition to the normal damage.  The taser in each stick can only be activated by pressing two buttons on the opposite stick simultaneaously, which activates a 2 second zap. Each sticks battery can hold a 5 shot charge.  As an added bonus the Stunchucks have a retracting chain and a belt clip that the Stunchucks clip into to prevent them from knocking together or making any noise.


P or R -3  V  E  Varies 1  1  UR
Also known as Mississippi Suicide notes or ‘Bama Zippers, these home made guns are a scourge across the nation.  Due to anything higher caliber than a .22 or shotguns being illegal, it is common practice for survivalists, Raffen Shiv, and bored rednecks in the Dixie region to build their own guns out of old engine parts and pieces of scrap metal.  In fact in most Raffen Shiv gangs in Dixie you aren’t considered a full member until you have not only built your own gun, but used it on someone.  Nomads travelling through the region who encounter resistance from civilians or Raffen Shiv and win tend to come back with armloads of these things.  Most are signle shot, though double barreled versions do exist.  And most fire either 9mm, .45 cal, or 12 guage.  All are more likely to blow up in your hand than hit your enemy.  Of particular humor is that some particularly suicidal boostergangs are actually arranging fights where everyone involved uses nothing but these weapons as a show of bravery

Nomad Bayonet 50-220eb
Mel  0  N  U  1d6, 2D6, or 3D6 NA NA ST-VR
You can have virtually anything done in the nomad market, including taking your firearm and welding a giant blade to the weapons frame or barrel.  Raffen Shiv love having this done to their handguns and rifles.  Not content with a normal sized blade they will add the largest, heaviest blades they can find while still being able to fire the gun.  You can choose to have a standard assault knife style bayonet blade (1d650eb shown built into the handle of the msall handgun), a cleaver  (2d6/110eb Shown above on a Rev-6), or even an Axe Head (3d6/220eb shown on the heavily modified Newblood).  You can also add spiked or whatever to the weapon, treating it like normal melee weapon enhancements (see Interlock Unlimited).  For every size category of blade added to the weapon, its accuracy drops by a point


P -2  L  C  None  10  1  VR
Nothing more than a slightly modified paintball pistol, this gun can be used to either fire narcotic or exotic loads, to mark targets, or to obscure windshields.  It uses pressurized gas to fire, can be refilled from an air compressor, and each tank is good for 20 shots.  It has a range of 25 meters

MEL  0/-1  L  P  2D6 N  N  ST
The shredder is another Raffen Shiv invention.  It is actually two separate weapons consisting of a heavy saw bladed and a double bladed large combat knife.  They can be used separately, as the saw blade typically has holes cut into it to allow it to be safely gripped, but its real deviousness comes from using them together.  The double bladed knife has a small notch cut into the front edge of both blades.  The saw sits between the two blades and a peg in the middle of the saw rest in the notch.  Using it in this fashion allows the attacker to pull back and hurl the blade, with the leverage of an atl-atl.  This increases the throw range of the saw blade by 50%



SMG  -3  L  E  2d6+1 30 1/15  UR
Chambered in 9mm, these hand made SMG’s are a staple of the nomad community.  They make for a cheap, easily distributable weapon for families on a budget, though no self respecting pro would ever so much as touch one.  The rate of fire is kept low to maximize controllability and to keep the sumber of stray shots to a minimum.  Regardless its an incredibly inaccurate weapon, but its cheap and easy to make.  In fact, nomads who make these usually end up selling more ofthem to street gangs on a budget than to nomads, who usually know better.  The guns jam frequently but usually won’t backfire or explode

EXP  0  P  C  6D6 NA NA  ST
These hand made fragmentation grenades are commonplace in the Nomad community.  While it’s possible to get military surplus grenades, it’s not always economical or feasible.  Instead nomad explosives techs have begun making their own.  They pack slightly less punch than a standard frag grenade, but they are very stable and have a six second fuse, which was seen as a necessary safety precaution.  Do NOT get caught by law enforcement with one of these, as in most places in the country home made explosives carry far more sever punishments than manufactured ones


RIF  0  N  P  6D10/4D10 (.50 BMG/20mm Light)  1  1  ST

These hand made single shot bolt action sniper rifles are chambered either in cased .50 BMG or light 20mm, and are used to stop vehicles by putting a round through their engine block.  For being hand made from scrap metal they are reasonably accurate.  They don’t come with a scope, and although one can be mounted it is a point of pride among nomads to shoot them using nothing but the iron sights


NOMAD MG 250eb
HVY  -3  N  C  6D6+2 (7.62mm)  50  25  UR
Nomads are even making there own heavy machineguns.  While Browning M-2’s are a relatively common sight, not everyone can afford one, and that .50 cal ammo gets expensive.  But these nomad made MG’s are cheap, fire the less expensive 7.62mm cased rounds


NOMAD MELEE WEAPON (price varies)

MEL  0  N   C  Varies  N  N  Varies
Swords and other melee weapons have made a huge comeback in the Nomad Community.  Gun control laws vary a great deal in the United States, In some places the average static can buy anything short of a bazooka off the shelf, in other places owning a .22 will get you arrested.  This is even more of a problem for the majority of Nomads who are sinless and cannot get a legal weapon permit.  This creates an atmosphere where every nomad may have a gun, but they can be incredibly reluctant to use it.  Not to mention ammo costs money, and supply can be limited.  So swords, axes , knives, and home made melee weapons have seen a surge in popularity.  Nomad swords vary in all ways, but notably in quality.  There are a few master smiths among the nomad community.  These master smiths reputations are known far and wide.  M
aster Khan in Night City for instance, creates the gunblades of the Paladins, while Master Wallace is known for the strength of his blades.  The Alabama swordsmith Earl Mason is known for his intricate details and flourishes while retaining combat capability.  Master Buster in Washington however is known for his HUGE blades, that he calls Bezerker Swords (5d6 Bod min of 10).  Of course there are lesser smiths, making a variety of weapons that differ in quality, most of these weapons are actually made from scrap metal, even among the Raffen Shiv who will make them from whatever they can get their hands on.  Street sign, saw blade and Sharpened gear axes (can be of no greater than standard quality), or bats with nails or bolts driven through them or wrapped in barbed wire (extra point of damage, max quality of standard) are primary examples of such weapons.  Among the Raffen Shiv melee weapons are even more common, and using them is seen as a sign of strength and bravery.  To determine price, quality, and damage of a Melee Weapon, see Interlock Unlimited.  Berserker Swords bestow a cumulative -1 penalty for every point of BOD below 10 of the user, so someone with a BOD of 5 would be at negative 4 to all actions with the sword.  Raffen Shiv swords tend to be jagged, rough, and often adorned with spikes. Even polearms are showing up.  The rule of thumb is that the uglier and more wicked a nomad weapon is, the better, especially among the Raffen, who delight in leaving large gaping open wounds seriously prone to infection.

MEL  0  L  R  3D6  N  N  VR
Master Buster of the Olympic Nomad Market makes these.  They require a lot of practice and strength to open quickly, using them just like their miniature counterparts


MEL  0  L  3D6  N  N  ST
Very popular with Raffen Shiv and boostergangs who don’t want to shell out for the illegal implant, thense tri bladed weapons are treated just like wolvers for attack and damage


MEL  0  P  C  1D6  N  N  ST
A simple length of piano wire, used to strangle and cut throats.  Isn’t quite as sharp as monowire, but does act as AP against soft armor, damage is not reduced


P  +1  L  R  2D6+3 (.45 cased) 18  1  VR
This weapon is made by an old engraver and gunsmith in Mexico.  He apparently makes a few of these every month, each with unique designs engraved into them.  They are beautifully and lovingly hand crafted and are of the finest quality, however this does not change their ridiculousness.  An 18 shot six shooter… the joke would be much funnier if the guns weren’t so darn pretty.  This guy is apparently the same one who makes the Black Beauty, as it uses the same basic frame and design


MEL  0  N  R  3D6 (punch/crush) 30min N ST
Rumored to have been reverse engineered from a Technomancer design the Mechanofist is a gas powered gauntlet.  It provides an SP of 15 and an SDP of 25.  When the user punches a target, a pneumatic piston activates and sends the heavy ram knuckle plate forward 3 inches.  Also, using cybertechnology the glove allows the user to crush anything he gets his hand on.  The glove weighs 25 pounds (-3 to punches and blocks using the Mechanofist


X-BOW  +1  N  R  3D6+3  1  1  VR
This is a heavy crossbow hand made by a Nomad weaponsmith in Alabama.  (BT is 9, requiring a BOD of 9 to arm the weapon).  The loving detail and craftsmanship make this instrument as much a work of art as a weapon


MEL 0  N  R  3D6  NA  NA  ST
No one knows where this trend got started, some say it was Raffen Shiv, some say it was from a geek who spent to much time playing old video games, some even say it was loggers worried about eco-terrorists, but wherever this idea came from it is gaining popularity, especially among Raffen Shiv.  The chainsaws are available in either gas or electric, and can usually run for about 15 minutes.  Stealt is impossible while operating one of these… but then again you have a chainsaw mounted under your rifle, so at least you will intimidate the bejeezus out of your enemy even if you can’t surprise him


SHT  0  N  R  4D6 (.12ga) 20 1/3/5 ST
Overkill in an easy to use hand held size.  This may be the first short barreled full auto shotgun in the world, absolutely devastating at close range, but pretty useless beyond 25 meters.  In close quarters though, this thing will just destroy your opponent


NUZI 430eb
SMG  +1  L R  2D6+1(9mm cased)  20  1/3/15 ST
This Micro Uzi has been modified to the point it is no longer recognizable.  I comes with scope, bayonet (1d6), folding stock, and an extra magazine


SHT  0  J  P  3D6 (.20 Ga)  6  1  ST
A small .20 gauge shotgun pistol, makes an excellent sidearm for up close encounters, especially for those who have problems with accuracy.  However the effective range is only 15 meters, so be aware of your surroundings when using it


SHT  -2  J  R  4D6 (12.ga)  2 1 VR
Technomancers have done it again, and everyone is left wondering… why?  A sawn off double barrel shotgun, with barrel reinforcement and
cooled barrels so it may fire thermite rounds without damaging the barrels. 


X-BOW  +1  N  C  3D6+2  1  1  VR
Another fine crossbow, this one is fitted with a winch and comes it 5 barbed grapple arrows (+1d6).  It also features a swing out knife blade on the buttstock as sort of a reverse bayonet. (Weapon is BT 7, requiring a character with a min BOD of 7 to arm it)


RIF -1  N  R  5D6 (5.56mm caseless)  10  1 VR
The buttstock has been sawn off this hand made rifle, reducing it’s accuracy drastically, but this is still a fine weapon


Raffen Shiv are fucking crazy.  Yes intimidation is half the battle, but this is taking things too far even for them.  It’s a sword, and it flames by way of sprayed petroleum jelly.  This sounds good until you start swinging the sword around and droplets of napalm start flying off and setting everything around you on fire, or worse, dripping onto the you. The reliability listed speaks to the flaming aspect and apparatus of this insane and suicidal weapon.  The sword itself is actually quite sturdy.  (Takes 1 round to ignite the sword, while ignited there is a 10 percent chance every time the sword is swung that the blade will drip/spray, setting random objects on fire.  Roll on the grenade chart to determine location from use the fire starts, if 1 is rolled drip falls on enemy, a 10 means drip falls on wielder.  Damage for flame is 1d10 first round, 1d6 second, 1d6/2 third, and anything flammable will ignite continuing to do 1d6 damage per round until removed or flame extinguished


MEL 0  N  R  4D6+3 NA  NA  ST

We are now convinced that Raffen in either Arizona or Kansas have a Technomancer working for them, as these weapons have begun appearing in those regions in the hands of Raffen Shiv raiders.  No two are ever exactly the same, meaning they are all handmade.  They are powered by either combustion engine or electric, either way with enough power for 5 minutes of use.  These weapons are devastating and appear to be used by Raffen Shiv leaders.


BOW  Varies N
Nomads have a fondness for bows.  They are silent, they are stylish, the ammo can often be re-used, and in a pinch the arrows can be made in the field by hand with nothing more than a knife.  So it only stands to reason that not only do nomads who use bows take their archery seriously, but that skilled bowyers making quality weapons that can double as a work of art are common.  See Interlock Unlimited for stats on different bows, but a hand crafted nomad bow will have an accuracy of at least +1 and you are unlikely to see a bow with a draw below BT 5 or above BT 10.  Price varies a great deal, but usually you can expect to pay between 400 and 2000 depending on the level of artistry.  For instance the intricately carved long bow above has a draw of BT 7 and costs 1600eb


HVY -2 L  P  VARIES (40mm grenade)  1  1  ST
This simple device is a single shot 40mm grenade launcher that is used by resting it against the knee and firing.  Not very accurate, but perfect for lobbing those grenades over heads

BOW  0  L  C  2D6 1  1  VR
This simple bow breaks down for ease of carry, it is mostly used as the name suggests, as a backup survival tool or weapon.  Very popular in the Nomad Community


X-BOW +1 L C  1D6  1  1  VR
Procing that nomads like to use everything, even after it no longer serves its original pupose, these hand crossbows made from old damaged pistols have begun popping up.  They only have a draw BT of 4, but they do the job


HVY  0  N  C  Varies  1   1  ST
They get a lot of jokes, but not everyone can afford a grenade launcher, or ammo for them.  Hand grenades, smoke bombs, and home made explosive devices however are plentiful, and one of these will launch a 5lb object up to 50 meters.  Some larger versions have made it all the way to 100 meters.  Not bad for what amounts to a large fork and some medical tubing


P  -1  L  C  5D6 (5.56mm caseless)  20  1  UR
As full conversion cyborgs and other cybernetically enhanced or armored individuals are becoming slowly more prevalent in the Nomad Community, so is the necessity for weapons that will stop them.  This hand made handgun fires the 5.56mm rifle round, which will not only take out even full conversions, but also makes a pretty good vehicle stopper.  Unfortunately it’s not very reliable and prone to jamming


X-BOW  -1  L  C  1D6  1  1  ST
An extremely common site among nomad bikers and Raffen Shiv.  Available in either standard crossbow style, or spring powered.  Draw is BT 4


SHT 0  N  R  4D6(.12ga)  4  1  ST
This semi-auto shotgun is kind of a mess, they cut off the wooden buttstock, then at some point later they attached a wireframe stock.  They also stuck an arrow on it, presumably so they could spike people like a bayonet, which would be fine except they also attached an axe blade.  Not sure how you fire it without chopping off your own fingers


MEL  0  J  C  1D6+3  NA  NA  ST
As if we needed more reasons to hate the Raffen Shiv, this is one their preferred methods of interrogating their prisoners, or for torturing anyone really.  Nothin more than three strips of heavy leather with bits of barbed wire added on, they will strip flesh bar to the bone.  They will even shred skinweave and other soft armor.  (The bards remove a point of sp every time they hit, and 2 points if they do up to 50% of the SP rating in damage, and an additional point on top of normal rules for every increment of SP lost after penetration.  The Aldecaldo and Jode nations have a standing 2000 dollar bounty on the head of any Raffen Shiv who carries one of these


EX  -3  N  R  4D6AP (heavy spike)  5  1  ST
Technomancers are a menace of ingenuity and scary ideas that they are obsessed with seeing to fruition.  This gun is no exception.  It only has a range of 20 meters and its not accurate by any stretch, but it fires 6 inch long heavy iron spikes with devastating force.  The spikes can be made by any halfway competent metal smith for about a buck each.  The spikes are AP but damage is not halved

EX  -1  N  R  1 (poison)  1  1  ST
This weapon is obviously hand built, and uses an air-brush nozzle to spray a powerful knock out poison over the dart as it is being launched.  The weapon uses recreational darts, common in any rec-room, bar, or carnival attraction.  The fact that this was made by an inventive Blood carny should be obvious.  The poison used is a powerful and extremely fast acting sedative.  (Requires a Difficulty 20 resist torture/drugs, or subject will fall unconscious within seconds, on a successful save subject will be at -3 per dose to all intelligence, tech, and reflex actions)  The poison costs 500eb per jar and can only be found at a nomad market or in more rarely in some Blood families  Each jar holds 10 shots


Rocket/Grenade Launcher Combo 200eb
HVY  -3  N  R  4D10/Varies (LAW/40mm) 1/1 1/1 UR
Nomads Are not really a fan of the word “disposable”.  This weapon fires the a similar, although nomad made, rocket as the LAW (rockets are 150eb apiece) and also features an under barrel 40mm grenade/micromissile launcher, just for the hell of it.  The weapon does not use compressed gas to fire the rocket, and so cannot be used indoors (back blast does 2d6 fire damage).  It’s less accurate than a law, rockets are less trustworthy (10 percent chance of either exploding in tube or being a dud on a fumble) and it weighs a lot, but that doesn’t hurt its popularity


MEL 0  J  R  2D6 N  N  ST
Usually worn in pairs, these are gloves that imitate Ripper Cybernetics.  Also referred to as Gypsy Gloves




EX  +2  N  R  special (flame) special special UR
This hand made flamethrower is a tale of woe waiting to happen.  Yes, it unleashes absolutely horrific damage to the target, but it’s design is so simple and cheap that any number of things can go wrong from even the slightest mishap, and all of those things will leave the user burned to a cinder. Before using, you must pressurize the gasoline or diesel in the main tank with an air compressor.  It is recommended you don’t stand near anyone who even thinks about using one of these


THE AHAB 475eb
P  -1  L  C  3D6 (11mm caseless)  10  1  ST
This hand built weapon was designed for a Thelas Tribal leader, but he never claimed it, so now it is here for sale.  It comes with 3 ten round magazines, and 2 twenty round mags.  It will not accept any options whatsoever


DRAGUNDY 500/700eb
P  -1  L  C  4D6/3d6 (.12ga or .20ga)  5  1  ST
Available either full sized, or as a very large handgun (illegal), this weapons comes chambered in either .12 gauge or .30 gauge.  Each weapon is lovingly crafted by Master Khan of the Night City  Nomad Market.  He even created a Gunblade version of it for a paladin

P  -1  L  R  5D6 (5.56mm caseD)  2  1  VR
An over under hand built handgun chambered in 5.56mm cased.  The dual bayonets make it just a little more vicious looking.  Comes with a bulky custom hip holster


HVY  0  N  R  8D6 (.4ga)  2  1  ST
This double barrel 4 gauge shotgun is mean to serve as a mounted anti-vehicle/anti-personnel weapon.  It is nothing short of devastating.  No one with a bod of less than 12 can fire the gun without a hard mount or a powered harness.  It comes with a box of 25 000 rounds, and a box of ten slugs (9d6+2).  Ammo must be either hand made from a gunsmith (save your shells), or it can be purchased rarely from urban gunsmiths specializing in Police or Military arms


HVY  -3  N  R  6D6HP  1  1  ST
The weapon itself is unremarkable, it is just a standard Russian style RPG.  What is important here is the specialized ammo.  Instead of a warhead, the Nomad Harpoon affixes a long metal spike to the rocket.  Its only accurate out to about 25 meters, well, as accurate at it gets, but it will penetrate just about anything short of a tank.  The Harpoon is armor piercing (hyper penetration reduces SP 1/3rd, damage that penetrates is not reduced).  The Harpoons themselves feature pop out barbs, and are often attached to drag lines to capture or board vehicles, or the weapon is fired directly at the vehicles engine block to disable it

P  -2  J  R  4D6+2 (.50AE)  2  1  VR
Elegant in its absolute simplicity.  This double barrel weapon is chambered in .50 Action Express and its design could not be more straightforward.  It’s a break loading weapon, and each barrel is armed by pulling back the lever on the side.  Of course it’s only good for close distances, and with only two shots you better make them count.  Not sure what you would use this for, as it’s too big for a pack up piece, too inaccurate for hunting, and its ammo is too limited for a primary.  But it is a nice, very reliable and well made piece.  Named for the nomad it was bought from, its designer is unkown


MEL  0  N  R  Special  N  N  ST
This is a Raffen Shiv melee weapon, or possibly something from a Dome Fight or maybe even a rejected design for a Jugger polearm.  No one is really sure where this came from, who made it, or even how it is supposed to be used.  But IF you want it, it’s yours.  (Bladed crescents do 1D6 damage, flails do 1D6 and can also be used to trip or entangle a limb or weapon, choosing to master this weapon requires using two preferred weapon slots from your martial arts skill)


MEL  0  N  R  2D6  N  N  ST
A simple spiked gauntlet, reinforced to attach a combat knife.  The combat knife runs parallel to your forearm, blade outwards, and extends about 4 inches past your fist


HVY  0  N  R  8D10  N  N  ST
A Boomkeg is basically a really large pipebomb, stuffed with 2kg of c-6 or other stable explosive, wrapped in bb’s, ball bearings, nails and screws, broken glass, whatever.  To arm the device you pull the pin, this releases the handle.  Once the handle has been pulled out the device cannot be defused, and it has a ten second fuse (possible to get them longer or shorter).  A pulled handle is loose and swivels, allowing for greater momentum on a throw.  These are the standard nomad explosive devices, and are used for everything from clearing obstacles to ant-personel/vehicles to demolitions


EX  -1  J  R  Entangle  1  1  ST
A Nomad chemist named Daborn figured out the composition of the Arasaka Restraint Polymer foam, and began making his own.  This gun uses a larger 30mm load, covering twice the area of the police version.  (See Blackhands or Protect and Serve)

Written By Deric Bernier.  Images from Deric Bernier, Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Warriors of the 21st Century, Spacehunter, Battletruck, No Escape, Dawn Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, Stryker, Babylon AD,Exterminators of the Year 3000, Damnation Alley, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared Synn, Warriors of the Lost World, Transformers, Death Race 2000, Deathrace, Warhammer, Neon City, Akira, Tank Girl, Dragon Staff, Final Fantasy, Tempus Fugitive, Dragon Chiang, Nausicaa, Porco Russo, Windaria, Red Skies, Waterworld, Ghost in the Shell, GITS: Stand Alone Complex, GITS: Innocence, The Fifth Element, Motorstorm, Ghostrider, The Postman, The New Barbarians, Back To The Future 2, Car Warriors, GI Joe, Mad Police, Corvette Summer, Gunm, Mercenaries, Survivors, Chronicles of Riddick, Savage Tales, Fallout, Book of Eli, The Road, Atomic Highway, Star Wars, Appleseed, Ride To Hell, Truck Battles, Buckaroo Banzai, Solar Babies, Spy Hunter, Genesis Climber Mospeada, Urban Warriors, Exterminators 3000, Burning Man, Urban Warriors, Cyberpunk 2020, Deadlands: Hell On Earth, Rifts, Gurps, Macho Women With Guns, Warlands, Metro 2033, Mekton, Ratbike Zone, Tekken, Cyberspace, Road Warrior Weekend, Road War, Street Fighter, D20 Future, D20 Apocalypse, Road Avenger, Redline, Dark Future, Doomsday, C.O.P.S., Dethkillers, A.P.B., Serenity, Firefly, Massive Black, Twilight 2000, The Lawless Land, Yo Tan, Dimitrys, Knightwatch, Horrified Survivor, WarmGunMod, Aleksi, Salemburn, Avonius, Avalonfilth, Wildlifehoodoo, Skam4, Superhawkins, Nickykcin, Scruffyronin, Poibuts, Archipelo, Maria William, Adonhis, A. Baldasseroni, Britnerfmogul, Udoncrew, Artbytheo, Luis Royo, Richard Daborn, Fuchsiart, El Pinoy, Chonastock, Joe Clucher, Ghostronix, Psychofish, Polaris Pirate, Storm X, januszwyrzykowski, Brokenhill, Bokuman, The Vigil, Tariq12, Lazeedog, Idomuchris, Remichan, TimurMutsaev, Joe Leder, Johan Bergstrom, madmaxmovies.com, Humvee driver, Laurent, Barry Harker, and various other unknown films, anime, comics, artists, and car customizers, and special thanks to replica prop builders, especially the the members of Mastucorp, the RPF, and BBC