Located just southwest of Night City, is the world renowned Nomad Market.  This huge gathering is the largest open air bazaar in the world, and while many such markets exist outside other city's, Night City's is the most famous.  The idea is simple, nomads from all over the world come here to buy sell and trade with other road folk.  The market is also open to the general public, and many adventurous and enterprising city dwellers come here looking for good deals on everything from fresh fruits and vegetables grown by the agricultural tribes, to fabrics and textiles newly imported from overseas.  There are only two entrances into the market itself, as the entire area is surrounded by a hand made reinforced sheet metal wall, 30 feet high.  One gate on the northern side is for civilians, the other gate is on the southern side and is for nomads.  There are tents and other living quarters inside the market, but most tend to sleep in the parking lot with their vehicles if they themselves aren't actively selling.  Affiliated nomads stick with their clans and families, tribal leaders and their personal entourages however, are encouraged to reside with their corresponding delegates in their Nations main tent inside the market.

The Nomad Markets were originally created by the Council to combat the ever growing number of violent incidents associated with "wilding" and the Raffen Shiv.  Now, by council ruling, any tribesman who don't have official business inside the city are politely asked to stay in the Market, both for their own safety and that of the nomad community as a whole.  Anyone who violates this rule and is arrested by local authorities will be left to their own devices and neither the council, nor their own family heads are allowed to intervene.  It may sound harsh, but the general public's opinion of nomads is not very favorable, seeing nomads as either marauding raiders of the road and pirates, or at the very least shifty eyed gypsies out to swindle and steal.

Finally the Markets provide a sense of community and stability that many nomad families find themselves sorely lacking.  In addition to the trade area itself, the market also boasts a huge area dedicated solely as campgrounds for the tribesmen come to barter their goods.  A giant tent city surrounds the southern portion of Night Cities market, and contains everything from single man pup tents for individuals, and larger "circus" tents for families and even clans.  The market area itself is simply enormous, and is made of everything from simple wooden stalls to large tent enclosed "stores."  It's not uncommon to see single individuals with nothing but a blanket on the ground hawking their meager wares.  The Nomad market is also a giant black market bazaar, and many urban warriors use it to buy and sell weapons and equipment, book non traceable passage and/or escorts, and of course, information itself.  Corporations send scouts into the market, always looking for anything they can get a good deal in mass quantities of.  In fact many designer clothing labels were originally manufactured, designed, or imported by nomads.  The ingenuity of nomads at creating whatever they need is fascinating to most city dwelling technicians, and the market is a prime place to find to innovations and designs.  Talent is also scouted here, from drivers and techies, to mercenaries.  Life on the road is hard, and to survive you have to be very good at whatever it is you do.  Navigating the market is very difficult, as it is always crowded and changes daily as traders come and go.  There are very few landmarks, and even fewer permanent structures.  There is no organization, and no guarantee whatsoever that just because you found something once that it will be there tomorrow, or even the merchant selling it.

While payment in cash is expected of outsiders, among the community trade is the more accepted form of transaction.  Money doesn't come in very handy in the wastelands, but ammo, food, gear and vehicles are always needed.  Outsiders are encouraged to trade as well, but also to use common sense, very few nomads will have any use for your 500eb pair of Giiovanii pumps.  Quality weapons, ammunition, sturdy clothes, armor, vehicles, technology, tools, camping equipment, books... etc.  The rule of thumb for what a nomad generally values, simply wonder what you would want to have with you alone in the wilderness. 

Outsiders be warned, just as the council has no authority in the city, neither do they accept local police in the market.  If you are caught violating the rules in the Market, be warned now, nomad justice is swift, harsh, and often unusual.  The nomads in the market police themselves, just as they do on the open road, with Paladins, the chosen enforcers of the nomad community.  All seven of the nomad Nations have representatives here, and a council of the highest ranking headsmen from each nation meet twice a week in the center tent to cover policy and settle major disputes.  Minor disputes are usually settled by the the individual nation heads as they come up.

Whatever you are looking for, you can find it at the Nomad Market, if you are willing to look hard or long enough.


Written By Deric "D" Bernier, images from Deric "D" Bernier, Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Warriors of the 21st Century, Spacehunter, Battletruck, Damnation Alley, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared Synn, Warriors of the Lost World, Transformers, Death Race 2000, Warhammer, Neon City, Akira, Tank Girl, Dragon Staff, Final Fantasy, Tempus Fugitive, Dragon Chiang, Nausicaa, Porco Russo, Windaria, Red Skies, El Pinoy, Squidhead, The Cyberpunk CCG, Waterworld, Ghost in the Shell, GITS: Stand Alone Complex, GITS: Innocence, The Fifth Element, The Postman, The New Barbarians, Back To The Future 2, Car Warriors, GI Joe, Mad Police, Corvette Summer, Gunm, Star Wars, Appleseed, Truck Battles, Buckaroo Banzai, Solar Babies, Spy Hunter, Genesis Climber Mospeada, Urban Warriors, Exterminators 3000, Urban Warriors, Cyberpunk 2020, Deadland: Hell On Earth, Rifts, Gurps, Macho Women With Guns, Mekton, Ratbike zone, Cyberspace, Road War, Street Fighter, D20 Future, D20 Apocalypse, Road Avenger, Redline, Dark  Future, Twilight 2000, The Lawless Land, and various other unknown films, anime, comics, artists, and car customizers.

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