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Here are some new ways of dying, (or not), for cyberpunk. They are playtested some but of course I would recommend them, I wrote the damn things. Al I can say is I hope you like them and that they work as well for you as they did for me.
...Happy punkin' kids...


Getting Medical Attention in 2020 has never been easier, provided you have the cash if you don''s off to the ripperdoc for you.


Getting damaged and wounded works just like it always did with just one difference:

The way you record wounds. Each wound you get on a particular area you write down the number of points of damage you took in that that area in the spave provided. Then for each point of damage you take you also cross of a box on the wound track and apply saves and effects as before.

For Example: Ripperjack is hit by three 9mm rounds in the torso. The first one gets 3 points of damage through his 'vest'. The second does 1 and the third 6. This means that in the section under TORSO he must now write:
and cross off 10 boxes on the wound track, (taking him to Critical where he makes stun saves etc. as normal).

This means that the player now has a record of each individual wound suffered and this has a few effects that need attention.

One point of damage is removed from each individual wound per day. Thus Ripperjack from above would recover 3 points in the first day and go to:
Which brings him down to a serious wound by knocking out 3 boxes on the wound track.
So on the second day he would get back 2 points and go to:
Still a serious wound.
The upshot of this is that characters with many small wounds get better faster that those with less large wounds. The other thing to note is that drugs or Nanoids which accelerate natural healing will speed up this process proportionatly. i.e. speed heal will raise it to two points per day off each wound.

Certain medical or first aid treatments will remove a portion of wounds but usually only one wound can be treated at a time. These will be detailed below....

These still occur. Any character amassing 12 points in one area will have it rendered useless.
12 points in the heador torso means the character goes into a coma for 1D10 days and must pass a mortal 1 death save every day.

12 points in an arm or leg means it cannot be used until medical attention is sought.
Single wounds causing 10 or 11 points of damage to one area cause critical effects as follows below......
10 points in the head requires an instant Mortal 4 save and in any case renders the victim into a coma lasting 2D10 days. A mortal 3 deathsave must be passed every day for the first half of this time. There is a 50% chance of brain damage. This is permanent and reduces INT by D4.

10 points in the torso, (note: for decentralised heart this goes up to 12), requires a single mortal 1 save, (death and stun) and needs a save each minute after the wound at one mortal level greater, (i.e.2 then 3 then 4 then 5 etc...). This continues till the patient is stabilised, healed or dies....

10 points to any arm or leg will break it, this immobilises it so it cannot be used until it has been re-set, (this means it cannot be used for 1D10 weeks from when it is set).

Single wounds causing 12 or more points of damage will cause a mortal effect as described below...
12 points to the head, (after doubling), will kill the character outright. They automatically drop to death state 10 as their head is literally blown off!!!!

12 points to the torso, (14 for decentralised heart), will automatically put the victin at deathstate 1 regardless of wounds, this increases as per normal. This represents major internal organ damage.

12 points to any arm or leg will either mangle it or sever it completely. This means the victim must make a mortal 0 stun and death save, with another save one level more each turn, (i.e. mortal 1, then 2 then 3 etc...). The limb must also be replaced by meat or cybernetics.


Here is a list of some of the things 'runners can use to get patched up again when they get themselves wounded....

DERMAL STAPLER: 1000eb and 10eb per 1 use of staples.
This tool uses staples made of compressed organic material to seal together the sides of a wound. The staples close the wound and allow it to heal then dissolve in about a week. It can only be used on on wound at a time, (it takes about 90 seconds to do one wound), and will restore D4+1 points of damage to that wound. It cannot restore a wound to below one point of damage. Can be loaded with up to 10 uses of staples.

SPRAY SKIN: 50eb per can.
This is a can of putty-like spray gel for treating severe abrasions. It is sterile, medicated, air permeable and flakes off in about a week. Each can is good for only one use and will take 1 point of damage off all the wounds in one area, (arm, leg, torso etc..).

This is a kit containing dressings, bandages, some antiseptic and a few painkillers. It's good enough if you need to stabilize someone who's dying, (two uses), and can take 1 point off 1 wound, (one use). It cannot be used on the same wound twice nor in conjunction with anything else, (spray skin etc..). Enough for 5 uses. May be used to splint a break too.

MEDKIT: 50eb.
This is an upgraded first aid kit. It can do all the things a first aid kit can but better, (1 use takes 2 points off one wound). It also contains some slap patches, one of 'stim', one of 'Syncomp 15' and one of 'dorph' as three of an antibiotic. Also contains 5 uses.

SLAP PATCH: 10eb + cost of drug. This is a small plastic patch which contains a measured dose of any drug. Simple put it on bare skin and it does the rest...

AIRHYPO: 100eb
Known as the "Bones McCoy" it delivers drugs using a burst of compressed air. One air canister costing 3 eb will give about 50 shots....

Weighing about 1+ kG this small device gives a patients bio readout when the probes are hooked up. A small chipped database adds +2 to Diagnose skill.....

NANODOCTORS: 9000 eb per use.
These tiny machines are introduces into the wound from two cannisters. Once in place they begin to heal the wounds. The medium they are in will provide some of the nutrients they need but they draw a lot from the body. As these work the patient slips into a deep sleep and cannot be awoken until the nanoids are finished. The patient is hooked up to three special I.V. drips included in the package. Without these drips or if more than one area is treated like this at the same time the patient will slip into a coma and die in 1D10 hours unless helped. The nanoids will heal all the wounds in one area, (arm etc..), at one point per hour up to a maximum of 10 points. They can restructure organs, rebuild shattered bones and close tissue wounds provided the patient is not subjected to rough treatment. There is one drawback though. As they draw so much from the body they tend to move from undamaged areas to fix damaged areas. This means each time the treatment is used one point of BOD is lost permanently....

By the way, if you feel you only want to use part of this then please feel free.
(Most of this stuff comes from CP2020 rule book as I have not had time to scavenge through the chrome yet, I will do later so look out for updates)......