The Cyberpunk 2020 official screen was always a bit, lacking.  It lacked the rules you really needed, and had oversized entries for stuff that simply wasn;t necessary.  Heck it listed all the weapons from the core rulebook twice...... and 1 third of it was nothing but a list of programs...... what the hell is up with that?  With so many books that had come out since the Core Rules, you would think that eventually
R.Tal would have put out an updated version, but alas, they never did.

So it falls upon me, what I did was take all the most relevant rules tables and put them all in one place for game master ease.  Vehicle rules, complete combat rules, melee combat rules, environental rules, Fumble tables, Expanded hit locations, and all the basics and not so basic rules I don't have room to tell you about.  Gathered from a host of sourcebooks, including Max Metal, Solo Of Fortune 1 and 2, Primitive Screwheads, The Core RPG, Pacific Rim, Hardwired, Dark Metropolis, and more, including rules from Datafortress 2020 and the Ammunition Caliber table from Blackhammers.  The final result is an 8 page long datascreen that will make any game masters life much much easier.  The player side even has the full color Night City Map.  Speaking of players, print out the black and white version as handouts for your players, to both give them a better grasp of the game, and to save you a little time by letting them figure things out on their own.

5 pages wide, with three extra page flaps,  all you have to do is print it out, attach it to some card stock, and you are set to go.

The Cyberpunk 2020 Game Master Screen Elite Edition come in two versions, One with the rules side doen in simple black and white, and a full color version for that extra pizzazz. 

Download them from the Datafortress 2020 savefile project here:

The Final Product Looks Like This:

Players Side

And the ever important Rules Side

Written by Deric Bernier, Cyberpunk 2020 Game Masters Screen Elite Edition compiled by Deric Bernier, Art from Appleseed, Cyberpunk 2020, and Deric Bernier.