The Datafortress 2020 Gaming Room Version II

New house, new gaming room.  Once again an ordinary garage has been transformed into a Temple of Geek. 
To View the old gaming room at the old house, go to:
The Original Gaming Room

This is the view of the room from the inside doorway, because the garage sits so much lower than the rest of the house, and the ceiling in here is so high, it kinda gives the impression of looking down into a dungeon, which is kinda cool... The comics are on the shelves behind the bleu curtains on the right. 

Immediately to the right of the inside door is the refridgerator, microwave, and coffemaker.  The bookshelf is full of board games, except that pesky descent which is too darn big.

Sitting on top of the fridge is the Godzilla shrine.  The bottle of Glenlivet was finished the night these pics were taken in celebration of the room being finished.

All my comic book themed drinkware I have picked up over the years.  The Wonder Woman mug is my favorite, found that at a garage sale for a quarter.

Against the garage door are bookshelves full of novels, both modern and classic.  The shelves with the tiefighter sitting on top holds reference, non-fiction, historical. and instructional books.

Laden almost exactly like it was at the old house, this shelf holds Graphic Novels, Trade paperbacks, and prestige format books.  I have gotten a few more trades since the old house pics were taken.

At the other end of the blue couch sits an identical bookshelf.  The top 2 shelves are full of other peoples game books, while the third holds my (and my brothers) dungeons and dragons books.  I have next to zero interest in purchasing 4e, but I did recent;y pick up a copy of Basic.  It was worth it just to get a new set of mud die.

On the other side of that shelf in the corner sits my toy shelves.  Top 2 shelves are Macross/Robotech, then Marvel and DC.

Beside that shld sits an identical shelf, filled with Art books, cards, and a stereo, as well as a few assorted tools and storage bits and toys.  Yes thats an original Battle Of The Planets lunch box.

These green shelves are just unbelievably awesome.  I don't know who makes them or where to buy them, I actually found them on the side of the road coming home from work one morning.  This shelf is full of all my Cyberpunk 2020 books, including the awesome new German Version I won on a contest on Karsten Voigts blog/archive.

The computer station, my old computer desk didn't make the move, it fell apart when we tried to lift it up.  The second green shelf is full of all my other gaming books.

A few more shots to bvring the room full circle

And of course our Custom Gaming table.  You can get all the details, as well as much better pics at the Original Gaming Room Page

Unlike the old gaming room, I was actually able to retaing the ability to open and close the garage door.  My neighbors must think I am fucked up in the head or hosting a disco, but fresh air, and the ability to cool off a bit has been a lifesaver since their are no useable windows for an AC unit.

I spoil my players, in addition to hand painting the pips on their dice with glow in the dark paint, I picked them up these little pencil boxes (one for each cubby), pencils chosen because they glow under the blacklight, big and small notepads, drinking cups, and pucklights, as well as creating their individualized custom character sheets.

view from the GM position, man I have said it before, but I love my idea for holders for my custom GM Screen.

Even under normal light, the table gives off a glow with the blacklights on.

Non-blacklight mood lighting

Ok, I have to apologize for the blacklight pictures.  New camera I haven't figured out yet, I can't get it set right to take good pictures in the blacklight.

I gave a light brushing of glow in the dark paint, really just enough to highlight them, to some of my metal cyberpunk mini's.  The really brightly glowing mini's you see are glow in the dark zombie plastic mini's from the Zombies board game.  You can't see it as well in the pics as you can in real life, but the "battlemap" on the talb e was drawn with flourescent markers from Crayola.

A little better look at the painted mini's. I used to different kinds of glow.  On half of them I used plain green glow in the dark paint from hobby lobby, same as I used on the dice.  On the other half I used some glow in the dark Fabric spray (washable) I picked up at walmart (halloween stock).  I sparyed the spray into a plastic bag, the brushed it on briskly with a toothbrush so it just got into the cracks and grooves to create a highlight effect.  That set turned out much better, and doesn't even have a green tint in normal light.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have done, and maybe gotten some ideas to make your own gaming environment more fun.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

UPDATE:  As time has gone by, some changes have taken place.

Above the garage I hung a few more prop decorations, on one side is swords, mostly to keep them out of reach of my friends who tend to swing them around.  On the other side are my old toy guns from the 80's.  It was a simpler time when any kid could buy a gun that looked real, and if they were stupid enough to point it at a cop then Darwins law took effect..  The only ones that don't look exactly as the did when I bought them are the disc shot, and the Laser Tag rifle.  The two large grenade launcher things on the right side were given to me by a friend at a replica prop making forum I hang out on.  The shotgun, m-16 looking gun, the mini and micro uzi's, the weird hk looking thing, the mac10, and most of the handguns are actualy waterguns.  Man the 80's were a cool time to be a kid who loved playing soldier.  The silver six shooter in the bottom left hand corner is a Nichols Stallion 2, I inherited it from my dad.  I am told it is worth money, but to me its just a lepsake of my dads I got at my grandfathers funeral. 

As you can see, I have replaced the Kabuki posters with a "gun rack" display of my hand painted nerf blasters and airsoft guns.  As well as various maps of night city.  Also you can see that both the graphic novel collection, and the gaming book collection, have grown somewhat.  The gaming shelf (left) has no been repurposed, and now exclusively holds other peoples gaming books, for members of my group who don't want to lug their crap back and forth.  It is made up almost entirely of one players books however.  The really large map is from the German Cyberpunk 2020 latest edition, and its even more beautiful close up.  When I won the contest for a free copy, the sent me a color printout of the map, I scanned it and blew it up.  As you can see it's huge.  Also, got a new couch.

Each player cubby at my table gets the following.  An avery binder that allows them to slide in the custom drawings I do of their active characters, custom sheets of said characters, a green plastic uv reactive folder, a green uv reactive plastic clipboard, a large notebook, a small notebook, custom dice with the pips/numbers painted with glow in the dark paint, a puck light, 5 small mechanical pencils (the green and pink are uv reactive), a blue pencil box, a custom nerf gun, and a custom dice box whose doubles as a dice tray.

The lid of each dice box has an individual design to prevent arguments, and is painted with a UV reactive paint, as seen here under black light.  Man those clipboards gow like crazy.

As I said, the player bubbies also each got their own unique nerf guns, partly just to act as props, but also to keep them from grabbing the bigger more expensive nerf guns off the wall when spontaneaous nerf wars break out at the table. 

The last new addition is my GM tools.  In the ashtray are several plastic 9mm shells that were originally for an airsoft uzi, but we use them as counters for Luck points and what not.  The ruler is just a clear plastic ruler that originally was given out in a corporate gift bag, but I removed the company logo and put the DF 2020 logo and mascot in it instead.  And then you have my personal dice tray.

The dice tray open, with my dice storage.  The two silver containers with see through lids are for my cyberpunk dice, as is the beat up metal cylinder.  Again, the lid of my dice box serves as a dice try.

And of course they gow too....

Deric Bernier