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Datafortress 2020 File Project

Datafortress 2020 Cyberpunk 2020 File Project (80)
The Datafortress 2020 Cyberpunk 2020 File Project

Besure to check often for updates, the files are dated so you can always be sure to have the most recently updated versions.

Datafortress 2020 Files, Submissions
The Interlock Unlimited File Project (29)
The Datafortress 2020 Interlock Unlimited Savefile Project.

INTERLOCK UNLIMITED is a project by fans, for fans.

Be sure to check frequently as projects get updated often. All files are dated so you can be sure you have the most recent versions.

To discuss, review, criticize or collaborate on Interlock Unlimited, as well as take part in the development of new material, be sure to join the Interlock Unlimited Forum at:

Datafortress 2020 Files, Submissions
The Datafortress 2020 Image Gallery (375)
All art copyright Deric Bernier.
2014, 2013, 2012 ...
The Datafortress 2020 Cyberpunk Archives (414)
The big news is the Datafortress 2020 Cyberpunk Archive. It is an understatement to say I scoured the net, visiting every single English speaking Cyberpunk site on earth. In fact, I did more than that. I used the Internet Wayback Machine to scour every Cyberpunk 2020 site that EVER EXISTED. I grabbed absolutely every article and file I could find that was worth grabbing. I reformatted all the HTML, DOC, and RTF files into PDF's, in any case where it was possible including the original illustrations that went with the files. And now I present them all to you. The largest archive of the net generated Cyberpunk 2020 material in HISTORY. Over 250 files, many of them haven't been available in years. Articles from the greats whose websites are either no longer with us, or merely unmaintained and rotting. Those greats, whose ranks include in no certain order; Paul Daniel "Superdan" Bailey, Gary "Ocelot" Astleford and Amy "Mockery" Luthor, Christian Conkle, Morninman (never did find his real name), Michael Van Atta, Andrew James, Jim and Peta Lawrie, Joe Kleman, Ben Morgan, Karsten (owner of the only site on the net besides this one that is still regularly updated and maintained), Pablo Zagal, Dave "Knighthawk" Simpson, Eric Bergbauer, Wilkes, Mark Cook, Agamemnon, Thumper, Dana Jorgenson, Dextra and Hound, Flipper is Dead, Rad, Cyco, Beezdek, and Paul Minor, Nick Mosely, Nicholas Carruthers, David Gilbert, Peter Lustig, Todd Bradley, Loky, Rev. Lazaro, Nagle, Varney, Marc Brenowitz, Jim Milligan, Michael Straus, Deadlock, are the ones who inspired me all these years running Datafortress, and this Archive is my way of saying thank you and showing my respect, and ensuring that their work is not lost or forgotten.

As a special bonus, the archive also contains 2 nnever before seen adventures by Kristian De Valle... A Macguffin Called Agrippa, and After The Astor.

Unfortunately, I cannot reach the follwoing authors for permission. There work is included in the archive, however if you are one of the of the following (or anyone to whom I might have mis-attributed credit) and wish you work to be removed, please send me an e-mail at I am DESPERATELY trying to find the following people for to ask permission to include them in the archive:
Robert �Ookami� Mikkelsen (Static On The Line)
Stewart Wochen (adventures)
Todd Bradley (1 Adventure)
Scott Dunphy (a character sheet)
Teleran Quizari,
Ema 1.0 (Character Sheet)
Oskar (Dirty CP2020 NPC Generator v12 )
Robert Deck (lifepath and character generator)
Paul Tobias (weapons stuff)
Chris Lupton (Humble Smartlink)
Dolphin (npc generator)
ch003nm (Npc generator)
r6uhl (Under Hot leather - not entirely sure this is cyberpunk)
Chris Robinson (events table)
Sparky (human shields)
Geoffrey (kinetic energy damage rules)
Mathew Nippert (Urban Blight: Sidney 2020)
Mad Rabbit (Madison 2020)
James D.R Kemp (sanity rules)
Christian Schrodt (Schrunzo) (Caliber tables)
Raver X (San Francisco 2032 netrunning rules)
Asymmetric (Datatel Adv Comm Suitcase)
ind0006 (Cyber32 Cyberpunk and Cybergen Char creator)

Villa Straylight

If you have have current contact information for any of these people, or have an article you wish to be included in this archive, please contact me at the above e-mail. (Hits: 2563)

Adventures, Character Sheets, Corporations ...

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Interlock Unlimited - Editable IU Character Sheet
Interlock Unlimited - Editable IU Character Sheet (Wisdom000)
Character Sheets and Other
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Interlock Unlimited - Core Rules 7-7-14
Interlock Unlimited - Core Rules 7-7-14 (Wisdom000)
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Interlock Unlimited - Basic Generic Character Sheets 7-7-14
Interlock Unlimited - Basic Generic Character Sheets 7-7-14 (Wisdom000)
Character Sheets and Other
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