By: Michael Schlecht

What You Need-

A hex grid suitable for making maps of the combat area (I used Fasa’s DMZ™ game for Shadowrun™.)

Miniatures, playing pieces, coins, something to mark your character’s position and facing

A table

How To Kill Stuff-


Initiative-Roll for initiative as per rules provided in FNFF (CP 2020, pg. 87)

Movement-Move up to your total MA

Attack-Work out range and modifiers and resolve attacks as per FNFF (CP 2020, pg. 86-103)

Movement-Move up to your total MA


You have as many Movement Points (MP) as your MA times three. You may move up to your total MA per turn (regardless of how many MP it requires.) Remember to save some of those MP for your attack. Different actions and types of terrain take different amounts of MP. Use the table that follows to determine how many MP are required.
Action/Terrain MP
Clear one
Rough two
Climb Stairs two/level
Climb Wall/Tree four/level
Fall Prone four
Kneel two
Stand (prone) six
Stand (kneel) two
Crawl six
Reload ten
Snap Shot four
Regular Shot six
Full Auto Fire five/ten rnds
Melee Attack  six
Hand to Hand Attack four


Determine Line of Sight (LOS) and range, apply modifiers for obstructions and/or movement. Resolve combat as per rules in FNFF (CP 2020, pg. 86-103) All damage sustained take effect immediately. Turns and actions do not happen simultaneously, they happen in the order they are played, i.e. if a target bites it, he has no chance to get off a "parting shot" before dying unless he goes at the same time as the attacker.

Some weapon stats require conversion for use in this form of FNFF. If ranges seem either too long or too short, keep in mind, that one hex equals three meters.
Weapon Range Hex Range
10 meters 3 hexes
20 meters 6 hexes
40 meters 13 hexes
50 meters 16 hexes
150 meters 50 hexes
200 meters 66 hexes
300 meters 100 hexes
400 meters 133 hexes
450 meters 150 hexes
1000 meters 333 hexes

If there is any weapon’s range that has been omitted, simply divide the range by three and round down.
Some weapons have a blast radius, this is the target hex and however many hexes around it that also get hit.
Blast Radii  
Grenade one hex
Molotov one hex/liter
Flame-thrower one hex
Mine one hex
Claymore two hexes wide (front and back) 25 hexes to 
front, two hexes to the back
C-6 two hexes/kg
RPG two hexes
Missile two hexes
Micro-Missile one hex

For Melee and Hand to Hand combat, two characters may occupy the same hex (actually it’s required.) Remember, the hexes are three meters across.

 The Game-

Once Initiative has been determined, whoever won moves, then the losers go, the winners attack, then the losers, the winners move, then the losers. I know this means a character killed before their turn doesn’t get to do anything, but, oh well, suck it up, choomba, real combat isn’t that forgiving. The purpose of having two move phases is to allow for a move out of cover and then back into cover with an attack in between, like real combat would progress.

Some general notes regarding play:

Hexes are three meters across

Up to three characters may occupy the same hex.

One phase lasts approximately three seconds, one turn lasts about ten.

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