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  English 74.7%, Spanish or Spanish Creole 16.8%, French or French Creole 6.6%, other 1.9%
black 76.2%, white 13.1%, Asian 1.1%, other 6.1%, mixed 3.5%
Island nation,
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - If the U.S. Virgin Islands weathered the collapse and the aftermath well, the British Virgin Islands came through it gleaming.  Smaller, and far less populated, the British Virgin Islands  were always more popular, and more expensive.  It's where the elite of the elite travel to in the West Indies.  A favorite spot for the Royal Family, when the wasting plauge first hit the Caribbean the EDF tightened the ports up to such a degree that no one was allowed on the island till all the islanders had been vaccinated first, even still tourists coming to the island had to have up to date papers listing current vaccinations against the disease, as well as disclose a chip-readable full history of communicable diseases along with their passports.  Because of these stringent filters, not one case of the wasting plague has ever been reported on the island.  So even when the other tourist islands were facing economic collapse, The British Virgin Islands were actually still turning a profit.  Extremely strict envoronmental laws protect the island further, littering is a prisonable offense, and it is absolutely against the law to erect any building or structure on land where a structure does not currently exist.  It's also illegal for any non-native to own land here, which keeps the population very low.

The British Virgin Islands are a territory of England, and as such the natives enjoy British citizenship.    The population of this island ranks among the wealthiest in the world, with most of the menial labor going to foreign workers hoping in vain to one day be afforded the luxury for themselves.  The British Virgin Islands are one of the only places on earth where tourists outnumber the locals, by a ration of nearly 18 to 1.  99 percent of all crime is commited by foreigners.

While absolutely idyllic, there has been some political unrest lately due to the increasing military buildup of EDF troops on Great Camanoe Island in preperation for possible intervention in the nigh inevitable Third South American War.   For the first time in years, the tourist industry on the islands is on a decline, and locals blame the military presence.

(Written by Deric Bernier.)