The Dark Continent is a land of turmoil.  There have been mass genocidal tribal wars and atrocities in africa, and an almost complete media blackout for the past ten years after smoldering anger from the 1990 atrocities is brought to a head in 2004.  After the gang of four was swept away, many of the more underground operations took on their own life.  The US troops in place grew in size, and the commanders (many once owned by the CIA) began covertly fanning the fires of conflict in the countries they had been sent to support, and once the countries themselves became so bankrupt they could no longer function the US simply took them over, not publicly or officially of course, we still call it a police action.  Europe did the same thing.  Since the wars and disease had so decimated the african population Europe did the same as the US, popped in and offered assistance, both with food and medicine, as well as military force.  By bailing out these countries on the surface, they assured their dominance in the region.  The countries themselves were in no shape to complain, and some even welcome their foreign benefactors.  Most of east and south Africa welcomes back European control, although most of South Africa seethes with rage at the notion of being under foreign rule again.  The EEC's answer is harsh and demeaning, with the attitude being that they let them have their country back and they ran it into the Ground, so like any foolish child their toys must be taken away.  The Southern Africans do not appreciate this, and several tribes have been staging raids against white villages and homesteads which make the Aboriginal raids in Australia seem like a friendly welcome commitee.  Kenya however is Overjoyed, the Kilimanjaro Massdriver and ESA spaceports being built, as well as the large european influx of citizens, military personnel, business men and tourists have made Kenya one of the wealthiest states in Africa.  It is Morocco however that takes the prize, long having been a favored tourist spot, Morocco remains a top spot to vacationers from all over the world, and is almost conflict free as most moroccans support EEC control.  However their is a growing faction opposing this, with support from Algeria and Tunisia, two of the hottest places to find yourself if you are European.

There is very little open Conflict between US and EEC forces,  mostly contained to the DRC and Ethiopia.  DRC, formerly Zaire, is one of the largest countries in Africa, and is a valued prize for both the Europeans and Americans due to its fertile soil, cheap labor, and woodland resources.  Until 2 years ago DRC had been holding its own and completely independent.  However massive civil and tribal wars have destroyed its economy and its government changes hands on a regular basis.  There are two main leaders in DRC each vying for control, one backed by the US, one by the EEC.  With both countries each supporting the two leaders whose military forces are severely dwindled, US and EEC forces are in constant conflict in what amounts to a full scale conventional war.  However the rest of the world is kept in the dark by mutual unsaid agreements on both parts to keep the conflict from erupting into a full scale world war, after all, an ongoing covert war is more profitable and allows for greater military freedoms (i.e.- dirty works) than an open full scale war, which no one wants in the first place.  In addition tribal wars still run rampant, and several different rebel forces are engaging all parties in an attempt to rise to the table and become the force in power themselves.  Ethiopia houses an almost Identical situation.  For Years Famine and disease had been slowly wiping out the population, then tribal wars and radioactive fallout from Yemen and Saudi Arabia had aided in almost completely wiping out the population.  This left the country sparsely populated with virtually no infrastructure, EEC simply walked in and tried to take over, when they met resistance from the failing african government negotiations fell short and Ethiopia petitioned the USA for help.  While the fighting in DRC is spread out all over the country, in Ethiopia it is neatly contained with each side controlling roughly half the country.  There are rebel forces and tribal conflicts in Ethiopia, but the forces are so small and poorly equipped that they pose virtually no real threat to anyone but each other.

In some ways Africa has actually benefited from the disastrous last 16 years.  Due to the fact that anyone seen wandering around armed is usually shot on sight with no questions asked by whatever party they come across, poaching has almost become nonexistent, many lumber and agricorps were also forced to evacuate due to conflict, because of this and the efforts of conservationist before the collapse several species have been able to repopulate and many have been taken off the endangered species list.  Most of the big cats are now in the safe zone, as well as rhino's and gorillas, the mountain gorilla especially has had the greatest comeback.  Elephants however, while rising in population are still slow in catching up, and have yet to be removed from the endangered species list.  Plant life has also began taking back its territory, now that clear cutting operations have fled.












Authors note: I have tried to stay as close and faithful to the sparse information on Africa given in the Cyberpunk universe, I have also tried to be respectful to the cultures, religions and peoples, while still attempting to make it a rich and interesting environment.  However since I have never been to Africa I am sure I have gotten some things wrong, and I ask that anyone offended forgive me.  Some information may conflict with what is already official, I ask that you use your own judgment in choosing which path to take in resolving such problems.  I truly hope you enjoy this.

(Written and created by Deric "D" Bernier, title graphic provided by the illustrious Hound, of the Blackhammer project.  If you have comments, questions, complaints or suggestions e-mail me at