'Pen' listings are for the Hardwired Quick Armour System


Bullets with hollows in the tip to allow them to expand in the wound
Dam x 1.5
also Semi Jacketed Hollowpoints (partial jacket)
Cost as normal ammo

Jacketed Hollowpoints
Hollowpoints with metal jackets that reduce expansion
Dam x 1.25
Also Coppertip and Silvertip(bullets with soft metal tips)
Cost as normal ammo

Bullets with cuts in their jackets that allow them to break up in the body
Dam x 1.75
Cost as normal ammo
Also wadcutters(designed to expand to give neat holes in paper targets) and mercury cored rounds (a well of mercury in the bullets core is ruptured when it hits, expanding the bullet)
Most dum dums are home made. Tech+weaponsmith, Easy NB. DumDums fired from highpower weapons may have the cores blown out and leave the jackets in the chamber.This jams the gun and is dif 15 to clear.


Bullets containing explosives to increase the striking energy on the target. Tip Exploders detonate on contact, Base exploders on the bullets base impact slightly inside the target.
Weapon Calibre Damage Bonus
Ligth +2
Medium +D6
Heavy +2D6
V.Heavy +2D6

This does not effect weapons damage or penetration until after armour has been taken into account. If the Bullet penetrates, add on the damage bonus to the damage left.

Wounds caused are at -1 to stun save on first roll, due to shock. If the wound is to Chest or Head, them also -1 to first Death Save. If the bullet was stopped by armour, add the damage bonus to the bullets total damage when calculating Blunt Trauma and armour damage.
Cost x3

Conductive plastic slugs with a peizo-electric tip and explosive granules of C12 or higher embedded. On impact the Explosive detonates. These carry much more explosive than simple exploders, and are available for heavy and v.hvy calibres only.

The Round does damage as an explosive bullet (+2D6) but it also has an effect radius of .5m doing damage =1/2 bullet damage.
Against ANY armour (SP 10 or greater) the bullet hits and explodes, doing 1/3 damage rolled to hit location by trauma, OR normal damage -SP, whichever is higher.
The larger charge also modifies save by -2 not -1 if it penetrates and explodes.

Direct hits on limbs that cause 8+damage wreck the limb (Mortal 0 wound) Hits of over 16+ damage blow the limb OFF.
Cost x5


KTW rounds are solid steel with a teflon coating that prevents the steel from stripping the rifling off the inside of your gun barrel. The bullet does not expand in the target, so the wounds are not as large as a normal lead round.
Armours SP is halved
any damage that penetrates is halved
Pen +1
Cost x3

Armour Piercing These Bullets have Steel cores under a copper jacket, allowing them to be fired without damaging the gun.
Armour is halved
Damage is halved after armour
Cost x3

Titanium Rounds
The bullet is solid titanium with a teflon jacket. Titanium is almost half the weight of steel, yet has the same strength, so the bullet travels a lot faster than a KTW and slows down quicker in the target. Unfortunatly it also slows a lot faster in normal travel, making it armour piercing only at point blank to medium ranges.
Armour is at half Sp if range is medium or less.
Any damage that penetrates is as normal.
Pen +1
Cost x10

Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten carbide is very heavy and very hard. Solid TC bullets are very hard to get, as the tools used to machine most metals have TC edges. As penetrators they are very effective, so TC cored bullets are very good as AP.
Armour SP is one third.
Any damage that penetrates is halved
Pen +1
Cost x 15

Depleted Uranium
The Uranium is no longer radioactive (allegedly) but is very heavy, making it perfect as a heavy core penetrator. Unfortunatly, getting it is very hard, although rumours of Army snipers with DU rounds for 'special use' pop up from time to time.
DU rounds can only be used in Very Heavy handguns and Military calibre rifles. (unless custom made) Recent tests seem to show that the dust from combustion of Du may become radioactive again, so wear a dust mask. radioactive dust may contaminate the firer, the point of impact and along the line of flight, so be carefull. The uranium is pyrotic and may ignite upon impact with SP20 or higher. (doing an extra D3 burn damage a turn for D6+1 turns)
Bullets damage +D6(pistols) +2D6 (rifles)
Armour is at one quarter.
Damage after armour is halved
Pen +2
DU cost x 150 and up
(more if custom made)


Flechette Package
This round contains a pack of several flechette darts, which makes the gun
into a small shotgun. At point blank range the flechettes hit as a group,
all on the same location doing half the normal rounds damage.
Pen A at longer ranges, treat as an automatic fire burst of (Minimum damage for the round normally) rounds. each hit does 1 point of damage.
Pen 0
These are usually used to deliver poisons or burst seals.

Single Flechette Rounds
These contain a single sabotted flechette, which is fired like a normal bullet. When the round leaves the gun the sabot falls away allowing the flechette to fly free at very high speeds.
The Flechette is Armour Piercing (half Sp) and bends when it enters the target, 'fishhooking' and twisting. The wounds caused are punctures and tears rather than the 'wound channel' of removed flesh that normal bullets leave behind. They usually pass through the victim, exiting at an angle.
At point blank range, the sabots have enough energy to cause D6 damage.
Damage after armour is at 2/3 normal
Pen +1
Cost x3

Fragmentation Flechettes
These are pre-stressed to break up as they 'fishhook', breaking into several smaller peices that slow down faster, transfering more energy to the victim and stopping the flechette in the body.
Armour is at 1/2 SP
Damage after armour is as normal.
Pen +1
Cost x4

Armour Piercing flechettes
These are heavy flechettes of high density alloys that do not bend or deform in the target. they will pass straight through the target without any deviation.
Armour is One quarter
damage after armour is halved
Pen +2
Cost x 5

High Explosive Flechettes
These have a thread of high explosive inside the body of the flechette that breaks it up inside the target.This causes similar effects to the fragmentation flechettes, as the remains of the flechette stay in the body.
Armour is halved
damage after armour is +2 (small explosive bullet)
Pen +1
Cost x 4

Poisoned Flechettes
These are light flechettes designed to break up and deliver a toxin into the body of the victim. Dosed with poisoned to make even minor wounds lethal, these are cheap 'quick kill' weapons.
Toxin types
1/The Toxin is a Neurotoxin and kills within 30 seconds.
(unless make BOD25 roll)
The ammo must be stored in a cooler and goes off in the heat
2/The toxin is Blood active, and causes internal haemoraging and organ damage before death to demoralise. Death takes 30 minutes.
Armour is at half SP
Damage that penetrates is halved
Pen +1
Cost x 3 + toxin

AP-HE flechettes
These combine a Heavy penetrating dart with a explosive thread that ruptures the body of the flechette in the body, breaking it up and stopping it in the targets body.
Armour is at one quarter
Damage after armour is as normal +2 from the HE round
Pen +2
Cost x 7


These are rounds specially designed to have Armour piercing and wounding effects.

Dual Purpose
These have a Tungsten Carbide rod in a soft lead jacket. When the jacket hits it expands like a hollowpoint, but if it hits armour the jacket is stopped and the penetrator rod slides free, acting like an armour piercing round.
Sp is halved
damage is halved after armour
Pen +1
Damage is x 1.5
Cost x 4

These have a wadcutter shaped lead jacket around a steel pin. The jacket expands as a wadcuttter, and the pin allows some Armour piercing ability. To use Hydroshock rounds a gun needs custom Porting (150 euro) or its reliability drops one class.
SP is halved
damage is halved after armour
Pen +1
Damage is x 1.75

Memory Expander Flechettes
These are State Of The Art ballistic examples of the wonders of memory metals When fired they are high density armour piercing flechettes, but fractions of a second after a high power impact they flatten out to heavy discs the size of saucers.
Neadless to say, this expansion occurs in the body, causing massive injury.
Armour is at one quarter
Damage after armour is x 1.5
Pen +2
Cost x 10


Glaser Safety Slug
These look like Blue pencil erasers, big fat plastic coated bullets. The glaser slug is a copper cup filled with liquid teflon and lead shot, sealed with a plastic cap. When it hits the target the cut ruptures and the contents spill out. as the projectile is light it travels very fast, and when it hits it spills out and expands in a spherical shape. this allows almost perfect energy transfer and massive shock and wounds. Unfortunatly, this also means it can't penetrate any armour, and even heavy clothes or a wallet can stop it. (difficult luck roll to take trauma only) This also means it can't ricochet or shoot through any target, making it a 'Safe' round
Cannot Penetrate any SP
Damage x2
All Wounds are -2 to saves (stun and death)
Pen 0
Cost x 20
(3 to 5 bucks A SHOT)

Black Top Glaser Safety slug
This is the almost Mythical 'Armour Piercing Glaser' round that the Military are rumoured to have. It can defeat light Kevlar, interior doors, clothes and other light armour. It also acts just like the normal 'Blue Top' Glasers in all other ways, making it very lethal.
Cannot Penetrate SP 15 or higher, Ignores lighter armour
Damage x2
All wounds are -2 to saves
Pen A
Cost Unknown (x30+?)

Synthetic PLastic Ammunition for Training.
This was first used as a low lead bullet for target range use, but its lead dust and polymer mix composition makes it break up in targets. this makes it ideal for stopping targets.
Damage +D6+1
Cannot penetrate SP20 or higher, whatever rolled
Pen as normal but MAX B
Cost as normal.

'Tres Haute Vites'
This bullet uses a revolutionary 'reverse Ogive' design, as the bullet actually curves inward. It looks like a fat drawing pin that curves our wider down the bullet, but the shape reflects the shock waves of the impact away from the bullet at 90 degrees to the impact. This literally tears the target appart with the shockwave, which is equivalent to a bullet two and a half times the THV's diameter. The Round is Armour Piercing, as the impact pushes the armour apart, and the damage is high. The bullet slows rapidly after impact so it will not shoot through its target.
Armour is at half SP
Damage is x 2.5 after armour
Pen +1
Cost x8

GECO Plastic
The GECO round is hollow through out its lenght, with a plastic centre pin that falls free after firing. this causes the bullet to tumble in the wound, spinning off at random angles. This causes a lot of tearing and it is possible for the bullet to travel the lenght of the target before exiting the body. Of course it is possible for the bullet to go into the body and then swerve off to one side and exit leaving only a minor wound as it doesn't expand.
Roll D4 divided by Two. (range 1/2, 1, 1.5, 2)
If x1/2 x1 or x1.5 Multiply damage by this number.
if a four is rolled, the bullet passed into the next location on the body, (equal chance of each) doing normal damage again.
Cost x 2

These are long aluminium bullets coated in plastic, designed to be used in revolvers. they are very high speed rounds but slow quickly in a target, and cannot peirce SP20 or higher, or walls (they were designed to be used inside Airplanes).
When rolling damage, reroll 1's and 2's .each die can only be rerolled once, so the second roll must be taken.
Cost x2


Jelly rounds
These are plastic sacs of inert Gel that flatten on impact, delivering a nasty stinging wound but little tissue damage.
Each bullet does only 1 point of real damage, the rest is stun only.
Not much use against armour. Soft armour lets the trauma through (as stun only damage) and hard armour ignores damage totally.
Pen 0
Cost x1

Ceramic Rounds
These rounds are brittle and weak, designed to break up on impact with anything hard. they do 1/4 damage to Hard targets (Pen -2) and full damage to soft targets (like flesh)
Cost x1.5

Tazer Darts
Low velocity capacitor packages, these are fired like normal bullets, but with half normal range, and they are so low power they cannot work the action of a gas-auto weapon, so they have to be manually chambered (ROF1)
They can shock through SP 5 or less of armour (ignoring skinweave or subdermal) Any do a BOD 15 shock. (roll Bod+D10, 15+ or pass out for D6 mins)
Cost x3


These have a small incenduary in the base of the bullet that ignites when fired leaving a glowing trail from gun muzzle to point of impact. They will ignite anything flammable they hit, making them useful in an antivehicle role, and also allow for accurate auto fire.
When firing on fully automatic with tracer ammo, roll the skill roll twice and take the best roll. on the second roll, count the burst as HALF the size it is, as some of the bullets have already left the gun.
The drawback with tracers is that they show the enemy where you are.
Damage as a normal round + ignites anything flammable (D3 burns a round for D6 rounds)
Cost x 1.5

These bullets twist in the target, spinning and tearing. they take on unusual curved paths and exit the body from almost anywhere. In A true case, a UK Police Markman with a .38 special revolver was ordered to stop a prize bull that had broken loose and injured several people. As it was a valuable animal, he shot it in the leg. The bullet hit the bone in the leg, tumbled up the leg, into the chest, punctured a lung, burst the heart and exited through the opposite shoulder. The Bull dropped dead.
Multiply tumbler damage by D4/2, giving a range fron x1/2 (minor flesh wound) to x2 (moved into nearest location, equal chance for each possible location)
Cost x1

These Bullets are very low signiture, as they travel below the speed of sound This is usually due to an increased bullet weight, giving a slow, heavy round that causes normal damage without supersonic 'crack'
Damage as normal
Armour is x1.5 as the bullet is slow
Cost x2

Rifle only.
These pack two projectiles into one round, firing them both at once, this puts twice the bullets towards the target greatly increasing the chance of a hit.
Single Shot +1 to hit, D6/3 hits
3RD Burst +2 to hit , 2D3 hits
Full Auto +1 to hit, counts as Twice ROF bullets fired and each point over the target number hits with TWO rounds.
Each Bullet Does D6 less Damage
Cost x 3

Rifle only
This packs THREE bullets into each round of ammunition
Single Shot +2 to hit, D6/2 hits
3rd Burst +3 to hit, 3D3 hits
Full Auto +2 to hit, Counts as THREE times ROF bullets fired and each point over target number is TWO bullets hit
Each Bullet Does 2D6 less Damage
Cost x 5

This uses a longer round to pust the bigger, heavier bullet at high speeds, making a high power round.
Damage +D6 higher.
Gun must be custom made
Examples. .357 magnum .44 magnum &.408TAC are already Magnums
Cost GM call

The bullet has been prestressed so it is brittle, splintering into tiny metal fragments the size of hairs. In the body these creep through flesh and cause massive tissue damage. the day after a wound in the arm, the whole limb will be a mass of purple ruptured and livid flesh.
Wound advances +1 Level an hour until amputated / medtech 20 and D6 hours of delicate surgury to remove the fragments.
Damage as normal.
Cost x6

Full Metal Jacket Ball
Normal military Ammunition
Cost as normal

Heavy Jacket
Thick metal jackets on the bullet stops it breaking up in the target, reducing the lethality, but making it more likely to incapacitate
Stun saves -1 , death saves +1
less likely to kill immediatly, but causes more shock.
Cost x1


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