P  -  -4 -  P  -  R  -  1D6/2 (4mm cased)  -  6  -  1  -  VR

This gun, masquerading as a ring, is too small to do much damage to anything, even at point blank range, but it might buy you the time you need to get yourself a better weapon.  Truly a last ditch defense.  It is a mystery why Luigi-Franchi felt the need to give it six shots, but it is made to the incredible standards one expects from them.




P  -  -2 -   P   -  C  -  1D6 (5mm cased)  -  3  -  1  -  UR
Sometimes we just have to shake our heads and wonder...... what the hell were they thinking?  This itsy bitsy semi-automatic doesn't have a magazine, instead the rounds must be loaded manually through the ejection port one at a time, with the third round actually remaining in the chamber.  If that wasn't bad enough, the safety is a removable pin attached to a key ring.  Like we said... what the hell were they thinking.


COLT PALM-6  65eb
P  -  -3 -  P  -  C  -  1D6 (5mm cased)  -  2  -  1  -  ST
Teeny tiny, 2 shots, and fits in the change pocket of your jeans.  Of course trying to hit anything further than 3 meters is almost impossible, but if you are pulling this chances are the situation is desperate enough that getting close shouldn't be a problem.



P  -  +2 -   J   -  P  -  1D6 (5mm cased)  -  28  -  1  -  VR

A very accurate weapon, perfect for hunting small game. 


P  -  -1  -  J  -  P  -  1D6 (5mm cased)  -  30  -  1  -  ST
A compact assassins pistol chambered in the tiny 5mm round, perfect for getting up close and personal, though for target with the slightest armor, or from a distance of more than 20 feet we suggest something larger.



P  -  -1 -   P   -  C  -  1D6 (5mm cased)  -  25  -  1  -  ST

A light gun, it’s practical uses are limited, but it is perfect for practice or just plinking away.


WALTHER PP-1724E 145eb

P  -  +1  -   P   -  C  -  1D6 (5mm caseless)  -  20  -  1  -  VR

Walther is getting experimental again, they not only added a built in laser sight /flashlight to this weapon, but it comes smartlinked as standard.




EX  -  -2  -  P  -  R  -  1D6 (.22cal  caseless)  -  1  -  1  -  ST
A cigarette with a .22 caliber caseless round and firing mechanism hidden in the filter.  To fire one simply pulls the filter with his/ her teeth or fingers.  


P  -  0 -  P  -  C  -  1D6 (.22 LR cased)  -  8  -  1  -  VR
Popular in home defense and casual circles, this revolver is small, comfortable in a woman’s hand, and easily portable.  For those who don't need a monster man-stopper, this is weapon fits the bill.


P  -  +3  -  J  -  R  1D6 (.22 cal. cased)  -  8  -  1  VR
Billed as the quietest handgun ever made, the whisper certainly lives up to its reputation.  It is possibly the perfect handgun for close quarters assassination.  The revolver is fully enclosed and features a built in silencer.  Hammerless and sporting a built in laser sight along with a digital display on the rear of the gun which counts the number of rounds fired.  This gun is so silent that even with audio enhancement you cannot hear it from more than twenty feet away, without audio boost you would have to be standing next to it in a silent room to hear it.  It fires cased .22 caliber subsonic rounds which must be individually loaded.


ZIP GUN 15eb

(From the Nomad Market Sourcebook)
P  -  -1  -  P  -  C  -  1D6 (.22cal caseless)  -  12  -  1  -  ST 
Made entirely from old engine parts and other scrap, these small holdout weapons are a perfect example of nomad ingenuity.




P  -  +3  -  L  -  R  -  1D6+1 (6mm caseless)  -  20  -  1  -  VR
This is one of the most acurate semi-automatic target pistols ever made.  Not as pretty as a Luigi-Franchi weapon, but the edge it gives in competition is considerable.    


P  -  0  -  J  -  P  -  1D6+1 (6mm caseless)  -  22  -  1  -  ST
An odd gun, popular among poser gangs and anyone on a tight budget.  No professional would be caught dead with this weapon, however Autumn Blade sells them to small military groups and gangs like hotcakes, mainly due to the fact that almost no maintenance at all is needed to keep the gun working, and the fact that at 60eb anyone can afford it.  The low caliber ammunition is a bonus as well, as it means the cost is kept low.


P  -  +4  -  J  -  R   -  1D6+1 (6mm cased)  -  25  -  1  -  VR
This fine handgun is more a piece of art than a weapon.  A target pistol made to exact standards by hand and one of the most accurate handguns in the world.  Used by competition shooters all over the world.    


P  -  +3 -  P  -  P  -  1D6+1  (6mm caseless)  -  20 -  1  -  VR
It looks like something from a Flash Gordon comic strip, but the GZ65N 6mm caseless is actually an incredibly accurate and smooth firing weapon, with zero recoil and action so precise that you barely even feel the new round being cycled.  Designed by Malorian for use aboard orbital colonies, sub aquatic vessels, and any other environment where over-penetration could pose a hazard.


NOVA ARMS "6&6" 80eb
P  -  -2  -  P  -  E  -  1D6+1 (6mm caseled)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
This is a tiny tiny backup semi-auto.  Perfect for a purse or pocket.


NOVA ARMS 660 180eb
P  -  0  -  P  -  P  -  1D6+1 (6mm caseled)  -  35  -  1  -  ST

35 rounds of plinking fun make this a favorite among weekend shooters.


SEBURO M71A2   125eb
P  -  +1  -  P  -  E  - 1D6+1 (6mm cased)  -  20  -  1  -  VR
A very nicely designed compact handgun.  Popular among Japanese and European undercover officers.


P  -  0/+1  -  P/J  -  P  -  1D6+1 (6mm caseless)  -  8  -  1  VR
A compact pistol made for use in space and lunar and Martian colonies.  Available in either long or short barrel versions (short barreled version is shown).


P  -  +2  -  J  -  P  -  1D6+1 (6mm caseless)  -  28  -  1/3  VR
This 6mm handgun features a selector switch allowing for 3 round burst bire, and with its high ammo capacity and almost zero recoil, its accuracy is ridiculous.  A testament to Walther engineering.


.25 ACP


P  -  0  -  P  -  E  - 1D6+1 (25ACP caseless) -  10  -  1  -  VR
A Seburo everyone can afford, perfect for a purse, a holdout, even stuff it in your undies, its so small it can go just about anywhere.  And with almost zero recoil, even a child can fire it accurately.


CCMMC OPZ-R66   160eb
P  -  -1 -  J  -  C  - 1D6+1 (.25ACP caseless) -  30  -  1  -  ST
Chinese Police officers are issued this weapon.  The small calibre and high ammunition count keep costs down, and the somewhat flashy styling make it popular among the public.




P  -  +2  -  J  -  P  -  1D6+2 (4mm flechette SPx1/4)  -  20  -  1  -  VR
Designed as competition for the Malorian Silvergun this heavy flechette gun is finding popularity as an officers sidearm in the USAF.




COLT ACE  38eb
P  -  -2 -  P  -  P  -  1D6+2 (7mm cased)  -  2  -  1  -  ST
Truly an Ace up the sleeve beats a dead man’s hand every time…


P  -  +1 -  J  -  C  -  1D6+2 (7mm cased)  -  28  -  1  -  VR
Quite possibly the most stylish light caliber handgun we have ever seen.  If you like the ease and comfort of small caliber weapons, but still like carrying a mean looking piece, this is the weapon for you.  The transparent plastic magazine is a very nice tough, allowing you to know exactly how many rounds you have left at a glance.


NORINCO  "Lil Brudda" 75eb
P  -  0 -  P  -  E  -  1D6+2 (7mm caseless)  -  10  -  1  -  ST
A lean little compact, fits niceley in purse or pocket, or any other small space you need to conceal a weapon.




P  -  -1  -  J  -  E  -  1D6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  UR
Proof positive that Budget Arms customers are idiots is the fact the fact that the Megadeath is one of their most popular firearms.  Presumably the only reason this is so, is due to the guns size and the name, as the actual weapon itself is woefully oversized and ridiculously heavy for the round it fires.  The quality of the frame is somewhere below potmetal, as we have heard reports of people shattering these things with their bare hands.  But if you don’t have much money, it does make sense to get the biggest meanest looking gun you can find, and hope that the mere sight of it is enough to scare them away.


COLT ASP-11  125eb
P  -  0  -  P  -  E  -  1D6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  VR
A nice revolver, still if they went to all the trouble of making the front of the weapon as snag free as possible, the least they could have done was add a hammer shroud.


P  -  -2  -  P  -  C  -  1D6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  5  -  1  -  ST
A very small handgun, perfect for a back up piece or a womans purse.


GEIND EL-EL552 125eb

P  -  +2  -  P  -  E  -  1D6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  5  -  1  -  ST

Geind is a new name in firearms manufacturing, but the new kid is coming out swinging, and catching everyones eye with their stylish weapons.  The EL-552 is no exception.  This break open .38 is extremely well made, and more accurate than a gun this size should be,



P  -  0  -  P  -  E  -  1D6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  VR

This pocket revolver does not disappoint, with all the refined style and performance one expects from a Luigi-Franchi firearm.



P  -  0  -  P  -  E  -  1D6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  VR

A more traditional, but still extremely stylish pocket revolver from Luigi-Franchi, the second in their Gavil line.


P  -  -1 -  P  -  C  -  1D6+2 (.38 cal cased)  -  3  -  1  -  ST
The Pocket II is chambered in .38, which eases the recoil drastically, making this weapon at least moderately effective now.  In all other ways it is identical to the original.



(From Nomad Market)
P  -  -1  -  P  -  U  -  2D6 (.38cal caseless)  -  8  -  1  -  UR 
One of the oddest and most unconventional weapons ever built, it is a revolver that fires caseless ammunition.  It is also not a revolver in the tradition sense of the word, while the spherical cylinder does rotate, it does not spin to a new chamber, instead the bullets are loaded into the nodules on the ball, which tumbles each bullet in turn into the firing chamber.  It takes 30 seconds to reload the weapon fully, but only one round to put one bullet into a chamber.  One of a kind.




P  -  0 -  J  -  E  -  1d6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  ST
A simple 6 shot .38 revolver, sold to police departments around the world.  While in America and most of Europe this gun is seen as extremely underpowered due to body armor, drug induced frenzies, and the cyborg threat, most of the world doesn't have these problems and this weapon is plenty powerful enough.


P  -  -1 -  P  -  E  -  1d6+2 (.38cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  ST
Truly classic style, this small revolver evokes all the feelings of a dime store novel, a hard bitten 2 fisted detective surviving by wits and luck.  Unfortunately in the modern age, it is too underpowered for a primary weapon in most circumstances, but it makes an excellent backup piece.



P  -  -2  -  P  -  C  -  1D6+2 (.38 cal cased)  -  2  -  1  -  VR

This tiny yet surprisingly attractive 2-shot derringer is the latest in pocket protection.  Not sure why anyone would want one with a laser sight but anything to help with the horrible accuracy (+1) can't hurt.  Makes a perfect backup weapon


P  -  +2  -  P  -  C  -  2D6 (.38 cal cased)  -  6  -  1  -  VR
This .38 special emphasizes the special.  One of Seburo's very few revolvers, this weapon features a built in laser sight and ergonomic designed grip from maximum comfort while shooting.  The extra weight around the laser acts as an unerbarrel lug, giving this weapon almost no recoil at all.  All that in a package so small it's almost classified as a derringer.  The snag free hammer shroud is also a nice touch.



P  -  -1  -  P  -  C  -  1D6+2 (.38 cal cased)  -  5  -  1  -  VR

Available in a variety of finishes and an assortment of grips, the Pocket Chap from Sternmeyer is discrete protection for the discerning gentleman or lady.  Available with 1 or 3 inch barrels.  (1-inch barrel is -2 accuracy.)




ARASAKA AG-15  440eb
P  -  +1  -  J  -  P  -  1D6+2 (9mm bolt)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
Rising in popularity, this is Arasaka's answer to the Hammer M-11.


P  -  +2  -  J  -  P  -  1D6+2 (9mm bolt)  -  10  -  1  -  VR
Designed specifically for use in orbit, this odd looking weapon has become a hot item for those wishing to travel around in space.  Perfect for self defense on the Crystal Palace, but don't get caught with it.    


P  -  -1  -  P  -  R  -  1D6+2 (9mm bolt)  -  4  -  1  -  VR
A highly concealable, and very unconventional weapon for use with the 9mm bolt ammunition.  Spacer detectives and investigators need something light and small, and this weapon fits that bill.  Planetside, regardless of the weapons minimal combat effectiveness,  the gun is sought after due to its unusual action and innovative looks.





(Created and written by Deric Bernier, images from Deric Bernier, Appleseed, Cyberpunk 2077,  Macross, Masamune Shirow, Gundam, Dirty Pair, Dark Minds, Men In Black, American Flagg, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Deathwish, Deathstroke the Terminator, Starman, Kite, Space:Above and Beyond, Star Wars, Ice Pirates, Akira, Backlash, Babylon 5, Burn Up W, Dave Dorman, DS9, Dream Wave, Neon Cyber, Earth 2, Grendel: Devils Legacy, Hardboiled, Nausicaa, Secret Of  Blue Water, Negative One, Punisher: Big Nothing, Runaway, L-gaim, Layzner, Ghost In The Shell, Catwoman, Titan AE, Wildcats, Stark Future, Total Recall 2070, Windaria, Rifts, Gurps, Trigun, Alien series, No Escape, Akira, Killzone, Firefly, Doom, Bubblegum Crash, Humanoid, Punishers Armory, Halo, Alien Legacy, The 5th Element, Time Cop, Shadowrun, Tomb Raider, Equilibrium, Intron Depot, Final Fantasy, Hellsing, Parasite Dolls, Bubblegum Crisis, Kappowwe Toys, Gungrave, AD Police, Bubbleguim Crisis 2040, Grimjack, Project Snowblind, Bubblegum Crisis, S.I.N., Dirty Pair, Gundam, Doom, Gasaraki, Blue Gender, Hellboy, Blade series, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., Eatman, G.I.T.S.: Stand Alone Complex, Jon Sable: Freelance, I Robot, Nomad, Mystery Men, D20 Future, D20 Apocalypse, Deadlands: Hell On Earth, Car Wars, Demolition Man, Fortress, Iria Zieriam, Natural City, Space, Above and Beyond, Stealth, Unreal Tournament, Moonwalker, Gunm, Southern Cross, Grifter, Battle Lords, Lensman, SeaQuest, Robocop, Aspen, Homeboys, Judge Dredd, Terminator: Burning Earth, Edison Giacotolli, Vortex, Soldier, Back To The Future II, Echo, Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, The Saint, Robotech: Sentinels, Deathlock, Hunter, Black Ops, James Bond, Death's Head, X-Men, Firearm, Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield, Dirty Pair: Flash, Silent Mobius, Mafia Wars, Army Of Two, Capcom, Hitman, Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Deus Ex, Quake, Air Gear, Btoom, Tekken, Perfect Dark, Fallout, Bouncer, Frontlines, Crysis, District 9, Zatoichi, Bleach, Blame, The Rundown, Avengers, Green Arrow, GI-Joe, Call Of Duty, Brink, Doom, Eon Flux, Haze, Poseidon Arms, Nerf, Starhawk, Bayonetta, Bionic Six, Hudson Hawk, Avatar, Command And Conquer, Wastelands, Borderlands, and other various manga, Anime, Comic book, video game, film, and RPG sources, Raben-Aas, Sharp-n-pointy, Biometal79, Phatandy, Bordon, Shimmering Sword, Vulnepro, El Pinoy, Br0uHaHaasdsada , Larkabella, licataknives, meandmunch, Devilita Andree Wallin, Fuchsiart, imDRUNKonTEA,Guilty Spark, Refrigerador, Italiener, Pascal Eggert, Josh Nizzi, Bokuman, Machine56, Kunkka, Johan Bergstrom, Slipgate Central, Dominic Marko, Francis001, platypusgreen, jimmypham, Warrenlou, flipation, digimech, molybdenum, Spoonboy, Doll Fac3, Eikochan, bakanekonei, teh dave, SC4V3NG3R, solkee, molinaro, KaranaK, genekruger, theelphin, garanum, 2ngaw, shed2602, gorrem, moyachiche, inception08, vietnguyen, rgus, archie, David Nakey, Kuroitora, aerpenium, Dead Robot, teruchan, acidburn08, Markovah, Mort Janu, MishaMoStyle, Blitz Bot, k hos, James Lemay, Gun0runner, Gneocidal Penguin, Kalor, ionen, djake, jett0, cyzrauk8, windriderx23,  firestoned, anjinanhut, regis, libertyspikesv5, rimancreative, deutscherherbst, hexonal, Ryujin10, Raverunner, daisukekazama, dannortonart, bringmeasunkist, Merkaba998, tovenius, Message2god, peterku, nervousgryphon, knightwatch, Brian Rogers, tsukijin, talros, Michael Kingery, ygolochysp, Swatninja, Cyber999, marcwf, WarmGunMod, bcjfla76, bullseye breon, Carlo Arellano, Special thanks to Matsuo, Darth Brass, darcjedi, Tom_Braider, thedap, wuher_da_brewer, Capt_MarVel, Glim999, Pulseriflefan,  TK513,  gunnerk19, Tommin, BritNerfMogul, Tigadee, Johnson Arms, Wolverine_solo, and all the many fine prop replica builders of Mastucorp, the RPF, Nerfhaven, Nerfhq, and BBC).

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