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Main location:  














1-3 Forehead, Cheeks 1-4 Chest 1 Shoulder 1 Shoulder 1-5 Thigh 1-5 Thigh
4 Nose 5-7 Stomach 2-4 Upper Arm 1-4 Upper Arm 6 Knee 6 Knee
5-6 Eyes 8 Left Hip 5 Elbow 5 Elbow 7-8 Shin 7-8 Shin
7-8 Mouth 9 Groin 6-8 Forearm 6-8 Forearm 9 Foot 9 Foot
0 Throat 0 Right Hip 9-0 Hand 9-0 Hand 0 Hip 0 Hip

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2007-10-12 — Not exactly an update

Dude approached me. "Can you make the makro/table determine afflicted organs?" Sure I could:

  Chest Stomach Groin
First Roll 1-3 Heart,
4-6 Lung's left wing,
7-10 Lung's right wing
1-2 Liver,
3-5 Stomach+Pancreas,
6-10 Guts
1-5 Bladder+Repro 1*,
6 Rectum,
7-10 Repro 2*
Second Roll   3 or less for (additional)
Liver – Gall bladder,
Stomach+Pancreas – Spleen,
Guts – Kidney of choice

(* Repro 1 is Prostate for male chars or Uterus+Ovaries for female ones; Repro 2 is Penis+Testicles or Vagina, respectively.)

See? However, let me point some things out. It won't change your character's chances to survive. An injured main location will still be useless after 8 points of damage, and if this main location is the head, your character is still going to be watching radishes from underneath (German idiom). Likewise, if your torso has been eighted, you will still need a new body ASAP although the hit may have pierced your appendix only. In other words: You might have determined the bladder as hit-location, but the impact of an artillery shell in that place will certainly cost you more than that. It's like a "surgical" attack with a nuke. You might be able to drop the cookie right into the town hall's chimney, but it will still flatten the city and everything in a 50-km radius.

The Advanced Hit-Location Table (AHLT) was created to give a bit more variation to how the damage could look like. It already has sub-divisions for the torso: Chest, Stomach, Hip and Groin. Even more sub-dividing may be more harm than use to your GMing. An injured/destroyed organ is something I would rather leave to the GM's free discretion as it can be used as a plot hook. Also, an RPG system is supposed to keep things simple rather than put realism to the max. However, if you really need something to go by, you may use the rules below. I have I tried to match the range of roll results with the size of the respective organs. Where necessary however, I have taken vulnerability or sensibility into account as well. Alright!


The chest has heart and lungs, so I'd say, on a d10, 1-3 is Heart, 4-6 is Lung's left wing, 7-10 is Lung's right wing.
(Heart has 3 because it is the most vital part (no kidding! :D) though smaller than left wing (3), and right wing is bigger (4).)


The stomach, i.e. the lower part of torso, has the Stomach, Spleen, Kidneys, Pancreas, Liver, Gall bladder and Guts. They are all more or less overlapping, so it is hard to have one injured and the adjacent spared, though you theoretically could puncture the spleen with a grazing shot that leaves stomach and guts alone. Judging from the size you could go with the following: Roll a d10, with 1-2 Liver, 3-5 Stomach+Pancreas, 6-10 Guts. Define Spleen, Kidneys and Gall bladder as 'can't be healed or surgically repaired': Once they're hit by a bullet they're mince. So: Roll again. A 3 or less will cost you the respective organ's "companion" as well: Liver – Gall bladder; Stomach+Pancreas – Spleen; Guts – Kidney of choice.


The hip is basically the Pelvis as a big bone. Since it heals, it's need for complete replacement depends on the damage only. Wing that part. As for the hit-location "Hip", an injured pelvis won't immobilise you much. This should be covered by the hit-location "Legs" instead (see original AHLT).


The groin consists of bladder, reproductive organs, and the rectum. On a d10, 1-5 is Bladder+Repro 1; 6 the Rectum; 7-10 Repro 2, whereas Repro 1 is Prostate for male chars or Uterus+Ovaries for female ones, and whereas Repro 2 is Penis+Testicles or Vagina, respectively. If hit from the backside, the Pelvis bone is automatically damaged as well.

Other locations

Note that the whole Torso is spanned by the spine which could be hit and damaged/destroyed.


I am not a specialist in wound ballistics. There are lots of kinds of bullets out there, all having a different stopping power due to how they work upon entry. (Not to be confused with Cyberpunk's SP, i. e. armour value.) Some cause shockwaves and cavitation (hi-vel ammo, the very one that is said to have this mystic neuro-shock effect - nonsense, btw.), some scatter fragments (nasty!) and some just punctuate. So, the number of affected organs always depends on the nature of the projectile. It furthermore depends on the direction of where the bullet hits from. But as said before, RPG systems generalise and approximate things to keep the mechanics simple. Therefore I'd say: Leave the anatomy to the Trauma Team and their tariffs and play along. Use your own creativity and common sense. If you want to use it as a plot hook, just wing what organ the character may have lost and make him hunt for it. You are the GM. Nobody will ask you for autopsy reports or surveillance videos to proove and support your tales and decisions. You have the official right to make things up. In the simplest case, the player does not want this type of adventure and orders a quickly paid replacement the price of which is modified according to availability and urgency. In that case, all the tables you can roll things by would be memorised and prepared for nothing.

If you still are interested in what organs could be hit, visit your Biology classroom/museum/library of trust. There will certainly be wallscrolls and models of the human body. These materials will give you hundred times a better understanding than any artificial table could ever do. Knowing what you're talking about is the best way to GM confidently. Good luck!


Got a suggestion, and here you are. You can now click on the header of a column and the Picker will roll a sub-location for that location.
Don't get irritated by the double-action on pressing and releasing the mouse button. It's just for the functionality, not for the look, unlike Cyberpunk itself. ;)