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09-12-2020 - Small update, I have added an editable Interlock Unlimited sheet for Cyberpunk 2020, ideal for online gaming.  It's not perfect, but it works.  I find it best to have the players each share their copy with the GM, that way the GM and each player can edit and audit the character sheets easily and on the fly.  With this sheet, you can use IU to its full potential, including the combat actions.

Also, I have cleaned up the links page, sadly we have lost many more sites, including some of the legendary ones, like Chris Conkle's 2K20.  All is not lost though, we have some new sites that have joined the community, including the video blog collective, Cyberpunk Uncensored, and the Cyberpunk Wiki, and the triumphant return of the astounding Cybersmily's Datafort, one of the original Cyberpunk sites,  better than ever with tons of new content and updated regularly. 

INTERLOCK UNLIMITED is a re-imagining of R.Talsorians Interlock Rules System and as such was designed not only to cover any genre, setting, or situation, but remain fully compatible with all games built on the Interlock System. 
UPDATED 7-7-14 The Datafortress 2020 files, Interlock Unlimited files, the image gallery and the Cyberpunk Archive are all back and running smooth.  Once again Datafortress 2020 is home to the largest and most comprehensive assortment of Cyberpunk 2020 materials in the world. An editable Interlock Unlimited excel format  sheet for Cyberpunk 2020, ideal for online gaming.

I am working on more entries for the guide, eventually the plan is to give as much detail on each district as I did for the Combat Zone guide.
A detailed look at the irradiated ruins of the Middle East.  


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Datafortress 2020 is open for submissions. 

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