In this catalog you will find the vehicle inventory of the militaries and corporations of the world.  These items are generally not available to to the public.

Fast Attack Vehicles 

Mobile Armor



Powered Armor

Full Body Conversions



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Van Atta for all his tireless efforts in helping me to finish this update.  He converted the Full Conversion section to Cheap FBC rules for this update, not only that but many of the borgs were written and created by him, he wrote almost the entirety of the spacecraft section, and much of the artillery section as well, and if all that weren't enough, he acted as a sounding board for me, and told me when my ideas were brilliant, or just plain stupid. If it weren't for Mike, this update would have driven me stark raving mad and most likely would never have been finished.  Mike you have my deepest gratitude and respect, thanks pal.

(Note, there are several mentions in this article of hostile conflict in Africa and South America with the EEC, USA, and China actively engaging in battle.  For more information on this see Conflict: The African Sourcebook, and coming soon, Conflict: The South America Sourcebook.)   

This catalogue created and written by Deric Bernier.  Art sources for this page include
Venus Wars, Starship Troopers ( Anime), Appleseed, 2001, Key: The Metal Idol, and Macross Plus.
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