All links are rated on a scale of  1-10, 1 being low, 10 being high.  I have tried to include every Cyberpunk 2020 site out there, including the cybergen V3, and Red sites.
2K20 Christian Conkle's fantastic site, highly recommended, and got lots of shit, and is updated regularly.  (Check out his Bubblegum Crisis page as well) rates a 9 
Alexandria looks like a list of cyberpunk campaigns this group has run at cons, but I can't be sure............... 2
Arasaka Friendly Customer Support  Dig the name, but i cant really tell whats going on here....... 4
Atlas Games ............ A former licensed producer of Cyberpunk 2020 supplements..... since they stooped doing anything cyberpunk a while back I give it a 2
Billy Goes To Mordor  A blog with some original Cyberpunk 2020 material... 6

Birbins  A Hungarian Cyberpunk site, sadly I cannot tell whats going on here, but their English expanded timeline is pretty cool... 5

Blackspot a new site, chock full of information....... 9

Black Square a gaming blog with some Cyberpunk 2020 material, including a really cool looking random encounter generator in development... 7

Cafe Press  The Official R.Talsorian clothing store.... 8

CAWS  Alternate and expanded rules for Cyberpunk, from the guys who brought you Punk 21.... 6

CD Project Red Makers of the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game, we have them to thank for reinvigorating interest in Cyberpunk 2020, and by extension, Cyberpunk Red.  Their cyberpunk forums are busy.... 10

ChromePage: New Material for CP2020 Mark Cook's really nice site.  It contains in addition to other things, the complete (and freakin' huge) CP timeline, a must have for players and GM's alike........ it rates a 7

CP MAIN: Knighthawk's Cyberpunk Archive   A fantastic site, my pal sure likes anime, I am gonna give it an... 9
Criticla Miss an online gaming magazine with a fair share of Cyberpunk Goodies.......... 6

CyberGeneration Wiki  A rather neat little wiki dedicated to Cybergen............ 7

Cyberpunk  I am not sure whats going on here, but this Italian cyberpunk 2020 Megasite looks really freaking cool, updated regularly...................... 10

Cyberpunk 2027 Yet Another campaign based site, some original adventures free to download ........ 7

Cyberpunk 2199 recently moved, still kicks ass ........7

Cyberpunk City  a russian site, wow........ 5

Cyberpunk Uncensored Site centered around Rob Mulligans video blog, Rob has the inside track with R.talsorian, and his vlog is full of insite, interviews, and doing what he can to further and grow the Cyberpunk 2020/Red community.... 10
Cyberpunk XXI A french Cyberpunk site that has apparently been hiding for a while.... 6

Cyberpunk Wiki A huge and very comprehensive wiki coviering Cyberpunk (2013) Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk V3, Cyberpunk Red, and Cyberpunk 2020.  I can get lost in here for hours... 10

Cybersmily's Datafort It's back, it's better than ever, and it's being regularly updated, tons of original content.  Bloody beautiful.... 10
The Cyberwolf's Den A nice little site, ambitious project, some original stuff.......... 7

Dead Channel A very nice site, shame it appears to have been abandoned, some good stuff here....... 8

Drocsi another german site, looks like it has a few original pieces.......... 5

Facebook Pages    Datafortress 2020
                               Cyberpunk 2020 
                                   Cyberpunk Red
                               Cyberpunk 2020, RED, 2077 (uncensored*) 
FIXERserver   Links to many of the better articles on the net, not much orginal stuff, but a very nice, if slow loading, presentation, I wish he spelled my name
Gamers Rest A wll designed and simple to use page, lots of new stuff...... 8
Games-In   The producers of the new German Edition of Cyberpunk 2020.  I won a copy in an online contest, and though I can't speak a word of German, this is absolutely the most beautiful RPG book I have ever owned.  Full color artwork, hardbound, a new layout, the inclusion of all the weapons and equipment from all the supplements, a brand new full color map of Night City.  It brings me to tears that we can't get a translated version of this book here in the States...... 10

GamesBeat an online magazine with an interesting article about cyberpunk 2020 and it's various incarnations, including Cyberpunk 2077... 4

Heresiarch's the body function table alone is worth visiting it for...........6

Jeux de Rôle   A french site, not sure what is going on here, but it seems to be full of reviews, downloadable adventures, characters etc........... 6
Karstens Archive  An archive of onilne cp material and the latest in Cyberpunk news in english and in German....... 10
L'antre Chrome A french site, doesnt appear to be anything there though..... 1

Mockery's Cyberpunk 2020 Page    THE ORIGINAL, THE QUEEN OF THE CP MEGASITES, I am so glad this site is still up....... needless to say I think her site is a 10

Morgans CP 2020    A nice little site, not quite finished yet, but when it is it should be worthwhile......... 5

Muppo Man, this dude is creating a 3d map of night city.... very cool, very ambitious... 8
Neural Archive A beautifully laid out blog, its general cyberpunk gaming with some material focusing on 2020/RED.... 9

Neuropolitan  this site is fantastic, and gives a fresh new type of thought to the game, plus anyone who digs Transmetropolitan is aces in my book............. 9

Night City Center Joe Kleman created this awesome interactive version of my Night City Amalgamated map that he uses as a basis for his Cyberpunk Unlimited online forum games.... bloody awesome..... 10
Night City Limits   A polish CP site, it claims it's official, not really sure what all is there because I don't read the language, but what I do know is there seems pretty cool to me......... 8

Night City Trax  the original, official, cyberpunk 2020 soundtrack, re-presented here by the original composer, the history of the album can be found here.... 9

Node 16  Andrew James fantastic site. unfortunately it seems a large portion of the old site still has not been transferred over to the new one...... 8

Obsidian Portal  This seems to be a general RPG site, but has an entire section devoted to the management of several Cyberpunk 2020 campaigns, it also seems to still be updated fairly regularly... bravo guys...... 6

Organized Chaos  a bit of CP stuff, some is pretty interesting...... 5
Precis Intermedia Makers of Cyberpunk paper miniatures ......... 7

Pyramid Loving The Dead, a Cyberpunk 2020 adventure from Steve Jacksons Pyramid magazine ......... 5  A newsgroup dedicated to Cyberpunk genre Roleplaying games..... 4

Reddit Cyberpunk Pages: Cyberpunk 2020 
                                                Cyberpunk Red
                                             Cyberpunk 2077

Reign Of Militias A cyberpunk 2020 mod site for Unreal Tournament.......... 8
Republicpunk  Provides detail on the caribbean, pretty cool though kinda skimpy..... 6
Retro Cyberpunk  This blog seems to be about converting Cyberpunk 2020 to original white box Dungeons and Dragons rules... crazy, but interesting.... 4
Rob Thompsons  nothing here but some links, altough he promises to have more soon..... 2
Ronin 2020  a nice if relatively small site......... 5

RPG Aids  a good site, the cyberpunk tools are especially nice... 9

R. Talsorian Games     The latest news and offerings from R.Talsorian, frequently updated by either the pindsmith family or by J. Gray, their new media chief...... 9

Runners Net  An awesome netrunner site, the hightlight of the site is a free downloadable program that allows you to play the card game online, and includes all the cards from all the explansions, an absolute must have if you use the old CCG as your netrunning rules......... 9

A Rust Monster Ate My Sword A general gaming blog, but  he has 2 Cyberpunk character Sheets, one for 2013 and one for 2020....... 3
Rust Never Sleeps Paul Romines (Night Flyer) fantastic sight, one of the best around it definately rates a........ 10
Scenariotheque  French site chock full of cyberpunk adventures and articles......... 8

Seth Skorkowsky  Author and friend, a one time collaborator, he has done several blog and youtube vlogs about cyberpunk, as well as one all about Interlock Unlimited, Seth is one of very few video bloggers channels I watch, let alone subscribe to.... 9

Shards RPG Archive  This retro archive is my kinda place, not sure where it came from, but glad they are here... 9
Sideways Tower A weekly podcast, they have done a show on Cyberpunk 2020 and, what makes me even giddier, is they did a show on Interlock Unlimited...... 8 (but I am biased)

Sinergy  Live action Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying, nice looking site...... 8

Stories and Other Such Distractions Another general gaming blog with some cyberpunk 2020 materials, good stuff here... 8

Systemuebersicht    A German site with a very large list of all cyberpunk printed material...... 4

Third Rail Desgin Labs  Primarily a site about comics, it also has a large portion dedicated to cyberpunk 2020....... I LOVE THIS SITE, comics and Cyberpunk, it doesn't get any better........... 10
Truncheons and Flagons    Another general gaming blog with a fair share of Cyberpunk 2020/Red stuff... 8

The Ultimate Compendium For Cyberpunk 2020     I am not entirely sure whats going on with this French site, half of it is available in english, and half isn't.  There is a lot there, and the material seems to be compiled from other sites and the official books.  Items from my site feature prominently in addition to tons of other stuff, so I gotta give this site a ........... 9
Unlimited Cyberpunk Forum A forum dedicated to Cyberpunk 2020 and Interlock Unlimited run by my friend Citizen X... 10

Valency Graphics  a very sweet artists page who presents Cyberpunk 2020 logos.... 6

View From The Edge   The definitive Cyberpunk 2020 Forum.... 10
Villa Straylight They promise to return, someday.  Till then, this once great site only gets a.... 1

Violently Happy  I have no idea what langauge it is, but its got a great name....... 6 

Voltar  This guy is apparently retyping the entire 2020 sourcebook as a web page, makes a pretty good reference and even if it isn't original, you gotta admire determination like that....... 5
Wikipedia Wikipedia's Cyberpunk 2020 entry ....... 5

The World's biggest cyberpunk live roleplaying game continuum!    Not too bad for a LARP........ 4

Yahoo Groups: Cyberpunk 2020 Rather than try and list them all individually, here is a listing of them all.

Please......if any of these links are broken let me know and I will fix them.  Also, if you know of a Cyberpunk 2020 site, no matter how big or small, that I haven't linked, please let me know immediately..........

Just because I am a completist, and its interesting to see just how many sites we have lost over the years, I now present the Complete List Of Every Cyberpunk 2020 Site That Ever Was.  Look at the size of that list, then look at this one...  This is all that's left...