Most large cities have some type of nomad market, usually a small affair, the size of a large parking lot or open field that the nomads have been able to squat on, some are permanent fixtures, others are mobile and cant only be found via nomad radio channels.  Some are only open certain days of the week, others operate year round.  But there are several major Nomad Markets, these are more than just areas of quick trade and refueling, these are major Nomad Community hubs, and are essential to Nomadic Travel, acting as sanctuaries and Nomad Nation meeting grounds.  In some areas of the country these Markets are the only safe resting grounds in a land full of enemies, in others they are the last reliable supply point before heading into badlands.  The following is a list of the main Nomad Markets in the US.


Alabama- Montgomery, this small Market sits just north of Montgomery.  The market is kept small due to the authoritarian fascist police state, which makes nomad travel in groups of less then 20 problematic.  The difficulty of getting in and out of Alabama and other Dixie Alliance states does make this market a crucial trading and resupply hub, and the locals rely on the Market for its black market. All tribes are represented here, including Thelas (although with minimal numbers).


Alaska- Seward, most Nomad markets are next to large metro areas, but the Seward Nomad Market is just outside of a fairly small town located on the southern coast of Alaska.  The reason this location was chosen is that not only does it boast a large fishing community, and a large portion of the Pacific Thelas nation, but it is also a final anchor point for many cruise lines.  Obviously the Thelas are the majority presence in the Seward Market, but Aldecaldos, Snake, Folk, and Meta maintain houses, but the Jodes and the Bloods are a very distinct minority that does not bother to maintain permanent representation.  Raffen Shiv oddly enough, are a prevalent presence, as the desolate tundra , lonely highways, and the harsh climes serve as the perfect environment for their activities.

Arizona – Just west of Flagstaff, a bit north of I-40, is the Flagstaff Flea  Market.  Located in the desert at the site of a mock-up ghost town, which the Nomad Market still maintains as a tourist attraction open to the public.  The heat of the Arizona desert, the harsh conditions, and the isolation make this one of the more iconic nomad markets.  It is the Nomad oasis in the middle of hard country for hard men.  The entire area surrounding is like a living embodiment of the old west, and this appeals especially to the Snake and Aldecaldo nations.  The infertile soil, the lack of irrigation, and the dry climate, keep the Jodes and Folk away from much permanent representation, the Bloods run a few Attractions, including a small year round fair and Meta has one representative here.  There is a large number of Raffen Shiv in the area, and they are regular sights in the Flagstaff Flea Market.  In fact, Raffen Shiv make up the 3rd largest population group here, which makes the Flagstaff market unique in it’s tolerance of Raffen.  Rumor has it that the Raffen Shiv may be actually trying to secure a seat on the council via the Flagstaff Market.


Colorado - Denver.  Just west of Denver, at the base of the mountains, is the Magic Mountain Reservoir.  The Snake nation, with backup from the Aldecaldo and Jodes, took over the reservoir, the old quarry to the west of it, and most of the surrounding area.  The Denver Market itself has equal representation from all the nations except Thelas.  Its position is strategically of the utmost importance, as it is the key last stop on I-70 before making the crossing over the Rockies.  In the winter months, guides are invaluable, many claiming to know secret routes through the mountains.  The Denver market is huge, and the number of nomads who have decided to settle in this area and make it home by either providing guide services or trading with nomads making the trip is greater than in any other nomad market.


Florida – Orlando, Technically not officially a Nomad Market since it is strictly controlled by the Bloods and has no standing representation from the other Nations.  The bloods have taken over the Disney complex, as well as the other resort communities in the area, and run it as something of a mad nomad getaway and the largest smuggling point for drugs and weapons into and out of the US.  Rumor has it that several corporations, led by Disney, are in talks with the Meta Nation to retake Orlando.


Hawaii – Kahoolawe Mariners Market.  Nomads have taken over the entire island, and it is now the most significant nomad hub in the pacific.  Almost entirely made up of Thelas, the island is home to a large black market, as well as the prime hub for pacific smuggling.  Fish are the major export, and fresh clean water is worth its weight in gold here.  While some minor pirate operations are launched from here, most major pirate groups in the area come from the Johnston Atoll, which was taken over during the collapse and largely forgotten about by the world.  Now it is the home to a large although loosely organized pirate group, and the island itself is well fortified and armed.

Idaho – The Boise Market.  About ten miles north of Boise sits the Boise Market.  This Market is important due to the agricultural opportunities and abundant clean fresh water.  As such this market is Dominated by Jodes and Folk, and the Market always has an abundance of fresh produce, as well as farm and agricultural equipment.  More Nomads would probably settle here, staking claim in the mountains and fields however doing so incredibly dangerous.   Agricorp complexes are fiercely territorial, and don’t take kindly to outlaw nomad farms.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the neo-nazi groups that fled into the woods and mountains have become organized and now train harshly as a militia.  To make matters worse, several Raffen Shiv tribes maintain close ties.  Many of the old outlaw biker gangs in the region were all white even before the collapse, now these groups are given shelter and support,  in exchange for smuggling weapons and supplies in to the neo nazi militia groups.  The Boise Market and the Jodes recently suffered a severe hit, when the Blaines, one of the most powerful tribes in the Jode Nation were found to have been tricked into supplying the Monsanto Corporation with slave labor consisting of illegally taken nomads and civilians in one of Monsanto’s illegal coca-farms complexes.


Illinois – Chicago.  While not the biggest nomad market in the Midwest, it does have the largest population of long term residents.  This is due to the government and corporations hiring nomad labor almost exclusively in the decontamination, salvage, and reconstruction of Chicago.  For several years now a massive undertaking has been going on here to reclaim Chicago from the horrific Wasting Plague disaster.  The efforts began along the northern coast of the city, and within a year Chicago Port was open, from there the nomad groups have been slowly moved outwards, block by block, first securing a central route straight through the city.  The nomads work hand in hand with military biological decontamination teams.  Sears Tower was declared unstable and demolished, rumors abound that a group of Wasting Plague survivors who had turned cannibal and taken residence in the tower were still inside when the building was brought down.  About a quarter of the city has already been reclaimed and reconstruction is underway, with new buildings and even suburbs already populated.  However most of the city is still dangerous and off-limits, with possible pockets of the wasting plague still present, not to mention the cholera from mass graves still being discovered all over the city.  Salvage is the name of the game in the Chicago Market.  As the city was cordoned off and declared a no-mans land, most of the homes and businesses are in much the same state as they were when the plague hit.  This means a virtual cornucopia of salvaged goods.  Several corporate contracts exist, funneled through Meta representatives, to reclaim business holdings, resources, and records, and a large secondary market has been built up from relatives looking to find closure for family members and friends lost in the disaster.  Outside of that, the city is ripe for the pickings.  Originally the Jode Nation was hired for the reconstruction, which caused some animosity with the Aldecaldo, but it was soon apparent that this job was too big for anyone one nation.  Now Chicago hosts large populations of every Nation.  However, the Market here is actually small, as most of the goods are shipped out to other Markets.  The risk of trespassers getting into trouble in the ruins, or worse, getting infected, is simply too great.  However, the nomads of the area have staked out a large prime coastal portion to serve as the Chicago Nomad Market, and as the safe zones increase, so to does the size of the market.  When the reclamation is completed, it is thought that the Chicago Nomad Market may eventually be even larger than the Night City Nomad Market.

Massachusetts – Inside Boston, Largest Nomad Market in the Northeast.  The majority population here is the snake, with the Thelas coming in a close second due to the large fishing community.  The Boston Nomad Market is unique in that it exists harmoniously inside the city, and is perhaps the most friendly market to the static community in North America and vice versa.  The welcome extended to the nomad community has led many to set up permanently here, and the market itself is by far the most clean and family friendly (to statics) nomad encampment in the world.  Because of this, the Tribal Council here takes great pains to ensure the relationship remains equitable to both parties.  Trouble is dealt with quickly, and any nomad who assaults a static is exiled from the market.  Raffen Shiv are not tolerated, though some who have learned to behave themselves do get admitted.  Unfortunately, the amount of illegal goods offered here is much less than that of any other Market.  Contraband is still smuggled though, but all sales of such items here are done with the utmost secrecy and discretion, as the nomad Lawgivers work with local law enforcement, another unique aspect of the Boston Nomad Market. 


Metakey – Gulf of Mexico.  Made up of salvaged and repaired tankers, freighters, and even an aircraft carrier, Metakey is a series of floating mobile vessels and several reclaimed abandoned oil drilling platforms and research platforms in gulf of Mexico.  As such it is the largest and most well defended nomad stronghold on the planet, and home of Metacorp, and its CEO Jonathan Meta.  Meta-key is one of the largest black market trade zones n the world, and has grown too large for Metacorp to assume much control over.  The original rules of Meta-key were simple, no murder, no slavery.  Metacorp still enforces this on the main portions; however some of the seedier outliers get away with both regularly.  Meta-Corp itself is really more interested in acting as the liaison between nomads and the governments and corporations of the world, and all their business is centralized from the Meta Key homebase on their own captured aircraft carrier, redubbed Forgotten Island.  Obviously, as a sea bourn operation, the Thel make up the largest nomad population group, and Metakey serves primarily as a free trade zone for pirates, fishermen, salvagers, and black marketers.  It also has a thriving refugee community and serves as a destination for anyone on the run, with several specialists in providing fake paper and backgrounds.  Meta has built a floating fortress called Metakey West, it sits anchored at northern Lost Angeles.  Rumor has it that Meta and the northern clan are looking to establish their own country in the ruins of Lost Angeles.

Missouri –  Kansas City, the main Nomad Market in the Midwest.  In 2013, during the collapse, Kemper arena, long the site of weekend flea markets, rodeos, and other agricultural affairs, and the surrounding areas fell prey to disrepair and abandonment.  The nomads came in and simply took the area over.  The inside of Kemper is now home to the Nation representatives and the main meeting place.  Outside the arena a large tent and stall area has been erected, which looks much like the nomad markets found anywhere else.  The difference in the Kansas City Market, is this is where the Stockyards for the city are located, an operation now completely run and rejuvenated by the Jodes, who charge Corporations a hefty fee and give nomads a deep discount.  Kansas City is once again the Livestock hub of North America.  It is also the best single source of fresh produce in the country and boasts perhaps the only nomad run 5-Star restaurant in the world, the Golden OX, which has been in the location for over 100 years.  The surrounding buildings have also been taken over, and the areas Halloween attractions (Devils Darkside, the Beast, and Edge Of Hell), long hailed as the best commercial Haunted Houses in the US are now open year round and run by the Bloods.  The Jodes are the majority representative here, with the Folk coming in a close second, but all Nations maintain a strong presence, including the Thelas.


New Mexico – Halfway between El Paso and Albuquerque, off I-25 is the Arizona Free Trade Zone.  The Market is populated primarily by Aldecaldo and Snake, who maintain close ties with the Unified American Nation.  Like Arizona, New Mexico is harsh, desolate, and utterly unforgiving.  It resembles a post apocalyptic nightmare.  While there are many outsiders who think having a Nomad market in such close proximity to so many others is redundant, the Nomads know better, anyone travelling across these deserts knows that the New Mexico Free Trade Zone can mean life and death.  With smaller towns virtually non-existent and the ones that do survive often being hostile to nomads, seeing them as no better than those “Injuns” in the UAN, this market is the last stop for fuel and supplies in the badlands.  In addition, guides are a necessity if you plan on deviating from the highways, as Raffen Shiv, locals, and even the UAN are ready to pounce on any perceived weakness.  Some guides here purport to even know secret smuggling routes in and out of Texas and Mexico.

Northern California  – Outside Night City, the largest Nomad Market in Northern America.  The first recognized Nomad Market in the country, the Night City Market is still the major black market in the region, and usually supports a vast but steady nomad population less susceptible to the seasonal surges the populations of other Markets are used to.  The size of the market, as well as its proximity to Night City, the Largest City in the US, is sustained by free trade with locals, contracts and treaties with corporations, and by being just far enough away that the Market is able to police itself without stepping on the toes of local authority. The market also serves as a major tourist draw for the region.  For more details see: The Nomad Market at Datafortress 2020


New York – The Buffalo Nomad Market.  Located just northwest of Buffalo, this small Nomad Market is on the coast of Lake Ontario.  It boasts equal representation from all the Nations, and is one of the primary junctions for smuggling goods and people into and out of Canada.  Currently Aldecaldo and Meta Representatives are in communications to begin reclamation projects into Manhattan, similar to the operations in Chicago.


North Dakota – Fargo.  Situated directly on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota, the Fargo Market holds a tenuous position.  In North Dakota, the completely corporate run state controls every aspect of the citizens lives, which makes the Fargo Market an extremely popular black market source for Dakotans looking for any measure of escape, luxury, or vice.  On the other hand it also means that Nomads traveling in the state are under strict scrutiny, and with the ever changing laws on interstate commerce, a nomad never knows what may come from even a simple traffic stop.  So while the Fargo Market can be extremely lucrative for contraband smugglers, it is also extremely dangerous.  Luckily, northern Minnesota is a smugglers paradise, with large stretches of uninhabited wilderness, whose population and patrols are kept low due to acid rain.  Contraband can be smuggled through the state with little worry about authority.  Unfortunately, these same qualities also make it ideal for Raffen Shiv, who can attack and disappear into the desolate forests and wastes.

Ohio – The Columbus Nomad Market.  Located on the western side of Columbus, right where 70 and 670 converge, the Columbus Market is a depressing place.  Its large and diverse enough, but Ohio has become something of a disaster in and of itself.  Pollution, acid rain, and rampant corruption in the state government allowing it to be almost wholly controlled by corporate interests have turned the state into an ecological nightmare.  Almost the entire route along I-79 is heavily urbanized and falling into disrepair and decay as pollution takes its toll.  The local population seems to pay little attention to the nomad community, seeing them as just another polluter with their convoys and junk wagons, and they are long past caring.  The Columbus Market is home to a large number of Meta Representatives, constantly acting as go betweens for Corporations in need of freelance shipping.  The smugglers market is huge here as well, and it’s estimated that over 75% of the drugs that are brought in to the region come through the Columbus Nomad Market.  It is also heavily rumored that here is a lucrative body and organ smuggling ring here, and slavery is not unheard of in the corporate work sector,  All nations are represented equally here except the Jodes and the Folk, who only enter long enough to sell produce, refuel, and get the hell out again.


South Carolina – Charleston.  As the Dixie states of Georgia began to attempt to intimidate SC into joining them in 2014, they began imposing roadblocks, and succeeded in shutting down supplies bound for the Southern Carolina almost completely.  Trucks tried to re-route through North Carolina, but it was still suffering from its own problems at the time, and travelling through NC was downright suicide.  Florida was no go as well.  The nomads, particularly joint operations with the Thelas, were able to bring in much needed food and medicine to help combat the problems.  In doing so, the Thelas pretty much took over the Wando Shipping Terminal in Charleston.  As the years passed and things normalized, the Charleston government found that the Thelas and other nomad nations had no intentions of giving up the terminal.  Things got heated, but Meta stepped in and bought the facility.   Obviously the Charleston Market majority population is Thelas, but every Nation is represented here.

Tennessee- Just south of Memphis, this Nomad Market boasts the largest inland population of Thelas in the country, who use the Mississippi river and its tributaries to fish and to move goods.  The largest tribal representative is the Folk, though all nations have a large representation here.  This market is only slightly smaller than that of Kansas City, but is growing rapidly.  Nomads entering the area are advised to take special care when travelling through West Memphis, as that town’s population has long been known for ignorance and persecution of anything that falls outside of what they consider to be normative social behavior.


Texas  –  A very small Nomad Market outside of Austin.  The fascist and xenophobic nature of Texas makes many nomads nervous.  It’s an odd dichotomy, since Texas, perhaps more than any other state, embraces the idea of the nomad, seeing them as modern day cowboys and gunfighters.  This is at odds with the government, whose overwhelmingly Christian based government tends to stamp out any threat to the “moral” atmosphere.  This skewed and thinly veiled racist and homophobic culture has led to Texas being perhaps the only State in America where the Raffen Shiv outlaw bikers are more accepted and welcome than legitimate nomads.  However since Texas declared itself a free state and closed its borders, enforcing strict checkpoints, it is one of the most difficult states to move in and out of, so the mast majority of nomad traffic to Texas is Freight convoys.  The Austin market is one of the smallest nomad markets in North America, with the highest percentage of permanent residents.  Mostly the wares of the Market are geared towards vehicle maintenance, although smuggling goods in and out of Texas is as lucrative as it is dangerous, and there is a thriving, if small black market dealing in weapons and drugs.  This Nomad Market is overwhelmingly Aldecaldo, Snake, and even the Thelas outnumber the Folk and Jodes.  Blood affiliated tribes are almost non-existent here.  The Austin Market also has a very high number of Meta (comparatively), who’s corporate and petroleum interests make them welcome in Texas.

Washington – The Olympic Nomad Market is a necessity for smuggling operations between Alaska and the Continental US.  The Olympic Nomad Market boasts a near equal representation of Jodes, Folk, Aldecaldo, Thelas, and Snake.  The Olympic Nomad Market is one of the oldest, originally a hippy commune, and it is a priority here for the Market not to expend outwards and damage the forest, instead building upward, creating shack towers built from cargo containers, scrap metal, and whatever else is on hand.  The majority of business and trade takes place at street level, while the towers are reserved for hotels, nomad residence, and Tribal business, as well as the contraband black market.  The Bloods have a smaller but still impressive representation, and the Meta always keep a few representatives on site to act as liaison between corporations and governments and the nomad community.   Its close proximity to Seattle and Portland Oregon ensure that the corporate ties remain strong, and the wealth of those cities has led to a very relaxed atmosphere between the statics and the nomad community.  It helps that while Raffen Shiv are present, they are dealt with harshly, even for the nomad community, if they even think of stepping over the line.  The Olympic Market has a wide reputation of being one of the safest Markets for statics to visit in the US, (so long as they stay out of the towers) in direct contrast to the reality that this market is one of the largest smuggling ports in the country.




Canada weathered through the collapse extremely well, it’s infrastructure and rural communities are still strong and its roads maintained.  Because of this, and their social welfare and healthcare systems, there are no where near the numbers of true nomads in Canada that there are in the United States.  In fact, because of Canada success in navigating itself through the Collapse, the country is stronger than ever.  However this success has led to a distrust of the Nomad community at large.  It’s little wonder, since by far the largest population of Nomads in Canada are the Raffen Shiv biker fringe.  Even there numbers are small in Canada as the RCMP move in force at the first sign of trouble.  So for the Raffen in Canada, and Nomads in general, the number of nomads traveling in a group tends to stay low.  Not that the large caravans are needed here, the Canadians are still as friendly and inviting as they always were, though border security has gotten more strict in the crack down on US citizens illegally immigrating into the country. 


As stated previously, there isn’t the necessity for the nomad lifestyle in Canada, homelessness is minute, very few go hungry, and medical care is free to all.  So the majority of nomads are either biker gangs, agricultural workers, or hippies following the festival tours.  However there are still a few Nomad Markets, but they are different than their US counterpart.  They are basically mobile encampments, setting up in a state park or small town for a few weeks, then moving on to a new location before anyone starts to get suspicious of the travelling black market and cracking down.  Coded messages over radio broadcasts on nomad channels are the only way to find these markets.




While Mexico came through the collapse almost as well as Canada, it’s attitude towards Nomads is vastly different.  Simply put, Mexico loves Nomads.  Even if Nomads weren’t responsible for rebuilding Mexico City after the quake destroyed it, the idealized image of the Nomad as an free man, bonded in a brotherhood, an outlaw riding against the constraints of society and civilization… this is an image the Mexican people respect and embrace, as it hearkens back to their folklore, myths, and legends.  This is not to say that Nomads are universally loved and tolerated by everyone in Mexico, just that the majority of people in the country look upon them, if not fondly, at least with respect.  Even the Raffen Shiv have an easier time here. 


Nomads have a large space set aside in Mexico City, in fact this is the largest Nomad Market in Mexico.  The only larger market south of the US border is Panamas Free Trade Zone.  The Mexico City Market is just outside the city, in an area that was originally the camp site for the Nomad workers rebuilding the city.  Because they were the ones rebuilding the city, this Market actually was built with foresight and planning to blend and flow into the city itself.  The market itself is huge, and the more relaxed laws in Mexico allow for a thriving black market in addition to lots of produce, textiles, and fabrics.  The mood at this Market is also considerably more festive than in most of its US counterparts, and locals and nomads mingle freely here.  While dealings with Cartels is common here, especially contracting nomads to smuggle immigrants and narcotics across the border, the nomads and the locals are very strict about keeping the market itself a safe place.  Any breach of etiquette, especially violence, is dealt with far more harshly here than at any other market in the states.  The relationship enjoyed with local police and militia means the nomads have no problem making problems “disappear” if they disrupt trade or put the community in danger.


While there are several other small markets scattered across Mexico the only other Market worth mentioning is the one just south west of Tijuana.  Most of the year this market is very small, confined to a small town called Seco Del Rio run by Juntas Libres, a small Aldecaldo affiliated family, and consists of little more than a garage, a bar, an old hotel, a few makeshift dwellings, and some tents.  But every fall this little town hosts one of the biggest Nomad Gatherings in the world, acting as the Nomad Staging grounds for the Baja 1000.  The best Nomad drivers in the world all gather here hoping for their shot at glory competing against their corporate sponsored rivals.  It’s a party unlike any other, and the Baja 1000 is considered the premiere event in the Nomad community, betting is high, alcohol flows freely, and inhinhibitions run wild.  The race itself is open to everyone, nomads and statics alike, and is the most televised event in the Nomad Community, offering many urban statics their only glimpse at real nomads.  The corporate and static racers have their own staging area a few miles away.



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