A brief guide to doing business in a Nomad Market

While cash is always excepted in the Nomad Market, especially from Statics, the main form of commerce is trade.  Trade in the nomad market is complicated, but is based on the Canned Goods standard.  The exchange may vary slightly from market to market, but the amount of cans something is worth is the standard by which nomads negotiate trade amongst each other for small items.


Can of Soup/Vegetables


Can of Fruit

10 eb


Fruit cans are worth more than cans of meat, soup, and vegetables because they taste better and in the damaged ecology of 2023, fruit is much more expensive.


Dented cans are worth nothing, as the food might be contaminated.  Cans without labels are worth .50 eb.

GM NOTE:  It is important to remember that the prices listed for vehicles at Wandering Joes and other Nomad Market Auto Auctions are that of the opening bid of an auction.  Expect the price to raise by 1-2D10 depending on condition and demand for the item.



Value is listed in terms of what it costs in EB to purchase in a static environment; these costs do not adjust those given for items listed in Nomad Market or Neo-Tribes.  Very few items in the nomad market are purchased from the manufacturer by Nomads.  Most of the items come from salvage, scavenge, or from hitting corporate shipments, but are otherwise treated as new condition, the same as you would buy is a Static store.  Itís a sad fact that there are many nomad road pirates who will attack corporate shipping vehicles and steal their cargo.  The reason these groups are called pirates and not Raffen Shiv is because they donít target other nomads, but that line is always paper thin.


Tools  (x3 price)

Common to Extremely Rare

Any kind of tools, from basic hand tools to industrial tools.  Knitting needles, power drills, anything.  Tools are one of the most prized possessions in the nomad community.  As long as they function, even broken or damaged tools still fetch full price.  With a full set of masterwork quality tools, you are pretty much set in any nomad market in the country.  Vehicle parts are subject to similar exchange.


Melee Weapons (x1 price)

Extremely Common

Melee weapons see a lot of use in the nomad market, many of them are hand made or customized, almost all of them have seen hard use.  Melee weapons, depending on quality, tend to sell for the same in the nomad community as they do the static community.  However statics, always looking to hang something interesting on their wall, have been known to pay double or even triple price for even the simplest nomad weapons, especially if the seller has a story to go with it.

Bows and Crossbows (x1.5 price)


Bows and crossbows are worth more in the nomad community because ammo for them is relatively easy to make and often re-usable.  They are also quiet, and easy to maintain.


Legal Firearms (1/2 price)

Extremely Common

Firearms are a dime a dozen in the nomad market.  By legal we are talking in terms of the type of weapon, not whether it has been used in a crime or not.  In fact, itís almost certain that any used handgun bought in the nomad market has seen itís share of action.  Urban gangs often sell their guns to the nomad community instead of just ditching them.  In addition, quite a few guns are made in the nomad community itself, some types are very common, some are unique and specifically customized to the owner.  New guns are rarely seen, as there is just too many more easily available guns.  A brand new gun that has never been used to commit a crime is worth twice its standard value.

Illegal Firearms (x1 price)

Common to Extremely common

Illegal refers to weapons capable of three round burst or fully automatic fire, that are of an illegal caliber, or have had illegal modifications.  These donít fetch as high a price as they do in urban markets, because nomads donít tend to have to worry as much about getting caught with them.   The indiscriminate nature of fully auto-fire accidently hitting a friend or bystander makes these weapons somewhat frowned upon in the nomad community.


Ammunition (x1/2-x3 price)

Extremely Common to  Extremely Rare

Guns of every type are extremely common in the Nomad Community, but ammunition is at a premium.  Standard rounds, like 9mm and 10mm, 45.Cal, 357 and .44 magnum, and 5.56 and 7.62mm rifle ammunition are easy enough to come by.  Even .50cal BMG ammo is relatively common, but less common rounds like .454 casull, 14mm, or 10mm rifle ammo is very rare, making it 3 times as valuable as what you would pay in a store.  Caseless ammo is exceedingly rare in the Nomad Markets.  Most decent sized  Markets have their own techs who will make ammunition, (one week waiting period for every case of 100 bullets, or 50 shotgun shells, double if specialty loads are required) but the brass casings for the ammo can be hard to come by for the less common rounds so be sure to save your expended shells if you can.  Very few nomad techs have the supplies to make caseless ammo, and if the do they will charge x4 for it, regardless of caliber.


Explosives (x2 price)

Rare/Extremely Rare

Explosives are a highly sought after item in the Nomad Community.  Anything from simple dynamite to hand grenades.  Rockets, launched grenades, land mines and missiles go for x3 price.  They arenít seen often, but when they are they go for high dollar. 


City Cars, Compacts, Luxury Vehicles (1/4th price) Common

Citycars and and compacts donít have the power, room, or range required by most nomads.  While the nomads appreciate their economy, they are seen at best, as a temporary measure until the can get a real car.   Luxury cars are alright, they usually have the power and cargo space required, but the same amenities and perks that make them so popular in the static community are virtually useless in the nomad community.


Sport, Muscle and Performance cars, Motorcycles, Sedans, Trucks, and SUVís. (1/2 price)


Nomads live and die by their vehicles.  But modern vehicles tend to leave a lot to be desired by nomads.  Even the fastest or heaviest hauling vehicles tend to be rather tissue like in regards to the rough use and abuse nomads require of them.  Full standard price is asked however, if the vehicle comes with a steel body or reinforced frame.


Watercraft, Aircraft, Military vehicles (x1 price)

Common to Rare

These vehicles, regardless of size or shape, tend to be worth the standard asking price.  The relative scarcity of these vehicles and their extreme usefulness makes them very popular, and more often than not, a necessity.


Clothing-Cloth (1/5th or Ĺ price)

Extremely Common to Extremely Rare

The nomad lifestyle necessitates that spare clothing is kept to a minimum.  There simply isnít room in a car for much of a wardrobe.  Nomads tend to favor utilitarian or comfortable clothing, and sturdy clothing above all else.  However the Nomad Markets are full of clothes.  From hand made nomad clothing to designer labels stolen from corporate shipments or knockoff labels.  While nomads buy what they need at the discounted rate of 1/5th what they would pay in a static store, the nomads will sell the same items to Statics for half price.  The Statics are still getting a hell of a deal, and nomads are making out like bandits.  In fact, many Static stores buy entire inventories from nomads, especially when they can get designer labels or at least knock-offs.  Footwear, Socks and underwear however go for double the standard price.


Clothing-Leather (x1 Price)


If there is a standard uniform for nomads its leather.  Leather is durable, it offers protection from road rash as well as insects (sometimes even bullets), and leather weathers abuse like nothing else.  Even in areas where the heat is overwhelming, leather is still common.  Treated Leather is one of the few types of clothing that can withstand the acid rains of the North East and northern Midwest. 


Clothing-Armored (x3 price)


We arenít talking nomad armor, we are talking true body armor.  Kevlar vests, designer armored jackets, metal gear, Arasaka Battlesuits, Militech combat wear. etc.   This is not accessible to most nomads, and when it is available it is highly prized.  Sure, like anything else, if Nomads really wanted it they could go into a city, but most nomads donít have SIN cards.  They could send someone, if they have the cash, but thatís a lot of trust to instill in people.  Remember, cash in the nomad society is generally saved for buying fuel and paying bribes.  Trade is the main form of commerce at the Nomad Markets.


Toiletries (x4 price)


Letís be honest, most Nomads smell like Leather, Sweat, and engine grease... and if they are Jode or Folk, add the smell of livestock and manure.  Itís not that hygiene isnít important in the nomad community; itís that they spend most of their time on the road, where they canít afford to waste clean water on bathing.  When a nomad does come across a place where they can bathe safely itís usually cause for minor celebration.  Shampoos, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, toenail clippers, make-upÖ these are considered luxuries for most nomads.  Of course pretty much every nomad knows how to make their own lye soap, or baking powder toothpaste, and it can be bought for about an EB a pound at any nomad market, but the real stuff, the perfumed, manufactured soap and hair products, that stuff is a premium.  Even the little bottles of shampoo and conditioner, or tiny bars of soap they give out free at hotels goes for at least 2eb apiece at a Nomad Market.


Electronics-Entertainment (1/2 price)


Personal electronics, stereos, video games, televisions, etcÖ these are not necessities to nomad life, though they do often make nomad life bearable.  They are common in Nomad Markets, but more often than not they are being sold to statics.  Nomads buy their share of them, but they also tend to hold on to them longer.  Some of the vehicles nomads drive are still equipped with cassette players from the 70ís and 80ís.  8-tracks even get spotted once in a while.

Electronics-Communications (x2-X3 price)

Extremely Common to Rare

Radios, cell phones, GPS devices, laptop computers, Cyber-modems, walky-talkies, etcÖ The ability to communicate is of highest priority in a Nomad family.  CB radios are everywhere,  police and military band radios are common.  No nomad family can really exist without at least one vehicle equipped with one.  Walky-Talkies and other personal comms are common as well, especially to allow outriders and scouts to communicate with the main group.  Laptops and cyber-modems are on the rare side, and are in high demand, even if due to the remote nature of Nomadic Lifestyle they will not always be able to receive or transmit a signal.  GPS devices are common, but many nomads do not use them, or leave them off most of the time.  GPS devices make them easy to track, and that is unacceptable to many nomads.


Survival Gear (x1 price)

Extremely Common

Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, eating utensils, generators, flashlights, canteens, etcÖ These items are the staple of a nomads kit.  If a nomad canít find or afford what he needs he will buy it, but much of this equipment is readily available at the market. (x1 price)

Extremely Common

Meta has worked out a deal with several companies that manufacture MREís.  They are readily available at any Nomad Market.  Other prepackaged food is also available as several companies include large supplies of it in exchange for shipping services.  Most soup, snack, cereal, soda, and even candy makers have arrangements like this.  This is one of the many reasons trade in the nomad market operates off of the Soup Can standard.  The deal that is usually arranged with nomad truckers shipping food is that in addition to enough cash to pay for fuel, half the payment is cash the other half is food, which generally equates to the nomads receiving 1 can for every ten that they ship.  Of course some companies choose not to use nomad crews, and their trucks are prime targets for raiding by both Road Pirates and Raffen Shiv.

Food-Fresh (1/2 price)


In the static world, fresh food is an absolute luxury, usually enjoyed regularly only by the wealthy, and only on very special occasions by everyone not under the poverty level, who may never even taste it.  However in the Nomad Community, itís actually pretty regular.  The Jodes, Thelas, and the Folk bring in enough produce and even livestock, that most Nomad Markets are able to serve it at an affordable price.  Nowhere is this more true than at the Kansas City Nomad Market, where the nomads have their own 5-Star Steakhouse (nomads get a 50% discount from the rate charged to statics).  Now not all markets are going to have fresh food in abundance all the time, as the Jodes, Thelas, and Folk sell most of their harvests, catches and meat to restaurants and grocers, but enough gets distributed around the Nomad Markets.


Fuel (1/2 Ė x2 price depending on availability)


Nomads donít pay taxes.  And one of the favorite targets for road pirates are corporate fuel tankers.  Itís not always available for sale at Nomad Markets, but all the major ones have underground storage tanks for Chooh2, gasoline, and Diesel. Some even have jet fuel.  Large nomad groups on shipping routes usually have first dibs, followed by Nomad National/Tribal leaders, then aircraft.  Personal vehicles and small families are lowest on the totem pole.


Medicine (x4 price)

Common to Extremely Rare

Medicine is hard to come by in the nomad community.  Pain killers and the like are common, but serious pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, vaccinesÖ these are much harder to procure and expensive.  The problem is that very few of the doctors in the Nomad Market are practicing with a license.  Meta tries to act as a middleman, but restrictions and regulation prevent any sizeable stockpiles from building up. 


Cybernetics (x3 price)


New cybernetics are rare in the Nomad Markets.  What is available is usually the most basic of models.  Used cybernetics scavenged from the dead are more common, however those come with their own host of problems.   In addition to Nomad Doctors, nomads in need will often risk a trip into the cities to find a Ripperdoc when cybernetic replacement or upgrades are needed.  Indeed, some of the more mobile equipped urban Ripperdocs actually have contracts with nomads, and are willing to travel to the nomads and perform the necessary procedures outside the city.










Bus/Tractor Trailer/Car Trailer



Small Aircraft



Large Aircraft



Anything larger than a tractor trailer or large aircraft



Statics pay x2 for daily rates, weekly rates not available



Single cot/Hammock

Shared area


Per Night

Single Cot/Hammock



Per Night

Double Bed

Shared Area


Per Night

Double Bed



Per Night

King Size Bed or 2 Doubles

Private only


Per Night

Public Shower


Private Shower/Bath


Cheap Meal


Fresh Food Meal


Glass Clean Water


Beer Can/Pint



5eb glass

Laundry Wash

2eb per item

Dry Clean

10eb per item





Blanket (5 sq ft)


Kiosk (5 sq ft)


Stall 10 sq ft


Tent (20sq ft)


Permanent structures, if available or if space allows for construction can be had for 200eb per month per 50sq ft of ground level taken.  Rent on any rooms inside structure is to be set by owner.  Only nomads are allowed to occupy permanent space in a Nomad Market.


Standard prices are given, although haggling is common.  Tipping is considered polite.  Itís not mandatory, but if you donít tip they will remember you, and will spread the word to the other service providers in the Market.


Mechanical/Electronic Repair

25eb per hour Ė Major 40eb per hour +parts

Experienced and skilled mechanics and electronic technicians are well respected and always in demand at a Nomad Market.  Whether a general mechanic or a specialized technician, if you need something repaired or constructed, chances are high you can find someone at the Nomad market with the skill required.



Minor 50eb Ė Major 100eb Ė Critical 200+eb

Doctors, nurses, dentists, vets, even holistic shamans are all critically important in the nomad community.  Minor visits, for cuts, bruises, colds and other minor ailments are relatively cheap and can be handled by pretty much anyone with advanced first aid training.  Major issues, like serious disease and minor surgery need someone a little more educated, professionally trained doctors, military medics, or at least a nurse.  Critical medical services involve major surgery or the most severe disease, treating gunshot wounds, amputations, cholera, etc.  Any medical skill beyond this is unlikely to be found in a Nomad Market, even if it was, the market itself does not have the necessary facilities to deal with such things. You have to pay for any necessary medication or supplies separately.


Cybernetic Repair/Maintenance

35eb per hour for maintenance and upgrades, same cost as a surgeon for implantation.

Cybernetics are no where near as common in the Nomad community as they are in the cities, but you do see them, there are even full conversion cyborgs running around. Any Cybertech in a Nomad Market is going to have limited supplies and inventory, but they are usually skilled and competent.


Market Guide

5eb per hour

At the larger Nomad Markets you can hire a child guide for 5eb an hour.  The guides know the best places to find whatever it is you are looking for, and will often get you the best deals on it.  They know the vendors, service providers, National and tribal rep locations, and the hiring halls.  But donít try to take them out of the market proper, or you will be in a world of trouble you never dreamed of. Guides are generally aged 9-12.
Market Gopher

10% of cost of goods

What do you do you do when you pull into a Nomad Market to resupply, but donít have time to scour the market looking for everything you need?  You find the local Rugrat Wrangler and hire yourself a Gopher or two to do your shopping for you.  Most Gophers are former Guides, and no one knows the market better.  They know who sells what, taking time in the morning to familiarize themselves with new vendors and note which ones have packed up and left.  Give the wrangler your list, he will set a value on it, the gophers will run around doing your shopping for you.  You can even specify the most you are willing to pay for an item.  Keep in mind, the Gophers work as fast as they can, they will not haggle, they will fill your list as fast as they can, but they will pay whatever the asking price for the item is.  The service costs 10 percent of the total value of your shopping list as determined by the Wrangler, but itís often well worth the price as trying to navigate a market you are unfamiliar with could take you all day just to find one item.  Gophers are usually age 12-15.



20eb per hour

Need a strong back for a few hours to help load or unload a truck?  Need someone to carry goods?  Laborers looking for a few hours of honest work are common and can usually be found at any Nomad Market Tribal or National tents.  Be wary of laborers however.  Most are honest and hard working, however it has been known to happen that Raffen Shiv and other unscrupulous types have hired on as laborers to see what individual trucks are carrying and/or sabotage the vehicles for later ambush.


Massage/Prostitute (Male or Female)

20-50eb per hour

Prostitution is not frowned upon in the nomad community.  In fact, there are many instances of nomads exchanging sex for goods or services.  Most prostitutes, or those willing trade in sex are pretty strict about using protection, still itís a good idea to be careful.  While prostitution is embraced, abuse and rape are dealt with harshly.  Castration with a rusty knife has been known to happen.  Also keep in mind that pretty much everyone in a Nomad Market is armed, and you should have more than enough reason to be polite and not to cause any trouble.


100eb per hour

A Nomad Market is usually a safe place, and any violence is dealt with harshly.  On the other hand, if you have marked yourself as a target, by pissing off the wrong people, or letting it be known you have a large amount of cash, or are carrying sensitive information, you may need some personal protection.  For 100eb an hour, you can sign a contract with a Nomad Warrior who will protect you while you are in the Nomad Market.  A warrior for hire relies on reputation, and they know that if they enter a contract with you and something happens, their name will be worthless, so they will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.


Local Guide

20eb per hour

Different than a Market guide, a local guide is at least 16, and will act as a guide if a nomad needs to find something local to the area.  Usually this consists of trips to the nearest city, where the guide will help his charge not only find what he is after, but avoid problems with gangs, police and corporate security.  The guide will also give advice to the nomad to keep him from insulting or offending anyone, as well as making himself an easy target.  Of course not all trips are to the nearest city, sometimes a nomad just needs to find a good fishing or hunting spot, or even just go sightseeing.  Itís advised that a nomad ask around for the proper guide, depending on his situational need.

Metacorp Representative

10% percent cut

Nomads very rarely deal directly with corporations, Instead they go through Metacorp proxies, who will intermediate and negotiate for them for whatever sale, purchase, or contract the nomad is trying to accomplish.  Metacorp reps take 10 percent of any deal they preside over.  They maintain excellent relations with most of the major corporations, and if a deal canít be reached with whatever corporation the nomad is trying to deal with, Meta has been known to make the deal themselves.



Sometimes you have to hire on additional crew members for a run, or replace family who were lost.  If you are looking for permanent replacements you will need to negotiate that individually, but if you want to hire someone on for a test period or for a single run, these are the standard contract prices.  Regardless of position filled, the employer will be expected to provide food and pay for fuel and repairs if the position requires the hired help to drive their own vehicles.  The family doing the hiring is also expected to pay for any necessary medical expenses incurred during the run.  The price quoted is for a competent professional (They will have at least a Stat+Skill+SA minimum 15 in whatever area of expertise is required.)  You may have to pay more for a more skilled individual (10% for every 3 points of Stat+Skill+SA total over 15) but usually some proof of skill, either by reputation or demonstration is necessary to garner such an increase.  Standard deal is half up front, half upon completion of job.


Of course some crews may need other professionals than the ones listed, but there rate should be simple to deduce from the examples given.


Driver 90eb per day.

Someone to drive a vehicle for you, usually your cargo truck or other large vehicle.  If they have to provide their own truck, expect cost to double. 

Relevant Skills: Vehicle Zen, Pilot: (Car.Truck or Heavy Machinery)


Outrider 150eb per day

Outriding is a dangerous job, protecting the family and cargo at all costs.  You can try to negotiate for lower, but since these are the people protecting you, itís not recommended.  Expected to provide own weapons and ammo.

Relevant Skills: Vehicle Zen, Combat Sense, Pilot: (Motorcycle or Car/Truck), Weapon (Handgun, Rifle, SMG, Archery, or Heavy Weapon) and Awareness/Notice


Scout 200eb per day

Scouting is typically the most dangerous job in a nomad caravan.    They ride ahead, alone, ensuring the route is safe, finding detours or alternate routes if necessary, and warning the family of potential dangers. Expected to provide own weapons and ammo.

Relevant Skills: Vehicle Zen, Combat Sense, Sneak, Pilot: (Motorcycle or Car/Truck), Weapon (Handgun, Rifle, SMG, Archery, or Heavy Weapon), Awareness/Notice, and Stealth


Mechanic or Tech 70eb per day

The pay for a mechanic or tech is not a slight on the relevance of their skill, however they are generally not expected to fight, and unless things go wrong they will generally be just riding along for the trip.  If they are expected to be repairing or maintaining something that requires constant work, the price increases to 50eb per day.  Expected to provide own tools. 

Relevant Skills: Adept, required Tech skill(s)


Medic 70eb per day

It never hurts to have a good sawbones along for the ride in cause of injury or illness.  However if they are going to be required to provide constant care to someone already suffering from injury or illness, expect to pay double.  And as always expect to pay separately for any medicine or supplies required.  Like a Tech, hired on Medics are not expected to fight.

Relevant Skill: Medtech, Diagnose Illness, First Aid, any other required Med skill(s)


Netrunner 70eb per day

Netrunners arenít usually required to do much on the road, so work for them is a little scarce.  Supply outweighs demand so even when there is work, the employer can pay a lower price because of all the competition.  Netrunners are expected to provide their own computer/cybermodem.  Like a Tech, hired on Netrunners are not expected to fight.

Relevant Skills: Interface, Library Search + System Knowledge or Programming

Warrior 120eb per day

Sometimes you just need an extra gun, or 20.  Someone to ride shotgun, man weapon mounts, or just stand there and look mean.  Warriors are expected to provide their own weapons and ammunition.  Like Outriders, Warriors are expected to fight to the death to protect the crew and cargo.

Relevant Skills: Combat Sense, at least 2 weapon skills, Awareness Notice.


Labor/General Help 50eb per day

Occasionally a crew will need an extra hand to help with heavy lifting, cooking, doing laundry, or whatever other menial chores are required.  These hired hands are the exception to the rule, as professional qualifications are not relevant, only that they can accomplish whatever menial task they are being hired on for.  (Menial labor/help only requires a stat+skill total of 13 to qualify for whatever job they are being hired for).

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