Todays daily briefing, crimes and events that merit a mention.
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This morning, The body of Homicide detective Betty Kramer was found in an alley in the corporate sector.  It is believed to be another victim of Abbatoir.  This brings the total body count up to 14.  All the victims have been young women betweent he ages of 17 and 35, attractive, corporate proffesionals, and they have all been found in the corporate sector.  The victims are always mutilated, either to the face or to the genital region.  The effects of these murders is stirring up a hornets nest with the media and city hall.  The corporate sector is supposed to be the safest possible place in the city.  How this serial killer is able to elude the regular patrols, corporate security, and casual passerby is an enigma.  Detective Kramer was part of a sting operation last night, working undercover as bait, when she was cut off from radio and surveillance.  The press have nicknamed the killer Abattoir due to the large amounts of blood found at the scene.  So far we have no leads.  It would appear each of the victims was killed where they were found.  It also appears that none of the victims struggled with their assailant.  Autopsy has revealed that these women had been injected with a paralytic agent, derived and highly concentrated from the venom of the Digger Wasp.  The narcotic completely immobilizes a victim, though they remain conscious and aware.  The horror of these attacks, and the vicious malice in which they were performed cannot be understated.  Autopsy further corroborates this due to the actual cause of death among several of these women being heart failure brought on by fear and pain.  The weapon used to mutilate these women appears to be a common kitchen knife, brand undetermined as of yet, possibly an antique.  None of the Victims have been sexually assaulted, though in many cases their clothes have been removed and their genitals mutilated.  Last week several mutilated animals were found nailed to the wall in a ritualistic display, along with a cryptic message written in blood.  This was originally believed to be unrelated, but with a similiar message written in blood on the wall behind Detective Kramers body, its looking to be the work of the same man.  The police profile is still building his file, but the sudden animal mutilation suggests the perp is quickly losing any semblance of sanity.

It is believed that these women are the victims of one man, psychological profile indicates a highly meticulous individual, most likely in a position of power, probably corporate himself.  Probably attractive or at least unassuming.  His victims, all women, most likely represent loss of authority or rejection, and his asserting control and dominance over them.  It is theorized that whomever the killer is, his sadistic attitude towards women stems from some loss of power to them, possibly a promotion, which he interprets as being due to their sexual allure, hence his attacks at their face and genitals.  Their is also evidence he is highly cybernetically enhanced due to lack of evidence relating to his means of transport and lack of DNA evidence at the crime scene.  For this reason Homicide is to coordinate with C-SWAT on all matters.  This case is the highest priority folks, keep your eyes open.

Detective Kramers funeral will be held thursday, all off duty personel are asked to attend if they can.  A fund raising jar will be set up in the cafeteria.


An Amber Alert has been issued for Tracey Cooke.  Tracey dissapeared from her foster home last week.  She is believed to be in hiding with her older brother James.  James is a custom full conversion wanted in connection to a series of robberies and assaults along the edge of the combat zone.  Tracey is a gifted mechanic and cybertechnician.  James underwent Full Body Conversion after an accident on the job working maintenence on a storm drain.  He was orignally outfitted with a Takara-MF body, but has since had it drastically modified, legally for sure, and probable illegal modifications as well.  Tracey is 15 years old, she was placed into foster care after her parents were killed in a tenement fire.  James was denied custody due to his status as an FBC.

If spotted, approach with caution.  James has a violent temper and is extremely protective of his sister.  Tracey is a minor and care must be taken to ensure her safety.  Traceys foster parents were found dead in their home, James is the prime suspect.  If spotted call for backup immediately.

Incidents of Nomad Wilding are on the rise, and the have begun to spread deeper into the city.  These zeros have developed some sort of fued with Bosozuka gangs in J-town,  Since both groups seem to live for speed and have little regard for speed limit or safety rules, the incidents are more than just a nuisance.  And since the Bosozuka gangs are often under direct control of the Yakuza, they are often heavily armed.  Patrol and other uniformed officers in the area are urged to adopt a zero tolerance policy for any youths in the Vicinity of J-town caught speeding, especially nomads.  Since most of these nomad kids don't even have a S.I.N. number, the order of business is to confiscate their vehicles and whatever weapons or illegal hardware they have on them, and either ship them off to prison or boot them straight outa town.  Of course since technically the nomads don't have rights, if they happen to get a little roughed up, no one is going to say much.  Unfortunately, many of these Bosozula punks are underage, and while scum, they are citizens, and as much as it makes me sick, their Yakuza patrons do have pull, and access to really good lawyers.  On the plus side, most of these biker punjks act as couriers, so if you catch em with drugs or illegal weapons, bust their ass to the curb.

Several of our cities full conversions have been found murdered.  These crimes are believed to have been perpetrated by the Inquisitors, whose long standing outspoken opposal to cybernetics of any kind seems to have escalated into methodical violence.  The victims have all been left on display, in what appear to be ritualistic manner.  Sometimes the display is simple, sometimes brutal.  The Inquisitors have strong ties to promiment members of the religous right in our city due to their attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics.  Listen people, I don't care what your politics or religious views are, these people are terrorist scum, and it's your job to bust them before the murder again.  As of yet the location of their home turf is unknown, they seem to operate everywhere but the combat zone and outlying districts.  They always attack in groups, and never attack more than a single target.  According to witnesses they are in possesion of EMP and anti-cyborg weapons, and their are rumors that some of them have had C-SWAT training.  As for thier victims, other than having FBC bodies they seem to have little else in common, from Liscenced companions to construction workers.  However it seems the inquisition does prefer attacking female targets.  Officers outfitted with replacement bodies are urged to practice extreme caution.  There are also rumors circulating of a watchdog group being formed by Cybernetically enhanced and replaced citizens calling themselves Glimmer.  On the surface this group is supposed to be an advocacy group for the protection of the civil rights of people who have undergone cybernetic implantation.  However we have reason to believe this groups real agenda is to hunt down and retaliate against the inquisition.  We even have an anonymous tip that they are using decoys to try and lure out the Inquisitors.  I don't need to tell you folks how quickly this sitation can escalate.  Be wary of large groups of full conversions congregating in public.  If you do come across such a crowd, handle with extreme caution, not only for your safety and that of civilians, but also because apparently they have some pretty damn good lawyers working with them who are itching for any excuse for a lawsuit.

C-SWAT is being sent into the sewers.  Militech claims it has lost some merchandise down there that represents a possible threat to civilian life.  According to them, they put a dogs brain in a robohounds body, like a canine FBC, they even covered it in doggie realskin and fur.   And low and behold the thing turned vicious on them, killed its handlers, and escaped into the sewers.  Who would have thought that being put into a steel and cybernetic body would drive a pooch nuts. Patrols are advised to keep people out of the sewers, the higher-ups told Militech they could give them 24 hours to retrieve the animal before they were forced to issue a warning to the media.  Fucking paper pushers, you know this thing is gonna kill some kid somewhere right.... personally I think it is responsible for that mutilated homesless dude that was found last night, but what do I know.  I'm just glad I am not the one being sent in to hunt it down.

The unidentified paramilitary group responsible for last weeks robbery of the armored car struck again last night at Penningtons Fine Jewelry Store on the upper west side.  Due to their tactics and demeanor it is believed they are ex-special forces, possibly veterans of the South Am conflict.  They are outfitted with military surplus armor from that era, and utilize military grade weaponry.  Their tactics also would seem to suggest advanced military training. 

This team seems to have no qualms about eliminating civilians and police alike, so far they have killed 6 people and two cops.  Officers on patrol are advised to report any suspicious activity, or anyone wearing military grade armor immediately.  Do NOT approach without back up from SWAT or C-SWAT.  The only lead we have as to their identity is one photo of the female of the group taken by one of the armored cars security guards cyberoptic.  NET-SEC is working with LEDIV and Interpol in order to identify her.  At least one member of the team speaks with a heavy accent, eastern european, possibly Russian.


We have recieved word that Crimson Jihad may be planning an attack here in Night City.  Crimson Jihad is a terrorist group based out of Africa, their goal is the unification of africa and the elimination of all outside influence, and they are responsible for numerous terrorist attacks all over the world.  According to the FBI it is believed they may have played some part in the nuking of New York, and they sank that luxury cruise liner off the bahamas last year.  We are taking this very seriously people, these people do not make idle threats. 

The tip came from a reliable source according to the FBI, so all units be on the lookout for ANY suspicious activity.  The feds are mobilized on this, and Agent John Rivers is in charge.  If he gives you an order you obey it people, no questions asked.  Unfortunately we have no clue as to their target, so at this point it's a waiting game until new information arises.  The feds have asked me to assemble a squad to try and ferret them out, so check your messages regularly to find out if you have been called. 

Be especially vigilant around the college, Crimson Jihad has gained a lot of support, especially from impressionable youth's who like to consider themselves revolutionaries.  It may even be that this cell is made up entirely of Night City natives.  We know in the past they have used full conversion cyborgs, and people from all countries and all religions.

We have reason to believe the impending attack may be biological in nature.  4 days ago Applied Dynamics, a branch of Biotechnica specializing in military bio-warfare was broken into, 4 guards were killed and a sizeable amount of synthetic Blue-Pox was taken.  If you recall Blue-Pox was the cause of 2000 deaths in Malaysia 6 years ago before the situation was contained.  The staff at Applied Dynamics assures us this strain is not communicable, nor are those infected with it contagious.  However if released in a crowded place there is enough of the agent to kill at least 3oo to 500 people.

Forensics has finished its report, and the surviving witnesses have been interviewed.  The firefight that erupted at the Panda restaurant in chinatown 3 nights ago appears to have been started when a full borg entered the building and attempted an assasination on several suspected triad enforcers that frequent the establishment.  We believe the FBC may have been working for the Russians, who have been fueding with the Chinese over drugs and unregistered prostitution.  In the ensuing gun battle 12 restaurant patrons were killed another 15 wounded.  4 of the triad enforcers were killed, three of them, an unidentified male in a black trenchcoat, and two unidentified women, one with pink hair, and another wearing tactical gear under a long coat, escaped just before the FBC detonated an explosive device.  This explosive appears to be the cause of most of the fatalitities and injuries, and finding the Tin Can who started the mess is our number one priority.  The three triads who escaped fit the descriptions we have been hearing from C.I.'s about a hit team brought in from Hong Kong.  Supposedly all top triad enforcers and assasins.  Officers and detectives working Chinatown and little Russia need to keep their ears open and press especially hard ion any informants you have.  Neither of these groups have any real problems with collateral damage or civilians getting in the way of their fued, and this has all the earmarks of getting much much worse before it gets better.  We have to do whatever we can to keep the situation contained as best as possible.  As such we are doubling our uniformed presence in the areas controlled by the warring families.  Resources are already spread thin, so we are going to be pulling cadets from the academy to work patrol on the streets.  The Cadets will be partnered with experienced officers for their safety, so everyone check the duty roster for your your very own newbie.

We know the attack at the restaurant was just the first step, immediately afterwards the russians hit an investment group believed to be working with the Triads in a money
laundering operation, killing a mid-level boss and his two bodyguards.  Last night, the chinese retaliated, and hard, taking out 4 of the Russian bosses right under the nose of their top muscle.  Word on the street is that this whole thing started after an unarmed triad representative sent to negotiate a territory dispute was gunned down by the russians, and things have been getting uglier and uglier ever since. Now we have dead Russians and chinese all over the place, and civilians are getting caught in the crossfire.

If all that weren't bad enough, the Yakuza is using this opportunity to move on both groups, and have been hitting strategic targets on both sides.  This is turning real ugly real fast.  It's a 3-way war between the largest organized crime syndicates in the city, and we are caught smack dab in the middle.  Anti-Crime is overtaxed, so all SWAT and C-SWAT spar teams are on emergency call in case of violent civilian outbreak.  If things continue to escalate we are going to be wading in bodies here people.  Anyone patroling in any territory controlled by any of these organizations... yes Murphy I know thats pretty much the entire damn city..... be extra careful, wear your vest, keep your eyes and ears open, and don't hesitate to call for backup.  Oh, and apparently the Yakuza hitters for this party are an all female group and are as beautiful as they are deadly.  Keep your eye out for asian females carrying swords.  Shut up Murphy or you are going back on meter duty, this is serious!  Swords or not, these women have been cutting a swath through the ranks of both chinese and russians.  So there it is, a nightmare scenario unfolding right here on the streets of our fair city.  All 3 of Night Cities largest crime families declaring all out war on one another.  Maybe the suits upstairs will finally kick down some decent funding, if they don't have to spend it all on body bags first.

Apparently night city has its own superhero.  Ok ok.... stop laughing.............

Five times this month we have found people beaten near to death, broken bones, missing teeth, one guy apparently had his testicles were ripped off by hand.  In each case they were found stuck to a wall with Bio-Askari Motion restraints with notes pinned to their chests listing their suspected crime.  Rapist, mugger, car jacker, murderer, and...... litterbug.  On each note was an odd glowing symbol, possibly asian in origin, this seems to be his calling card.  All the victims claim that their assailant was dressed in some kind of dark suit or armor, and came out of nowhere, beat them up, then left then stuck there.  According to one witness, "the guy thought he was Batman or some shit, I was too busy laughing to stop him from kicking my ass!"  Apparently this nutjob calls himself The Raven, and he thinks he can do our job for us.  Lets put a stop to this idiot before he gets himself killed OR hurts someone else. 

Consequently, according to their rap sheets, all the guys but the litterbug had it coming.  Now whether this means they were caught in the act, or this Raven fellow has access to police records, or even if he is just lucky so far is undetermined at this point.


Vice has an unliscenced prostitution sting going down tonight, they will be targeting both the johns and the tricks.  Unless you are part of the operation keep your patrols away from from the 8700 block of old town.  If you are part of the op, get with Torres and Jenkins in vice, and they will assign you your roles and go over the plans with you.  Part of the operation will be trying to identify the pimps, so if you manage to nab a girl who is jonesing hard, or think she may be inclined to give up her daddy, you cut em a deal and let em walk if they agree to help.  If they refuse to help, lock em up.  These pimps are a disease of our community, many of the unregistered girls they have selling their asses are underaged, and none of them get the mandatory health checkups and immunizations the law requires for liscensed companions.  Plus they don't give Uncle Sam his cut, and Uncle Sam is the biggest pimp of all.  His pimp hand is strong and he wants his share.

There have been reports of some officers giving up jurisdiction to Private Security teams, especially Arasaka.  And yes I am looking at you Jacobi, I don't care how many of them there were, that's what the damn radio is for.  This has got to stop people, WE are the cops, they are just assholes in pretty uniforms.  We have jurisdiction, and if there is a question, you call it in and get advice from us here AT HQ.  Now with that being said, DO NOT go out of your way to piss these people off, as it is half the corporate sector is clamoring for privatized police, a move Arasaka and Militech are chomping at the bit for.  But that is not going to happen people, we are the law, we put it on the line on we hold it there.  If one of these gimps starts static with you, arrest his smug ass for obstruction.  If they try and snake a perp, bring the whole lot in for aiding and abetting.  City Hall is getting tired of this, and so is the department.

Tensions between Maelstrom and Slaghterhouse are escalating as each gang tries to expand its territory outside the combat zone.  They have each been responsible for swallowing up or utterly destroying the smaller gangs in their path.  It would appear its only a matter of time between all out gang war erupts between the two.  As the two largest gangs in Night City these punks have already left a trail of bodies behind them, with this latest confrontation threatening to spill out of the CZ and into the outlying streets, we are advising all officers patrolling the areas and on CZ perimeter duty to keep a cautious eye out for any signs of trouble.  When shit goes down we may not have much time to react.  Both groups are extremely violent and fall under the classification of "Combat Gang".  Do not approach members of either group with out sufficient backup.  Higher ranking members of both groups are usually heavily cybernetically enhanced, and sporting all manner of illegal implants, be warned, in addition to weapons, boosted strenght is common, so don't hesitate to slap on ion cuffs of any suspected member of either gang.  Members  of the Maelstrom also have a fondness for military grade stimulant narcotics, particularly Black Lace and PCP.  Slaughterhouse, while being one of the heavier drug pushers in the city, generally frowns upon its members doing any drugs stronger than marijuana.  Maelstrom can be recognized by the spikes and armor they openly wear, and Slaughterhousers by the ritual scars they affect, particularly on the face.  Both groups prefer muscular and athletic meembers, and have initiation rituals specifically designed to weed out anyone who can't stand on their own in hand to hand combat. Since each group has been systematically consuming the smaller gangs in the Combat zone during Carnival, their numbers have grown exponentially, the latest intelligence puts the membership of both gangs well over a hundred men strong, and thats just in the core groups, lord knows how many affiliates they have bullied into submission.  The entire situation is a powderkeg ready to explode at the slightest provocation.  Of course as long as it stays within the borders of the combat zone it doesn't concern us much, but if it spills over it will make the last South American war look like a picnic.  To make things worse, every single time we have tried to infiltrate either gang, it has ended in the death of the investigating officer or informant, suggesting that these gangs have pull higher up than any of us previously feared possible.

The Voodoo Boyz seem to be sitting this one out, as the largest drug movers in the city, they can sit it out in the University and warehouse districts, far from the Combat Zone.  And with Mama Juju running things, she is setting the gang up to make the most of the situation regardless of which of the other gangs comes out ahead, though we hear her right hand muscle Amra is getting kinda twitchy.  Let's hope she can keep him on a leash, we loosely tolerate the Voodoo Boyz because they are relatively non violent, if that changes then digging them out of the college area could be difficult, since so many rich kids will be in the way if shooting starts.  Goddamn lawsuits just waiting to happen.  The smaller gangs across the city are maintaining a low profile, and even the larger more conventional gangs are staying well out of Maelstrom or Slaughterhouse territory.  Advice from the captain, if you come across a battle between the two, only get involved if civilians are at risk, otherwise let these people kill themselves off, it's for the best.

The massive shootout in the combat zone last night was apparently started by a corporate "wetworks" team, at least so the video footage from Gen Lei Yool that aired on Net-54 leads us to believe.  With this happening so soon after Carnival, the citizens of the zone are boiling, Riot is on Standby until further notice.  In the video you see the corporate team open fire at a group of men who fleeing into a crowd.  This immediately eascalated when people in the crowd began to pull weapons and the corporate hitters unloaded their clips into the crowd itself.  Because its the combat zone we have no way of verifying the dead and wounded, but experts viewing the footage have estimated it could be as many as 20 dead civilians another 25 wounded.  All that and the guys the corps were chasing got away.  We have our boys in Net-Sec going over the footage, trying to identify the Corporates, Homicide is to work with them closely and nail these idiots.  The corps think they can pull anything, well not on this watch.  If we don't find these assholes and bring em in, the Zone might very well erupt into a full blown assault on the city.  And with the whole Carnival fiasco still so very fresh in everyones minds, they may have enough public support to burn this city to the ground.

On the corporate front, Biotechnica and Raven Microcybernetics are both filing claim.  Raven claims Biotechnica tried to kidnap one of their researchers and and steal pertinent research data, Biotechnica claims the scientist requested the extraction and they were merely there for him.  Both sides have sent packs of slavering angry lawyers down to city hall and buried everything in so much legal paperwork that the only thing we can really do is clean up the 6 dead bodies that some got left behind until the DA tells what angle we are allowed to pursue.  God I hate these corporations, they get away with this kind of shit and we get to play janitor.

On an unrelated note, Biotechnica has distanced itself from Norcross labs, saying the facility went rogue and acted on its own without authorization in their genetic experimentation.  Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I am of course talking about the clone they are claiming was created in the Norcross facility, and then stolen from the lab.  They are still offerring the 1,000,000eb reward for the safe return of the clone and the research data she has stored in a cerebral storage unit.  Apparently Norcross has been doing illegal genetic experimentation since before the collapse, if the reports are to be believed this clone is the third stage of their illicit project.  Biotechnica claims they had no knowledge of these projects, and with their lawyers and PR department they will most likely face no real repercussions other than a temporary and slight decline in stock and public opinion.

Also on the corporate front, Arasaka has informed us, the employee of theirs that was shot ouside Giselles Antiques, had apparently stolen some classified data.   And they are claiming he was most likely shot by whomever he was meeting with to sell it.  As usual Arasaka is remaing tight lipped about the whole thing, but once again we are left with a corporate hush job and a mess we have to try and sort out without any co-operation from the money trail.  It's bad enough these assholes make more money than god, but apparently getting away with murder is just a hobby for them.

Vice informs us that the underground arena matches are on the rise again.  Supposedly the Voodoo Boyz host at least 2 a month, and some smaller gangs have been following suit.  Keep your eyes and ears open to the streets people.  These things are no holds barred, no rules, no regulations, and deaths are extremely common.  Every couple of weeks we find bodies of young men and women in top physical condition who have basically been beaten to death.  Some appear to have even been chopped up with melee weapons.  Cybernetics have also been removed from the victims, indicating that  black market cyberweapons are being used, which of course brings CCD into it.  The commisioner has approved a 3-way taskforce between Vice, Homicide, and C-swat to investigate and deal with the problem.  There is also word on the street that some of these groups are involved in kidnapping, snatching people off the street and forcing them to fight to the death against animals, other victims, and their own fighters, but we don't have anything to back this up yet.  The Taskforce is currently looking for volunteers to work undercover to try and infiltrate one or more of the underground fight clubs, only those with heavy martial arts training need apply, and any who meet the criteria can submit an application at Police Plaza One.

Over the past 2 days hospitals have been admitting corporate executives from Arasaka, Militech, Askani, and Digimax.  Apparently they were all attacked by a single assailant without warning or provocation and all suffered a single cut from a knife before the assailant fled.  What's even more bizarre is that the knife used was apparently coated in some new type of nanotech.  The nanotech actually goes to work inside the wound, preventing clotting or scabs from forming, causing a hemophiliac reaction.  Two of the executives have already bled to death from an otherwise minor wound, and the others are requiring constant blood infusion to stay healthy until the nano burns itself out.  This stuff is dangerous people, be wary of anyone wielding a knife in the corporate sector.

The media is spanking us over that raid in Oxford Row that went south last night.  they fail to mention that the perps were suspected of trafficking Blak lace and Blue Glass, and that they opened fire on us, killing 3 of our guys before we fired a shot.  They also fail to mention that the reason so many civilians were caught in the cross fire is that the subjects were holed up in a tenement that had just been condemned for demolition as part of the mayors "Urban Renewal" plan without telling the 40 people who were calling the building their home.  Regardless we screwed the pooch here fellas, even with C-SWAT back up our reconnaissance was shit.  Why didn't we know know the buildings basement where these animals were doing business out of had been heavily fortified, with tunnel access to the street, and for fuck's sake why the hell didn't we know they had a big enough arsenal to take down the army.  We are still picking up pieces of our guys.  If it hadn't been for C-SWAT the entire situation would have probably been far far worse.  One of them even managed to escape by taking down one of our full conversions with an enforcer package.  Another had micromissiles wired into his cyberarms.  The CCD and SWAT commanders are up the chiefs ass over why we didn't have better intel, and everyone higher than the chief is doing their damn best to scrape him off their heels.   This one was sloppy folks, real sloppy.  Our only hope for redemption are to find the ones that escaped and bring them to justice.  I know these scum are cop killers, but I don;t want to see any "blue justice" out there, these pukes have to stand trial if we have any hope of winning back the public support we lost over this mess.  Cause you can damn well bet the media is gonna be watching every move we make for the next few weeks.

Net-Sec has informed us of a new virus specifically designed to cause fatal feedback in a netrunners interface, this explains the rash of dead amatuer runners we have been discovering all over the city for the past several days.  So far the effect has been localized, which suggests the source is probably a local information site.  Net-Sec is trying to track it down, but they are taking every precaution.  In the meantime the media is urging everyone to avoid direct interface and only use manual connections, until we can enact preventative measures to ensure their safety.  If you must interface directly, only visit nodes you trust and do not download files or accept anything from someone you don't know and trust.

They also tell us yet another new Netcult has sprung up, with some full coversion runner calling himself Neonecron setting himself up as an online messiah.  Apparently he is becoming extremely popular, his message seems to be sexual in nature, triggering the pleasure centers of the brain via direct interface with the users mind, Of course the hairy problem is that it seems while he is there, he is planting subliminal messages to his "followers" to get them to not only wire him all their cash and assets, but also it seems to perform specific acts against enemies.  It looks like NetS-ec has their hands full this week.  It is unlikely we will find willing informants among his followers, some of which have gone to great lengths modifying their decks and equipment to more fully experience the simulated psycho-sexual effects of Neonecrons transmissions.  Forensics has deptermined that some of these users have hooked themselves up and submitted themselves to these transmissions to the exclusion of anything else, inculding eating or drinking, to the point where they have starved to death, all while undergoing the effects of a continous state of orgasm.

the aircraft that crashed on approach to NC International tuesday night has been identified as a Fed-Boeing falcon, and was registered as the private vehicle of a Militech Ceo.  This is the third Militech executive to die mysteriously in as many weeks.  Popular rumor is that Arasaka is behind it, and they have brougth in assassin straight from japan.  There is no evidence to back this up, and Militech refuses to co-operate, but reports are coming in that both companies are in legal dispute over a government contract that was apparently promised to Arasaka but ended up going to Militech for sketchy reasons, including rumors of Militech R&D departments stealing Arasaka designs and submitting them as their own.  The one bright thing that be said about all this is that at least both companies are known for keeping their black ops discreet, so we shouldn't have to worry about this spilling onto the streets, but be viglant anyway, with these two there is no telling what may happen.

The Night crew has struck again.  Ever since these cop killing scum went public with their blog, they have been getting more and more daring.  They first came out on that damn news report, claiming that the famous footage shot during carnival of one man fighting off a large group of heavily armed Maelstrom is of one of them.  They also claimed resposibility for that sting gone bad in the Warehouse district near the docks that left 5 cops dead and another who had to recieve full conversion replacement.  I don't have to remind you that the sting was in place after an anonymous tip led us to find a running truck full of frozen bodies, and we were waiting to catch the owners.  Ever since then they have posted regular entries at least once a week Taking credit for various crimes including that arson job at the bar near the campus last week.

We have no clues as to their identity, but on the blog the author reveals that their are at least 3 of them.  He refers to himself as "The Gunslinger", one accomplice as "The Mad Bomber" and the other as "The Night City Strangler".  These scumbags are making a mockery of us out there people, and they are now on the departments most wanted list.  Net-Sec has tried tracing the source of the Blog entries, but they are always made from different locations, and under different accounts.  Net-Sec also tried shutting down the blog, but everytime they did 4 mirrors immediately pop up in their place.  These assholes apparently have support in the "runner" community.  If that wasn't bad enough, they are slowly gaining a cult following, two days ago I busted some skateboarder punk wearing a T-Shirt proclaiming the Night Crew to be "hero's".  We have to stop these bastards, they aren't hero's, they are cop killing terrorist scumbags.  We have to make this obvious to the public people.

Le-Div is trying to muscle their way into this case, so far we have been able to keep them at bay, but if it gets much worse the case will be turned over to the feds.  I don't need to tell you that we don't want that to happen, every department, every section, every cop in Night City wants these bastards heads on a pike, and we ain't letting the feds take em away from us.


You aren't gonna believe this one guys, apparently the cab companies in town are getting a little competitive.  In the last two weeks we have had 3 shootouts between cab drivers over fares, one of those idiots even pulled a sword.  I swear to god I don't know what this world is coming to, but I remember in the old days when it was next to impossible to get a cab anywhere in the city.  Narcotics seems to think the cabbies are using their hacks as a front for selling drugs, which would tend to make this whole situation a lot more logical.  So if you pull a taxi over, be sure to give the car a quick search, you see anything fishy you call for a K-9 unit.  Be careful, cause if they are running drugs and are carrying weapons, the situation may escalate rapidly.

Congressman Hilliard will be making a speech sunday at the base of the Night City Courthouse.  As one of the Leading supporters of the Push for War in South America he is expected to be met with resistance from the hippy crowd.  He also is none too popular with the veterens of the last fiasco in Vietnamafter he was caught on camera calling them "lazy parasites who don't know how to forgive and forget".  Secret Service will be in attendence, but as usual they require a large presence of uniformed officers to direct traffic and control crowds.  Riot Squad will be on standby, and protesters are to be kept away from the audience and out of the Congressmans hair.  Officers from Traffic and Beat rotation will be selected for this duty, so check the roster for your assignments.

CCD is investigating a rash of botched illegal cybernetic modifications that have resulted in several corpses popping up all over the city.  Normally when this type of thing occurs its some back alley Ripperdoc using an illegal clinic as a front to harvest organs or steal cyberware, but the particular malice and brutality shown to these bodies goes beyond that.  In Addition, most of these bodies are still in possession of their cyberware, some of them full conversion cyborgs.  The current media theory is someone has gone over the deep end and is performing some type of Nazi like experimentation, possibly to discover how much cyber you can cram into a person before they develop severe cyberpsychosis.  Our techs find this unlikely, as the amount of time and money it would require would be stupendous, and the fact that if that were the case he would probably have set up somewhere in africa or south america, where he could work much more freely.  They think whoever this is, must have a personal agenda, as most of the victims so far have had extensive criminal records ranging from assault to murder..  Still we don't have much else to go on.  Anyway, we are cracking down on all known Ripperdocs, trying to find out what sick twisto freak is doing this, or at least scare him into going someplace else where he isn't our problem anymore.

This one is almost too disturbing even for Night City.  Last Mondays assassination of Geraldo Lippe and his entourage in the Windsor Arms hotel was, according to video footage and eyewitnesses, carried out by a group of little girls.  Geraldo was arrested 2 weeks ago on child pornography and pandering charges, but had to be released on a technicality.  Video shows the group of young girls, ages between 12 and 15, entering the hotel through the service entrance dressed as maids.  They made their way to the floor Geraldo was on, took out the bodyguards, then stormed his suite killing everyone inside, save for one young girl it shows them leaving the building with.  None of the group of assassins, nor the girl from Geraldo's room have been identified, and it is possible that the entire event was a rescue for the child in Geraldos room, Of course its also possible she was working with the hit squad as a mole.  Details are sketchy at best.  What we do know is that after killing everyone in the room, they entered a brief altercation with police responders, before escaping on the subway.  I know, we are all secretly giddy that scum like Lippe was taken out, but let me remind you, not only are these girls extremely heavily armed, but they are also responsible for the deaths of at least 12 men, and the wounding of two officers.  The case is eerily reminiscent of similiar reports of a team of child assasssins, all female, who took out the Mayors aide in Atlanta 2 months ago, one of the girls was killed in that incident, but her body was stolen en route to the morgue, the coroners driving the hearse were found unconscious, suffering from some type of gas attack, but were otherwise unharmed.  The feds are being very tight lipped with details, and are threatening to muscle in on this case, so time is running out people, do what you can to find these girls before they get hurt, or kill again.

Several of the cities highest ranked martial artists have been turning up in the hospitals and morgues lately.  Interviews with the local dojo's and training schools have turned up nothing, but several anonymous tips suggest that recently a chinese martial artist arrived and began going from school to school issueing challenges.  He apparently has also issued open challenge to anyone who thinks they can take him.  So far, we estimate 6 dojos have been hit, and this apparently completely human agitator has yet to lose a fight.  Word on the street is he even took out a full borg master of Panzerfaust.  I know many of you take martial arts yourselves, outside of the department mandated THAMOC, so keep your ears open.  I understand that with these schools pride and honor prevents seeking police intervention, but people are turning up dead here.  There are also rumors of this enflaming long standing fueds between some of the schools, and informants in the community have suggested that this may lead to a much larger problem, with entire schools going after each other in the streets.  We have to nip this right in the ass before the situation escalates out of control.  Mandate ahs already been passed, you see anyone so much as throwing a punch on the street out there, you haul their asses in and sit on em till they give up something useful.  And don't take any chances, if they so much as look like they are going to resist, put them down using any non-lethal means necessary.  Those idiots over at the 5-7 tried to bring in one of the suspected perps and ended up in the hospital over it.

Select SWAT and C-SWAT squads are to report for training, you will be giving the new Gasium K-5 armor and ORC suits a try and putting it through its paces before submitting a report to the department.  Supposedly it's a lighter, more flexible alternative to your Metal Gear.  No word on if its as effective yet, I guess they will wait till you guys are actually getting shot at to find that out.  Oh well, just look at is as a paid vacation, runing around and playing with a new toy beats getting shot at by boosters and going up against borgs anyday.  Mendez, Jones, Loyd and Coffler, your squads are up, inform your teams and get em to the training grounds by oh-nine-hundred tomorow morning.  I also understand you will trying out new weapons from Constitutional Arms and Norse Technologies.  Seems the department never can decide which company it wants to officially endorse, so why don't you guys help em out a bit.  Seburo has a rep showing up too, you guys get to play with all the good stuff.

Oh, and just a reminder, all C-SWAT members must have their yearly ACPA evaluations completed by next the 1 of the month or you will be suspended from active duty until you re-certify.  It only takes an hour people, and it's not like you get to run around in those suits all that often anyway.

(Written by Deric Bernier, images from Deric Bernier, Full Metal Panic, Back To The Future, AD Police, Neon Cyber, Dominion Appleseed, Burn Up, The Cyberpunk CCG, Squidhead, T.O.O. The only one, Lobo, ahbi asaaja, Frank MillersRobocop, AI, Sillage, Juan Gimenez, Santiago Iborra,  Masamune Shirow, and other artists and sources unkown.)

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