Once again the United States Military is on the brink of widespread invasion of Central and South America.  The US has been fighting its drug war against central and South America for nearly 50 years. with the stakes escalating to actual war twice in the 90's. The new plague resistant "synthcoke", developed after the US decimated the drug trade in the mid 90's, is flooding the streets more rampantly than ever before. The media fuels the rage against this, giving the US military the popular support it needs to once again re-enter the war. In reality, the drug war is, and always has been, an excuse for prolonged covert military action in south America, keeping Americas interests, as well as American revenue earned from both sides of the drug trade, well in check.

 Retaliation for the Nuking of Manhattan also plays a large role in this inevitable
conflict.   When the Colombians nuked New York, it was crippling to the United States economy, and was the first of a string of events that led to the US pulling out of the first CentAm Conflict. It was the rallying cry for the second South Am war, when again, political and economic disater at home forced the US to once again pull out. The US military has NEVER quite recovered from the tragedy of both the unfulfilled mission of the last conflict, and the tragedy of its departure, stranding so many of its citizens behind.

The Panama Canal is pivotal, and the primary excuse for this Third South American war.  During the long walk, the Canal was seized by "Walkers", in particular a group of advanced recon soldiers and civilians contractors. They hold the Canal to this day, with full EDF backing.  Though before the second war, the US had spent billions of dollars it couldn't afford on expanding the canal, the
collapse forced them to not only withdraw support for the expansion, but it also caused them to lose control of the canal completely.

 The United States NEEDS the Canal, and when the mercenary force controlling the canal (under influence from European interests) shut the canal down to all US bound ships, it forces the U.S. to act. This event, more than any other, is the cause of America declaring war on South America for the 3rd time. The war probalby wouldn't last long, except that the drug cartels of South and Central America have thrown their full weight into bolstering and supporting the Mercs in control of the Canal. The EDF also has covert advisors working with both groups, not only to further their own interests in the region, but to have the added bonus of even more humiliation and hardshid heaped on the North Americans.

The drug war, and the cartels support of the mercs in control of the Panama Canal once again cause the war to be fought all over south America.

The U.S. is in open conflict against South American forces in
Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuala. The chances are strong that Bolivia, Honduras, Northern Nicaragua and Atlantico (as the US helps secure the atlantican border against the North Nicaraguans) are high.
Unfortunately the European influence and involvement in the region may likely cause direct confrontation between the U.S. and the EDF.  Direct conflict between
the two superpowers is hoped to be avoided, but EDF advisors working with the mercs at the panama canal and region surrounding are bound to come up against US forces eventually. The same can be said for EDF advisors working with the cartels. These advisors are mostly made up of Special forces teams, training and providing intelligence to the mercs and cartels, as well as intelligence and strategy agents.  Unlike in Africa, where there ahs been a near total media blackout, there is no way to keep the media out of South America, so if a situation does erupt between the two superpowers, it could very well escalate into a much larger conflict.  The Neo-Sovs and Chinese have similiar presences in the region, and tensions are running high.

The most explosive situation (as far as U.S./EDF
relations are concerned) in the upcoming conflict is in the seas around Drakes Passage.  If the europeans use the Falklands as a base of operations to set up a blockade against U.S. bound vessels, it is highly likely that it would lead to open conflict on the high seas, the first true naval battles fought since WW2. The likelyhood of this leading to full scale war between the US and europe is high, so the situation must be handled very very carefully.

With American forces stretched thin due to their continued deployment in hostile areas of Africa, the military has begun a tremendous recruitment campaign to bolster their number.  Militech and Lazarus have both been contracted to supplant and suppport American Troops.  Militech will issue their own equipment, but Lazarus troops will be issued identical equipment and uniforms to that of the United States Military.  In addition, prisons are being culled for able bodied men, judges sentencing convicts to the combat duty in the military and volunteers being given reduced or sentences and even pardons upon the completion of their military service.  This influx of hard core felons, including murderers, rapists, drug dealers, gang members and other scum, are yet one more explosive element added to a powederkeg.




For more information on the United States Armed Forces in the world of Cyberpunk 2020, please see the sourcebooks Home Of The Brave and Maximum Metal.

(Created and written by Deric "D"Bernier.  Images from Macross, Space: Above and Beyond,  Ghost In The Shell, Aliens, Aliens Legacy website, Starship Troopers, Matsuo, Sgt. Burton,  Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars, and Deric "D" Bernier.)