The Central / South American Timeline
(Excerpted from Mark Cooks canonical timeline. Additions made for this sourcebook are entered in red)

Start of the first Central American Conflict. U.S. engages in interventionist actions in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. Military forces are sent to secure the Canal Zone from an ex-U.S. puppet dictator.1,8,9

The US-EEC "Quiet War" begins. It will last until 1994.11

Jonathan Meta participates in "Operation Blind Faith," attempting to control the Panama Canal Zone.9

CHOOH2 developed by Biotechnica.1,8

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency develops and spreads several designer plagues worldwide, targeting coca and opium plants.1,8

Governments of Chile and Ecuador collapse.1

A savage drug war breaks out between EuroCorp-backed dealers and the DEA all over the Americas.1

Coup attempt in Venezuela fails, its leader, Hugo Chavez, assassinated in prison shortly after.


AV-4 aerodyne assault vehicle developed to deal with increasing riots in U.S. urban zones.1,8

Colombian druglords detonate small tactical nuclear device in New York City on December 7th. The bomb is detonated in the middle of the work week, destroying Carnegie Hall and Rockefeller Center, and gutting U.N. Headquarters. At least 15,000 killed are killed in the initial blast. Thousands more die and local government collapses over the next week as the city is abandoned. 1,2,8

World stock market crash of `94. U.S. economy teeters, then collapses. Other industrialized nations scramble for bigger markets and cheaper labor. EEC countries are not as hard hit as the rest of the west, due to internal trade. SEA countries thrive.1,6,8,9,11

Earthquake destroys Mexico City.

Cenapa War between Peru and Ecuador erupts over long disputed border conflict in the Condor Mountain range, the situation is slow simmering but erupts into major conflict in 1998, and ends with total occupation of Ecuador by Peruvian and Columbian forces.

The collapse of the United States. Weakened by losses in world stock crash, overwhelmed by unemployment, homelessness and corruption, many city governments collapse or go bankrupt. The U.S. government, snarled in a staggering deficit and the machinations of the Gang of Four, is totally ineffective.1,9

On August 17th, U.S. President and Vice President are assassinated in separate incidents. With the Speaker of the House undergoing cardiac bypass surgery, the Senate President Pro Tem refuses to assume the presidency. Secretary of Defense Jonathan Seward, as ranking member of the executive branch, suspends the constitution and declares martial law. The "Gang of Four" (NSA, CIA, FBI, and DEA) operate with near total autonomy within the U.S. federal government.

Most of the U.S. military personell in Japan and Korea are withdrawn to the American mainland. 6

United States pulls all resources out of South America, In Panama a small military contingent and a skeleton crew of civilian contractors remain to act in an advisory capacity, but the actual defense and maintenance of the Panama Canal is turned over to Panama.

Royal Dutch Shell discovers oil near the Falkand Islands

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff forms the MIC (Military Intelligence Cooperative) in an attempt to deal with the vast amount of duplication among the nine intel agencies in the U.S. military. The Gang of Four, assuming this act signals the discovery of its actions, begins sabotage efforts by delaying or withholding vital intel.8

The MIC, under the direction of de facto President Seward, begins investigation of the Gang of Four.8

In the U.S., COGs (Combined Operation Groups) are formed; U.S. military reorganizes.8

Rumors abound of Castro's pancreatic cancer; he doesn't recover and dies of complications. Many generals in the Castro government claim it was a CIA assassination.

Due to the Mid-East meltdown, Venezuela is now the largest oil supplier in the world.

Chiles Military Commander-In-Chief, and former president, Pinochet overthrows the Chilean govt. and proclaims himself President for life.

The Drought of `98 reduces most of the Midwest to parched grasslands. Between AgriBusiness Corps. and drought, the family farm all but disappears. American food exports end. To stabilize the New Central Europe (NCE) governments, the EEC ships food into major East European cities.1,11

The "Nights of Fire" (KGB coup) take place in the USSR. The Russian Mafia, supported by KGB splinter groups, increases its efforts to expand into the EEC. This is countered by EuroPol, which begins its own "Shadow War" against organized crime in foreign countries.11

Cartel leader Diego Macheza elected president of Bolivia, immediately legalizes and legitimizes cocaine-production.

Colombia, and Bolivia form the South American Alliance, quickly bringing Peru into the fold and forcing Ecuador to join as well. The Alliance is a conglomeration of Cartel controlled countries opposing the United States.

Haleys Dream incident, RN sinks Argentinian fishing vessel while on patrol in Drakes Passage.

Hurricane Mitch devastates Honduras

Panama, overburdened by the cost of defending the Canal, which is losing money hand over fist due to the inability to handle Post-Panamax class superships, again turns to the U.S. for military defense of the Canal and to fund the canals expansion to handle the larger vessels. Work begins immediately.

U.S. President Seward is killed with touring the country. He is replaced by General William Newell, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.8

The Aldecaldo Clan begins the reconstruction of Mexico City.9

After removing the corrupt regime in a bloodless coup, Jesus Espinoza of the newly formed Mexican Restoration party sweeps the presidential elections in a landslide victory, his party begins purging the corruption from the Mexican government. In a bold move, he also banishes all foreign corporations from the country for six years. Under his leadership, Mexico emerges from the collapse stronger than anyone could have imagined.

Suriname hit by the Wasting plague, with little access to the cure, its effects are devastating, killing 2 thirds of the population and leaving the country little more than a graveyard. Similar tragedies brought on by the plague occur all over Central and South America. The Caribbean is hit worst of all, with roughly 1 to 4 million lives estimated lost to the disease.

British-Argentinian crisis in 2000 over territorial dispute of the Falkland islands, after brief stand-off dispute quickly pacified, events lead directly to increased Euro Presence in the area, as well as arms European arms given sold at cut rate to Argentina.

Food crash; mutated plant virus wipes out Canadian, Australian, and Soviet wheat crops. U.S. AgriBusiness crops survive due to new biological counteragent. U.S.S.R. accuses U.S. of biological warfare. Northern China becomes deserted and Southern China's population explodes as everyone from the wheat-growing north flees to the embattled, rice-growing south. Southern China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam make record profits exporting rice, seafoods, and synthetic foodstuffs.1,6,8,9

Huge sections of the Pacific Northwest are tilled over to farmland. The Jodes go back to agricultural labor for a time.9

In an effort to decrease Spanish influence in the country, the Portuguese government contracts all police and defense services to two foreign corporations: Amazonian Security and Arasaka. This "Sell Out" initially does not concern the EC.11

The PLA forms a bio-research center to try and neutralize the Food Crash plague.6

October 8th, rebels storm an EDF guarded warehouse in Kingston Jamaica, killing several EDF soldiers and stealing large amounts of the Wasting Plague Vaccine. The situation quickly escalates into armed confrontations between rebels and EDF forces sent to bring peace to the country.

Venezuela erupts into civil war

Second Central American war. U.S. invades Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The war is a disaster that costs thousands of American lives.1,8,9

Many EEC weapons manufacturers record giant profits selling weapons to South American governments.11

WNS media star Tesla Johanneson exposes secret NSA transcripts of the First Central American Conflict.1,8

A cyber enhanced Special Forces Unit, codenamed The Jackhammers, consisting of 20 volunteers, is introduced into the Central American theater, to carry out "proactive" operations against the various drug cartels.... During the year, they are functional, they carry out 18 successful "Black" operations in the field. However, they're also used to beta-test experimental Combat Drugs & Cyberware. As a result, they become increasingly Cyberpsychotic, & are "Withdrawn" from the field. This is effectively imprisonment, in a continental U.S military facility. In addition to this, due to the novelty of the situation, they're effectively treated as "Lab rats" by the scientific personnel at the facility, & as such, are given no treatment for their psychological problems. As a result, they make a escape attempt, which is successful, but at the cost of 2 of the team's lives....16

Guantánamo Bay Naval Base becomes base of operations in 2nd SouthAm war, in Cuba.

Governor-General of Jamaica assassinated, soon after, the Cedar Valley Massacre of Jamaican protesters by EDF troops is caught on tape and broadcast worldwide. Under threat of American intervention, Europe withdraws completely from Jamaica. Jamaica declares itself completely independent.

Tesla Johanneson assassinated in Cairo.1,8

The Gang of Four is wiped out in an Army-CIA counter-coup.1,8

Golden Triangle drug plantations nearly wiped out by DEA virus attack.6

The US liberates Ecuador from the South American Alliance and all Cartel forces are driven out of the country, this is seen as one of the United Sates few unquestionable victories in the conflict.

Full cyberlimbs are now in use with all U.S. military forces.8

Chilean dictator President Pinochet, is assassinated. Under a wave of suspicion his right hand man Juan Contreras assumes power, eliminating all pre-text of democracy.

The joint conglomeration of Biotechnica, Arasaka, EBM, SOVOil, Multi-foods, and Net54 collectively fund the campaign of presidential candidate Juan Imez, while simultaneously smearing his opponents to such a degree that his win is a sure thing. After he wins they use this political influence to virtually stage a hostile takeover of the country.

CIA forces mobilize agents to Cuba to try and control the government forces, forcing a pro-American regime. Street protests begin in Havana, orchestrated by both Hardliners and CIA plants, riots occur in some areas.

Crystal Palace failed assault, CIA review board planned by Washington.

End of Second Central American Conflict. The U.S. government, almost totally bankrupt, simply maroons half a million nomad workers and so-called "civilian contractors" in South America. They begin the "Long Walk" back to the U.S. A little over 10% are still alive with they reach the States in 2011-2012. 1,8,9

Purging occurs of spies in Cuba. Havana Massacre occurs.
The Panama Canal is overtaken by mercenaries during the long walk. The canal expansion project, now 78% complete loses all funding from U.S. bringing work to a complete halt. This move is seen as a major embarrassment to the U.S.


A large group of renegade "civilian contractors," under the leadership of John Meta, hijack several ships and an abandoned oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Pirates call the flotilla MetaKey.9

Raul Castro extends offer to the EU to get around U.S. embargo.

Juan Macheza declares himself President for Life in Bolivia.

EU gives Cuba trading rights and is put on trial basis for induction into the EU.

Shamus Mandrake unites the rogue islands of the Caribbean under his flag, the Islas De La Sangre, the largest confederation of pirates in history, is born.

Treat-Davies Act is signed, re-establishing diplomatic relations with most Central and South American countries.

The rebuilding of Mexico City is completed.9

The years 2013-2014 are called "the Tribulations" by the nomad community. The combination of a more competitive nomad economy and the influx of new nomads from the Long Walk leads to increased government attention (and pressure).9

Panama and the Mercenaries controlling the Canal reach an agreement with the EEC, who agrees to fund the completion of the canals expansion. The mercenaries controlling the canal receive funding and supples from the EEC, and are legitimized as the Independent Canal Military Forces.

Vatican III: neo-Catholic Reformation. Celibacy is abolished and women may finally be ordained priests. In Poland, the Church of Poland is founded, splitting off from the Vatican. Various splinter-sects form world wide in response.8,11

Brazil outlaws all combat cybernetics and any cyber which exceeds human ability.

In Colombia, Bogota finally falls to Control of the Medellin Cartel, The head of the cartel is rumored to have taken over the Cathedral of Bogota as his own private headquarters. In Response the Cali cartel head takes the isolated cathedral at Narino as its own stronghold. In Colombia, Cartegena is now the only city left with any semblance of government.

Cuban military modernizes. CIA renews interest in Cuba.

Nanite Disassembler tragedy in Torreon Mexico, resulting in 80+ dead, and the permanent banning of Biotechnica from Mexican soil.

Venezuela captures and executes an EDF spy on international television.

Venezuela invades Guyana, claiming all lands west of the Essequibo river, settling the decades long border dispute militarily while the rest of the world was too busy to notice.

Cartels in Cuba, media scandal. Raul Castro dies. Cuba becomes Democratic.

Arasaka absorbs Amazonian Securities in a hostile takeover, completely replacing them in their home country of Brazil, but in a brilliant move allowing them to operate independently in Portugal to ease public reaction.

Corporate privatization of Cuban government resources. Street protests begin by Cuban citizens.

Illegal cyber clinics and drug bars open up throughout Cuba.

Expansion of the Canal is complete. In a brazen move, the Independent Canal Military Forces controlling the Canal close their doors to all U.S. bound ships, forcing them to reroute all the way around South America. The United States tries negotiation, leading to a 6 month stalemate, culminating in the U.S. declaring War on the I.C.M.F. in late November.

Street wars divide parts of Cuba and foreign business suffers routine attacks from Cuban revolutionaries.

Northern Nicaragua and Guatemala join the SAA (South American Alliance). Intelligence reports that SAA representatives are actively in negotiations with El Salvador, Venezuela, and the ICMF controlling the Panama Canal.

Euro Navy operating in the region of Drake's Passage, arrests a Panama's banner freighter, carrying a number of chemical WMD containers (note: a port of origin, possibly in S.America, required) destined to Africa. Whereas the cause itself is just, the event goes widely publicised worldwide, and it becomes clear for everyone that Euros have an possibility of blocking this tight spot completely. US gov. protests against "European military presence in the Antarctican waters", calling the old UN treaty on demilitarization of Antarctica as their backing.

December 28, Third Central American Conflict begins. Ostensibly an attempt by the U.S. provisional government to crush the rise of new drug lords and their "designer" synthetic drug labs, and once again retake the Panama Canal. This rapidly becomes a corporate circus, with the jungles of Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Columbia, and Venezuela being used as showrooms for the latest in military hardware. Hundreds of locals die every month in what are termed "raids on drug cartel strongholds and sympathizers."


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