The South American Alliance is a loosely knit union of Central and South American Countries, Drug Cartels, Rebel and Terrorist groups, and Mercenaries banded together by the common goals of profit and Anti-American sentiment.  For the most part these groups hate any interfering power not just the United States, including the nations currently funding and supporting their cause (EEC, China, Russia).  Formed in the aftermath of the first Central American Conflict, and solidified by their victory in the Second South American War, the group was dealt a harsh blow when the U.S. developed designed plagues wiped out most of cocaine in the region.  This blow was short lived as soon the Cartels (under the leadership of the Medellin Cartel) developed a new strain of viral resistant Coca, popularly known by the misnomer Synthcoke.  As the rest of the world suffered through worldwide economic crashes, Plague, Drought, and other disasters, attention was shifted away from the SAA, the Americans to the north were in no position to stop the rising tide of cheap cocaine that was once again flooding the streets in greater quantity than ever before.  Without the common enemy, some of the Cartels once again focused their attention and violence upon each other.  However now, with the U.S. once again preparing to invade, the SAA has solidified, recruiting every mercenary, rebel, and terrorist group it can, and even managing to bring in the rogue caribbean Islands Of Blood.  They are also using their influence and most charismatic voices to try and bring more of their neighboring countries into the Alliance.

From the transcripts of Jose Klemmano's (a high level SAA recruiter) interview with nomad journalist Cheshire, for Dust In The Wind, the nomad weekly news magazine...

"WHY WE FIGHT!  You first world Edgerunners get wet in your pants when you get an opportunity for some quick eurobucks and a few smoking brass casings, its just one big cowboy novel to you. South America is not the Alamo and we sure as hell intend to go down fighting. We have seen what continued warfare does; we’ve lived through the “Conflicts” and all the bullshit from all sides. We will stand for it no longer. We don’t fight for money or a new car, but to keep the control in the hands of the people. You Yanquis claim you fight for democracy, but you ain’t been free your whole lives. Freedom is the right to grow what you want, smoke what you want, drink what you want, vote how you want, and drink some Goddamned clean water for once. It’s not what the Corporations or the Superpowers want to hear, they want us to pay them and keep on screwing things up like they have been. Most of us were homeless for a long time and things have only begun to change, we’re not about to lose our land again. We help the people; we’re the Policía around here and we don’t appreciate pendejo foreigners. Live here and you would understand!

Most of our weapons are left over from the old Soviets and People’s Army, or surplus supplied by the Russians and the Chinese, even the EDF.  The rest we take from those who oppose us.  We are the offspring of the worlds revolutionaries, who actually gave a shit when the people of enslaved societies rose up and kicked hell out of the old boss men. Some of us only have hunting rifles and rocks. But what more do you want, some smart tracking auto-gun with heat-seeking bullets? A gun is still a gun and if used appropriately, you only need one shot anyway...

Our own people are the most numerous opponents to capitalism and imperialism, most work a day job. They are our vital support line and they are in more danger than any of us, but that doesn’t stop them a damn moment from supporting the cause.

You asked me about uniforms? Hah! If we dressed alike, you could tell who we are. Most of us dress in beat-up work clothes filled with sweat stains like we just came out of the fields, which we did.  Most of us gave up the day jobs for the long fight, we geared up with whatever we could find, we live in the most remote parts of the country, stockpile weapons, dig tunnels, and prepare for the long haul. We are the thorn in the side of “Progress.” Most of our gear is old, but still dangerous. Others, those who wish to stand and fight and not hide in shadows, will wear the uniform given us, or try and make it ourselves, so we can stand together, arm in arm, gun to gun, to kick the fascist oppressers from our country, to send them home like beaten dogs with their tails between their legs. 

Not everyone is in it for the people, some of our brothers and sisters sell out in order to get support from one group or another. It is unfortunate, in reality, they’re just choosing which master is going to whip them next. Some of these bastardos fight against us and the people, for profit.

Everyone looks at us as though we are nothing but ignorant peasants, but twice now we have sent the Imperialist Yanquis running home with their tails between their legs.  Now they are coming again, and agian we will prove to them that we are men, and fill our trenches with their corpses.  Even our children and our women stand up against them, VIVA LA REVOLUCIONE'"





For more information on the Rebel Forces and Mercenaries in the world of Cyberpunk 2020, please see the sourcebooks Chrome Berets, Solo Of Fortune, and Solo Of Fortune II.

(Written by Joe "Citizen X" Klemann and Deric "D" Bernier.  Images Red Faction, Shadowrun, Rifts, Gurps, Flying Debris, Twilight 2000, D20 Modern, Ukitakamuki, Darwins World, and other unkown artists.)