There are many smaller national militaries and local militias operating in Central and South America, but they are almost universally poorly funded, equipped with 20th century American and Soviet surplus weapons, armor, and equipment, and old chinese or Mexican knock offs.  The most prevalent weapons are M-16's, M92R's, Ak's, Uzi's, Colt M1911's, and other weapons proven to be reliable and simple to use.  Armor is pretty rare, and almost alwaysis nothing more than a helmet or simple ballistic vest. Even their vehicles are usually holdovers and surplus from the numerous wars and conflicts that have plagued the region. 

These smaller military forces are usually interested only in maintaining peace and safety within their own coutries, though occasionally they are involved in hostile action against their neighbors.  More often than not their rank structure will be simillliar to that of the SAA, and their standard equipment will vary in supplier as
well as in quantity and quality.  There are some military forces in the region that half soldiers walking around with no ammunition for their weapons, others where the standard uniform is little more than identical t-shirts and cheap pants, not even enough boots to go around,and half the army ends up wearing tennis shoes.

 Other nations have better funded militaries, with more modern armor and weapons.  Almost always these coutries are supplied by China, Europe, or Russia, sometimes all, and supplant themselves with whatever leftovers they can scrounge from the Last South American War.

Private Mercenaries on the other hand, litter Central and South America.  Hired by militaries, corporations, rebel groupd, terrorists, and private interests, as well as operating covertly for foreign interests like the CIA of MI-5.  They are battle
hardened, experienced veterans, and are usually equipped even better than the Super Power militaries operating in the region.  Their armor is State of the art, their weapons and vehicles easily the equivalent, if not better than, anything in the modern military forces.  They also don't work cheap.  Nor are they particularly morally inclined.  Money is their motivator, and woe to any official who tries to stiff them.  Most have a code of honor however, and will see the job done, but some are less scrupulous and will switch sides if the money is right.  They are rarely interested in whatever goals or interests are held by their employer, and will most often act in as quick and efficient as way as possible.  Some groups are known for their honor, some are known for their brutality, and it is a foolish employer who doesn't do his homework before hiring any particular group of mercenaries.


(Written by Deric "D" Bernier. Images by Flying_Debris, McGibbs, Ukitakumuki, Howard_33, Red Faction II, and other unknown artists )