The Neo-Soviet influence can be felt all over South America.  They supply virtually every country in the region in one way or another, and in the Gulf of Mexico, Sov-Oil's presence is huge.  On a military front, in addition to running both surface and submarine escorts for many of their tankers, they also have invested a large stake in El Salvador, not only supplying them with arms and equipment, but also supplanting their military with their own to such a point that it is estimated Neo-Soviet troops actually outnumber the El Salvadoran military.  While they supply arms and equipment to nearly all of the region, including Mexico, their continued supply of arms and advisors to Bolivia and Colombia is what has the United States the most nervous.  Rumors abound of  Russian troops on the ground in SAA controlled countries actively supporting them in making ready for the 3rd South American War, but these rumors are unverified by intelligence.  If they, or China, do throw their weight into this conflict on the side of the SAA, things could escalate to a global scale, this has everyone involved increasingly nervous of the implications.

The Neo-Soviet army is only slightly technologically behind that of the United States and Europe, in some ways they are even superior, at least in what they issue to their military.  Their training itself is also comparable, to the point of being virtually identical save for climate differences (Arctic Survival +2 inst
ead of +1).  They are well ahead of China, and still maintain a close relationship with them, though most of the weapons they sell them are at least 2 generations old.  Russian has had a long road rebuilding itself militarily from the collapse of the old Soviet Union, but it has once again risen as a prime power in the world, their expanding relationship with the EEC only strengthened by old grudges against the United States.






For more information on the Rebel Forces and Mercenaries in the world of Cyberpunk 2020, please see the sourcebooks Chrome Berets, Solo Of Fortune, and Solo Of Fortune II.

(Written by Joe "Citizen X" Klemann and Deric "D" Bernier.  Images Red Faction, Shadowrun, Rifts, Gurps, Flying Debris, Twilight 2000, D20 Modern, Ukitakamuki, Darwins World, and other unkown artists.)