While Militech provides security, police, and even military services all over Central and South America, their main presence in the region is supporting United States Armed Forces in the region.   The Militech Units acting in such a fashion act independently from the U.S. forces, but in concert with the overall mission objectives.  Because of their independence and lack of accountability to the United States Armed forces, there have been a few reported instances of confusion and dispute between them.  In some cases these disputes have nearly escalated to gunplay, mostly over prisoners taken.  It has also added fuel to the fires of rumor that the CIA has contracted Militech forces themselves to carry out covert ops for the agencies own private agenda.  The speculation also runs high that Private Corporations are using the confusion to contract Militech forces to secure land and other facilities.  Even before the actual military invasion Militech troops in the region have already been documented as taking prisoners who are not identifiable on any wanted list or any any database of insurgent activity, most notably land owners, native corporate heads, and public officials.  As such Militech has been called before congress, but red tape and the confusion of the war is slowing any proceedings to a dead stop.

Unlike Lazarus, which operates in a similar capacity, Militech uniforms and armor are significantly different from that of the United States Military, more flexible and high tech.  Like Arasaka, Militech advertises its latest and best weapons and equipment by having its soldiers carry them into battle.  The difference in weapons, gear, and armor seems to be, for the most part, unrecognized by the enemy, but is an easy way for both Militech troops, and U.S. forces to tell each other apart, which helps prevent even more confusion over authority.  Nothing a military grunt hates more than some corporate merc barking orders at him, and vice versa.  The training and corporate structure of Militech is similar to Arasaka's, without the Japanese titles,and the pay rate for all grades in 10% less.




For more information on the Militech Armed Forces in the world of Cyberpunk 2020, please see the sourcebooks Corporate Report 2, Firestorm Stormfront, Firestorm Shockwave.  

(Written by Deric "D" Bernier, images from Ghost Recon.)