Mexico has made significant strides towards becoming a first world nation, and it's military is just one example.  The largest independent military force in Central America, and the best equipped, the Mexican military protects the country from all threats foreign and domestic.  The police department itself is merely a specialized branch of the military, with all police officers required to spend a year  in regular service (basic military training package, see Home Of The Brave) before they are eligible for police duty (non-combat skill package, see NCPD).  Due to Mexico's practice of isolationism during the last war, the Modern Mexican Military is untested, save for border patrols and minor incidents, however no one takes them lightly as in the few minor instances they have had to face they have acted with expert efficiency and brutal skill. 

Another factor that aids them is their growing self reliance.  While Mexico still buys and issues some Russian and Chinese surplus, particularly for vehicles.  The companies of AZTECH and Mexican Metals are getting more advanced every year, and have reached a point where home manufactured weapons and equipment are the majority already.  Aztech in particular has very quickly become one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

The rank structure in the Mexican military is virtually identical to that of the United States, even among the police branch, though the pay is about half that of the North American counterpart.

As of yet, Mexico has again taken an isolationist policy towards the looming Third World War, however they have agreed this time to allow United States transport across their country.  This move may anger the SAA (South American Alliance) forces enough that Mexico will be brought into the conflict whether they like it or not.  Already there have been terrorist threats of bombings, and the Mexican Military has been put on full alert for the duration.



 (Written by Deric "D" Bernier, images from Doom, Resident Evil.)