Unlike the conflicts raging in Africa, where both the EDF and United States Military have imposed a complete media blackout to keep the sitution from escalating in order to continue their mutually agreed upon "Quiet War", there is no such blackout in Central and South America.  

In the first place, the region is to close, and too open and popular with tourists to even attempt to keep things under wraps.  Also too many American Corporations are active in the region, all of which rely on their own support structure.  Further more, the United States believes in what it is doing, at least in as much as they want the popular support of the people.  The Armed Forces have gone as far as pre-emptively implanting journalists with the troops in the build up, and virtually every major media corporation on the planet has deployed their own war correspondents.  While most of the journalists and media outlets covering the region are heavily filtered and sanitized by the government and corporate interests, there are a large number of Independent Correspondents (like C.J. O'Reilly of Solo Of Fortune and Cheshire from the nomad publication Dust In The Wind) operating in the area doing their best to tell the whole story without bias.

On the European side of things, while at the moment they are not directly involved in any of the potential conflicts, they do find it most entertaining to watch the Americans getting killed and engaging in yet another conflict in South America after their last two military fiasco's in the region.

Other countries also have their own journalists in the region, to a much smaller degree.  And some media corporations are going as far as approaching all participatng sides in the inevitabl conflict in hopes of outfitting military units with recording and broadcasting equipment in order to host the worlds first Military Combat reality show.

While most of the Media coverage in the area is going to be primarily focused on the military and political aspects, others concentrate on the more human side of things.  In the face of Conflict it can be all too easy to forget the ramifications of such actions, and there will be no shortage of those eager to educate or exploit the situation.

Written By Deric Bernier, images from Recon 2020, Chris Foss, Maria Willams, Huxley and unknown artists.