Central and South America still contain a few European territories, primarily French Guiana, The Falkland and South Georgian islands, and the The British Virgin Isles.  They lost most of their caribbean territories due to mismanagement and abandonment during the worldwide economic collapse and the devastating outbreak of the Wasting Plague.  Cuba, Costa Rica, and Argentina have become strong EEC allies, and as such their loyalties and protection are assured by the EDF.  These areas are the only place where you are likely to find major EDF installations and forces.

However, intelligence indicates Europe has been deploying EDF Special Forces groups to to South American Alliance controlled countries, an other countries with strong anti-US saentiment.  The Special Forces groups are most liekly their to train and advise the local forces, but their ahve been reports of EDF elite troops actively working with these groups.  In addition, the EEC is offering wholesale prices on arms and equipment to anti-US nations in the region.  These actions have become especially tense in Panama, where the EDF has been spotted working with the ICMF.  If they remain in the area, then it is inevitable that the United States Military invasion of Panama will have the two superpowers in direct, and public, armed conflict.  This situation is hoped to be avoided, as unlike in Africa, where there is a total media blackout, public attention from a US EDF conflict in South America could force the escalation to a much larger arena.

With the EDF recently undergoing a troop buildup in French Giuana and the Falklands, as well as bolstering their bases in Argentina, the British Virgin Isles, and Guyana, the atmosphere is getting tense.  However at the moment, EDF military action is confined to policing their own controlled nations and tightening those borders.

With so much media and world attention focused on their movements, EEC ambassadors and public officials are playing
it very smooth, commenting "The EEC wants no part of the United States conflict, the EDF is is on South American soil merely to protect European interests and citizens.  If the United States wished to humiliate itself once again with its riiculous habit of bullying morality into the third world, they can deal with the consequences.   However if an American bullet sheds the blood of a single european citizen or solier, the EDF will not hesitate to retaliate."






For more information on the European Armed Forces in the world of Cyberpunk 2020, please see the sourcebooks Eurosource, Eurosource Plus, and The Rough Guide To The UK.

(Written by Deric "D" Bernier, images from Ghost In The Shell, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens, Starship Troopers, Matsuo,  Firefly, Star Wars Chick,  Chris Chulamanis (AKA FNG USCM) , private prop collectors (special thanks to the members of Mastucorp, Aliens Legacy, the RPF, and BBC), Soldier, Wildstorm, Metal Men, Star Wars, and Deric "D" Bernier.)