A brief history of the last 30 years in Africa.


Under worldwide pressure apartheid finally brought to an end, unfortunately this leads to the fall of South Africa.  For the next 4 years there is little or no communication, although terrible atroes and genocidal wars are rumored.


Congonese Defense Ministers 2 daughters kidnapped and tortured by party opposition terrorists.

Prototype Massdriver established in Canary Islands by 8 member ESA.

Salla School Massacre.  Rebels take over the Salla elementary school in the Congo capital of Brazzaville, entire student body is slaughtered, several cabinet members children included.

Refugees fleeing the tribal wars in Rwanda and Burundi flock in the millions to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They are met with resistance from the DRC military, and after much bloodshed almost a million of them return to Rwanda.  The remaining refugees in DRC go into hiding, some of them forming rebel groups.

After 4 years of media silence and rumored atroes South Africa re-organizes.  Nelson Mandela elected president.

World Stock Market Crash leads to many nations pulling foreign aid from many of the African countries.

Kilimanjaro Massdriver begins construction, under joint agreement between ESA and the failing Pan African  Alliance.  Most feel the Europeans forced the agreement.
Botswana and South Africa briefly go to war over border disputes.
Mideast Meltdown.  Tensions in middle east escalate to nuclear exchange.  Iran, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, reduced to radioactive slag.  Saudi Arabia half destroyed.  Chad, originally thought to be hit hard is later found to only have taken hits to the north, freak desert winds keep much off the initial fallout and radiation there.  Niger, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, U.A.E, and Pakistan all take near hits.  Islamic movements shattered.
Last of all foreign aid pulls out of Somalia after the country collapses into violent chaos.
50,000 U.S. troops sent to Congo to fight rebel forces.

Micheal Barnes elected President in Liberia

Wasting Plague hits Africa, moving like a brushfire across the continent and decimating the population.  Africa is hit harder than anywhere else in the world, in some countries the population drops by half almost overnight.  30 million die in Nigeria alone.
King Hassan II of Morocco dies of the wasting plague after visiting affected in a Rabat hospital.  His son Muhammed takes power and keeps his fathers policy of close ties with Europe.

Saliman Kudarfa elected president in Ethiopia.  Begins rebuilding his country, quickly becomes the most beloved leader in recent Ethiopian history.

After years of tyrannical rule in Equatorial Guinea which result in the murder of half the popluation resistance comes to a head and the people en masse openly rebel in a massive coup and sieze control.  The former president, Jeffrey Tongina, flees to Europe.

Civil War erupts in Mozambique.

Following Moroccan example Tunisia enters in the EC influence sphere.

U.S. Miltary aid sent to Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon six months later.  U.S. assumes complete military control of these countries under the blessings of their governments and creates a foothold of power in africa from which it will soon start to spread.

Former President of Equatorial Guinea, Jeffrey Tongin, assassinated in Brussels.

Tesla Johanneson assassinated in Cairo.

U.S. sends aid to Nigeria, sets up a puppet government and moves the military in, increasing the base of power for the U.S. in Africa.

U.S. forces defeat rebels in Congo after 6 bloody years of fighting.  Surviving splinter groups flee to DRC to join Rebel forces there.

Algeria is forced by its neighbors and the EC to become another EC satellite.  The strong fundamentalist party opposes the move, and there is an dramatic increase in terrorist activity.

Peace treaty in Angola signed, ending civil war.

Risk tourism is in among Europeans.  Chosen areas are Morocco and Tunisia, not Algeria where the real risk is.

Rain comes to Ethiopia, breaking a decades long draught.

Massive volcano eruption destroys Priai, capital of Cape Verde.  U.S. first to respond, sends medical, financial and military aid.  Invited to stay, giving U.S. another strong naval position in Africa.
Kudajambo massacre in Burundi.  150 men and women of the Peace Corps. slaughtered, causes all foreign aid and zens to vacate Burundi.
After civil war exhausts completely the country of Mozambique, the EEC moves in and takes complete control.

Embroiled in civil war the Sudanese government accidently shoots down a Red Cross aircraft and its two American fighter escorts.  This leads to war and the U.S. invades and crushes the opposition in under a year, setting up a puppet government.

EEC attempt to take over Algeria.  Algerian government folds under EC pressure to allow paramilitary teams to combat rebels.  While providing real combat training for the troops, media coverage of the skirmishes is incredibly popular in Europe, promoting the idea of a dangerous world out there.

Senegal completely cuts all relations with Europe and America.

David Mosumbo elected President in South Africa, immediately opens the door wide to Europeans.

Botswana president Nadjir invites Biotechnica to help repopulate the animals of the region, in some cases bringing back extinct animals through genetics and clone technology.  Eco-groups applaud, this bolsters Biotechnicas public image worldwide.

DRC President Maskabe is assassinated, President Walanga succeeds him.  Military mutinees in DRC continue as the government cannot afford to pay them.

In Uganda Koku Chala is elected president after years of political unrest at the hands of despotic rulers.

Black Jyhad standoff in Algeria.  76 alleged terrorist men women and children killed by EDF.  Surviving members of Black Jyhad split, rebel group Voice Of Wastes (VOW) formed.
Anti-guerilla operations extend over into borders of Libya, where the rebels keep their training camps and many sympathizers in an unsuccesful effort to root out the VOW.

U.S. sends aid to Central African Republic.  After American relief camps raided the U.S. sends in the military with the blessing of the C.A.R. government.  This leads to a split in C.A.R. armies and war with U.S. as the rebel forces try to take control for themselves.

Cote d'Ivoire's newly elected president Wananga turns to corporations like Arasaka and Biotechnica for aid, effectively giving them control of his country.

Namibia and Angola go to war.

MESinc. incident in Johannessburg South Africa leads to civil war.

Last of the Hutu leaders executed in Rwanda, to sway inner dissension from this Rwanda attempts to invade Uganda.

After years of bloody political unrest the last predisent of Burkina Faso is assassinated.  The country soon falls into total chaos and bankruptcy.

The president of South Africa invites the EEC into their country and turns full control of the military over to the EDF in an atempt to end civil war.

Djibouti completely collapses, is taken over by Eritrea.

The VOW begins to preach Jyhad against the westernized countries, especially in Morocco and Tunisia.  Terrorrist attacks soon follow as well as the attempted recruiting of Algerias neighbors in the fight against western influence.

Ethiopian president Kudarfa's plane mysteriously crashes, General Tokua succeeds him and immediately implements a military regime.

Rare metal deposits found under an Arasak training ground in Southern Africa.  The local warlord tries to claim rights but is ignored by Arasaka, which begins mining.  South African Natives begin agitation against Arasaka guard units.  After brief skirmishes the EDF steps in, and in a somewhat dubious deal convinces Arasaka so split profits between them, and give token fees to the local natives (mostly in the form of employment in the mines).  This move is not taken well.

After 4 years of war, the U.S. crushes the rebel forces in the Central African Republic.  CAR army completely disbanded leaving the U.S. military in total control.

Militech begins supporting African locals in U.S. controlled regions for "friendship reasons".   Arasaka attempts to do the same, but skirmishes break out between the factions sponsored by the two corporations.  Militech attacks Arasaka tank units but Arasaka fends off all attacks.  After chief warlord in region is assassinated by terrorists using Militech weapons the U.S. military steps in and puts an end to the disputes.

Rwanda tries again to invade Uganda, war is declared and Uganda petitions the EEC for military assisstance.

A coup is carried out is South Africa giving regional power to the Black Liberation Army.  James Miyahara of Network 54 reports Arasaka support of BLA.  Arasaka buys the title and mining rights for their already held land for 5 million Eb, paid to the BLA.  EDF forces soon after finally crush the BLA when their leader Jonda Bukata and her council are assassinated.  This ends the war leaving the U.S. in full control.  Arasaka retains its rights to their occupied land (heavy bribes and payoffs are rumored but unconfirmed).

General Tokua overthrown in Ethiopia, the resulting confusion leads to civil war.  Both sides of the conflict turn to the west for military aid.  The west turns to the U.S., the east turns to the EEC.

Zambian raiding parties engage in armed conflict with EDF troops in Malali, Mozambique, and Tunisia as the Zambian troops cross the border to steal supplies from EEC medical and relief personell.  This leads to border conflicts still going on today.

EEC moves in and takes over a completely exhausted Somalia.

General Okumbe leads revolt in DRC, the country erupts into Civil War.

U.S. military moves into Benin.

Liberia and Nigeria go to war.

In November Okumbe petitions EEC for help, President Walanga reacts by immediately turning to the U.S., soon both super powers are standing against each other in a covert war in DRC.

Okumbe sends his forces, backed by EDF troops, to attack a U.S. military base in DRC.  This leads to open fighting between U.S. and EDF troops in the country formerly known as Zaire.  Both U.S. and EEC maintain strict media blackout in the area to keep the situation from escalating at home as the war continues.

Namibia and Angola go to war.

After limited confrontations in Ethiopia, the country splits in half.  Both sides still argue and fight over total control of the country, but for the most part armed conflict is restricted to the new border splitting the country.

Senegal shoots down 3 EDF fighters patrolling the border, officially allying itself against the Europeans.

Togo allies itself with Beninese rebels against the U.S. backed Benin Government.  This leads to several small conflicts in an escalating situation.

Ghana Allies itself with Nigeria in the war against Liberia.


    (Written by Deric "D" Bernier, some events taken from various Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebooks including the main book, Eurosource Plus, and Deep Space.)