(The driving forces at work in Africa)

    The politics in Africa are a twisted mess of idealism, greed, capitalism, nationalism, pride, corruption, and deceit.  The United States and the European Economic Community are engaged in a constant battle of one upmanship and play a political game of "tag your it" while attacking each other subtly, and sometimes not so subtly in the media eyes they control so well.  Both countries have similar designs for Africa, to exploit its resources and cheap labor, to strengthen military assets, to pave the way for their corporate forces and build a strategic fortress from which control of the southern hemisphere will be gained.  They do this under a veil of charity, providing military, financial, and humanitarian aid to the impoverished countries they seek to control.  A brilliant strategy, and since they each control their respective media powers they ensure that this is what their own countries, and the rest of the world for that matter believe.  This leads to the general feelings among their home populaces that they are in the right, fighting the good fight, with nothing but noble intentions.  The top men in the military on both sides learned a great deal from the Fall of the Gang of Four in America, and have locked their secret doors even tighter than before.

    China is on a different wavelength.  It is after the same things, but instead of sending troops in to openly wage war while moving in and taking over it simply sends military equipment and supplies.  There are no Chinese troops in Africa, merely military advisors.  At least for the moment.  At this time China is more content to move in under the noses of the U.S. and the EEC, winning its allies subtly, finding favor in the people instead of the corrupt governments.  For this reason most of the Chinese military surplus sold in Africa is sold to rebel forces and militia's, as well as any independent government not under the control of the western Superpowers.  There are rumors that Chinese Troops will be sent in to certain countries, but these rumors can not be verified, nor which countries they will be sent too.

    The politics of the African countries themselves is often so confusing as to be indecipherable.  In fact the political arena of Africa closely resembles that of a feudal period, where wars are fought and alliances switch all too often.  The largest cause of problems in these areas is usually poverty mixed with tribal conflict.  Government corruption and military dictatorships are another key cause of conflict in the independent nations.  The relations between these countries often more resembles schoolyard bullies fighting over turf than sovereign nations.  Political disagreements almost always lead to open war between these neighbors, and inside their own walls tribal dissent often leads to bloody confrontations, in some cases genocide.  Those in power are no better, as political leaders fight for control through any means necessary.  Bloody coup's and uprisings are common.  The countries that seem to be fairing the best are the ones that keep a strict policy of Isolationism, like Egypt.  Many attribute the political unrest to the fact that independence is a new concept to these nations.  Most of Africa was under European control until the early to late 20th century.  But even in the countries which are again under control (I.E. aid) from the western world, under the surface you will usually find bitter resentment towards the western devils, and rebellions just waiting to strike.

    Still other factions in Africa fight for the age old dream of a United Africa.  They not only fight against the western influence in their continent, but also against every nation, against everything that stands in the way of a United Africa.  For years attempts have risen and fallen, the dream seemed almost laughable.  Now from the north a leader, General Ahmed Ben Buhara from Algeria, has risen to unite the people, and for the first time in civilized history this goal seems attainable, more people flock to his cause every day, and he has taken many of the northern countries under his influence.  However it is not a perfect alliance, as age old rivalries between these countries threaten to tear apart the the cause, and power hungry factions within his own forces seek to betray him for personal gain.  He is for now holding them together against a common foe..... the US and EEC, and his word has begun to spread to the southern independent nations, though as of yet none have rallied to his cause.  Time will tell.

(There are a great many political forces at work in the dark continent, I suggest you decide where you will base your campaign and see what arises in your game.  These political fronts are too numerous and complicated for me to go into any more detail here, my apologies, but it is also a gift, as it allows you to create the political situations of your own choosing in your game.)

(Written and created by Deric "D" Bernier)