No, we aren't making Thermoptic camoflage available to the public, what we are offering is the best in covert ops uniforms.   Corporate ninjas and Wannabe's rejoice for we carry the latest in low visibility, high silence wearables.  All outfits available in both men's and womens styles.





The Chilean military does not have funds to equip even its most elite special forces team with Therm-Optic camo, instead the opt to issue the color changing AIA stealth armor.  Theentire suit features a chameleon coating which allows it to switch between up to 20 pre-programmed colors and patterns at the flick of a switch.   The suit itself is mildly protective (SP: 8) and has additional armor plates on the chest, arms, and legs, (SP: 10) provide a bit more protection.  The suit is also thermal dampening, and the helmet (SP:20) features LL, IR, AD, and a radio.



GHAST SUIT (SP:14) EV-0 2675
This body suit was designed for stealth missions and is made from thermal dampening fibers that reduce the body heat signature to that of the outside temperature.  While the suit moves freely and is highly flexible it becomes extremely uncomfortable after extended periods of time due to the thermal dampening properties, which do no allow body heat to escape at all.  The Suit is sold with a mask, to complete the effect.



Mamba Stealth Suit 8750eb

Used by Arasaka Special Forces when Stealth is of the utmost importance, this is Arasaka upgraded therm-optic camoflage.   The therm-optic skin is woven into the same material Datafilm is made from, only 10 times thicker (provides an SP:12 rating).   In addition the suit has built in pouches on each leg that can serve as a holster for a side-arm or storage for equipment, and a bandolier with a therm-optic camoflage coated knife and sheath or other gear.  The finale to this suit is the helmet, which with the visor down features a full VRI interface tied in to the helmets internal radio, laser comm, low light, radar, targeting scope, thermograph, tele-optics, and image enhancement.  In case the helmet electronics go down, or something obscures the sensors, the visor can be flipped up allowing the trooper normal vision.  These suits are well guarded, and fetch obscene amounts on the black market.




In addition to providing therm-optic camo and thermal dampening, the MGS Sneak Suit also boosts the wearers strength (+2 BOD, does not effect cyberlimbs) and provides light armor (SP:12).  This MGS is issued only to the highest level operatives, andwith its hefty proce tag, only the most dedicated professional can afford it on his own.   This is Arasakaís ultra-deluxe stealth suit, utilizing the best advancements in their technology.  The suit comes with its own thermoptic capable helmet (SP: 18), able to equip 5 Optic options and 4 audio options.  The suit comes with its onw webbing and holding, also Therm-Optic camouflage equipped.


ARASAKA Reactivewear Bodysuit 1140eb
(The wrist control sends a small electric charge into the suit, causing it to change color.  Primary colors and black, gray, brown and white come, but you can by an upgrade that allows any color variation to be programmed for 300eb.)



Seer Poncho 1050eb

The precursor to it all, the Arasaka Therm-Optic Camo Poncho was the original therm-optic camouflage gear, and is still popular today due to its lower cost and versatility.  It is worn over clothes and most armors, but the down side is that it leave the legs, or at least the feet exposed, and the tech isnít quite as advanced as the modern suits (only provides a -2 penalty to detection as opposed to the -4).



Shinobi bodysuit SP:4 300eb
(This suit lowers heat signature to that of a small animal when worn)


Thermasilk Stealth Combat Suit SP:10 1350EB
This suit eliminates body heat all together, the outer skin of the suit reflects room temperature at all times, the helmet is equipped with Low Light, Anti Dazzle, and Thermograph.



Therm-Optic Camouflage 6800eb

 Used by Special Forces when Stealth is of the utmost importance, while wearing this armor a soldier is virtually invisible to visual detection.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the suit, very little equipment may be carried while wearing it and still be able to effectively utilize its therm-optic capabilities.    (Torso SP: 10 rating)



Therm-Optic Camouflage 4600eb

The Mexican equivalent of Ghost Suit, a little bulkier (EV-2), but with a more streamlined helmet (SP: 18 torso, SP: 15 boots and gauntlets, SP: 10 thigh, shoulder, knee, and elbow pads, SP:15 helmet and facemask,)  Mexican metals actually introduced some accessories as well, including gas filtering armored facemask, a GPS enabled gauntlet mounted micro-computer, and a shoulder mounted A/V recorder.    The Therm-Optic system is equivalent to Chinas, just a step behind the US, EDF, and Russian suits.


Full Thermal Dispersion Suit  7,950eb

IR ponchos and other such suits are great, they change your heat signature from a man to that of a small animal, or even smaller.  This suit is better, it uses refrigerants and heaters, all computer controlled, to make your heat signature the exact temperature of the air around you.  This means that you are completely invisible to any means of thermal detection, you give off no heat signature whatsoever.  Unfortunately it also means that no skin whatsoever can be showing, and you can carry very to no equipment.   The suit has only a 30 minute power supply, which must be recharged for 5 hours after use.



IR- Rain Poncho 150eb

Fully protects against body heat emission, as well as adverse weather



Dingo Psych Suit 3450eb

This suit contains an array of highly specialized speakers, and can be set to generate an incredible amount of white noise, cancelling out most any sound short of a gunshot in a 2 meter radius, audio enhancers cannot overcome this, however seismic detectors will notice the vibrations caused by the sound up to 50 meters away.  The suit can be switched to Anti-Resistance mode as the speakers switch frequencies and the suit acts like a wearable version of the Arasaka Nauseator (see Chrome 2) but with the field generated in a bubble around the user.  The suit can also play music at incredible volume, and it is in fact a favorite tactic to silence an area, wait for a target to boost his auditory input because he canít hear anything, then blast high frequency sound or music at the highest decibels to blow out their cyberaudio.  The suit comes with a specially constructed enclosed helmet, that protects the user from the suits effects.




Manufactured by GOSSAR INC. of France, this armor is virtually identical in function and performance to either the Militech Ghost suit.  It includes an armored vest (SP: 16) armored shin guards (sp: 10) and a holster and magazine pouch for the soldiers sidearm.


This is a European knock of Militechs Ghost Suit supplied in limited number to Argentinaís military.  It includes  helmet (SP: 18 torso, SP: 15 boots and gauntlets, SP: 10 thigh, shoulder, knee, and elbow pads, SP:15 helmet and facemask,)    The Therm-Optic system is equivalent to Chinas, just a step behind the US, EDF, and Russian suits.



 A bit heavier armored than the version used by The United States, Militech has anounced they will not sell these, even to military or government clients, until they have developed an even better version, allowing them to stay just a bit ahead of competition.   Special Forces wear these suitswhen Stealth is of the utmost importance, and while wearing this armor a soldier is virtually invisible to visual detection. In addition to extra armor, the suit boasts comes with its own weapon holsters and equipment pouches so stealth is not lost due to being lightly armed.  It also comes with a therm-optic camoflaged weapon bag, for rifles or other long weapons.    Militech does sell the bag seperately for 6000eb. (Torso SP: 14 rating, no encumberance penalty).


Black Ops Bodysuit SP:4 200eb
(This suit lowers heat signature to that of a small animal when worn)


Ghostweave SP:6 2160EB
This suit, made from the same material as datafilm, both lowers body temperature signature to that of a small animal, and can change colors ala Arasaka's Reactivewear Bodysuit.



Therm-Optic Camouflage
As thin as a data suit but with a completely different purpose. This suit is very similar to the Militech M95 Ghost suit but is far superior, as the wearer becomes virtually invisible when the suit is activated. The suit is very hard to detect, but a slight blur can be seen when the wearer is in motion. As long as the wearer stays still they are virtually impossible to detect. While normally detectable by certain heat imaging optics some suits can be made which reduce IR signature. No EV penalties apply and this suit is usually worn under some type of armor, which must be taken off before use. This suit offers a -6 against visual awareness when standing still and -5 when moving. Cost is 6000eb standard and 8000 with IR baffling. Available only to military. (Ghost in the Shell)


Jnz-4b Therm-Optic Camouflage 8400eb
Taking the best of both Arasaka and Militech innovations this latest generation of Russian Therm-Optic Camoflage is perhaps the best in the world.  Offering full, but flexible protection (SP: 14), and designed to work even in harsh weather conditions (most therm-optic camo will glitch in water) and thermal dampening, this suit is nearly invisible, even in driving rain


This Russian first generation version of the Militech Ghost suit offers minimal protection (SP:5) and is a bit more visible than the modern counterpart (-3 to notice rolls instaed of -4) and has a tendency to glitch (every ten minutes of use the suit fails on a roll of 1-2 out 10).



IR- Rain Poncho 180eb

Fully protects against body heat emission, as well as adverse weather

(Created and written by Deric Bernier, images from Deric Bernier, Appleseed, Cyberpunk 2077,  Macross, Masamune Shirow, Gundam, Dirty Pair, Dark Minds, Men In Black, American Flagg, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Deathwish, Deathstroke the Terminator, Starman, Kite, Space:Above and Beyond, Star Wars, Ice Pirates, Akira, Backlash, Babylon 5, Burn Up W, Dave Dorman, DS9, Dream Wave, Neon Cyber, Earth 2, Grendel: Devils Legacy, Hardboiled, Nausicaa, Secret Of  Blue Water, Negative One, Punisher: Big Nothing, Runaway, L-gaim, Layzner, Ghost In The Shell, Catwoman, Titan AE, Wildcats, Stark Future, Total Recall 2070, Windaria, Rifts, Gurps, Trigun, Alien series, No Escape, Akira, Killzone, Firefly, Doom, Bubblegum Crash, Humanoid, Punishers Armory, Halo, Alien Legacy, The 5th Element, Time Cop, Shadowrun, Tomb Raider, Equilibrium, Intron Depot, Final Fantasy, Hellsing, Parasite Dolls, Bubblegum Crisis, Kappowwe Toys, Gungrave, AD Police, Bubbleguim Crisis 2040, Grimjack, Project Snowblind, Bubblegum Crisis, S.I.N., Dirty Pair, Gundam, Doom, Gasaraki, Blue Gender, Hellboy, Blade series, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., Eatman, G.I.T.S.: Stand Alone Complex, Jon Sable: Freelance, I Robot, Nomad, Mystery Men, D20 Future, D20 Apocalypse, Deadlands: Hell On Earth, Car Wars, Demolition Man, Fortress, Iria Zieriam, Natural City, Space, Above and Beyond, Stealth, Unreal Tournament, Moonwalker, Gunm, Southern Cross, Grifter, Battle Lords, Lensman, SeaQuest, Robocop, Aspen, Homeboys, Judge Dredd, Terminator: Burning Earth, Edison Giacotolli, Vortex, Soldier, Back To The Future II, Echo, Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, The Saint, Robotech: Sentinels, Deathlock, Hunter, Black Ops, James Bond, Death's Head, X-Men, Firearm, Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield, Dirty Pair: Flash, Silent Mobius, Mafia Wars, Army Of Two, Capcom, Hitman, Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Deus Ex, Quake, Air Gear, Btoom, Tekken, Perfect Dark, Fallout, Bouncer, Frontlines, Crysis, District 9, Zatoichi, Bleach, Blame, The Rundown, Avengers, Green Arrow, GI-Joe, Call Of Duty, Brink, Doom, Eon Flux, Haze, Poseidon Arms, Nerf, Starhawk, Bayonetta, Bionic Six, Hudson Hawk, Avatar, Command And Conquer, Wastelands, Borderlands, and other various manga, Anime, Comic book, video game, film, and RPG sources, Raben-Aas, Sharp-n-pointy, Biometal79, Phatandy, Bordon, Shimmering Sword, Vulnepro, El Pinoy, Br0uHaHaasdsada , Larkabella, licataknives, meandmunch, Devilita Andree Wallin, Fuchsiart, imDRUNKonTEA,Guilty Spark, Refrigerador, Italiener, Pascal Eggert, Josh Nizzi, Bokuman, Machine56, Kunkka, Johan Bergstrom, Slipgate Central, Dominic Marko, Francis001, platypusgreen, jimmypham, Warrenlou, flipation, digimech, molybdenum, Spoonboy, Doll Fac3, Eikochan, bakanekonei, teh dave, SC4V3NG3R, solkee, molinaro, KaranaK, genekruger, theelphin, garanum, 2ngaw, shed2602, gorrem, moyachiche, inception08, vietnguyen, rgus, archie, David Nakey, Kuroitora, aerpenium, Dead Robot, teruchan, acidburn08, Markovah, Mort Janu, MishaMoStyle, Blitz Bot, k hos, James Lemay, Gun0runner, Gneocidal Penguin, Kalor, ionen, djake, jett0, cyzrauk8, windriderx23,  firestoned, anjinanhut, regis, libertyspikesv5, rimancreative, deutscherherbst, hexonal, Ryujin10, Raverunner, daisukekazama, dannortonart, bringmeasunkist, Merkaba998, tovenius, Message2god, peterku, nervousgryphon, knightwatch, Brian Rogers, tsukijin, talros, Michael Kingery, ygolochysp, Swatninja, Cyber999, marcwf, WarmGunMod, bcjfla76, bullseye breon, Carlo Arellano, Special thanks to Matsuo, Darth Brass, darcjedi, Tom_Braider, thedap, wuher_da_brewer, Capt_MarVel, Glim999, Pulseriflefan,  TK513,  gunnerk19, Tommin, BritNerfMogul, Tigadee, Johnson Arms, Wolverine_solo, and all the many fine prop replica builders of Mastucorp, the RPF, Nerfhaven, Nerfhq, and BBC).

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