Clothing in the nomad community is much like everything else, often had made and always hard used.  Usually leather or cotton, and heavily patched or resewn.  Static society fashion means next to nothing to nomads, whose only idea of fashion is expressing themselves.  Even among the cleanest nomads, clothes are usually well worn and frayed.  It's a hard life being a nomad, their clothes reflect this.  Rather than list individual prices of nomad clothing, we will instead be merely taking a look at typical outfits among the community, to give you an idea of what to look for when shopping yourself.  Hundreds of vendors in the market sell both clothing and fabrics to make your own.  Nomad crafted clothes however are in a class of their own, and the prices usually follow the same lines, 130eb for  pants or chaps, 20eb for a shirt, 30eb for a thin jacket, 50eb for a thick jacket, 50eb for a duster or overcoat.


Armor in the nomad community is like anything else, functional and usually made from whatever is lying around or cheap.  Leather, old tires, sporting goods, scrap metal, chain mail, etc.  Most nomads don't even wear armor unless absolutely necessary, comfort being a much more important issue.  Some however, like the Raffen Shiv wear it constantly, both for protection, and as a sign of their clan allegiance.  Nomad armor almost never looks the same, unless it is part of a standardized clan uniform, and even then there will be slight variations.  The armor that is worn is more often than not as much for protection from the road as from attackers.  Examples of the armor ratings of various nomad armor are as follows:




Chainmail: (SP:10)  usually only shirts or skirtings are made, as the weight is considered too detrimental.  (cost for chainmail is 50 eb for shirt, 75 for shirt with sleeves, 75 for pants, 50 for skirt, and 25 for head dress).  DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST BLUNT TRAUMA, and armor piercing effects are doubled.


Heavy Leather: (SP:4)  (Jackets 60eb, pants or chaps 50eb, shirts 35eb, Duster 125eb, etc.  Very very durable, but gets hot quickly.  It is recommended that if leather is the only armor you plan on wearing, you at least supplement it with steel plates.)


Banded Armor: (SP:8) (Smaller thinner plates of steal sown onto leather or cloth 75eb.)


Hand Gauntlets: SP:4) (Steel or tire rubber plates worn with a glove or by themselves, often spiked for an extra weapon d6/2 damage 20eb.)




Football style shoulder pads: (SP:8)  (Protect shoulders and upper torso, but leave belly exposed 30eb). 


Motocross Armor: (SP:6)  (separate pieces available for torso 50eb, belly 25eb, upper and lower arms 30eb, upper and lower legs 40eb)


Heavy Rubber Armor (SP:12) (Made from the tread of old tires, this actually protects a little better than steel pads, though it weighs much more and is only slightly more flexible.  Available as either shoulder pads, or add on pads to an existing garment 50eb)


Steel Plates: (SP:10)  (Often added to garments, like shoulder and elbow plates for a jacket, or knee pads for pants.  Only protect a specific part of the body, if hit in that general location (torso for a shoulder plate as an example) Roll a ten sided again, 1-3 indicates the armored section took the hit.  Additional armor cannot be worn over any garment with steel plates added 10eb.)


Sports Helmets: (SP:5 for baseball helmets to SP:8 for football helemts) (10-20eb) (Nomads really will use just about anything.)


Motorcycle Helmet: (SP:10) (45eb)


Steel Helmet: (SP:14)  (These almost never protect the face, but come in a wide variety of styles 25eb)

SPIKED ARMOR 1eb per spike

Adding spikes to your armor generally wonít help itís armor value, but in some cases, such as on gauntlets, gloves, boots, shin guards, knee or elbow pads, and sometimes even helmets, they will add an extra 3 points of damage to an attack.  The other main benefit is that on clothing worn on the torso they make it difficult and painful for someone to attempt to grapple you.  (-1 to -5 at GMís discretion based on number of spikes to all grapple checks against any portion of the opponents body that is spikes, for instance trying to head lock or bear hug someone wearing spiked shoulder pads.  If the attacker succeeds, but by less than 3 points, the spikes do 1d6/2 points of damage).



Most of the steel plating nomads use for armor comes from street signs (SP:10) or license plates (SP:6), which are plentiful, and if you donít have the skill or patience to incorporate it into your clothes or shape it, the signs themselves often make excellent shields.  However, heavier steel can be used, a popular option being the grated heavier steel from industrial truck platforms.  This weighs twice as much, but gives an SP of 20 (EV -1 for every approximate square foot worn) to any location it covers. 



Taken from a Raffen Shiv, these give front of the legs from knee to ankle, and can make for a brutal attack.  (SP:12 EV-1, +1d6 knee damage).



Made of steel and featuring a built in air filter, this is a bit too heavy for most people to wear into battle (ev-2), but it is impressive and intimidating to look at (SP: 25).



Designed by a nomad medic after a Raffen Shiv attack where he couldnít get to the wounded through the gunfire, this is really nothing more than heavy plate with view ports cut out and a pintle mount which accepts more handguns, smgís and light rifles.  (SP 30, EV -3).  Weighs 60 lbs.


Able to withstand temperatures of below 30 Fahrenheit, this suit features a built in heated air filter, which not only warms the air you breath in, but protects from most of the common chemical and biological hazards.  The suit itself also has a built in electrically powered heating unit (power is provided by walking).


Tired of the harsh desert sun, tired of not being able to wear armor without dying from the heat?  Well this is your lucky day.  This suit and helmet combo features a built in air conditioner with a 24 hour energy source rechargeable from any car cigarette lighter or wall outlet.  The helmet features an SP rating of 20 and comes equipped with an air filter, radio, and a visual suite containing Low-Light, Thermograph, Anti-Dazzle, Tele-Optics, and Image-Enhancement.  The suit itself is a heavy canvas with Kevlar woven in to provide a light armor with an SP: 8 rating all over the body.  Buy it now and we will throw in the web gear, knife, canteen and shotgun as an added bonus.


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